Supreme Uprising Chapter 790

Chapter 790 : Two Dragons Should Not Meet

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During Hong Meng Sacred Halls selection, anyone that lost the first three matches was eliminated instantly. Hence, participants followed dearly one rule: Two dragons should not meet!

When two dragons met, one would surely be on the losing end!

In fact, Long Teng was also one of the young dragons vying for a spot in Hong Meng Sacred Hall during this round. However, he had been unlucky enough to be matched against Luo Yunyang.

Actually, it should be said that he had taken the initiative and gotten very unlucky after matching up with Luo Yunyang, which had resulted in his elimination.

Long Teng was the youngest son of the Long Familys Patriarch. He was a top genius, so many people thought that it was a pity that he had been eliminated. However, some people also believed that this was really unfair to Long Teng.

Nevertheless, things had already concluded. There was nothing he could do about it.

After Luo Yunyang had defeated Long Teng in one move, the cheers he received while entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall became very loud.

Some powerful families even attempted to arrange betrothals with Luo Yunyang in order to allow their families to gain an additional member that could enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

However, when they saw Luo Yunyang get matched up against Yin Yang Zongzi, everyone started to withdraw their offers.

Yin Yang Zongzi had cultivated for 100,000 years!

Thats right. Yin Yang Zongzi had been cultivating for 100,000 years because he had been born at the wrong time.

He had been born 100,000 years before Hong Meng Sacred Hall had started recruiting new disciples.

Under the circumstances, most people would have given up the option of being recruited by Hong Meng Sacred Hall and cultivated by themselves and chosen the strongest paths.

However, Yin Yang Zongzi had not done so. It seemed as if he had chosen Hong Meng Sacred Hall all his life. He had not let people seal his cultivation base or chosen other paths as hed cultivated step by step for 100,000 years.

It had taken Yin Yang Zongzi 1,000 years to cultivate from Planet-Grade to Star-Grade, 3,000 years to cultivate from Star-Grade to Nebula-Grade, and 10,000 years to cultivate from Nebula-Grade to Galaxy-Grade.

Finally, 50,000 years had passed before Yin Yang Zongzi had entered the Universe Grade.

Yin Yang Zongzi had been suppressing his cultivation base for 50,000 years. This sort of suppression had made his strength reach disgusting levels.

Some people even said that Yin Yang Zongzi would be the only disciple recruited by Hong Meng Sacred Hall that would surely become an Almighty this time.

Not only was his talent amazing, but his perception was limitless and he could also endure loneliness.

Being able to endure loneliness was a form of praise and recognition that made people fearful.

"Arent two dragons not supposed to meet? Why are these two talented elites pitted against each other?" Some Heavenly Venerates were very unhappy with the announcement of Hong Meng Sacred Hall and thus questioned the decision immediately.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall did not respond to these questions, but Yin Yang Zongzi said something.

"Two dragons? How come I havent seen two dragons?" Yin Yang Zongzis words were harsh and domineering.

Although many people felt that Yin Yang Zongzi was being a little excessive, no one dared deny his abilities.

Naturally, after seeing this situation, the Almighties who were proficient in deduction immediately understood what was going on. However, they simply turned a blind eye to the situation and treated it like nothing.

A copy of information regarding Yin Yang Zongzi appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand. This information had been left by Elder Tu from the Mysterious Green Yuan Sect.

According to Elder Tu, their sect wouldnt form an enmity with an Almighty because of Luo Yunyang. Of course, things would be different if Luo Yunyang could enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang wasnt angered by Elder Tus remarks. After all, there was no free lunch in this world.

Luo Yunyang wasnt too worried about this battle.

He was well aware of his own strength. Although Yin Yang Zongzis cultivation was superb, Luo Yunyang did not fear it at all.

The sun set and the stars sank. Soon, the day of the battle came and the atmosphere on the Immortal Lake Star, which had been very relaxed initially, became tense again.

Although the Long Familys Patriarch didnt come again, the 180,000 Bloodline Soldiers of the Long Family had arrived and sealed up the void around the Immortal Lake Star.

Their leader was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang acted as if he had not seen the seal at all. He was calmly waiting until the time was up and Yin Yang Zongzi appeared in front of him.

Because of the restriction of the rules, Luo Yunyang and Yin Yang Zongzi had to wait two minutes before they could exchange any blows.

Yin Yang Zongzis appearance had some sort of devilish charm. However, behind his handsome looks, Luo Yunyang could sense a gentle, soft side.

It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

"Please choose your weapon!" The mechanical voice spoke in Luo Yunyangs ears again.

Just like before, Luo Yunyang chose to continue with the Heartless Divine Sword. Although he already knew that there were higher-level Heavenly Venerate weapons, he wasnt too familiar with those and hence decided to stick with the Heartless Divine Sword.

Yin Yang Zongzi, who was directly standing opposite Luo Yunyang, did not make a selection.

Yin Yang Zongzi selected no weapon, as he was fully confident. He glanced at Luo Yunyangs sword and said dryly, "Its a waste of effort!"

Luo Yunyang did not respond, but his attribute regulator was already at work. It quickly displayed Yin Yang Zongzis various attributes.

Power: 31 Speed: 35 Constitution: 15 Mind: 49

Luo Yunyang had an impulse to curse out loud when he saw Yin Yang Zongzis attributes. Yin Yang Zongzis attributes virtually crushed all of Luo Yunyangs attributes.

Although Yin Yang Zongzis cultivation base was higher than Luo Yunyangs, Luo Yunyang knew that cultivation base wasnt the only thing that played a part.

Greater opportunities, greater perseverance, better luck.

Luo Yunyang made a judgment after pondering for a moment. Yin Yang Zongzis Mind Attributes were very high. Thus, he had to be very adept in regards to mind power.

Luo Yunyang had conjured the fifth-level Universe Origin Mark on the Heartless Divine Sword previously. This time, Yin Yang Zongzi would not compete against him in terms of power. Hence, Luo Yunyang immediately increased his Mind Attributes to 87 Yuan by using the attribute regulator.

"The match begins!" Before Luo Yunyang could speak, the mechanical voice was heard.

Yin Yang Zongzi snorted coldly. He made no concessions or pauses as his eyes glimmered and a huge vortex swirled towards Luo Yunyang.

In the depths of the vortex, a huge Samsara Wheel was rotating rapidly, ripping Luo Yunyangs mind towards the wheel frantically.

Samsara Wheel! Luo Yunyang came to a realization instantly. Yin Yang Zongzi must have gotten the inheritance from the Samsara Divine General!

Luo Yunyang was much calmer than he should have been while facing such a move. His hand formed a Motionless Fundamental Seal of the Eternal Divine Scripture while releasing a Life Death Resounding Fate Technique through his mouth.

The words life and death contained vast power.

This power was supported by Luo Yunyangs mind power. Luo Yunyang had adjusted his Mind Attributes to 87 Yuan, thus even crushing Yin Yang Zongzi, who was trying to endure.

"Life and death!"

Luo Yunyangs body seemed like it was ripping apart under the effect of the Samsara Wheel. When Luo Yunyangs Life Death Resounding Fate resonated, it caused the originally calm Yin Yang Zongzi to shiver in fear for a moment.

His body trembled obviously, as the Life Death Sounding Fate had shaken his core. This also sucked away most of the haughtiness he had previously had.

"The Samsaras inheritance! You also received the inheritance!" This jealous thought rang out in Luo Yunyangs mind.

Luo Yunyang was as motionless as a mountain, but the speed at which he recited the Life Death Resounding Fate got faster as it caused cracks to appear on the vortex of the Samsara Wheel.

The battle between Luo Yunyang and Yinyang Zongzi had attracted many peoples attention. Compared to other one-sided matches, this was undoubtedly a struggle between two dragons.

In many peoples opinions, one of them was a tyrannosaurus with incomparably strong foundations and the other was a rising dragon.

However, the fight between the two dragons definitely attracted most of the attention. In Hong Meng Realm, most of the Heavenly Venerates were paying attention to this battle.

The Long Familys Patriarch was staring at the screen. He had paid a hefty price in order for Luo Yunyang to be utterly defeated.

"Brother Long, have you seen this? My nephew is going to use a top-notch technique. Ha ha I cant tell you what kind of technique it is. This is my nephews good fortune, so maybe it will be an important part of his foundation in the future." Jinyuan and the Long Familys Patriarch were in a big hall in the Hong Meng Realm as the proud Jinyuan laughed heartily.

The Long Familys Patriarch looked at Yin Yang Zongzi with imperceptible jealousy. He knew that being praised by Jinyuan was an exceptional opportunity.

Why had this opportunity fallen into the hands of the Yin Yang Zongzi and not his beloved son?

The Long Familys Patriarch was secretly cursing to himself. However, he still appeared calm on the surface. "I dont want anything else. I just hope your martial nephew wont let Luo Yunyang off too easily."

"Dont worry about this!" With a wave of his hand, Jinyuan said, "As far as I know, none of the people who have been defeated by my nephew escaped with their origin source intact."

"He he The injuries received in the Hong Meng Realm wont be any different from actually receiving a blow to ones body."

The Heavenly Venerates in the Hong Meng Realm who were watching the battle were all seasoned individuals. Not only did they not show any impatience during the silent and motionless battle between Luo Yunyang and Yinyang Zongzi, but they were actually enjoying it.

In their opinion, this sort of battle was more interesting than battles that relied heavily on extravagant display of formidable secret techniques.

"Am I seeing right? Yin Yang Zongzis body is shaking!" Suddenly, a Heavenly Venerate made a comment in the Hong Meng Realm.

This persons comment soon attracted Jinyuans attention. He immediately hit back without hesitation. "Ha ha! There must be something wrong with your eyes."