Supreme Uprising Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Manipulating Space And Time Turning Metal Into Water

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The Rising Sky Feather Sect was powerful and domineering, yet their patriarch had been sealed in a rock for 10 Yuanhuis!

Luo Yunyang’s heart felt cold when he thought about it.

Although Luo Yunyang had mocked the Long Family Patriarch, he had largely relied on the influence of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Without Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s support, Luo Yunyang would only have been an insignificant ant in the face of the Long Family Patriarch.

That was the truth, even if Luo Yunyang didn’t wish to admit it.

“Are you very curious about who could injure me so much?” The mild voice rang out in Luo Yunyang’s mind once more.

Luo Yunyang answered truthfully, “Indeed. In my opinion, Almighties are the most supreme existences. Someone or something capable of injuring them so much indeed makes one curious.”

“Heavenly Venerates transcend time and space, but Almighties create laws!” That voice lamented. “It seems like an Almighty has already reached the extremities of evolution. However, there are just too many dangers in the path of evolution.”

“I think I will not tell you about my circumstances. Telling you wouldn’t be of any use.”

A slightly pained look flashed across Luo Yunyang’s face. This Patriarch’s conversational ability was certainly underwhelming.

Couldn’t he chat properly?

However, Luo Yunyang remembered one sentence that the Patriarch had said—Almighties created laws.

After pondering for a moment, Luo Yunyang spoke. “Almighties create laws. Can you tell me more about this aspect?”

“Very well. Your objective is to become an Almighty. Letting you experience the differences between an Almighty and a Heavenly Venerate would benefit you.”

The voice then added, “From now on, in the domain I am in, speed will increase a hundred times.”

Luo Yunyang suddenly felt everything in his surroundings become much faster. As he tried to rush out of this area, he suddenly realized that there was a thin, durable spatial barrier all around.

Only by breaking this spatial barrier could he rush out. However, as Luo Yunyang tried, he discovered that he had no way of actually breaking this spatial barrier.

What was going on?

“Because the two types of law are different, trying to break this barrier won’t be easy for you.” The gentle voice went on. “This is only a simple creation. Truly powerful Almighties can immediately change the laws outside you.”

“For example, they can turn metal into water or mountains into seas!”

As he said this, the mountain Luo Yunyang was standing on turned into an ocean with no end in sight.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath.

He knew clearly that this was a method of using one’s actual powers to change the world around.

Heavenly Venerates could only transcend the rivers of time. However, in the face of an Almighty capable of creating laws, the demise of a Heavenly Venerate was as easy as the snap of a finger.

How much more terrifying was the Long Family Patriarch compared to the Rising Sky Feather Patriarch that had been sealed? This evaluation wasn’t made based on the cultivation bases of those two, but based on the fact that the Rising Sky Feather Patriarch was currently sealed up.

On the other hand, the Long Family Patriarch was fine and dandy.

The Long Family Patriarch couldn’t touch him because of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, if Luo Yunyang couldn’t become an Almighty and his training period in Hong Meng Sacred Hall was up, the dangers he would face then would definitely be life-threatening.

Many thoughts went through Luo Yunyang’s mind. However, he was still willing to fight and progress.

The Rising Sky Feather Patriarch, who was sealed in stone, seemed to have sensed Luo Yunyang’s fighting spirit, as a layer of gentle waves appeared on the surrounding ocean water.

These gentle waves seemed to show their appreciation for Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang calmed down a short while later. He glanced at the sea all around him and finally said, “Is this a real sea?”

“It is a sea made through the transformation of that mountain,” the Rising Sky Feather Patriarch replied.

Luo Yunyang was silent for a bit before he cupped his hands in salute towards the Rising Sky Feather Patriarch. He saluted him because he was in awe of the Rising Sky Feather Patriarch’s cultivation base.

“Luo Yunyang, do you know why I’m being paid a hefty price to bring you to the Rising Sky Feather? I believe that you do. Speaking of that, I could grant a person comprehension to enter the realm overnight. However, any person that became a Heavenly Venerate would find it difficult to progress in the future.”

“Therefore, I don’t intend for you to use such methods. However, before you become an Almighty, I still have some things that will be useful to you.”

The Rising Sky Feather Patriarch paused for a moment before saying, “Would you be willing to have me as your master and accept the Rising Sky Feather Sect’s inheritance?”

He would be becoming an apprentice!

During Luo Yunyang’s cultivation journey, the only formal master he’d ever had was the Celestial World Supremacy. However, their teacher-master relationship had been based on mutual benefit. The Rising Sky Feather Patriarch’s reason for accepting Luo Yunyang as a disciple wasn’t much better than the Celestial World Supremacy’s.

However, Luo Yunyang felt that it wasn’t the same.

After all, he knew that accepting the Rising Sky Feather Sect’s offerings would mean taking up the cause of the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

“I accept.” Luo Yunyang made his decision after pondering this for a bit.

“Alright, from now on, you will be my personal disciple,” the Rising Sky Feather Patriarch said resolutely.

Wasn’t this a little too easy?

Becoming a disciple of an Almighty was a grand prospect. After becoming one so easily, Luo Yunyang wondered whether his master was a fraud.

“I have never been a fan of all those layman customs.” The voice, which seemed to have sensed Luo Yunyang’s thoughts, spoke. “My name is Duan Wanliu. Others call me Yuan Venerate Wanliu!”

Yuan Venerate Wanliu!

These words appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind before he spoke respectfully. “My respects, Master!”

“The technique you cultivate should be the Three Era Supreme Sect’s Inextinguishable Eternity scripture. Although I don’t really think much of the chap who created this Eternity scripture, this is a technique that ranks highly even within the 36 Great Cosmoses when it comes to cultivating a One-Yuan Universe.”

“Even though the Rising Sky Feather Sect also has many techniques, there is still a disparity between them and this one. You just have to continue cultivating it.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t find it strange that his cultivation base had been determined with one look.

“What I want to impart to you is my self-created Sky Feather 13 Swords!” Yuan Venerate Wanliu’s tone changed again.

When the Sky Feather 13 Swords were mentioned, Luo Yunyang sensed some pride in Yuan Venerate Wanliu’s words.

“The first nine swords of the Sky Feather 13 Swords were created in correlation to the nine levels of Heavenly Venerates. In the Rising Sky Feather Sect, only Heavenly Venerates can cultivate this technique. Furthermore, each level of a Heavenly Venerate corresponds to cultivating one sword.”

“Heavenly Venerate Nongyue is one of the most outstanding Heavenly Venerates in the Rising Sky Feather. Her current cultivation base is at the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. Cultivating up to the sixth sword of the Sky Feather 13 Swords is not too bad.”

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue had been standing aside all this while just like a statue, not moving or talking, her presence non-existent. When she heard Yuan Venerate Wanliu mention her, she smiled at Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

Yuan Venerate Wanliu didn’t pay attention to Heavenly Venerate Nongyue as he continued speaking. “Nine levels of Heavenly Venerates, each level a realm and a universe.”

“Basically, cultivators that reach the Heavenly Venerate Realm find it increasingly difficult to challenge higher-level cultivators. Of course, Heavenly Venerates that find it very difficult have basically reached their limits.”

“You haven’t yet become a Heavenly Venerate, but you can use the five universe origin marks of the Heartless Sword. This is already very impressive.”

“However, there is a major flaw in that Heartless Sword. Therefore, even though you are able to utilize its five universe origin marks, you would at best only be able to handle an ordinary fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.”

“Against fifth-level Heavenly Venerates or more powerful martialists, you would basically only experience defeat.”

Luo Yunyang admired the changes of the Heartless Divine Sword considerably. However, a flash of indignation appeared on his face when he heard Yuan Venerate Wanliu say this.

“Don’t think that I am trying to scare you. The Heart Sword Venerate was just a junior, so I don’t intend to vilify him.” Yuan Venerate Wanliu then smiled gently. “If the Heart Sword Heart of the Sword met Nongyue, his only possible fate would be death.”

Yuan Venerate Wanliu then added, “Nongyue, let Yunyang have a bout with your Sky Feather Third Sword.”

“Yunyang, you can use the five universe origin marks of the Heartless Divine Sword.”

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue didn’t object to Yuan Venerate Wanliu’s instructions. She just cupped her fists in salute at Yuan Venerate Wanliu and told Luo Yunyang, “Junior Brother Yunyang, please.”

Although Luo Yunyang would be challenging himself by facing Heavenly Venerate Nongyue, using the Heartless Divine Sword’s five universe origin marks should match Heavenly Venerate Nongyue’s Sky Feather Third Sword.

“Please guide me, Heavenly Venerate.” Luo Yunyang glanced at the beautiful Heavenly Venerate Nongyue as he spoke.

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue smiled and made her move. A silver sword had appeared in her hand without Luo Yunyang noticing.

As the sword was brandished, three silver full moons appeared in the void. Each full moon was extremely distinct and cold. However, when Luo Yunyang saw the three moons, he felt that they were like three massive universes.

Each universe started to revolve rapidly according to its own unique laws.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang quickly made his move as well and unleashed a sword strike.

The sword-light of each of the five universe origin marks contained the power of a universe. However, as these five sword-lights clashed with Heavenly Venerate Nongyue’s three full moons, Luo Yunyang’s sword-lights disintegrated like paper meeting an intense blaze.

Then, the three full moons, which were as calm as ever, broke through Luo Yunyang’s defense!