Supreme Uprising Chapter 799

Chapter 799 Hong Meng Sacred Hall Divine Creation Disc

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A huge spaceship was zooming across the dark cosmos at a speed that exceeded the speed of light by far.

Luo Yunyang was sitting cross-legged in deep thought. Even Heavenly Venerates couldnt cultivate in the dark cosmos. Hence, Luo Yunyang and the martialists in the other spacecraft werent cultivating.

Luo Yunyang was on his way to Hong Meng Sacred Hall!

According to information Luo Yunyang had received after boarding, this journey to Hong Meng Sacred Hall would take a year.

A year was a pretty lengthy duration for ordinary people, but for powerhouses like Luo Yunyang, it was just a short time of training in seclusion.

Luo Yunyang wasnt able to draw and absorb energy from the dark void, so he studied his current state.

Various attributes were clearly displayed through the attribute regulator in his mind.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 25 Speed: 23 Constitution: 24 Mind: 18 Bloodline: 0.35

Heavenly Venerate True Body: Power: 1.1 Speed: 1.2 Mind: 0.8 Constitution: 0.9

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 13 Speed: 11 Spirit: 14 Constitution: 22

Although the Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid was a top-notch treasured fluid, it was still really difficult to expand the One-Yuan Universe, as it was only able to elevate Luo Yunyangs cultivation base to the peak Universe Grade.

His own attributes remained similar to their state before the One-Yuan Universe had been created, as they had not improved significantly. However, they were still growing gradually, allowing Luo Yunyang to execute the sixth-level universe origin mark of the Heartless Divine Sword.

Becoming a Heavenly Venerate after entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall wasnt an issue at all. The biggest problem was how to leapfrog from a Heavenly Venerate to become an Almighty within the duration of One Yuanhui.

Luo Yunyang had asked Yuan Venerate Wanliu about the situation after entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall, but Yuan Venerate Wanliu had not given Luo Yunyang any concrete answers.

Even when Luo Yunyang asked a second time, Yuan Venerate Wanliu replied with four profound words: "Do what you can."

Luo Yunyang understood the meaning of these four words but did not know exactly why.

Knock, knock!

Just as Luo Yunyang had been about to look through the Sky Feather 13 Swords, someone knocked gently on his door. The voice of the artificial intelligence which controlled the whole room was heard at once. "Master, the visitor is Xie Longhui, who ranks third on the Earth Roll. Do you want to see him?"

Xie Longhui, who was third on the Hong Meng Earth Roll?

Luo Yunyang pondered for a moment while he assessed the persons information. Xie Longhuis performance while competing for a place to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall had also been very dazzling.

Unfortunately, he hadnt entered the Hong Meng Heaven Roll.

Xie Longhui had been born in a higher class sect of the 36 Great Cosmoses. Thus, his status was somewhat higher than that of Profound Calm Zongzi.

"Please come in," Luo Yunyang said after mulling this over for a moment.

Xie Longhui was a young man who seemed to be about 20 years old. He was wearing a long robe and appeared very elegant.

His handsome face coupled with a faint smile gave off a very pleasant vibe. Although Luo Yunyang was not acquainted with this person at all, his appearance still gave him a good impression.

"Brother Luo, I have always admired you. Many people say that you would have been the first person on the Hong Meng Heaven Roll if you hadnt gone easy during the third battle."

Xie Longhui smiled and spoke to Luo Yunyang as soon as they met.

Luo Yunyang did not take these remarks too seriously. He just looked at Xie Longhui as he replied, "Brother Xie, I dont think youre here just to praise me. Am I right?"

"Ha ha ha Thats true. What is there to praise you about?" Xie Longhui then added, "There is no way to cultivate in the dark cosmos, so some of us are going to get together. Are you interested in participating, Brother Luo?"

Luo Yunyang had no great interest in this gathering. However, just as Xie Longhui had said, there was no way to cultivate here, so he nodded and said, "Well then, why not?"

Luo Yunyang followed Xie Longhui to a large hall. A band was playing a song joyously and small groups of people were chatting heartily among themselves.

The arrival of Luo Yunyang and Xie Longhui attracted the attention of many people, including many familiar faces.

Luo Yunyang saw a very familiar face when he entered the hall. The person in question was glaring ruthlessly at him.

Luo Yunyang was very familiar with that person. After all, some time ago, he had ruined his chances of entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

It was Yin Yang Zongzi!

Luo Yunyang had never expected to see Yin Yang Zongzi in that hall!

Yin Yang Zongzi glared at Luo Yunyang. If looks could kill, he would have murdered Luo Yunyang hundreds of times over.

Luo Yunyang looked back at Yin Yang Zongzi, who was glaring at him. If he had been able to defeat Yin Yang Zongzi once, he would also be able to defeat him a second time.

Yin Yang Zongzi could sense the look of disdain on Luo Yunyangs face, so a murderous intent was exuded from his body instantly. However, just as he was about to make a move on Luo Yunyang, he heard someone snort coldly. "Yin Yang Zongzi, this place isnt the Yin Yang Sect."

"What are you waiting for? Apologize to Brother Luo!" said a suave-looking young man, speaking to Yin Yang Zongzi in a commanding tone.

Luo Yunyang could sense that this persons cultivation case wasnt greater than Yin Yang Zongzis. Although Yin Yang Zongzi was unable to calm down, he still lowered his voice and apologized to Luo Yunyang. "Im sorry, Mr. Luo."

Luo Yunyang looked at Yin Yang Zongzi, who was wearing blue robes, and finally realized what was going on.

He was a follower!

Yin Yang Zongzi had actually chosen to become a follower! According to the arrangement of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, every martialist who entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall to become one of its core disciples was allowed to bring a follower.

Followers would not receive any powerful resources in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, if any accident befell the core disciples that they had come with, they would be able to replace them and become the new core disciples.

Still, followers were simply servants to the core disciples if they werent able to replace anyone.

Yin Yang Zongzi should have been amongst the people on the Hong Meng Heaven Roll. Hence, the grievance he felt over being a servant was imaginable.

Luo Yunyang felt very unsatisfied with the extreme fortune change Yin Yang Zongzi was going through.

That fellow was obviously trying to get back at him in the future. Although he wouldnt be able to do so, his cocky expression and the fact that he was acting as if he were the victim made Luo Yunyang very uncomfortable.

He sneered, "Is this a place for lowly people like you? Scram!"

Luo Yunyang felt more clear-headed after saying that.Are you going to get revenge on me, Yin Yang Zongzi? Ill make a fool out of you.

Yin Yang Zongzi had always enjoyed a high and lofty status, so even now that he had become a follower, he did not consider the genius that he was following a significant person.

Although the genius in question was not satisfied with Yin Yang Zongzi, he had to endure this dissatisfaction because of the agreement between their Patriarchs.

While Yin Yang Zongzi was the genius follower, Yin Yang Zongzis appearance had in fact overshadowed his glory during this gathering.

Yin Yang Zongzi had even tried to cause trouble with Luo Yunyang. This made the genius extremely infuriated.

When had Yin Yang Zongzi experienced such injustice before? When Luo Yunyang spoke, he glared forward before hearing someone say, "Yin Yang Zongzi, what are you waiting for?"

"Do you really want to be expelled from this spaceship thats heading to Hong Meng Sacred Hall?"

The voice calmed Yin Yang Zongzi quickly. He nodded at the speaker before looking at Luo Yunyang and saying, "Ill leave the hall now."

"I told you to scram. Didnt you hear me?" Luo Yunyang looked expressionless, yet his words were obviously very menacing.

Yin Yang Zongzis fists were tightly clenched. He knew that Luo Yunyang was deliberately trying to embarrass him. However, he realized that he had become a follower because he had been defeated by Luo Yunyang.

There was no room for resistance when facing Luo Yunyang unless he replaced the person he was following as a core disciple.

Yin Yang Zongzi looked at the suave young man, but the young man looked as if he had seen nothing and simply ignored Yin Yang Zongzi.

After hesitating slightly, Yin Yang Zongzi hunched and walked towards the door of the hall.

No one said a word. Although Yin Yang Zongzi did not have a greater status than them now, most people were still aware that Yin Yang Zongzi was stronger than them.

Hence, seeing Yin Yang Zongzi enduring this humiliation made them feel a chill in their hearts.

Luo Yunyang did not care about this. Knowing how to be flexible was no big deal. As long as he could keep up this imposing and crushing attitude, Yin Yang Zongzi would be nothing compared to him.

Just as Yin Yang Zongzi was leaving the hall, someone giggled. "Giving everything just for a glimpse at the Divine Creation Disc."

The person who said this had spoken in a very sarcastic, mocking tone.

While Luo Yunyangs attention was caught by the mention of the Divine Creation Disc, a strange spaceship was hiding in a dark planet not far away from the ship Luo Yunyang and the others were on.

"The report has confirmed that the 36 geniuses trained by Hong Meng Sacred Hall this time will arrive in an hour," a Mysterious Underworld martialist said respectfully, addressing another Mysterious Underworld elite that was sitting above him.

Although the Mysterious Underworld elder did not speak, there was a slightly maniacal glint in his eyes.