Supreme Uprising Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Kicked By An Elephant

There was no right person for this in the Command Center though, so Luo Yunyang restored all his attributes back to their original state and turned his attention to his mind power.

His mind power had already reached a level that allowed him to understand clearly what was going on in his body.

Luo Yunyang, who had forgotten how much he had originally increased his Mind Attribute, immediately raised it to 80.

His total attributes currently added up to 152, so 80 points wasn't that big of a deal.

His 80-point Mind Attribute changed his perception of his surroundings completely. Everything became extremely clear, which made Luo Yunyang feel a sense of control.

However, this sense of control was restricted to this room.

Rise! As he envisioned this thought, an ornamental knife hanging on the wall was unsheathed. Under Luo Yunyang's control, the knife flew quickly through the air and instantly unleashed one of the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques.

Although the tip of the knife didn't flicker much, as Luo Yunyang was controlling it, he could feel the sharpness contained within it.

Its sharpness made Luo Yunyang feel as if there was nothing he couldn't overcome.

He wanted to continue, but he suddenly sensed someone coming over, so he returned the knife into its sheath with his mind.

"Luo Yunyang, are you really okay? Don't you need to have a check-up?" Xu Zhong asked the moment he stepped into the room. The man seemed deeply concerned.

Luo Yunyang gave him a teasing smile. "I'm fine. You are the one who's hoping that there is something wrong with me!"

"How is that possible? That golden body fluid..." Xu Zhong stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was looking at a freak.

Luo Yunyang's Mind Attribute was currently at 80. Although he couldn't read Xu Zhong's thoughts, based on Xu Zhong's expression, he could still more or less guess what was going through his mind.

"Was there a problem with the golden body fluid?"

Luo Yunyang's straightforwardness made Xu Zhong pause for a second. In the end, he just revealed everything. "Just before you came out, Chief Instructor Lu received some information from the Sky High Military. They told him that the golden body fluid had to be used in conjunction with some kind of medicine. They actually forgot to tell us!"

There was a slight trace of anger in Xu Zhong's eyes as he said this. These people are just bullies! How could they actually forget to tell us something so important? Do they think that we are fools? They clearly didn't want Luo Yunyang to know this information!

"You got lucky. Damn it! If we get a chance in the future, we have to settle this debt with his grandson. He is a member of the Sky High Military!"

Luo Yunyang walked forward and patted Xu Zhong on the shoulder without a word. Now that he knew about this, Luo Yunyang was definitely displeased. He abided by a certain set of principles after all. If someone offended him, he had to return the favor. If someone offended him again, he had to return it again. If someone kept offending him, then they had to be eliminated.

"Alright, kid. Let's not talk about this right now. Go back and get some rest. The source fluids will be awarded in three days. An A-grade source fluid is rather impressive!" As he mentioned the A-grade source fluid, a faint hint of envy was evident on Xu Zhong's face.

After telling Xu Zhong goodbye, Luo Yunyang headed in the direction of District One. When he had left, someone had driven him over in a car, but now he had to return on foot.

"I wonder how strong my body is right now..."

Luo Yunyang was deep in thought, when he suddenly heard some disdainful voices.

"I wonder what sort of despicable methods Luo Yunyang used to actually defeat the noble son of the Nie Family. Villains like him are really powerful this year!"

There were three people speaking, but the one Luo Yunyang paid attention to was the one who hadn't spoken.

It was Lin Changjian. Two enemies are about to clash on a narrow road!

A while back, Luo Yunyang had used his mind power to torment Lin Changjian, but he had never actually met him face to face.

Now that he had the Golden Body Foundation of the golden body fluid, Luo Yunyang wanted to test out how strong it really was.

He walked over in the direction of those voices.

"I think you shouldn't wait any longer, Big Brother Lin. Teach that kid a lesson he will never forget. Otherwise, he will never know what a big place the world is..."

The person speaking was the fella who had bought the mosquito repellant and had been brutally beaten by Lin Changjian. Back then, Luo Yunyang had personally heard him get showered with curses. He had no idea how he had managed to suck up to Lin Changjian and go back to being his lap dog so quickly.

What people dreaded the most when they were badmouthing someone was seeing the topic of their conversation suddenly appear before them.

Although this person sounded enthusiastic, he felt really afraid deep inside. Luo Yunyang's impressive feat of sweeping the five-kilometer bridge made him very scared of his strength.

Although he was a martial master, he wasn't confident that he would emerge victorious if he fought against the most talented martialist of the eight armies.

"Luo Yunyang, you..."

The words had barely left his mouth, when Luo Yunyang slapped him hard across the face. Luo Yunyang's Power had reached 51, so his slap contained a few thousand kilos of force.

Even though Luo Yunyang had controlled his strength, the other person's source core wasn't that powerful, so he was still sent flying.

"You You actually dared hit me?" the other martialist shrieked as he felt a twinge of pain.

Normally, it was the upper-class students of the Rising Dragon Army who humiliated the lower-class students. Some time ago, he had beaten up a lower-class student under Lin Changjian's orders.

Times had changed, though. Now, he was the one taking a damned beating by a lower-class student. If he could tolerate this, then there was nothing that he wouldn't be able to tolerate.

"Your eyes must be deceiving you. It was clearly your face that knocked into my palm! You mustn't do things half-heartedly. When you walk, you have to keep your eyes wide open instead of just badmouth others!" Luo Yunyang sneered as he hopped lightly on his legs like a boxer.

What? Does this work too?

When the upper-class student who had been slapped heard Luo Yunyang's shameless explanation, he was furious. However, he didn't dare attack Luo Yunyang rashly. Instead, he looked over at Lin Changjian for help.

"Just because you defeated a few martialists, it doesn't mean that you are unbeatable!" Lin Changjian snorted. "You brought some glory to the Rising Dragon Army, so I won't punish you, but you have to apologize to Xiao Jin."

When the martialist called Xiao Jin heard this, he became listless.

Apologize, damn it. Lin Changjiang had only asked for an apology!

If apologies are effective, how about you let me slap you and then apologize? Although Xiao Jin was very unhappy with the method Lin Changjian had used to resolve this, he didn't dare say anything.

"How do you spell the word apology, Big Brother Changjian? Could you teach me? You read a lot, so you wouldn't lie to me. Oh, I heard that Big Brother Changjian was kicked by a donkey some time ago. No, actually it was an elephant. Did your brain get kicked until it became defective?"

"F*ck! You son of a b*tch! Why are you being so vicious?" another of Lin Changjian's lackeys couldn't help but curse. Now he was just rubbing it in!

Being chased frantically and getting beaten up by the White-Jade Gem Elephant had been Lin Changjian's most humiliating moment. Even his lackeys couldn't mention it. Why had Luo Yunyang brought this up so easily?

"You are asking for it!" As Lin Changjian spoke, his body turned into numerous tendrils of dark shadows and rushed over at Luo Yunyang.