Supreme Uprising Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Vast Difference

Chapter 801: Vast Difference
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The triumphant cries of youth were admirable.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky, who was having his wine aboard the ship, had an approving look on his face. He lightly tossed another one of those red beans into his mouth and muttered, "Yin Yang Zongzi is a genius."

Yin Yang Zongzis roar drew the attention of many people. The handsome young man whose attendant was Yin Yang Zongzi appeared slightly apprehensive.

In his opinion, Yin Yang Zongzi was trouble. Unfortunately, even though he didnt like Yin Yang Zongzi, he had no way of suppressing his methods.

Fortunately, he wasnt the high-spirited Yin Yang Zongzis target. Otherwise, that would have meant trouble for him.

While that young man was distracted, a miserable shriek was heard. This shriek was accompanied by the body of a youngster on the Man Roll that turned into a strange black blaze.

This blaze had shot from the body of a first-level Heavenly Venerate. It only took an instant for that genius, who was on the Man Roll, to turn into ashes.

As that blaze killed the youngster, the first-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate roared furiously and his body crumbled within the void. Tiny embers of that black flame that were like sparks capable of lighting up the sky shot out in all directions.

"Its Black Termination Starfire. Avoid it, quick!" A genius who recognized this blaze shouted.

That person escaped frantically, while many people had already appeared over 10,000 miles away.

The Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates who were still fortunate enough to be alive used this opportunity to flee in every direction.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky was watching apathetically aboard the ship. He actually seemed to be in a calm, natural state.

With just one wave of an arm, Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky could save those deceased geniuses. However, he ultimately didnt do so.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky shook his head and lamented. "So many Hong Meng Points Theyll only have themselves to blame if they dont treasure this."

As Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky was musing, Luo Yunyang had already appeared and blocked the path of the fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate.

The fifth-level Heavenly Venerate was fleeing for his life. The reason he was escaping this quickly was because he was already injured and was terrified of Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky.

One attack from Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky had already killed off a large proportion of their powerhouses. What he needed to do now was escape with his life.

Because of his fifth-level Heavenly Venerate status, he realized that some of the geniuses that had noticed him chose to avoid confrontation. Those geniuses might have been tempted by the Hong Meng Points they could reap by taking him down. However, they werent stupid either.

It was best not to provoke an injured fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, especially one that was fighting to survive.

The fifth-level Heavenly Venerate heaved a sigh of relief after fleeing 100,000 thousand miles away. Although he was still under the scope of Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky, the Yuan Venerate had not yet made any moves, so he wasnt being hunted down.

Being able to escape alive in the face of such an entity was a really fortuitous event.

"You are courting death!" The fifth-level Heavenly Venerate had a look of anticipation on his face, rather than fear, when a silhouette appeared in front of him.

In his opinion, this youngster was simply here to be served.

Strong This youngster was very strong. He had yet to become a Heavenly Venerate, but the fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate felt that the aura coming from this youngsters body didnt seem any weaker than a third-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates.

He was a top-notch genius who had absolute confidence in himself. Otherwise, this person wouldnt have tried to hunt down the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Generally speaking, such entities had the potential to become Almighties. If the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate could slay such an entity, then the reward bestowed by the tribe would be unimaginable.

Just as he was planning to utilize his mind power to unleash a thunderstrike, he suddenly realized that his mind power was actually in a seemingly dried-up state.

The harnessed power flowed haphazardly within his body, which was already on the verge of crumbling. This situation made the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate feel terrified.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang slashed with his sword.

Dozens of sword-lights transformed into a pair of golden scissors in the void. When the scissors passed through, that fifth-level Heavenly Venerate was cut in two.

The fifth-level Heavenly Venerates consciousness had already been trapped by that golden sword-light, so not a single trace could escape. Even a mark that the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate had left in the river of time also disintegrated because of that golden sword-light.

After slaying one fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang took to the sky and rushed towards the other fleeing Heavenly Venerates. The 13 Sky Feather Swords imparted by Yuan Venerate Wanliu contained the power to cut through time and space. Killing first-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates was basically a piece of cake.

One-Yuan Initialize, Splitting Yin and Yang, Three Engraved Moons

Luo Yunyang unleashed the first three swords of the 13 Sky Feather Swords. Practically every move slew a fleeing first-level Heavenly Venerate.

"Alright, everyone return!" As the void became calm again, Yuan Venerate Wanlius voice rang out.

All the figures in the void quickly rushed back into the large flying craft. However, when everyone got seated, they realized that there were already four fewer people among them.

A total of 36 elite geniuses had gotten into Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Now, four of them had died in just a short while.

They had already fallen at the wayside even before they had reached Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Although those who had fallen had only been on the Man Roll, even Li Jiuyue and the others felt a little sympathetic.

"Not a lot of you died this time." A silhouette appeared as this voice spoke.

This silhouette was Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky, who said dully, "They had to put their lives on the line for this hunt. If they hadnt died here, they would have died somewhere further along the line. Its better to die earlier rather than waste resources."

Although these words were said emotionlessly, nobody dared refute. Yuan Venerate Everlasting Skys status made them all feel afraid.

"Yin Yang Zongzi, you can move up into the Man Roll." Yuan Venerate Everlasting Skys gaze fell on Yin Yang Zongzi.

Yin Yang Zongzi, who was standing at the back, was delighted when he heard this. He cupped his fist and saluted immediately.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky nodded. He then turned to Xuantian Zhaoxin. "You arent too bad either. You obtained 635 Hong Meng Points this time."

Xuantian Zhaoxin expressed his gratitude but didnt say anything else. It felt as if all this was supposed to happen.

"Li Jiuyue, you have obtained 621 Hong Meng Points." Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky now turned his attention to Li Jiuyue with an approving expression.

Xuantian Zhaoxin looked a bit uncomfortable. He was first on the Hong Meng Heaven Roll, yet he and Yin Yang Zongzi had been obliged to join forces to slay a Mysterious Underworld Fourth-Level Heavenly Venerate.

Under the circumstances, Li Jiuyue had actually gotten similar points.

There was a look of anticipation in Yin Yang Zongzis eyes. He wasnt envious of Xuantian Zhaoxin or Li Jiuyue. He didnt have the same natural aptitude they did, so gaining so many Hong Meng Points was already not bad.

The requirements werent high. Temporarily getting the third spot was fine.

He knew that as long as his Hong Meng Points were more than Luo Yunyangs, moving up to the Heaven Roll would be a shoo-in in the future.

Besides, squeezing Luo Yunyang out of the Heaven Roll was what he hoped to do in order to wash away all his previous humiliation.

"Yin Yang Zongzi did well too. 599 Hong Meng Points."

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky sounded like he approved.

599? This number was slightly lower than Yin Yang Zongzis estimate. However, he didnt dare say anything because the words of a top-notch Almighty werent something he could question.

Third! He was third!

Even if Luo Yunyangs point haul was close, he would only place fourth. This was only a tiny skirmish, but at least it was a decent start.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky went on to mention ten names in total. These ten people had obtained more than 100 Hong Meng Points each.

It could be said that, besides Yin Yang Zongzi, Xuantian Zhaoxin, and Li Jiuyue, the others had at best only slain a third-level Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyangs name wasnt amongst these ten.

Yin Yang Zongzi no longer cared about anything else. He was so delighted that he even cast sidelong glances at Luo Yunyang with the intention of provoking him.

"There are people amongst you who have never gained any Hong Meng Points. Alright, you will all know why Hong Meng Points are so important once you enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall. There wont be any other opportunities like the one I gave you today in the future."

Then, Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky added indifferently, "The Mysterious Underworld Race expended a great deal to try and assassinate you. He he More than ten third-level Heavenly Venerates were sent. Why didnt you make the most of that opportunity?"

As he muttered to himself, Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky turned his eyes to Luo Yunyang.

In fact, many people were also looking at Luo Yunyang, as he was the only one on the Hong Meng Heaven Roll whose name hadnt been mentioned amongst the first ten.

"Luo Yunyang, you really gave me a great surprise!" Yin Yang Zongzi noticed that Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky seemed even more enthusiastic when he said this.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky was clearly being sarcastic. Yin Yang Zongzi had heard from his Patriarch that Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky liked to poke fun at people.

Perhaps Luo Yunyang hadnt even gotten into the top 20? In that case, I could really hope to replace him.

"10,013 Hong Meng Points. You have broken the record of all the geniuses groomed by the Hong Meng Sacred Hall! I really dont know whether to say that you are really gutsy or really fortunate"

Yuan Venerate continued lamenting. "Perhaps you have some powerful insight that most people dont!"