Supreme Uprising Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Doorless Temple Sky Earth Black Yellow

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10,013 Hong Meng Points. How was that possible?

The person he was paying the most attention to was Luo Yunyang. He had originally thought that he had surpassed Luo Yunyang and was already on the path to redemption. However, Yuan Venerates words were like a thunderbolt blasting straight at him!

He had been self-satisfied after getting over 500 points, yet that disgusting Luo Yunyang had actually gotten over 10,000 Hong Meng Points.

This instinctively made Yin Yang Zongzi feel doubtful. Although Luo Yunyang was definitely a genius, he couldnt be that sick, right?

Everyones eyes turned to Luo Yunyang, including the eyes of first-in-rank Xuantian Zhaoxin.

Luo Yunyang appeared calm on the surface, yet he was bubbling deep down. Or rather, he was feeling indescribable anxiousness.

Yuan Venerates were extremely powerful, so Luo Yunyang really didnt want Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky to see through his attribute regulator.

"Can he defeat a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate?" Xuantian Zhaoxin asked, his tone laced with faint doubt.

Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky eyed Xuantian Zhaoxin and said cheerily, "That fifth-level Heavenly Venerate had already been injured by my attack. One could say at that point in time, he only had strength for one attack left."

"You would definitely die if you faced him alone. However, if most of you joined forces, it would be possible to kill him."

At this point, Yuan Venerate Everlasting Skys gaze halted on Luo Yunyang. "However, I dont understand how you could render him unable to even unleash that one attack?"

The perception of a Yuan Venerate wasnt something a Heavenly Venerate could compare with. Upon hearing Yuan Venerate Heavenly Venerates doubts, he hesitated for a moment before answering, "I dont know, but when I stopped him, I could sense that he was in a very bad state. Furthermore, I was confident of surviving his attack."

"Because of the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture?" Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky changed the topic. "Anyhow, you killed that fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate."

"The ship will be able to leave the dark cosmos in a few days. All of you should make your own preparations!"

As Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky spoke, his body disappeared into the void without a trace. After Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky left, Yin Yang Zongzi and the others all looked at Luo Yunyang once more.

"I will definitely be able to become an Almighty at Hong Meng Sacred Hall!" Xuantian Zhaoxin eyed Luo Yunyang as he spoke resolutely.

After saying this, he strode away.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the leaving Xuantian Zhaoxin indifferently. Although Xuantian Zhaoxin was proud, he was a little small-minded.

"Brother Yunyang, Im hoping to exchange pointers with you when you have the time," Li Jiuyue said with a burning fighting spirit in her eyes.

The other elite geniuses didnt seem resigned either.

All thirty-something of them were top individuals within their own Great Cosmoses who were widely praised.

Although many of them were lagging behind in the rankings now, many peoples fighting spirit was ignited.

Everyone dispersed quickly afterward, as no one had any intention of staying around and chatting.

"Brother Luo, if you issue a call to action right now, I think that you would gather quite some followers." Xie Longhui chuckled as he and Luo Yunyang were returning to their rooms.

"We have to advance by leaps and bounds!" Luo Yunyang looked at Xie Longhui and said indifferently, "We will be nothing if we fail to become Almighties."

Xie Longhui had a cold glint in his eyes as he watched Luo Yunyang walk back to his own cabin.

"Luo Yunyang, I will definitely surpass you!" Xie Longhui said resolutely while clenching his fists tightly.

Perhaps due to the stimulant that was Luo Yunyang, the entire ship fell silent for some time.

This sort of silence was stifling!

A year later, Luo Yunyang, who had his eyes shut while trying to comprehend the Sky Feather 13 Slots, suddenly heard a mechanical voice. "We have entered the range of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Everyone please prepare to leave the ship in 10 minutes."

Luo Yunyang had a faint look of expectation on his face. They were already at Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Although he had mostly been cultivating with his eyes shut for the past year or so, Luo Yunyang hadnt really made great strides when it came to his cultivation base.

They were in the Dark Cosmos, so it was difficult to absorb cosmic powers. Besides, Luo Yunyangs comprehension of his various cultivation techniques had already reached its limits.

It could be said that Luo Yunyang urgently needed other methods to allow himself to break through.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Nature Divine Plate!

As he recalled what Yuan Venerate Wanliu had mentioned about the Nature Divine Plate, Luo Yunyang was unable to think straight.

The most fundamental item of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, which was capable of nurturing Yuan Venerates and Almighties, was the Nature Divine Plate. According to the legends, the Nature Divine Plate arose from the Origin Cosmos and was the top ultimate treasure that had ever appeared.

"Brother Luo, we were just waiting for you." A number of people greeted Luo Yunyang when he walked to the main hall of the ship.

Although many of them aspired to become Yuan Venerates and crush the others down, Luo Yunyang was currently an unconquerable mountain.

Before beating him, they had to maintain the strongest fighting spirit possible.

"You are on your own." An indifferent voice rang throughout the main hall. It was the voice of Yuan Venerate Everlasting Sky. Following this announcement, Luo Yunyang and the others found themselves outside the ship.

Then, they discovered that the place they were at was different from the voids they had visited in the past. Gases of two colors, yellow and black, differentiated the top and bottom part of this void.

Even Luo Yunyang felt like he had some difficulty breathing at the beginning.

Indeed, it was difficult to breathe. This was something that simply couldnt happen to existences of that level, yet it was actually happening.

"The gas here is Black-Yellow Essence Air. Although it cant be compared to the Black-Yellow Origin Air, it is still extremely valuable."

Xie Longhui smiled at everyone around and said, "Star-Grade martialists and weaker martialists would implode right away if they breathed in a mouthful of Black-Yellow Essence Air."

"It is also the existence of Black-Yellow Essence Air that results in the surrounding extremely powerful laws of the sky and earth. While our powers can topple mountains and overturn seas within the Great Cosmos, they would only create a few waves here."

Luo Yunyang didnt test out what Xie Longhui had just said. He knew that Xie Longhui wouldnt tell them such a joke.

Besides, this stifling Black-Yellow Essence Air would provide massive benefits to the people cultivating here.

After all, the more stifled cultivators were, the stronger the cultivation results achieved would be.

"You are all part of this batch of elites?" A calm voice was heard neither too close or too far away. The surging Black-Yellow Essence Air parted as if heralding the arrival of their king.

As the Black-Yellow Essence Air flowed away, a tall middle-aged man in a long black robe strode over.

The aura coming from this mans body was that of an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate!

An eighth-level Heavenly Venerate could be an authoritative figure of a top-notch sect within a Great Cosmos. They could be considered real big shots beneath the Yuan Venerate level. Basically, their words could be considered the law.

"I am Cen Tianlong, an attendant of Hong Meng Sacred Halls headquarters. You shall follow me and split up into groups based on the Heaven, Earth and Man Roll. There should be a distance of 300 meters between each roll."

Cen Tianlongs voice didnt have a single shred of emotion, yet one could sense his unquestionable tone.

Everyone quickly lined up accordingly in no time. Yin Yang Zongzi, who was in the third group, watched enviously as Luo Yunyang strode over to a spot somewhere in front of him.

Luo Yunyang didnt have any time to care about Yin Yang Zongzis jealousy. He was too busy scanning their surroundings. He felt like the area they were in was an extremely huge meteorite.

The earth was like metal!

Or rather, the sturdiness of this ground was many times stronger than steel. Luo Yunyang used some strength to step down, but there didnt seem to be any reaction from the earth.

There were no flowers or grass, nor was there any vitality. There was really nothing else besides rocks and that Black-Yellow Essence Air. However, after walking for about six hours, Cen Tianlong, who was leading the way, announced, "We have arrived."

A massive palace was now before Luo Yunyang and the others. This massive palace was entirely made out of black-and-yellow stone. Luo Yunyang felt simple, magnificent awe as he gazed at this place!

He was the sky. He was the earth. He was

If Luo Yunyang had to describe this humongous palace, he would only use this description to depict it.

The unadorned Black-Yellow Primal Stone was full of vicissitudes. Upon seeing these Primal Stones, Luo Yunyang felt the urge to pay his respects.

"This is the Human Races most important fort!" Although Cen Tianlongs voice didnt contain the slightest bit of emotion, Luo Yunyang could tell that there was a faint bit of lamentation in it that Cen Tianlong shouldnt have.

"You can consider being able to enter this place your fate. Come on, follow me into the hall!" Cen Tianlong moved his arms and a golden glow illuminated Luo Yunyang and the others.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang realized that he hadnt seen a main door outside this palace.

At the exact same moment, the glow that illuminated Luo Yunyang and the others carried their bodies and shot toward the massive stones.

Although Luo Yunyang and the others knew that this glow wouldnt kill them, they still felt shaken as they barreled toward the massive stones, surrounded by that glow.

In a moment, Luo Yunyang suddenly realized that a deep fissure had started appearing on the yellow-black stones all around them.

It was a scar left behind by a blade!