Supreme Uprising Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Gaining Comprehension

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The space the Divine Elder was in was very small. It only had a 100-mile radius. There were no mountains, rivers, or living things here.

The empty space was silent. The three figures sitting in a lotus position didnt make a sound even when the Divine Elder walked over.

As the Divine Elder lamented, he elicited a response from the left. "Dont be anxious. It has merely begun."

The Divine Elder extended his finger and made a tapping gesture, causing a prayer mat to appear. He took it and sat on. "Then I shall just see."

There werent any reflective surfaces in this space. However, as those four sat in the void, it seemed as if they could see everything with a mere glance.

"That kid is a waste. Innately born with Seven Colored Divine Eyes capable of breaking thousands of techniques. However, his bodys cultivation base is too weak," the Divine Elder said as a figure within Hong Meng Sacred Hall disappeared.

The figure sitting on the left, who had spoken to the Divine Elder, said dryly, "A high starting point might not necessarily be a good thing."

As the two of them talked, only five people remained within Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Besides Luo Yunyang, the other people remaining were Xuantian Zhaoxin, Li Jiuyue, Yin Yang Zongzi, and Cen Tianlong.

Cen Tianlong wasnt even taken into account by the four elders.

"Just four people remain. This is way worse than last time!" The Divine Elder sighed. "In the last 100 Yuanhuis, the number of Almighties we have produced has been falling."

"In the long run, everything will be difficult!"

The figure sitting in the middle nodded and spoke for the first time. "Rises and falls occur naturally. Ups and downs go with the flow."

The voice of the middle figure was tranquil, yet every single word seemed as though it contained magnificent awe. Even the sky and earth would start to reverberate along with this voice.

The Divine Elder no longer said anything as he looked on respectfully.

The figure in the middle had slowly turned around by now. As he turned, the situation within Hong Meng Sacred Hall appeared clearly on the void they were facing.

Luo Yunyang, Xuantian Zhaoxin, Li Jiuyue, and Yin Yang Zongzi were sitting quietly on the prayer mat. However, beads of perspiration had started to appear on Yin Yang Zongzis forehead.


Just as Yin Yang Zongzi couldnt hold on much longer, a black-and-white beam of light rose from Yin Yang Zongzis head.

The two colored lights rose by 30 meters and finally turned into two yin-yang fish that swam in a circle on top of Yin Yang Zongzis head.

The two yin-yang fish, which were slightly blurry, crumbled shortly after swimming a few rounds.

As the yin-yang fish crumbled, Yin Yang Zongzis body was immediately expelled from Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

"A thread of Yin Yang that can create an origin source. Thats rather hard to come by!" There was a hint of clear disappointment in the Divine Elders voice.

The tall figure to the right said nonchalantly, "A one in ten chance of becoming an Almighty. This isnt too bad."

The figure on the right hadnt finished speaking, when a bright, pure moon appeared above Li Jiuyues head. This moon was massive, and there was a life-like silver sacred tree on it.

The instant this silver sacred tree appeared, Li Jiuyues body was similarly expelled by a force.

Only Luo Yunyang and Xuantian Zhaoxin remained in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang had a calm expression on his face, and there were no changes to his surroundings. On the other hand, Xuantian Zhaoxins surroundings were filled with countless white dragons that were weaving about.

The Divine Elder and the other old individuals in this nameless space hadnt evaluated Li Jiuyue. However, based on the projection she had created, Li Jiuyue must probably have gained much more than Yin Yang Zongzi.

Yet another 15 minutes passed and Xuantian Zhaoxin started to look flushed. Just as his body started to sway, a scarlet glow shot out above his head and turned into massive roaring dragons.

A hundred dragons gathered in the void, spiraling with great intent.

The originally calm Divine Elder clapped his own thigh and lamented. "What a crazy fighting intent!"

"This is the rare War Sky Creation Origin Source. As long as he doesnt slip up, he will definitely become an Almighty and a war god of the Human Race!"

The three figures sitting in the void had looks of approval on their faces, especially the figure on the left, who said, "If he cultivates the Xuanyuzhuan Sky Book, he will be able to become an Almighty in a Yuanhui."

The figure in the middle nodded his head and said, "Indeed!"

Although the three figures were sitting shoulder to shoulder, the differences in their status were obvious from the way the Divine Elder treated them.

"There is still one more left!" the figure sitting in the center said, "Nature gathers everything mystical. The longer one is able to survive in the Divine Creation Disc world, the more opportunities one will get."

"He has already endured for 30 minutes. He should also rank within the top 10 disciples Hong Meng Sacred Hall has groomed after all this time."

"This is a really pleasant surprise!"

A smile appeared on the Divine Elders face. "This kid is really good. He has dazzled even an old man like me."

Luo Yunyang didnt know that he was being observed. Right now, he felt that he had already turned into a spring breeze floating across the void.

This feeling was relaxing. However, as the feeling took shape, Luo Yunyang felt his body being tugged by a formless power that instantly turned into massive waves.

With every change, Luo Yunyang would feel his soul become extremely weary and tired. Each time this tired feeling appeared, a massive energy would try to expel him.

Endure. I must endure!

Although Luo Yunyang didnt know what would happen if he endured for a longer time, he knew that the benefits would be greater the longer he lasted.

Nature gathered everything mystical!

While these words were repeated in Luo Yunyangs mind, he felt that he should endure more. Even though he hadnt seen the massive benefits of endurance, enduring longer would definitely beat giving up early.

When Luo Yunyang felt like his consciousness was an intense sun illuminating everything, he realized he couldnt hold on for much longer. That grand power appeared once again.

In the face of this massive power, Luo Yunyangs consciousness fell back.

Just as Luo Yunyangs consciousness was about to be expelled, streaks of light rushed forth from the Divine Creation Disc and entered Luo Yunyangs head.

The instant these streaks of light shot out, Luo Yunyang didnt feel much. However, within Hong Meng Sacred Hall, 18 streaks of light rushed into Luo Yunyangs body. These lights gathered and formed an 18-level pagoda that illuminated everything as brightly as a star.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall was the ultimate treasure of the Human Race. However, that 18-level pagoda had still rushed out of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The three figures sitting in the void and the Divine Elder were all astonished. The person sitting in the middle rapidly made some hand seals. In just a moment, a golden light silhouette appeared and pressed down against the pagoda being projected above Luo Yunyangs head.

The figure in the middle was rather stirred up. "I never imagined that this youngster would actually have so much potential!"

The Divine Elder glanced at the figure in the middle. "If I remember correctly, you also gained the 18 colored lights of the Creation Origin Source back then. I never imagined that there would be someone just like you after so many years."

"Check the origins of Luo Yunyang and spread the word that nobody is permitted to leak any news of this pagodas appearance in the sacred hall."

The middle figure then added firmly, "If anyone dares leak the news, theyll be sentenced to death without pardon."

While the figure in the middle was speaking, a figure in a corner of Hong Meng Sacred Halls outer hall opened his eyes all of a sudden.

He moved his two arms and the image of the pagoda rushing out of Hong Meng Sacred Hall appeared before him.

"An 18-path Creation Origin Source. This will be a definite Almighty as long as no accidents occur. Perhaps theyll even be a capable individual! Seems like there is an impressive person amongst this Yunhuis batch of Hong Meng Sacred Hall Human Race disciples" the man muttered. "Headquarters must be informed about this."

"The Human Race definitely mustnt be allowed to have another great entity!" The man moved his arms rapidly and light spots appeared and vanished within the void.

In just one-tenth of a second, on a cosmos lacking any suns or moons, a black-robed, grim-faced Mysterious Underworld being received the transmitted information. An icy glint flickered across his eyes. "An 18-path Creation Origin Source. This person has to die!"

"Quickly investigate who is the person who obtained this 18-path Creation Origin Source."

As the black-robed Mysterious Underworld being issued this order, many snippets of information were rapidly sent out. Countless Mysterious Underworld beings hidden amongst the Human Race started their operations.

In that unknown space, the three figures and the Divine Elder were currently talking. They were discussing how to groom Luo Yunyang.

"In my opinion, we should give Luo Yunyang a different treatment!" The Divine Elder sounded a tad angry. "He is a genius, so he should receive the treatment of a genius. Does anyone disagree or have any objections?"

The figure on the right said softly, "Divine Elder, you want the best for Luo Yunyang. However, I think that we shouldnt spoil things with our excessive enthusiasm. If we do so, we might produce an undesirable result."

"Hes just one step away from becoming a Heavenly Venerate. There is no need to change his state of mind," the figure on the left said, "The Divine Elder is right. We should make an exception to groom him."

Amid this stalemate, the figure in the center said, "Everything will remain the same. We will let nature run its course. We will only take action if the need arises."