Supreme Uprising Chapter 806

Chapter 806 The Strong Get Stronger

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In a newly-formed internal universe, hundreds of Mysterious Underworld beings had gathered inside a lifeless planet.

A man was sitting on a throne like a king in a splendidly-decorated hall that resembled a palace.

"Havent you found that person yet?" The mans voice was deep and raspy.

"Not yet, my Lord. Although the Falcon has conducted repeated investigations in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Hong Meng Sacred Hall has ordered to keep the matter under wraps. Therefore, it is difficult to find out who this person is," a figure hidden in a black robe reported respectfully.

The kingly figure was not angry. He merely replied, "Since we cant find out, we must identify some key people."

"Xuantian Zhaoxing, Li Jiuyue, Yin Yang Zongzi!" After these three names were mentioned, he said, "For the time being, these three people will be included in the first-class assassination sequence."

After saying this, he added in a solemn tone, "All others will be included in the second-class assassination sequence."

"The subordinates will obey the order." The hundreds of dark shadows acknowledged this almost at the same time.

"A single Yuanhuii would be enough for that person to become a Yuan Venerate Almighty. Hence, we only have one Yuanhui to kill this person."

"Tell Falcon to kill the target at any cost after confirming this."

Half an hour after the man had made this decision, a figure cultivating in Hong Meng Sacred Hall received the order, looking rather reluctant.

This reluctance was soon replaced by a crazed feeling.

"Who is it? Xuantian Zhaoxing or Yin Yang Zongzi?" The man mumbled to himself, "I only have a single chance. Nothing can go wrong. Otherwise, they will all have to be obliterated."

"They are going to come out of the Sacred Technique Hall. The best opportunity will be when they come out." The figure mumbled to himself as he stepped out of the hall he had been cultivating in.

Then, he transformed into a very handsome middle-aged man and strolled towards the Sacred Technique Hall.

"I still have a few chances to study in the Sacred Technique Hall, so this is the right time to do it."

More than a dozen people had gathered outside the Sacred Technique Hall at the moment. All of them were looking towards the hall expectantly.

A series of dazzling lights lit up outside the Sacred Technique Hall. Then, Luo Yunyang and the others appeared outside one by one.

"Your training in the Hong Meng Sacred Hall officially begins now, which means that all of you are already Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Whether you will achieve anything in the future is entirely up to you."

"If you arent able to become an Almighty after one Yuanhui, then you will have to leave Hong Meng Sacred Hall."

Cen Tianlongs voice rang out as he walked over spiritedly.

"There are many empty houses around the outer region of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. You can choose to live freely there at will. Matters of importance will be communicated through your communication devices, so please pay attention to them."

Cen Tianlongs tone suddenly turned cold after saying that. "The communication devices can only be used inside Hong Meng Sacred Hall. You will basically have no means of outside contact."

"Remember, you have come to Hong Meng Sacred Hall to cultivate. Do not put too much thought into nonessential things."

"Time is precious, so you all have to cherish it!"

Cen Tianlong turned and left after saying all this. Luo Yunyang believed that he was going to train in seclusion based on the hurried way he had come and left.

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, it was difficult to contact the outside world, which was something that made Luo Yunyang a little uncomfortable. However, Luo Yunyang still agreed with Hong Meng Sacred Halls practice.

After all, Hong Meng Sacred Hall was a foundation of the Human Tribe. There would probably be no secrets if anyone could use their communication device at will.

His priority was to find a place to live and then break through to the Heavenly Venerate level.

Although Luo Yunyangs combat abilities far exceeded many of those ordinary Heavenly Venerates abilities, there were nine levels of Heavenly Venerates and each level was exponentially stronger.

Eventually, one would face insuperable restrictions if they did not become a Heavenly Venerate.

After making up his mind, Luo Yunyang ignored the people who gradually gathered together and casually walked in one direction.

The outer region of Hong Meng Sacred Hall was basically a city with very few people.

Luo Yunyangs gaze scanned the row of houses based on a notification on the communication device.

Most of these houses were small buildings that werent lit up. According to the communication device, this meant that they were vacant.

After walking casually around for a quarter of an hour, Luo Yunyang finally chose a house. The only reason he chose this house was because it looked very quiet.

After placing the token that represented his identity in the groove at the door, a layer of glittering, translucent light began to rise in the house as the gate made of Black Yellow Stone opened silently.

Luo Yunyang walked into the house and saw that it was not equipped with collapsible rooms. Instead, it was divided into five areas.

There were rest areas, training areas, and entertainment areas

Just like a monster entering its territory, Luo Yunyang strolled through the house. When he walked into the cultivation room, his expression changed.

The wall of the cultivation room contained countless "kill" words that all exuded a fiery intent.

Those words would have been useful to Luo Yunyang if he had still been at the Celestial Domain Grade, as he might even have been able to deduce a cultivation technique from them.

However, these words were nothing more than eye-catching wall murals in Luo Yunyangs opinion right now.

"Im afraid this man might have gone mad in the end!"

After viewing all the "kill" words, Luo Yunyang subconsciously mumbled to himself. Although he felt some sympathy in his heart for the person who had written down these words, it was only a small trace of sympathy.

The belongings of the former occupant had practically all disappeared. Luo Yunyang simply tidied up the room and sat on a chair made of Black Yellow Stone before carefully looking through the training instructions on the communication device.

"Every Heaven Roll Shengzi [1. The literal meaning is holy son/sacred son] has one chance to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall to study for an hour every 10 years."

"Every Earth Roll Shengzi has one chance to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall to study for an hour every 100 years."

"Every Human Roll Shengzi has one chance to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall to study for an hour every 500 years."

Luo Yunyang could sense some competition after reading the contents. However, he did not care.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall had provided a great deal of benefits to their Shengzi, such as studying in Hong Meng Sacred Hall and getting a one-year cultivation opportunity in the Sacred Technique Hall. It was no exaggeration to say that these were opportunities that other martialists would not get even if they fought for them desperately.

This big investment had been made in hopes that one or two of them would become Yuan Venerate Almighties. Hence, the training to become a Yuan Venerate Almighty would naturally be akin to the survival of the fittest. Only the strongest would be honored.

One million Hong Meng Points could be exchanged for an opportunity to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

When Luo Yunyang saw that information, he felt an impulse to curse out loud. A million points were simply too much.

It had to be common knowledge that most of the original 36 Shengzis who had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall, including Luo Yunyang, had only been able to obtain 100 to 200 points, and four of them had died.

Even Luo Yunyang had been forced to kill a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate to obtain 10,000 points.

One million Hong Meng Points meant that he would have to kill 100 fifth-level Heavenly Venerates. How was it possible to do this easily? After feeling bewildered by the requirements, Luo Yunyang shifted his attention to the items-for-exchange list.

"100,000 Hong Meng Points for a drop of Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid!"

When Luo Yunyang saw the familiar Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid, he couldnt help but curse out loud. The price of the Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid was too crazy for Luo Yunyang to buy it, even though he was very interested in it.

After reading through a lot of other treasures, Luo Yunyang realized that not everything was extremely expensive.

For example, the Golden Hepta Essence, which was a rare treasure in the Divine Union, was worth 12 points.

The value of the Scarlet Flame Fruit was frightening. One Hong Meng Point could be exchanged for 10.

As Luo Yunyang scanned through the extremely precious items on the top lists, he realized that while some were not very useful to him, most of them were.

As long as he could get his hands on one or two items, the One-Yuan Universe in his body would rise to the next level.

However, he didnt have that many Hong Meng Points.

As Luo Yunyang was grumbling inwardly, a line of words appeared in front of his eyes, explaining how to earn Hong Meng Points.

Hong Meng Points could be donated by others or earned. Of course, the most normal way to acquire them was by earning them.

Breaking any record would result in obtaining the corresponding Hong Meng Points allocated!

While Luo Yunyang read through the information about breaking records, he couldnt help but frown. Breaking records didnt pertain to ones power or any other aspects. It involved the Sky Limit Path of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Ascending to the second level of the Sky Limit Path was the record for someone who had yet to become a Heavenly Venerate.

If one could break this record and ascend to the third level of the Sky Limit Path before becoming a Heavenly Venerate, one could receive 100,000 Hong Meng Points.

Ascending to the fourth level would earn one a whopping one million Hong Meng Points.

Just as Luo Yunyang got excited about this, a message quickly arrived in his communication device.

Although the communication device could not connect to the outside world, it was still extremely sensitive within Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Xuantian Zhaoxing had ascended to the third-level Sky Limit Path!

Luo Yunyang frowned as he read the news. He had been planning to earn some points, but he had been beaten by someone else. According to the regulations of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, if anyone wanted to win this opportunity, they had to ascend to the fourth level of the Sky Limit Path.

However, usually, only second-level Heavenly Venerate geniuses were able to ascend to the fourth level of the Sky Limit Path.

After weighing his options, Luo Yunyang finally made his decision.