Supreme Uprising Chapter 809

Chapter 809 The Flow Of Time Andspace

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Luo Yunyang had experienced breaking through to become a Heavenly Venerate before.

However, he knew that his experience that time could only serve as a reference. His breakthrough during his 10 Reincarnation Cycles had happened by using the Heavenly Venerate Platform’s power to enter the river of time and space and then absorb the time and space nomological laws.

This was also why Luo Yunyang’s Heavenly Venerate True Body had been able to achieve completion, albeit at the expense of exhausting its potential.

Over the years, Luo Yunyang had frequently utilized his Heavenly Venerate True Body. However, it was still difficult to improve its cultivation.

This was because the potential of the Heavenly Venerate True Body had been almost completely exhausted.

There were different classifications of Heavenly Venerates. Some were strong, while others were weak. Some Heavenly Venerates were even inferior to Universe-Grade geniuses nurtured by top sects in certain Great Cosmoses.

The reason behind that was that Heavenly Venerates from a void or small Cosmos were basically relying on the supreme luck present in their region to be forcefully promoted as a Heavenly Venerate.

For example, in the Tianyun Void, Heavenly Venerate Spring Frost, Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane, and the third one were basically stuck at their current cultivation level with no way of improving.

While there was also supreme luck present in the Great Cosmoses that could forcefully allow someone to become a Heavenly Venerate, most people wanted to hone their skills and abilities before becoming one.

They would prefer to rely on their own cultivation to break through and become a Heavenly Venerate. Not only would they have a very strong cultivation that way, but their potential would be limitless as well.

Luo Yunyang, who was already at the peak Universe Grade, should rely on his own strength now to break apart the river of time and space and forcefully pull out his mark from within.

Although this process was very simple theoretically, it was extremely difficult to execute.

Luo Yunyang, who had adjusted his energy to the peak, sat in a lotus position in a quiet room. The seal on the small building had already been formed, so according to the rules of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, even a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate would have difficulty breaking the defense of the building.

Luo Yunyang, who did not immediately break through, turned on his attribute regulator again and all the figures were displayed clearly in his mind.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 25 Speed: 23 Constitution: 24 Mind: 49 Bloodline: 0.35

Heavenly Venerate True Body: Power: 1.1 Speed: 1.2 Mind: 0.8 Constitution: 0.9

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 13 Speed: 11 Spirit: 14 Constitution: 22

Speed and Constitution were basically useless in the process of breaking through to become a Heavenly Venerate. The only attributes that were useful were Power and Mind.

The long river of time and space was mighty and vast, as though it was everywhere yet was still hard to find. He could only leap into the river of time and space by breaking the barriers and using his power.

Breaking down the barriers of time and space required power. However, entering the long river of time and space to look for the eternal mark that was inside and extract it required a nearly infinite amount of mind power.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang transferred all his attribute points to his Power, while the attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were adjusted to replace the missing attributes in Luo Yunyang’s body.

After doing that, Luo Yunyang unleashed a heavy blow and that power, which exceeded a peak Universe-Grade cultivation by far, landed heavily on the void.

The void shattered instantly and a huge golden river that was vast and mighty appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

The long river was millions of miles wide and stretched far beyond one’s sight. Luo Yunyang, who was sitting in a quiet room, looked at the mighty long river and felt extremely small.

He felt like a puny ant!

It seemed like he was an ant and the mighty long river was the greatest eternity between heaven and earth.

Endless past and immeasurable future!

Two phrases from the Eternal Divine Scripture and the Immeasurable Divine Scripture appeared in his heart.

In the past, he had believed that he understood the two phrases very well. However, after seeing the vast and mighty scene unfolding in front of him, he realized that his understanding of the two phrases was lacking.

While watching the surging river that was millions of miles wide, Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment. Then, he let the rest of the attributes in his body return to normal.

He didn’t do this because he didn’t want to use the attribute regulator to adjust his power to the highest level, but mainly because it still wasn’t time to use his mind power.

Luo Yunyang felt like he had become a fish in the long river of time and space when his consciousness merged.

He was a fish swimming along the river of time and space.

If he flowed along the long river of time and space accordingly, he would perish in it and become part of the river that flowed endlessly.

Of course, this would also result in Luo Yunyang’s death.

In the history of Heavenly Venerate upgrades, hordes of Universe-Grade elites had become part of the river of time and space and been awakened by it.

Therefore, many Universe-Grade elites still chose not to break through, even though they were at the fringe of becoming Heavenly Venerates. This was not because they did not want to, but rather because they knew that it would be impossible for them to break through successfully with their abilities.

It was better to live well than court death.

The gentle force of time and space was like running water. Luo Yunyang could even feel the countless spiritual marks around him. However, these spiritual marks did not have any consciousness, so they could not sense Luo Yunyang.

One could even say that they did not know that they were in the long river of time and space at all.

Could a Yuan Venerate Almighty really control the river of time and space? If it was possible, then who else would oppose them?

Luo Yunyang’s hunger to fight intensified as he sensed the surging river of time and space. What he had to do now was extract the mark he had left in the river of time and space.

Once this spiritual mark was extracted, it would no longer be bound by the force of time and space. More importantly, this also implied that the mark would contain a huge amount of time and space nomological laws, as it had been scoured by the force of time and space.

Luo Yunyang had only been able to obtain some time and space nomological laws the last time he had broken through to become a Heavenly Venerate with the help of the Heavenly Venerate Platform. However, this had also made it very difficult for him to improve further.

Based on Luo Yunyang’s estimation, this should be related to the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

Now, all he had to do was find and extract his mark from the long and golden river of time and space.

Although the size of the river of time and space was immense, Luo Yunyang was still able to sense that his mark was right ahead as his consciousness moved in the same direction.

There was no pressure following the current. However, once Luo Yunyang moved in the direction of his own mark, each droplet of water in the river of time and space, which had seemed powerless originally, suddenly became tens of thousands of times heavier.

Although Luo Yunyang’s mind power was very strong and had the support of the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture, he still felt that his consciousness was facing a massive resistance when he attempted to move laterally.

The resistance was vast and mighty, as it made Luo Yunyang’s consciousness look like a puny ant struggling in the torrential current.


After swimming for more than 10 miles, Luo Yunyang’s consciousness began to show signs of cracking. Although the cracks were very fine, this was still very terrifying.

Past Inextinguishable Eternity!

When Luo Yunyang executed the technique of the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture, the cracks on his consciousness began to heal rapidly. A quarter of an hour later, Luo Yunyang executed the same technique again!

Once, twice, thrice…

Luo Yunyang felt that his consciousness was breaking and healing itself again and again until he felt numb.

After an unknown number of repetitions, Luo Yunyang sensed that his consciousness had become more solid than ever. Now, he could already sense his mark in the river of time and space clearly.

Just as Luo Yunyang was preparing to move closer to it, he suddenly discovered that in front of him was a spiritual mark thousands of feet in radius that was flowing along the same direction of the river of time and space.

Although the mark looked like a golden water droplet, Luo Yunyang’s heart was still able to react upon seeing it.

It was Yin Yang Zongzi’s spiritual mark!

Luo Yunyang had actually found Yin Yang Zongzi’s spiritual mark! Ying Yang Zongzi was definitely one of the people whom Luo Yunyang was worried about the most out of the 32 geniuses that had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power unleashed a heavy blow towards Yin Yang Zongzi’s spiritual mark without any hesitation at once, causing cracks to appear on it instantly.

Both sides suffered from the collision, as Luo Yunyang’s consciousness did not have it easy either. However, Luo Yunyang did not panic. His consciousness was healed up very quickly by his Extinguishable Eternity Scripture.


Collisions echoed again and again in the river of time and space. Yin Yang Zongzi’s spiritual mark eventually shattered into a dozen pieces after the repeated collisions and fell in different parts of the river.

Luo Yunyang realized that he could not destroy Yin Yang Zongzi’s spiritual mark completely when he saw the dozens of spiritual marks still moving along the river of time and space. Hence, he did not continue to attack them. Instead, he kept moving towards his own spiritual mark.

Yin Yang Zongzi, who had also stepped into the long river of time and space, was swimming towards his own spiritual mark with all his might.

However, just when he felt that victory was near, his senses suddenly told him that a dozen of his spiritual marks had appeared.

What was happening?

Could his senses be wonky? According to the ancient records of the Yin Yang Sect, an individual’s spiritual mark was unique.

What was going on?

After hesitating for a moment, Yin Yang Zongzi still decided to move quickly in the direction where he had first sensed his spiritual mark.