Supreme Uprising Chapter 81

Chapter 81


Lin Changjian brandished his palm. His target was Luo Yunyang’s face. He wanted to send Luo Yunyang flying with a single slap.

This way, he would be able to dispel the hatred in his heart and show people the consequences of offending him.

However, just as he waved his palms forward, he suddenly had an ominous feeling. Lin Changjian instinctively threw his head back and dodged.

Luo Yunyang’s palm brushed across his cheek. Although it didn’t strike his face, the wind it created stung his skin.

Lin Changjian stared at Luo Yunyang in confusion. The source core he had awakened was a Grade-3 Darkness Source Core. His cultivation speed was really fast, but it also made him very stealthy.

He had just split into several shadowy figures. Although they were all fake and didn’t possess any real fire power, normally no one would have been able to detect him.

How had Luo Yunyang detected him?

Bewildered, Lin Changjian gave up any intention of launching a surprise attack. “You have some skills, but today I’ll show you the difference between a true martial master and a fake one,” he said coldly.

As he spoke, Lin Changjian brandished his fists once again. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang felt the area within a 10-meter radius get enveloped by a cold, gloomy power. As he found himself stuck in the middle of this power, he felt a sense of helplessness.

This was probably the power of Lin Changjian’s Darkness Core.

As this uncomfortable sensation increased, Luo Yunyang felt a luster start to appear on his skin. That uncomfortable feeling vanished completely in an instant.

Meanwhile, Lin Changjian’s fists had reached the front of Luo Yunyang’s body.

Lin Changjian had a sombre expression on his face. He believed that, if he struck with his fists, the power contained in his Darkness Core would teach Luo Yunyang a lesson. Even if the base’s instructors helped Luo Yunyang, he would still suffer some severe injuries.

This would ideally lower the grade of the source core that he will awaken!


His fist, which contained a frigid corrosion, struck Luo Yunyang’s body hard. According to Luo Yunyang’s estimation, the force that struck him had to be at least 25,000 kilos.

His past self would have been sent flying by such a force, yet the moment this force entered Luo Yunyang’s body, the dim golden glow absorbed it all.

Despite the fact that Lin Changjian’s fist had struck Luo Yunyang’s body, Luo Yunyang remained standing there like Mt. Tai.

Lin Changjian flashed a sinister grin when he saw the unmoving Luo Yunyang. His strength wasn’t the main point. What was more important was the Darkness Attribute hidden in his force, which was a dark source power that could corrode anything.

When this dark source power entered the body of a martial master, it hurt the original source of the body and made it function at only 30%.

Lin Changjian hopped back lightly with a sneering grin as he stared at Luo Yunyang. Meeting his fist head-on had been Luo Yunyang’s greatest mistake.

Who does he think he is?

However, Lin Changjian was not aware that Luo Yunyang hadn’t felt any discomfort when Lin Changjian’s dark source power had entered his body. He just kept standing there like an immovable mountain.

“Are you a girl? Is that all you got?” Luo Yunyang, who didn’t have a favorable impression of Lin Changjian, showed no restraint as he talked to him.

Lin Changjian sneered. “You have already taken a shot of my dark source power. In three minutes max, you will be lying on the floor.”

“What if I’m not?” Luo Yunyang, who was extremely confident in his own body, replied sarcastically. “How about this? If I don’t collapse, you will start calling me daddy!” he said when he saw Lin Changjian raise his head to look at the sky, as if he wasn’t willing to chat with him.

Lin Changjian’s expression became even uglier as he snorted, “Alright! If you don’t collapse, I’ll call you daddy. If you do though, I will make sure that you walk on your knees all the way to the base’s gates. If you don’t, I will not give you any treatment.”

Lin Changjian, who had a lot of confidence in his abilities, had decided that he would discredit this arrogant fellow completely this time.

Given Luo Yunyang’s current standing at the base, if Lin Changjian hurt Luo Yunyang, many people would request that his source core be removed.

Lin Changjian knew that he wouldn’t have any way of resisting this kind of pressure.

Rather than make things convenient, why not take advantage of Luo Yunyang’s arrogant nonsense to come up with a ploy? This way, even if Chief Instructor Lu stepped in personally, Lin Changjian would be able to put in his own request and gain even more benefits.

Plus, discrediting Luo Yunyang’s reputation was something that would make him extremely happy.

People had started gathering around to watch the show. The lady in black and her short-haired friend were among those people.

“Didn’t Lin Changjian say that he would wait for Luo Yunyang to awaken a source core before seeking him out? Is he really that impatient? The source fluids haven’t even been distributed yet!”

The short-haired competent woman, who didn’t fear Lin Changjian, didn’t lower her voice. “Don’t tell me you are afraid of losing!”

Lin Changjian, who knew this competent woman very well, didn’t retort. He just snorted. Another student watching from the sidelines interjected, “I saw everything. Although both parties are responsible for this, it was Luo Yunyang who provoked Lin Changjian.”

“Did you get it wrong? Little Brother Yunyang is cultured and refined. How could he provoke anyone voluntarily?” the short-haired beauty replied.

Luo Yunyang’s face turned dark when he heard the short-haired beauty refer to him this way. When did I become your little brother?

When he noticed the short-haired beauty’s disbelief, the upper elite class member immediately recounted what he had seen.

“You are a disgrace, Lin Changjian! You launched a sneak attack when the other party wasn’t even ready. Being in the same class as you is humiliating!”

The short-haired beauty then turned her gaze to Luo Yunyang. “His source core is full of corrosive power. You have to let him treat you at once, or you could look for Chief Instructor Lu and report that he bullied a newcomer.”

“It’s fine!” Luo Yunyang said indifferently as he smiled at the short-haired beauty. “His strength is insufficient. It tickled a little, but it sure didn’t hurt me.”

Insufficient? This son of a b*tch is just too cocky! Thousands of curses popped into Lin Changjian’s mind, threatening to spring out. Had he actually dared say that Lin Changjian had insufficient strength? What a joke!

One minute, two minute, three minutes…

Lin Changjian’s self-confidence eventually disappeared. He suddenly stared at Luo Yunyang as if he had seen a ghost.

“Go ahead and address me! Daddy is waiting!” Luo Yunyang took a step towards Lin Changjian calmly. He seemed to be full of self-confidence.

How could Lin Changjian call him daddy? Furious at this humiliation, he leapt up into the sky without a word. Meanwhile, his palms had turned pitch black.

If one took a closer look at Lin Changjian’s palms, they would be able to see a layer of black rays emerge on the surface of his skin.

“Careful, Luo Yunyang! He’s using his Divine Source-Transmuting Palms!” the short-haired beauty warned Luo Yunyang hastily when she noticed that he was not moving.