Supreme Uprising Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Exceptional Opportunity New Cosmos

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In the outer hall of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Xuantian Zhaoxing howled as thousands of dragons shadows behind him were blooming brilliant and unparalleled sacred flowers.

Among the sacred flowers, a man dressed in golden armor that looked exactly like Xuantian Zhaoxing was overlooking the sky and earth loftily.

Becoming a Heavenly Venerate was an easy feat for Xuantian Zhaoxing, yet he still felt very refreshed after achieving it.

From now on, he had become a Heavenly Venerate that had control over rebirth.

"Xuantian Zhaoxing, congratulations on becoming the third person in Hong Meng Sacred Hall to become a Heavenly Venerate. Youll be rewarded with 100,000 Hong Meng Points and a great opportunity." The machine voice spoke in Xuantian Zhaoxings ears through his communication device.

His expression dimmed when he heard this.

What was the goal of Xuantian Zhaoxing? To be the first person to become a Heavenly Venerate and obtain the greatest opportunity available.

However, although he had successfully become a Heavenly Venerate, he wasnt the first one to accomplish this. He was actually the third person to ascend.

How could that be?

He had always thought highly of himself and believed that he was the chosen one. However, instead of becoming the first one to turn into a Heavenly Venerate, he wasnt even the second person to do so. How could he tolerate this situation?

He was Xuantian Zhaoxing!

His mind was instantly flooded with thoughts of who could have become a Heavenly Venerate before him.

Was it Li Jiuyue, Yin Yang Zongzi, or Luo Yunyang? Or were there other stronger powerhouses lurking among them?

Just as Xuantian Zhaoxing was pondering this, a sigh was heard in his ear. Xuantian Zhaoxing knew who was coming upon hearing it.

He felt chilly when he thought about the scrawny figure. Although he did not want to see the scrawny figure right now, he still went out.

"Greetings, Uncle Master!" Xuantian Zhaoxings expression was solemn.

"You let me down." The scrawny middle-aged man blamed Xuantian Zhaoxing at first sight.

Xuantian Zhaoxing didnt reply. There was nothing he could say right now.

"You received a great opportunity this time. However, the first one to become a Heavenly Venerate received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." The scrawny middle-aged man, who was well-versed in praise, said faintly, "Although great opportunities are also extremely rare, there is still a considerable difference in comparison to an exceptional opportunity."

"I am well aware of it." Xuantian Zhaoxing took a deep breath, looking even more depressed.

The scrawny middle-aged man looked at Xuantian Zhaoxings expression as if he had realized something and said, "You dont have to be so disheartened. Obtaining this great opportunity is already quite good."

"Furthermore, although this exceptional opportunity is strong, the problems are great too. Get some rest and then compete for this great opportunity."

Xuantian Zhaoxings expression changed at once when he heard that. Then, he said, "Uncle Master, can I fight for that exceptional opportunity?"

"No!" the scrawny middle-aged man snapped.

"Hong Meng Sacred Hall has certain regulations regarding this. No one can fight or steal this opportunity, as it has been confirmed to be the reward for the first person to break through. Any violators will be punished severely by Hong Meng Sacred Hall."

Xuantian Zhaoxings expression turned unsightly again.

He looked at the scrawny middle-aged man and said reluctantly, "Does mean that I will never get an opportunity like that in the future?"

"No, on the contrary, youll have many more opportunities."

The middle-aged man added solemnly, "The reason it is called an exceptional opportunity is because its very rare to come by."

The middle-aged man had a cold look in his eyes as he said, "In fact, in the history of the Hong Meng Sacred Hall, two-thirds of these exceptional opportunities have not been obtained. Do you know why? Because, although that opportunity forbids you all to compete for it, it does not forbid elites to do so. "

"It is also considered a test for those who have obtained an exceptional opportunity."

"Although your great opportunity is much inferior to the exceptional opportunity, it also means that you will face much less difficulty."

Xuantian Zhaoxings eyes lit up immediately. Although he didnt speak, it was obvious based on his expression that he absolutely wouldnt be beaten by anyone in the next challenge.

The middle-aged man was relieved when he saw the eagerness in Xuantian Zhaoxings eyes. Although Xuantian Zhaoxing had lagged behind, he believed that, given Xuantian Zhaoxings talent, there would be no problem as long as Xuantian Zhaoxing wasnt discouraged.

Li Jiuyue was also speculating about who had become a Heavenly Venerate faster than her. In her opinion, that person should be Xuantian Zhaoxing.

Li Jiuyue had regarded Xuantian Zhaoxing as her biggest rival for a very long time. Although Luo Yunyang and Yin Yang Zongzi performed well, she believed that there was still a certain gap between those two and Xuantian Zhaoxing.

Upon finding out that she was the second person to become a Heavenly Venerate, Li Jiuyue immediately thought of Xuantian Zhaoxing.

Li Jiuyue, who had never thought she would lose, quickly set her eyes on the massive opportunity she had.

Although it wasnt an exceptional opportunity, it was still a massive opportunity that offered great benefits. Sometimes, these benefits might even be more useful than the ones of an exceptional opportunity.

"This time, I must take the lead."

Li Jiuyue clenched her jade-white fist tightly as she mustered up her confidence.

Yin Yang Zongzi was the fourth person to become a Heavenly Venerate. Although he already felt sad, what made him even more annoyed was that he felt that something was missing after becoming a Heavenly Venerate.

He couldnt come up with anything even after pondering it hard. Thus, he had no way of filling up the missing portion that bothered him.

Although this feeling lingered in his heart, he quickly tossed the annoying feeling aside and started to guess who could surpass him so quickly.

His opportunity would be next. The opportunities arranged by Hong Meng Sacred Hall were also tests. Therefore, he could still catch up, even though he was behind.

One day, he would become the strongest person among the individuals nurtured by Hong Meng Sacred Hall. One day

Luo Yunyang did not have any time to worry about Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others, as he was currently looking at the reward.

A million Hong Meng Points. This reward would allow him to gather many things. However, this wasnt the most important thing in Luo Yunyangs opinion.

The most important thing was this exceptional opportunity!

Luo Yunyang was excited about this opportunity. Although he didnt know what it was, it had to be something earthshaking for Hong Meng Sacred Hall to call it an exceptional opportunity.

Luo Yunyang checked out the information regarding the exceptional opportunity immediately.

A new cosmos!

Luo Yunyang inhaled sharply as he viewed the content. Although he had been prepared emotionally, he still couldnt help but gasp at Hong Meng Sacred Halls generosity.

A newly-created cosmos Although it was not as vast as the other Great Cosmoses, the benefits within it were numerous.

Even though the internal universe of a Heavenly Venerate or a Universe-Grade martialist was labeled as a universe, there was no way these internal universes could compare to an actual cosmos.

Those cosmoses were formed naturally in a more complete way than a ninth-level Heavenly Venerates internal universe, and many treasures would appear whenever a new universe was born.

Although most Heavenly Venerates used the Heavenly Venerate Weapons formed in their internal universe, some elite Heavenly Venerates would wield weapons that far exceeded normal Heavenly Venerate weapons.

However, while mentioning the benefits, the contents that explained the benefits of such an exceptional opportunity also stated that the birth of a new universe would attract the attention of those who had set their minds on it.

Although other Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall would not take part in the competition, this would not prevent the other elites from the surrounding Cosmoses to fight for it.

The highest level of Heavenly Venerates that could enter the newly-born cosmos were fifth-level Heavenly Venerates.

Luo Yunyang had been able to face a third-level Heavenly Venerate even before reaching the Universe Grade. Both his power and mind had made great progress now that he had become a Heavenly Venerate.

A fifth-level Heavenly Venerate could conjure a world with a thought. Before becoming a Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang had thought that it would be better not to fight against such people. However, he now was very confident about doing so.

While pondering this, Luo Yunyang focused his attention on another aspect. The people sent to Hong Meng Sacred Hall were usually very conspicuous. Most of the time, other Heavenly Venerates would eliminate those people first.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall wouldnt punish such actions. On the contrary, it would even provide the assailant with a huge reward if they managed to eliminate those geniuses before the new cosmos was formed.

Although Luo Yunyang felt that he didnt have to be too afraid of a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, attracting the attention of those elites after just becoming a Heavenly Venerate wouldnt be good.

According to the mission content given by Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the person dispatched by Hong Meng Sacred Hall could choose to hide their identity. However, anyone that could become a Heavenly Venerate was no fool. After careful deduction, anyone could deduce who had been sent by Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang compared the situation of the newly-formed cosmos again and unexpectedly realized that his new universe, which was about to form, was only a few spatial barriers away from the Tianyunshen Void that he had been to.

When the new universe was formed, these space barriers would have less power and a Heavenly Venerate would be able to pass through easily.

The new cosmos would be fully formed after ten years!

Luo Yunyang considered this timing and made a decision swiftly. He couldnt become a target board that attracted all the attention. Otherwise, he would wind up returning empty-handed even though he was stronger than his opponents.

However, if he did not want to attract the attention of other people, he would need a very convincing identity. An identity that could withstand anyones deductions and scrutiny.

Hence, he had to make a trip back to the Tianyunshen Void!