Supreme Uprising Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Greater Transportation Token Qiankun Geographical Map

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Luo Yunyang quickly entered a palace that was not too conspicuous outside Hong Meng Sacred Hall. This was the core region where missions were assigned and people departed from Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

"Sir, Im here to take on a mission," Luo Yunyang told a lazy-looking old man sitting behind an old table as if he were dozing off.

He did not believe that the old man was dozing off, as he could not sense the old mans cultivation with his mind power at all.

Luo Yunyang believed that this was enough to assume that the old mans strength was extraordinary.

"Ahem Young man, it is impolite of you to disturb an old man like me." The old man was wearing dusty clothes, and the most conspicuous thing about him was his muddy eyes.

He would have been an ordinary old man if he had been in an ordinary world. However, since he was there, his identity had to be very important.

Luo Yunyang did not know how to answer the old mans question. Thus, he smiled awkwardly and said with caution, "This is my identity token."

The old man casually picked up Luo Yunyangs token and glanced at it. Immediately, his muddy eyes lit up and he said hurriedly, "Youre actually the first to break through and become a Heavenly Venerate? Many people will be disappointed!"

"He he I am very happy that those guys will be disappointed, especially when I see the great disappointment on their faces!"

After saying that, he added excitedly, "You made me rather happy, so I will impart to you something for free. Dont be too impatient in the process of seizing this opportunity."

The old mans words were very vague and seemed to be of little use, but Luo Yunyang had a strong feeling that the old man was definitely not lying.

Keeping this in mind, he immediately bowed respectfully before the old man and said, "Thank you for the warning!"

"Ha ha Your senses must be very keen if you know that Im warning you. It seems that you have not gotten carried away by your temporary lead. Very well, very well!"

The old man then added, "Although the reward is very good, it is also very damning if youre not able to obtain it. You must pay extra attention to it!"

Luo Yunyang felt that the old man was very accommodating, as he talked non stop. Hence, Luo Yunyang immediately smiled and said, "Hong Meng Sacred Hall should not be so stingy. This is a reward after all. Just give me the opportunity. Why is there a need for so much trouble?"

"Oh young man, just be contented with this. Although you are the first to break through and become a Heavenly Venerate, the reward really should not be considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

The old man scoffed. "Do you know what an exceptional opportunity is? Its an opportunity for anyone below a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate to advance straight to a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate."

"Did you know that every time this kind of opportunity emerges, all the 36 Great Cosmoses will sense it and every top sect will automatically know where this Great Cosmos opportunity will appear?"

"Some seventh or eighth-level Heavenly Venerate would rush forward to grab a slice of the pie if there were no restrictions set by the Hong Meng Sacred Hall."

The old man coughed slightly and added, "It is not impossible if you want a direct reward. You can exchange something for it, in fact."

"This exceptional opportunity can be exchanged for a precious treasure found through a great opportunity. Come, come I have a list here. You can choose whatever you like."

The old man waved his arms and a virtual screen appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

On the screen, all kinds of treasures were revealed, many of which Luo Yunyang had only heard of.

The item he was most familiar with was Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid. The amount of it was half a pool!

Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid was still very useful to Luo Yunyang. While that amount was not as much as what he had been given by the Rising Sky Feather Sect, it was still a lot.

Besides Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid, there were even some precious weapons. Although these treasures were listed as flawed items, they were still much stronger than the weapons used by other Heavenly Venerates.

"You can change now if you want." The old man grinned lightly as he looked at Luo Yunyang

Luo Yunyang had an impulse to slap the old mans face after seeing his sarcastic expression.

However, he knew that he could not beat the old man. If he really did slap the old man, he would be the one suffering instead.

"I will not exchange anything for it." Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before replying with a smile.

The old man chuckled and said, "Young man, you should think about it carefully. Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall has arranged this exceptional opportunity, more than half of the people that have attempted to acquire it have failed. Its not too late for you to choose!"

Luo Yunyang smiled gently back and replied, "Since we have entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall, we should advance courageously. How can we cower when we face difficulties?"

While looking at Luo Yunyangs impassioned expression, the old man shook his head and said, "Oh boy, you just spoiled my livelihood! Since you have made a choice, however, just go!" With a wave of his hand, more than a dozen items appeared on the table.

"This is a Greater Transportation Token!" The old man handed a khaki token to Luo Yunyang as he said, "If you are in life-threatening danger, the Greater Transportation Token will bring you back to Hong Meng Sacred Hall in no time. Even a Yuan Venerate Almighty cannot stop it!"

Luo Yunyangs eyes gleamed as he looked at the earthy, unsophisticated token. This Greater Transportation Token could save ones life. From this point of view, the exceptional opportunity given by Hong Meng Sacred Hall was not entirely a facade.

At the very least, this Greater Transportation Token was no less valuable than half a pool of Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid.

Hence, Luo Yunyang took the Greater Transportation Token.

The old man appeared slightly reluctant when he saw Luo Yunyang taking the Greater Transportation Token hastily.

"Young one, dont use this Greater Transportation Token indiscriminately. If possible, avoid using it. Remember, the Greater Transportation Token will still be yours if you do not use it by the end of your mission."

After saying that, the old man waved his hand and a treasure map appeared in his hand, "This is a precious treasure produced by the new universe. It is called Qiankun Geographical Map!"

"The Qiankun Geographical Map will let you go wherever an opportunity appears and give you a head start."

"Of course, there are other wonderful uses of the Qiankun Geographical Map, but it has been sealed up by a Yuan Venerate Almighty."

The old man appeared somewhat reluctant as he added, "Ill give you a piece of news free of charge. This Qiankun Geographical Map belongs to no one yet. You will get one more treasure if you break the seal made by the Yuan Venerate."

"Ha ha One could even say that you will gain an exceptional lifetime opportunity if you break his seal."

The Qiankun Geographical Map wasnt inferior to the Greater Transportation Token by any means. In fact, it was even better.

Luo Yunyang thought that the exceptional opportunity wasnt that impressive when he read the brief introduction. However, he now realized that Hong Meng Sacred Hall actually treated its trainees pretty well.

It was just that the brief introduction

Luo Yunyang suddenly understood better after looking at the old man, who looked like he had sliced a portion of his flesh off, and said with a smile, "Can I ask you something? Did you come up with the brief introduction for the exceptional opportunity?"

"Ha ha Im responsible for all these things." The old man handed Luo Yunyang the remaining items on the table and said, "Young boy, remember that great dangers also come with an exceptional opportunity."

"You cant be complacent, even if you have something to protect your life with! I still have something to do, so I wont keep you any further. You can go to the transportation hall and head wherever you want to go."

The old man waved his sleeves after speaking. Luo Yunyang immediately felt his body get bound by an invisible force and involuntarily get sent out of the hall.

That damn old man!

Luo Yunyang felt slightly dubious of the exceptional opportunity after reading the brief introduction. There were really traps everywhere.

Luo Yunyang made the wise choice not to look for the old man again when he remembered the causal movement that had sent him flying out.

After all, the old mans cultivation wasnt something he could compare to.

Ten minutes later, Luo Yunyang, who had checked what the old man had given him, entered the transportation hall. This time, everything went extremely smoothly. In a short while, Luo Yunyang had chosen to head over to the Tianyunshen Void.

Just as Luo Yunyang was leaving, a message was transmitted again through the ripples of space.

"Luo Yunyang has left Hong Meng Sacred Hall. He can now be pursued under the second sequence."

Luo Yunyang and Hong Meng Sacred Hall did not know about the messages transmitted in secret.

Luo Yunyang couldnt determine the location of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, and he was even less clear about how far Hong Meng Sacred Hall was from the Tianyunshen Void.

He had already appeared in the Tianyunshen Void in an instant. After feeling out the very familiar atmosphere, a thought suddenly pervaded Luo Yunyangs mind. How was he going to return?

By using the Greater Transportation Token?

Luo Yunyang felt pained when he thought about how precious that token was. In the end, he still decided to set this thought aside for the time being.

After all, his priority was to make the most of this opportunity.

Ten years It would take another 10 years for the opportunity to come to fruition. He should make good use of his identity as Heavenly Venerate Samsaras disciple in the Tianyunshen Void during this coming decade.

After all, being from Hong Meng Sacred Hall was akin to being a walking target.

Luo Yunyang appeared at the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace location in the blink of an eye. Hed had the best impression of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace during his 10 Reincarnation Cycles.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had been extremely powerful and prosperous when Luo Yunyang had left, so it should still be doing very well now.

There was also a surging anticipation in Luo Yunyangs heart about seeing Lu Bingyue again.

However, he was horrified when he looked towards the location of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. The entire place had been turned into ruins!