Supreme Uprising Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Forsaking The Sky Sword Sect

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Luo Yunyang felt that his 10 reincarnations were like a dream. A very beautiful dream, in fact.

However, after his Heavenly Venerate True Body returned and transmigrated to different places with his small silver tower, he realized that the Tianyunshen Void was not a dream at all.

The reason he had not returned, besides having too many things to do, was also partly because he actually did not want to ruin the beautiful dream that the Tianyunshen Void was to him.

In Luo Yunyangs opinion, those he cared about should live well by using the intimidation he provided.

At the very least, they shouldnt experience any difficulties.

The three Heavenly Venerates there were no fools. Although Luo Yunyangs clone, Heavenly Venerate Samsara, had entered the endless void, they wouldnt make things difficult for Luo Yunyang as long as he was still alive.

Therefore, they would not make things difficult for the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace either.

This was also why Luo Yunyang believed that the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had always been very safe.

However, the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had actually been turned into ruins during his absence.

This ignited a burning rage in Luo Yunyangs heart.

How was Lu Bingyue? Was she okay?

Immediately, Luo Yunyang extended his consciousness in every direction.

Everything within a radius of 100,000 miles around the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace was instantly shrouded by Luo Yunyangs consciousness.

Not even a flying bug could escape Luo Yunyangs consciousness within that 100,000-mile radius.

However, a cold glint appeared in Luo Yunyangs eyes when he did this, as he couldnt sense Lu Bingyue at all.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to expand the coverage of his consciousness, an image appeared in his mind. He stopped searching, and his figure tore through the void immediately.

"Su Hexi, Ill repeat myself. There is nothing for you here. Scram immediately!" a handsome middle-aged man said arrogantly, "Dont get yourself killed."

Su Hexi, the city lord of the Great Deserts City Of Gold was a Sky Celestial elite who was considered a powerhouse in the Tianyunshen Void.

Although he wasnt very handsome, his tall figure and unique personality made him seem like an unyielding, lofty individual.

"I must lead him away today," Su Hexi said deeply, "I couldnt arrive in time when the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace was destroyed. However, he is the last descendant of my master, so I will never allow him to die here."

"Ye Qianhui, you are a Heavenly Venerates disciple. Do you really want to kill him for real?" Su Hexi said coldly. You should know that my master will come back one day."

"So what?" Ye Qianhui scoffed, "He would still yield, even if he was a dragon."

"Tianyunshen Dynasty, Tianyunshen Void Oh Su Hexi, you are so ignorant. You have no idea what the universe is like, let alone the kind of power the Forsaking Sky Sword Sect represents."

Ye Qianhui added harshly, "My Lord has issued a command. All the bloodlines of the Blue Dragon Marquis Hall must be sent to the 18th floor of the Dark Prison and bear the pain of being bitten by 1,000 Godly Massacre Bugs. Not even a posthumous child shall be excused."

"Su Hexi, that person only regarded you as a temporary disciple. He did not teach you anything whatsoever. Why are you being so persistent?" Ye Qianhui decided to persuade Su Hexi. "For the sake of our past friendship, this is the last chance Im giving you. Youll die if you dont cherish it!"

Su Hexi glared back as a golden long blade appeared in his hand.

"Although I did not inherit the blade path from my master, I still want to see how much you have inherited from Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane."

A thunderous clap echoed from the sky as Su Hexi spoke.

Ye Qianhui glared at Su Hexi coldly. "I intended to give you a chance to live, but you shall die today after all."

"How dare you insult my master!"

A purple longsword appeared in his hands after he spoke. The surging purple Qi of the longsword shot up to the sky even before the sword-light was conjured.

Sky Devouring Purple Qi!

Su Hexi looked towards the boy behind him. Although he wanted to help this boy out of this perilous situation, he knew that it would be really difficult for him to defeat Ye Qianhui.

However, this boy was his masters last descendant in the Tianyunshen Void. Hence, he couldnt look on helplessly and allow the boy to be dragged into the 18th level of the Dark Prison.

"Watch my blade!" Su Hexi wielded his blade and sent out a Sky Blade Obliteration Cleave that was filled with murderous intent.

While Su Hexi made his move, the sword-light coming from Ye Qianhuis purple sword expanded as the purple Qi engulfed the surroundings and diffused towards Su Hexis blade-light heavily.

The intense collision between the two of them caused their surroundings to get turned into ruins. Su Hexi was the first to appear in the void as the golden blade-light and the purple sword-light slowly dissipated.

However, there was a deep sword scar across his chest when he appeared.

That sword had almost severed all of Su Hexis vitality. If it hadnt been for his strong cultivation or the powerful defensive technique that he cultivated, he would have died immediately.

Although the golden long blade was still dazzling, the hand holding it had already begun to tremble. He found it difficult to exert any more strength.

However, there was also a scar on Ye Qianhuis body when the purple Qi dissipated. It was a blade scar that had nearly severed Ye Qianhui in two.

If Su Hexis cultivation base hadnt been slightly weaker, neither side would have won and Ye Qianhui might even have suffered a much more serious injury.

Although Ye Qianhuis injury wasnt too serious, it still made him furious.

He was a disciple of a Heavenly Venerate and he had always been in charge of the Tianyunshen Void. However, he had almost been defeated by Su Hexi, who had a weaker cultivation than his.

This victory was nothing to be proud of.

"Su Hexi, you deserve to die!" Ye Qianhui roared.

Su Hexi didnt respond. Instead, he glanced at the young boy and said, "Little one, I havent asked your name yet, but you must remember: You must survive no matter what."

"One day, your ancestor, who was my master, will return. He will surely rescue everyone from the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace."

The young boy watched Su Hexi emotionally and reluctantly. His keen, exceptional senses told him that Su Hexi wasnt going to hold out any longer.

This made him very reluctant.

"Su Hexi, stop deceiving yourself. Your master might have already died in the endless void. Even if he isnt dead, Im afraid he will not be able to rescue anyone if he returns!" Ye Qianhui said coldly, "Your master was an outstanding martialist, but he was just an ignorant fool in the Tianyunshen Void."

These words enraged Su Hexi. People could insult him, but he would never allow anyone to insult his master.

However, he no longer had any strength to brandish his blade. The Sky Blade Obliteration Cleave was already beyond his control to begin with, let alone now that he had to cope with an injury.

Just as he was about to use his last trace of strength to reprimand Ye Qianhui, he heard a faint voice. "Oh, is that so?"

Su Hexi was stunned. Tears poured out of his eyes instantly when he heard this voice.

Master! My master!

Su Hexi had forgotten how long had it been, yet he would never forget the voice of that person.

His master Although he had always regarded this person as his master, this individual was actually only a gentleman he had met.

This gentleman had taught him many martial techniques but had never recruited him as a disciple. Not being an official disciple had always been his greatest regret.

His legend had spread all over the Tianyunshen Dynasty. He had gone through 10 Reincarnation Cycles, experienced battles between the blade and sword, been on the Heavenly Venerate platform, become a Heavenly Venerate, and entered the endless void in search of greater martial techniques and never looked back.

Although he had never believed that his master would encounter any problems, Su Hexi had gradually started to believe that his master would never return after so many years had gone by without any news.

Was this a hallucination?

While Su Hexi wondered if he was dreaming, he felt his injuries healing at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, a figure stood silently in the distance.


Horror crept up on Ye Qianhuis face when Su Hexi called out towards his master.

He was very afraid of the figure that had appeared in front of him. This person was a legend that could make many people tremble in fear.

"Heavenly Venerate Samsara!" Ye Qianhui muttered.

Luo Yunyang ignored Ye Qianhui and looked at Su Hexi instead. "Your cultivation has not improved much over the years. You cant even defeat a piece of trash. Im disappointed."

Ye Qianhui did not dare to respond even when he was called a piece of trash. While he was thinking about how to escape, Luo Yunyang said faintly, "Purple Crane indeed brought up a good disciple. Lets start with you then!"

Ye Qianhui immediately felt a formless energy envelop him after hearing those words.

Suddenly, his body was engulfed in green flames.