Supreme Uprising Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Wanting An Explanation

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Heavenly Venerate Joyless looked like someone in his thirties. However, he was actually closer to being 10,000 years old.

His Heavenly Venerate cultivation had kept him forever young, and time had basically become meaningless to him.

Heavenly Venerate. He was a Heavenly Venerate!

Heavenly Venerate Joyless had had a much easier time becoming a Heavenly Venerate compared to many people who had to go through all kinds of hardships to become one.

Heavenly Venerate Joyless’ mother had the bloodline of an ancient ruler, while his father was a very powerful fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

The two of them had given birth to Heavenly Venerate Joyless, who had been born with a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation and was thus considered a genius.

However, the combination of two geniuses might produce a super-genius or a hedonistic son.

Heavenly Venerate Joyless was such an example!

He had never shown much interest in cultivation. Instead, he had found pleasure in eating, drinking and having fun. He had been able to reach the peak of the Universe Grade just by relying on his innate talents and his father’s nurturing.

However, he had no way of breaking through to become a Heavenly Venerate in the Yunguang Great Cosmos. In order to help him live forever, his father had finally made him a Heavenly Venerate by using a Heavenly Venerate Platform and some other voids that had resulted in him becoming a second-level Heavenly Venerate.

Unfortunately, there was no future for him, despite his father’s painstaking efforts. Hence, his father, who had been disheartened, no longer cared about Heavenly Venerate Joyless after he became a Heavenly Venerate.

Despite the awe-inspiring title of a Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate Joyless preferred to be called Young Master Joyless.

Although being called a master was not as impressive as being called a Heavenly Venerate, being called Young Master Joyless still made him very comfortable.

The Joyless Palace was a palace built by Heavenly Venerate Joyless for himself. Top beauties from everywhere had been collected and placed in this palace, including women from different regions of the Human Tribe and some beauties from subsidiary Human Tribes.

The Joyless Palace could basically be entered by the most beautiful women in Yunguang Great Cosmos. There were even some women that belonged to the larger sects of the Yunguang Great Cosmos, who were proud to enter the Joyless Palace.

“This wine is good!” Heavenly Venerate Joyless gently tasted the wine in his cup while sitting on his throne, which was made of Black Divine Jade.

This wine had been brewed with hundreds of different magical fruits. A Celestial Domain-Grade martialist that had a sip of it could advance straight to the Universe Grade.

However, these fruits were too rare. They were usually used to refine medicine, as it was really wasteful to brew wine by using them.

Only Heavenly Venerate Joyless would use these rare fruits and enjoy them in the form of wine.

“Has Lu Bingyue surrendered yet?” Heavenly Venerate Joyless asked as he turned to a lady in blue robes beside him.

The lady in blue was equally graceful and gorgeous. She was a princess from a big empire in Tianguang Great Cosmos that had accidentally been discovered by Heavenly Venerate Joyless before being recruited and brought to the Joyless Palace.

Now, this lady was considered Heavenly Venerate Joyless’ attendant and had a significant status in the entire Forsaken Sky Sword Sect.

“Sir, Lu Bingyue is really indecisive. She actually ignored your kindness.” The lady in the blue robes scoffed. “She is still hoping that her cousin will come to her rescue.”

Heavenly Venerate Joyless laughed as he looked at the lady’s expression and said, “Let her persevere if she insists then. I do not like to force people to do things. I’d like to see how long she will be able to hold on.”

Heavenly Venerate Joyless smirked.

After reaching a bottleneck at his Heavenly Venerate cultivation, Heavenly Venerate Joyless had lost his motivation to continue cultivating. He had achieved almost everything he wanted in Yunguang Great Cosmos, so his interest had dulled even more.

What Heavenly Venerate Joyless needed now wasn’t a woman that he could have easily. He actually wanted the satisfaction of subduing one.

Although Lu Bingyue wasn’t the most beautiful woman in his possession, she made him want to subdue her very much.

He was willing to enjoy the process slowly.

The lady in blue hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Sir, I think it’s better to let go of this matter. After all, Lu Bingyue’s cousin is also a Heavenly Venerate. You will have one more enemy if he returns.”

The lady’s words stimulated the look on Young Master Joyless’ face as he looked up at the sky and laughed. “Heavenly Venerate, do you think he is worthy of being called a Heavenly Venerate in such a small place?”

“He should have died after entering the endless void presumptuously. Even if he returns alive, what about it?”

“Based on the attitude of the Heavenly Venerates in their void, he might even take the initiative to come help me persuade his cousin considering that I want to accept his cousin as a concubine. Ha ha ha! That would be great, wouldn’t it?”

“It will also be a good thing if he dares to resist,” Young Master Joyless said flamboyantly, “I need some fun now. Killing a Heavenly Venerate would be…”

Before Young Master Joyless could complete his sentence, he felt his entire Joyless Palace shake like crazy. When he conjured his consciousness to check what was happening outside, he suddenly realized that the Joyless Palace had been lifted off the ground as if someone had grabbed and lifted it up.

Young Master Joyless dashed out of his palace almost without any hesitation. He had always been the one to use such violent ways to destroy others. Hence, he had never expected to get such treatment himself.

“Who is it? How dare you touch my Joyless Palace!”

A cold voice spoke in his ears when he shouted. “Are you Young Master Joyless?”

Young Master Joyless responded almost instinctively, “Yes, I am Young Master Joyless. Who are you?”

A huge palm landed across Young Master Joyless’ face as soon as he finished his sentence.

Young Master Joyless had been most proud of his speed after becoming a Heavenly Venerate. However, he now actually discovered that he could avoid the palm when it came flying towards him.

A sharp, crisp sound echoed in the void when the palm struck.

Young Master Joyless was a second-level Heavenly Venerate that could be considered to have reached the level of being able to create objects in the void. However, he was completely helpless as the palm ruthlessly slapped him across the face.

Although a Heavenly Venerate’s body was very strong, the slap still made Heavenly Venerate Joyless’ consciousness feel like he had been whipped heavily. He was now very uncomfortable.

“I am Heavenly Venerate Joyless. My father is Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan. You better let me go now, or my father will not take this lying down!” Heavenly Venerate Joyless said fearfully, his face looking badly mangled.

He was truly a Heavenly Venerate, yet there was a big gap between his state of mind and Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane’s. Thus, he was very frightened after being beaten until he was dizzy.

Five figures appeared in the void when Heavenly Venerate Joyless screamed. Their faces stiffened when they saw Heavenly Venerate Joyless, who had been severely beaten.

Although most of them felt little respect for Heavenly Venerate Joyless, he was, after all, their younger brother, as well as a Heavenly Venerate of the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect. Their sect would be useless if they did not act after seeing Heavenly Venerate Joyless in such a sorry state.

“Put down Junior Brother Joyless, or you will die!” a Heavenly Venerate in long robes who was wielding a long sword said icily.

However, Luo Yunyang responded with an even louder slap that caused Heavenly Venerate Joyless’ mouth to tear.

The sword-wielding Heavenly Venerate roared as the long sword in his hand transformed into a long dragon that slashed at Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, the sword-light in the hands of the four other people turned into a sword net that flew towards Luo Yunyang and Heavenly Venerate Joyless. It seemed like they were trying to rescue Heavenly Venerate Joyless from Luo Yunyang’s grasp.

After all, Heavenly Venerate Joyless was rather important, so they had to treat this seriously.

Although Luo Yunyang was using his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone, he could increase his power a dozen times by using the attribute regulator.

Luo Yunyang did not flinch upon seeing the sword-light sweeping through while he punched at it hard.

The punch looked simple, but it contained Luo Yunyang’s intense rage and it became even more powerful with the assistance of the attribute regulator.

A thunderous clap echoed in the void when those overwhelming sword-lights collided. Five of the second-level Heavenly Venerates were blasted away as their swords shattered.

The five second-level Heavenly Venerates glared at Luo Yunyang both angrily and fearfully.

As Heavenly Venerates, they knew very well exactly how strong they were. Hence, they knew how frightening Luo Yunyang had to be in order to blast them away with a single punch.

Was he a third-level Heavenly Venerate or a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate?

A single punch from Luo Yunyang had defeated the combined attacks of five second-level Heavenly Venerates, and his palm did not pause as it continued its trajectory and landed heavily again on Heavenly Venerate Joyless’ face.

Heavenly Venerate Joyless’ face swelled up like a pig’s head instantly.

While he was crying out loud, many disciples from the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect arrived from all directions to check out the commotion.

The five second-level Heavenly Venerates knew how strong Luo Yunyang was. These disciples would be simply throwing away their lives, no matter how many of them came. Hence, they hurriedly prevented those disciples from coming over.

“Sir, I would like an explanation for this ruthless attack against the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect!” A faint voice was heard beside the severely beaten-up Young Master Joyless as cracks suddenly appeared around the void.

Young Master Joyless was about to escape Luo Yunyang’s grasp through the cracked void.

“If you want an explanation, I shall give you one!” Luo Yunyang threw another punch after saying that.