Supreme Uprising Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Unwilling To Forgive

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Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. Although there was still a big difference between him and a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate of a larger Cosmos, he also had his fair share of opportunities.

His Sky-Splitting Space-Shaking Sword Technique had allowed him to rank among the top figures in Yunguang Great Cosmos, and the Forsaken Sword Sects name intimidated many people.

It could be said that there werent many people in the Yunguang Great Cosmos that Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was afraid of.

Besides, he was the kind of person who knew how to make his money and power work for him and had a good relationship with top figures. Hence, the Forsaken Sword Sect had become more powerful over the years.

However, he had never thought that someone would come up to the Forsaken Sword Sect and attack his son directly.

Although he didnt favor Young Master Joyless, he was still his son after all. One ought to see who one was going up against before trying anything. This was what enraged Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan.

He knew what sort of person his son was, but, more importantly, someone actually hadnt shown him any respect whatsoever.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan executed a special technique that was unique to a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate instantly to tear open the void around his son.

This could intimidate the opponent and also rescue Young Master Joyless from the embarrassing mess he had gotten himself into. However, when Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan felt that everything was under his control, the seemingly young Heavenly Venerate blasted another punch against the void that he had already divided.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan scoffed in disdain when he saw that.

This young fellow was so presumptuous!

The division of the void by a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate was real, and the hardness around the void was comparable to the barrier of the void.

However, this look of disdain soon disappeared from Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans face, as the void he had divided shattered when Luo Yunyangs blow struck it.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan couldnt believe his eyes when he saw the void shattering.

He was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, yet his void division technique had actually been defeated by someone who merely appeared like a first-level Heavenly Venerate.

Young Master Joyless body was also crushed when the void shattered. His consciousness turned into countless fragments that dissipated in the void.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan wasnt too worried, even though this would cause his son to get hurt significantly.

However, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan knew that his son wouldnt die. After all, he was still a Heavenly Venerate, albeit a weak one.

There wouldnt be any huge problems as long as one was a Heavenly Venerate!

"Who are you?" Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan did not immediately make his move. Instead, he glared at Luo Yunyang.

He had speculated a lot about Luo Yunyangs origin. The fact that Luo Yunyang had been able to break his void division probably meant that Luo Yunyang was an elite first-level Heavenly Venerate.

This sort of person usually had tremendous supporters behind him.

Even the legendary top Zongzis of the other Great Cosmoses wouldnt offend such people, even if it meant losing face.

"Luo Yuanchu!" Luo Yunyang met Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans gaze as he spoke calmly.

He gestured at the Joyless Palace in his grasp and a figure flew out of it.

The figure was wearing a blue dress. While she looked indifferently calm, she also bore a tenacious, unyielding attitude.

Although she was calm when she appeared, her eyes dazzled with a radiant glow when she saw Luo Yunyang.

"You Youre back!"

"I just knew it. I knew that you you would return!"

Lu Bingyue teared up as if she was venting all the grievances she had endured all this while.

"Im back." Luo Yunyang gazed at the familiar sight and smiled at Lu Bingyue.

Although he had just said two words, these words signified a lot.

"Father, you must avenge me! He attacked me as soon as he came. I have never been so humiliated before!" Heavenly Venerate Joyless was a Heavenly Venerate indeed. He was able to reappear in a short amount of time.

Although he was frightened, he was also boiling with intense rage.

Luo Yunyang had attacked him straightaway without any explanation. Thus, he was confused about what was going on. Even his Heavenly Venerate body had been shattered.

Even though he was a Heavenly Venerate and this injury had not done too much harm to him, it had been a long time since he had suffered such humiliation.

Besides, his father, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan, had also arrived at the scene.

Lu Bingyue panicked when she saw Heavenly Venerate Joyless. Although she had been withstanding the pressure of Heavenly Venerate Joyless with great determination these days, she was also very concerned.

She was worried about what other evil means Heavenly Venerate Joyless would use to finally make her crack. She was also worried about whether her willpower would continue to endure.

"You shut up!" Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan shot a look at his son before turning to Luo Yunyang again. "Luo Yuanchu, dont you think you should give me an explanation?"

"Explanation? Do I need a reason to kill someone?" Luo Yunyang gestured at Lu Bingyue after saying that. "Stand behind me."

These words attracted the attention of Heavenly Venerate Joyless, who watched Lu Bingyue excitedly as he came to a realization.

"You are that so-called Heavenly Venerate Samsara?"

Luo Yunyang looked at Heavenly Venerate Joyless and teased him. "Thats right. Ill reward you with a painful death later."

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan finally understood that this opponent must have been provoked by his son. Judging from this persons imposing manner, it seemed like he wasnt willing to let it go.

He looked around him before saying lightly, "Arent you too arrogant to be making a ruckus in the Forsaken Sword Sect?"

"Do you not care about the Forsaken Sword Sect, or did you not take into account me, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan?"

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans tone contained unrestrained fury.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan. It had been difficult for him to compete with a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate before he had become a Heavenly Venerate himself.

However, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans various attribute values were now clearly projected in his mind. Although Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, his attributes were still a lot weaker than Luo Yunyangs.

The difference between their Mind Attributes was particularly big. Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans Mind Attributes were less than half of Luo Yunyangs.

"I dont care about you or your sect." Luo Yunyang gave a direct answer to Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan as he looked at him and said, "I came here to destroy the stupid Forsaken Sword Sect. You tell me then, is there a need for me to care about all this?"

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was furious. He had still thought of making peace with Luo Yunyang when he had seen that Luo Yuanchu had made some impressive moves at the beginning. However, he had not expected that this person would be so truculent. Not many people within the Yunguang Great Cosmos could destroy the Forsaken Sword Sect.

Furthermore, there was no existence named Luo Yuanchu amongst those that could.

"Father, kill him. How can we continue to exist in the Yunguang Great Cosmos if we let him off after the way he provoked us?" Heavenly Venerate Joyless realized that any negotiation between his father and Luo Yunyang had been ruined and immediately shouted in delight.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan shot an annoyed glance at his son. If he had not spent a lot of effort on Heavenly Venerate Joyless, he would have sent his son flying away with a slap.

"Stand aside!" Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan brandished his arms, making a longsword appear in his hand.

"Young man, although you are extraordinary, the gap between a first-level Heavenly Venerate and a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate cannot be overcome by just a few bold words. Today, I will teach you how to treat your elders with respect."

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan brandished the sword in his hands as 360 sword-lights converged into a sphere of light that shot towards Luo Yunyang.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was able to control four universe origin marks like the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate that he was. He would then be able to dissect space with the assistance of the four universe origin marks.

The 360 sword-lights were formed by Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans control of the four universe origin marks by using his exceptional mind power. Not only did this move appear mighty, but it also sounded resounding and magnificent.

Although the sword-lights werent aimed at the ordinary disciples of the Forsaken Sword Sect, they all felt like their minds were being stifled to the point of almost collapsing.

This was already a level they could never reach.

Luo Yunyang studied the sword-light coldly. Although Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans offensive techniques were good, in Luo Yunyangs opinion, they werent that refined.

Luo Yunyang transferred all his attribute points to his Mind when the attack was close.

His primordial spirit was conjured as he executed the Life Death Resounding Fate. The deep, bell-like sound bombarded the sphere of 360 sword-lights.

The 360 sword-lights were shattered quickly and soundlessly while a crack appeared on the sword wielded by Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan.

Who was Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan? He was a top-notch fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. The current circumstances made him realize that Luo Yuanchu was more formidable than he had thought!

Just as he was preparing to retreat, Luo Yunyang moved his hand quickly, sending a Samsara Palm crashing towards Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan.

Although the Samsara Palm executed with Luo Yunyangs present strength only contained one universe origin mark, it still turned into a rotating giant wheel that smashed hard against Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan.

Momentarily, this overwhelming might surged like a torrential sea!