Supreme Uprising Chapter 818

Chapter 818 A Sound Of Life And Death Suppressing The Forsaken Sky Sect

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The power of universe origin marks varied. For example, the universe origin marks formed in Luo Yunyangs internal universe were much stronger than those formed in ordinary universes.

It went without saying that Luo Yunyangs Samsara Palm was basically a move designed to specifically deal with Heavenly Venerates.

In the face of that wheel of light, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan stiffened up. Deep down, he was actually trembling in fear.

However, as a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan wasnt someone that ordinary people could compare with. As he swung the sword in his hand, what seemed like a primordial sacred mountain appeared above him.

This sacred mountain swayed with power. Upon careful inspection, one could see that every ray of light coming from this sacred mountain contained overwhelming power of universe origin marks.

This was Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans strongest defensive moveSky Shrouding Sacred Mountain.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan rarely used this move most of the time, as it would also deal some damage to his spirit.

This time, if it had not been for Luo Yunyangs tumultuous power and the light wheel formed by the Samsara Palm, he definitely wouldnt have unleashed this technique.


The huge samsara wheel collided with that overwhelmingly powerful primordial sacred mountain and caused a deafening boom.

This boom gave ones heart the chills and made many people shiver.

Heavenly Venerate Joyless stared at the collision. Naturally, he hoped that his father would emerge victorious.

However, the instant the massive wheel of light collided with his fathers defensive technique, a look of fear crept onto his face.

The Sky Shrouding Sacred Mountain was an extremely powerful move, and Heavenly Venerate Joyless knew that. Even if he did his best, he wouldnt even scratch the Sky Shrouding Sacred Mountain!

Luo Yunyangs Samsara Palm caused countless cracks to appear on that primordial sacred mountain when they collided.

"Senior Brothers, this person is our sects greatest adversary. We mustnt let him run. Lets attack him together." Without any hesitation, Heavenly Venerate Joyless howled.

The five second-level Heavenly Venerates made up their minds the instant they heard Heavenly Venerate Joyless.

They too could see the difficult predicament Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was in.

To them, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was a high and mighty being that was the pillar that supported the sect. The current circumstances were undermining their deep admiration for Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan, causing a massive threat of danger to fill their hearts.

What would they do if Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan lost?

Almost instantaneously, five streaks of sword-light containing dense killing intent ripped through the void and shot towards Luo Yunyang.

Lu Bingyues expression became rigid when she saw these sword-lights. Although her cultivation base was a far cry from these second-level Heavenly Venerates cultivation, she still quickly took a step forward.

She felt no fear, nor did she retreat or hesitate!

Although she wouldnt be of much use even if she did something, she still couldnt help but rush forward.

Unfortunately, the moment she took a step forward, a formless energy stopped her body.

"This is a bunch of circus clowns. I can handle them."

Luo Yunyang didnt mask his words, making the five second-level Heavenly Venerates of the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect flush with anger.

They were all prominent characters in Yunguang Cosmos. Based on their reputation, it could even be said that they were all really important people.

If anyone dared to call them circus clowns, these Heavenly Venerates would definitely make the person in question pay a huge price in blood. However, they could only feel ashamed in the face of the person who was currently calling them clowns.

This wasnt just because Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan was being suppressed by the cultivation base of this person, but also because their actions couldnt be considered honorable.

Because of this sense of shame, they all attacked even more viciously!

However, just as their sword-lights were coming into contact with Luo Yunyang, he once again unleashed the Life Death Resounding Fate.

Sounds reverberated all around while the five second-level Heavenly Venerates felt as though many giant hammers were smashing their brains. Their sharp, penetrating sword-lights also crumbled instantly.

At the exact same moment, the Samsara Wheel once again increased its size tenfold and enveloped the five of them.


Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans Primordial Sacred Mountain collapsed, and his body was engulfed by the gigantic Samsara Wheel. Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan, who found it hard to escape, inhaled sharply and instantly enlarged his body.

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan, who was as large as a Primordial Giant, pushed upwards with his two hands against the huge wheel.


By that time, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans body had already crumbled. The five second-level Heavenly Venerates used this opportunity to free themselves from the binds of the disc of light and escape frantically.

Although Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans physical body had crumbled, everyone present knew that Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan definitely wouldnt die.

As a top Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans spiritual mark had already transcended samsara. As long as his spiritual mark didnt re-enter the long river of space and time, he wouldnt die.

Thus, under the circumstances, they all chose to retreat.

Luo Yunyang didnt pursue them while he was ahead. He gazed at Heavenly Venerate Joyless with a smile on his face. However, this smile made Heavenly Venerate Joyless feel like he was crumbling inside.

At the moment, Heavenly Venerate Joyless was really regretting this.

If he had known that Heavenly Venerate Samsara would be so powerful, he wouldnt have provoked Lu Bingyue under any circumstances. The current situation gave him a bad feeling.

He desperately hoped that his father would quickly return. This way, the matter would be resolved as quickly as possible.

As Heavenly Venerate Joyless hoped for this, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans figure reappeared in the void. There was a hint of fear in his eyes as he looked at Luo Yunyang.

This fear welled from the depths of his heart.

Heavenly Venerates couldnt be extinguished Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan had always known that this saying was false. There were so many slaughtering arts in this world that could make a Heavenly Venerates spiritual mark that had transcended the long river of space and time return within it.

However, not only were these slaughtering arts extremely difficult to cultivate, but they were also collected by some huge sects.

Just moments ago, when his body had shattered, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan had sensed that his spiritual mark, which he had hidden only somewhere he had known, had started to crack.

The moment these cracks increased, the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate would really cease to exist!

"Heavenly Venerate Samsara, the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect concedes this time. I will agree to whatever conditions you set," Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan said after a moments pause.

Heavenly Venerate Joyless expression turned really unsightly.

If his father agreed to any conditions, then perhaps his own life would be forfeit.

However, right now, he had no leeway when it came to Heavenly Venerate Qingyuans decision. All he could do was secretly hope that Luo Yuanchu wouldnt kill him.

"My conditions include exterminating the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect!" Luo Yunyang glared at Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan and said calmly, "As for you people, you must all die!"

What Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan felt at first wasnt anger. When he heard Luo Yunyangs request, massive fear gripped his heart.

At the same moment, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan made his decision. Using a mystic art, he communicated with his backer while replying, "Sir, theres no way I can agree to your request."

"Furthermore, you attacked the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect brazenly. As the leader of the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect, I still do not know exactly what happened. Shouldnt you tell me in what aspect the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect has offended you?"

Although Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan had already guessed that this was mainly Heavenly Venerate Joyless fault, he really didnt know the specific reason.

If the opponent had been someone that he could deal with, Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan wouldnt have asked for a reason. Anyone that came to cause trouble at the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect just had to be crushed.

However, he really wanted to know what exactly had caused this obscure powerhouse to get so offended that he wanted to annihilate the entire Forsaken Sky Sword Sect.

Lu Bingyue, who was behind Luo Yunyang, was about to speak. However, Luo Yunyang spoke up before she could. "Must there be a reason for the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect to kill someone?"

At this point, Luo Yunyangs tone turned frosty. "Do I need to waste time talking about dead people?"

Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan wanted to swear badly. He had already put on a servile attitude, yet this person still insisted on destroying the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect.

This was too much!

There wasnt much to say now that things had reached this point. However, he knew that he wouldnt be a match for Luo Yunyang, no matter what was to come.

He had to flee and toss aside the foundations of the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect.

Although Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan could do so, he was really reluctant. After all, the foundations of the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect were really important.

Furthermore, he had already asked for help!

"Why so much rage, young friend? How about you let me mediate between you two and help this matter end right here?" A voice echoed through the void.

This voice was followed by an old man with scarlet eyes who rushed over like a floating cloud.

The arrival of this person immediately made Heavenly Venerate Qingyuan heave a sigh of relief.

Heavenly Venerate Joyless and the others also relaxed. They all greeted this person deferentially. "Greetings, Great Heavenly Venerate!"

"No need for formalities." The red-eyed old man waved his sleeves as his gaze landed on Luo Yunyang. "Even though both of you have deep resentment for each other, could you consider the matter resolved on account of this old man?"