Supreme Uprising Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Remember This, My Child

Luo Yunyang had come across the Divine Source-Transmuting Palms while he had been searching for cultivation techniques on the base's intranet. According to what he had found, the Divine Source-Transmuting Palms were more suited to dark source powers that engulfed everything. Once something was struck by the Divine Palms, even if that something was a rock, it would immediately disintegrate into powder.

Luo Yunyang could easily have dodged the move if he wanted to, but he had a great deal of faith in his Golden Body, so he chose not to move instead.

When his opponent's palm pressed against Luo Yunyang's body, a hint of ecstasy appeared on Lin Changjian's face.

Although he had recently made a breakthrough in the cultivation of the Divine Source-Transmuting Palms, he hadn't yet reached a stage where he could hurt someone from afar. Besides, one needed to prepare for a certain period of time, so it wasn't very effective during combat. Plus, there were very few idiots that would stand still and let Lin Changjian hit them like Luo Yunyang.

Although Lin Changjian felt a little anxious when he saw that Luo Yunyang seemed to be in good health after his first blow, he still wasn't willing to lose this fight.

He had desperately unleashed his most destructive ability, which was the Divine Source-Transmuting Palms, only to be caught off guard by Luo Yunyang's reaction. This son of a b*tch isn't even trying to dodge!

Although the golden body fluid could make one invulnerable to knives and guns, it didn't have much of an effect against this sort of special source-power damage.

As Lin Changjian waited for Luo Yunyang's expression to become pained, Luo Yunyang opened his mouth once again and said, "My devoted son always likes to tickle his daddy!"

Lin Changjian suddenly noticed a dim gold radiance on Luo Yunyang's face. The golden rays made Lin Changjian feel a strange fear.

Fear made people lose their rationality. Lin Changjian shouted and threw himself wildly at Luo Yunyang, his two hands thick with dark source power as he struck at Luo Yunyang 13 times.

Although these 13 strikes couldn't compare to the Divine Source-Transmuting Palms, they were a combination of Lin Changjian's entire dark source power. After the 13 strikes were unleashed, the dark source power contained within his source core was consumed completely.

Everyone watching the fight could sense the Qi contained within each strike. However, when Lin Changjian's fists struck, the golden light coming from Luo Yunyang's body started becoming even more magnificent. Eventually, Luo Yunyang looked like a golden statue.

The instant the dark source power bombarded Luo Yunyang's body, it was dissolved softly by Luo Yunyang's source power.

"Remember this, my child. Your attacks are a little weak!" Luo Yunyang shook his head with a sigh as he gazed at Lin Changjian, who looked as tired as a dog.

Lin Changjian let out a furious howl before he turned around and rushed off to a distant place. His actions made Luo Yunyang's mind go blank for a second.

The spectators around him couldn't believe what they had just seen. In their eyes, Lin Changjian was like a mountain that no one could climb.

How could this mountain have crumbled before Luo Yunyang?

Running away without a fight was a vile act that would become an irremovable stain in Lin Changjian's life.

"Has Lin Changjian gone insane from rage?" The short-haired beauty looked puzzled.

"Lin Changjian made a sensible choice. Luo Yunyang had good reason to provoke him. That golden body fluid has already given him an unbreakable gold body. Although we have no idea how strong this sort of unbreakable gold body actually is, there is one thing we can be certain of. It isn't something that we can break," the lady in black added in a softer voice.

"Staying here would have been disgraceful and humiliating for him. Running away was the best decision!"

The short-haired lady nodded. She now regarded Luo Yunyang even more seriously. Lin Changjian was the second in rank person in the entire base's second-year class after all.

If Luo Yunyang could afford to let his opponent run away, then that meant that his abilities were even stronger than hers. Her friend had just said that she wouldn't be able to break Luo Yunyang's defence either.

"What did you just say? You think you wouldn't be able to break Luo Yunyang's defence either? That doesn't seem quite right. You have cultivated a lot..."

The lady in black shook her head. "I'm not being modest. I just really can't be sure of the outcome in this case."

"Lin Changjian! Come back here right now! How could you abandon your daddy and run away by yourself?" Luo Yunyang did not move an inch as he shouted loudly, "If you don't return to the base, daddy will never forgive you! An unborn child is better than an untaught child!"

Lin Changjian's two lackeys seemed to be in especially poor shape right now. Lin Changjian's flight had felt like the sky falling down on them.

"Big Brother Luo, we We would like to join the Ardent Sun Group." As Luo Yunyang's gaze landed on the two of them, the more quick-witted one immediately started to suck up to him.

Join the Ardent Sun Group? Luo Yunyang snickered inwardly. He really despised the sort of people that went whichever way the wind blew, but destroying Lin Changjian's entourage wouldn't be a bad idea. The moment he thought of this, Luo Yunyang looked at the two junior martial masters and replied with a deadpan expression, "You can join the Ardent Sun Group as peripheral members."

"Thank you, Big Brother Luo. Thank you! We will abide by your rules and never embarrass you!" The two men nodded their heads as vigorously as woodpeckers. The grateful expressions on their faces made them look as if they were on the verge of kneeling on the ground and kowtowing.

When he was done speaking, Luo Yunyang swaggered off. A member of the upper class, who had joined in the fun, said, "How strange! It used to be the lower class that followed the upper class. When did the rules change? When did the upper class become a follower of the lower class?"

Nobody replied, but many people had odd expressions on their faces.

As he stepped out of District Two, Luo Yunyang kept trying to recount what had just happened during his fight with Lin Changjian. If he compared his other abilities to Lin Changjian's, he certainly was no match for him.

However, the moment he had used the Golden Body, he had become immune to Lin Changjian's attacks. This effect alone made Luo Yunyang very happy with his Golden Body.

The Golden Body could also be adjusted, so if it was doubled, his defensive abilities would increase even more. However, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that the Golden Body's functions weren't just limited to this.

Just as he was pondering how to improve his Golden Body and strengthen his functions, he suddenly realized that his surroundings were not the same. When he looked up, he noticed countless eyes watching him.

"Our leader is mighty!"

A banner with these four words was being held up on two wooden poles. Beneath the banner stood Chen Yong, Qin Feifei, Xie Tian, Xie Di, Sun Miaomiao and so many others...

Familiar faces were watching Luo Yunyang reverently.

"Big Brother Yunyang! You are finally out! We have been planning this party for a long time!"

Qin Feifei's face was red. She wasn't sure what sort of mood she was in, but she instinctively ran over to Luo Yunyang.

When his gaze landed on Guan Wanli, Luo Yunyang smiled.

Guan Wanli's cultivation of the Unbreakable Golden Clock Technique had garnered him a reputation around the base. He was currently known as the second in rank among the new batch. Luo Yunyang was the first in rank.

Guan Wanli hadn't joined the Ardent Sun Group before, but now it seemed like he had become a member.