Supreme Uprising Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Elite Gathering

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The name Heavenly Venerate Samsara Luo Yuanchu had become taboo in the entire Yunguang Cosmos.

However, he became the only ruler of the Tianyun Void!

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace underwent a major rebuilding process, and Luo Yuanchus people reemerged as the beheaded head of Heavenly Venerate Joyless hung lifelessly in the void

Everything that had happened had silenced the entire Tianyun Void. When the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace opened its doors again, the three Great Heavenly Venerates from Yunguang Cosmos came to pay their respects and the Heavenly Venerates of the Forsaken Sky Sword Sect came forward with gifts and offerings.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had become the controlling authority of the Tianyun Void in the span of eight years.

However, Luo Yunyang did not pay attention to any of this. His status in Yunguang Cosmos was over the top, so no one would dare disturb him unnecessarily.

Luo Yunyang did not cultivate, even though he was at a location within the Tianyun Void, where the spirit essence was the densest, as the amount of spirit essence present was still too minuscule and there would be no benefits for him if he cultivated. Besides, a guest he had been expecting for a long time was finally about to arrive.

Luo Yunyang had dwelled in deep seclusion for the past eight years. Other than solidifying his cultivation, he had even begun to comprehend some Space-Time Paths.

Although this wasnt any kind of deep enlightenment, he was still able to comprehend things that were beneficial to him.

"An old friend has arrived, Heavenly Venerate Samsara. Are you willing to meet them?" A faint voice spoke in Luo Yunyangs ears.

Based on its tone, Luo Yunyang could tell immediately that this person had come deliberately.

"Its my honor to see you, Great Heavenly Venerate," Luo Yunyang said as he stood up from his stone platform.

The visitor was Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red. Eight years had passed, yet he appeared the same as ever.

After all, eight years was merely like the snap of a finger for people like Luo Yunyang.

"Heavenly Venerate Samsara, while this place might be carefree, it will eventually wear out your fighting spirit. This place isnt good for a Heavenly Venerates cultivation."

After exchanging some pleasantries, Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red got straight to the point and said, "The void isnt a Cosmos. It could at most allow Heavenly Venerate Samsara to become a first-level Heavenly Venerate."

"Heavenly Venerate Samsara, you have to enter Yunguang Cosmos and cultivate if you want to improve."

Luo Yunyang knew that Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red was speaking the truth. There seemed to be a restriction placed in Great Cosmoses, Cosmoses, and Voids that only allowed cultivators to attain a certain level. One could only cultivate to the first level of the Heavenly Venerate within a Void.

Meanwhile, one could become a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate within a Cosmos.

To become a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate or an Almighty, one would need to reside in a Great Cosmos.

"Thank you, Great Heavenly Venerate. Im going to enter the endless chaos once more after wrapping things up in the Tianyun Void!"

Luo Yunyang deliberately sounded like he was looking forward to his departure. "Although the endless chaos is filled with uncertainties, the opportunities inside are abundant as well."

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red was surprised to see Luo Yunyangs ambitious behavior.

He wasnt afraid of Luo Yunyangs ambition at all. He wanted Luo Yunyang to be ambitious, as only ambitious people could amount to greatness.

"Yunyang, the dangers in the endless chaos are countless. Out of 100 people that enter the endless chaos looking for opportunities, only about three come out alive. You might have returned alive this time, but you might not be as lucky again."

Luo Yunyang was secretly delighted to hear what Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red had said. However, he appeared like he was pondering the matter on the surface.

Eventually, his expression became resolute. This was the kind of determination that wouldnt change even if he died.

"Great Heavenly Venerate, Ive enjoyed Martial Path cultivation ever since I was young. I believe that there is no meaning in life if I cant improve on it."

"Take what just happened as an example. I would have been devoured entirely if I didnt have this capability, wouldnt I?"

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red, who knew what Luo Yunyang was referring to, said with a chuckle, "Yuanchu, youre right. In the end, everything depends on ones own ability. However, the endless chaotic void is too dangerous."

"I have a better location in mind. I wonder if Yuanchu would dare try it." Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red did not immediately get to his proposal. Instead, he waited for Luo Yunyangs reply like an experienced hunter.

Luo Yunyang did not appear like he was anxious to know about it. He actually pondered it for a long while before replying, "I have already dared to enter the endless chaotic void. What is there to worry about?"

"Great Heavenly Venerate, stop messing with me. Is the opportunity presented as impressive as you are implying?"

"Naturally." Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Reds voice rose slightly as he added, "Its a newly-formed Cosmos. What do you think?"

A newly-formed Cosmos!

Luo Yunyang, who deliberately appeared like he was enticed by Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Reds words, asked hurriedly, "Is that really true?"

"Of course, I wouldnt make a fool of myself if I did not have concrete information." Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red was very satisfied by Luo Yunyangs anxious behavior.

Hence, he did not find it suspicious that everything was exactly the way he had anticipated.

It could even be said that Luo Yunyangs reaction was exactly what Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red had envisaged.

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up and he paused for a bit before asking, "What a great opportunity! Great Heavenly Venerate, you wouldnt just give it to me for no reason, right?"

"Yuanchu, I cant claim this entire cosmos by myself. Most people cant either. Furthermore, there will be opponents." Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Reds voice was lowered as he added, "That is also why we need to recruit more help. Rest assured, though. You wont get in any trouble in the future."

A golden token appeared in Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Reds hands immediately. "Yuanchu, use your mind power to utilize this item and youll understand everything."

Luo Yunyang realized that the golden token was a virtual realm communication device upon taking it. He directly used his mind power to activate it, as it was relatively harmless.

Luo Yunyangs consciousness entered a piece of the void instantly.

This void wasnt very big. There was only a huge palace radiating golden light. Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red also appeared inside the palace at the same time as Luo Yunyang.

There were more than a hundred people in the palace who immediately stopped talking among themselves and looked in the direction of Luo Yunyang and Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red, who had both just appeared.

Of course, their attention was focused on Luo Yunyang.

"Scarlet Red, is this the Heavenly Venerate Samsara that you mentioned?" A frail-looking elder spoke in a majestic tone that would make anyone want to submit to him.

The elder immediately sent forth a cloud of bewitching energy towards Luo Yunyang at once.

Although this was a virtual world, Luo Yunyang did not give in. Upon entering this virtual world, he realized that it was drastically inferior to Hong Meng Realm.

He could only use his mind power here.

Hence, he did not hesitate to execute the Life Death Resounding Fate in retaliation.

The elder could sense clearly that Luo Yunyang was just a first-level Heavenly Venerate upon seeing him.

Although he felt that Luo Yunyang must have some kind of special talent, this wasnt enough to make him treat Luo Yunyang as an equal. Hence, he decided to intimidate Luo Yunyang right from the start and execute his bewitchment technique.

The bewitchment technique looked rather ordinary. However, given the elders level of achievement, he could break many people mentally with a mere glance.

Unfortunately, he had never expected that his bewitchment technique would fail to affect a mere first-level Heavenly Venerate, who instead counterattacked.

The massive power shook his mind, making this unbearable.

Luckily, he had been a Heavenly Venerate for many years and his cultivation was exceptional. Thus, he suppressed this uncomfortable feeling after drawing a deep breath.

Meanwhile, the other elites that had gathered began to withdraw their contemptuous intentions. After all, even though Luo Yunyangs cultivation wasnt very high, his display of mind power in a single attack had been enough to make them wary.

"I am Luo Yuanchu!" Luo Yunyang grinned as he spoke. However, the elder considered his smiling attitude a form of willingness to fight.

"You surprised me, Brother Luo!" The elder shot a glance at Luo Yunyang and said, "Youre only a first-level Heavenly Venerate, but I sense that youre much stronger than many other fifth-level Heavenly Venerates!"

Many Heavenly Venerates grimaced when they heard what the elder said. Those people were fifth-level Heavenly Venerates after all.

This was a form of provocation. Although it seemed like it was a small trick, such unscrupulous small tricks were often the hardest to deal with.

"Ha ha Sir, you must be joking. However, I think that your bewitchment technique is stronger than all the sixth-level Heavenly Venerates present."

The elder did not continue the conversation at once. However, the two of them immediately began to laugh heartily with one another, as if they were best friends who had reunited.

While they were laughing heartily, someone muttered, "Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red, are you blind? How can you invite the Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall that we are going to deal with during the Dragon Slaying Meet? You incompetent bungler!"

The surrounding area fell deadly silent after that person spoke up.

Luo Yunyangs mind cultivation had reached such a point that he wouldnt flinch even if the sky fell. However, those words stunned him momentarily.

Had someone seen through his schemes before he had even started? That would be troublesome if it was really true.

Luo Yunyang turned to look at the person who had seen through him and exposed his scheme.