Supreme Uprising Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Dragon Slaying Plan Forming Cosmos

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The person also looked at Luo Yunyang, so their eyes met at the same time.

He was a middle-aged man with a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base. He was also good-looking and he exuded a very confident demeanor.

He even smirked when Luo Yunyang looked over.

However, Luo Yunyang did not recognize this person!

Just as Luo Yunyang was pondering hard, someone chuckled and said, “Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang, you guessed wrong this time!”

“May I ask Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang when Hong Meng Sacred Hall last recruited disciples?” asked Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red. Although his tone was calm, his sarcastic intent was evident in his words.

Luo Yunyang could sense the great enmity between Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red and Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang.

“Who doesn’t know about this?” Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang wasn’t an ordinary person. He knew Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red must have something up his sleeves. Hence, he replied faintly, “Unless you’re saying that Heavenly Venerate Samsara became a Heavenly Venerate before Hong Meng Sacred Hall recruited disciples?”

“That’s right. He didn’t become one right before the recruitment, but a hundred years earlier!”

“So tell me, Great Hong Meng Sacred Hall Yuanhuang, how can a Heavenly Venerate become a disciple of Hong Meng Sacred Hall?”

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang pondered for a moment before replying, “He’s already so powerful, even though he’s just a first-level Heavenly Venerate. I really can’t think of anyone that possesses such terrifying strength other than the freaks produced by Hong Meng Sacred Hall.”

“How unreasonable of you to say that just because of your ignorance.” Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red was equally impolite.

His words were laced with sarcasm.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang twitched his mouth as he sneered at Luo Yunyang, “Heavenly Venerate Samsara, you’re only a first-level Heavenly Venerate, so how can your cultivation surpass an ordinary first-level Heavenly Venerate’s by that much? Do you mind enlightening us?”

“Of course.” Luo Yunyang smiled at Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang, “It’s simple, actually. Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang would just need to roam the endless chaotic void once. You might have already become a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate if you had done this. There are plenty of opportunities there.”

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang’s face twitched when he heard what Luo Yunyang said. Everyone knew that there were many opportunities in the endless chaotic void.

However, few people dared to enter the endless chaos. After all, this was akin to putting one’s life on the line.

Even a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate might die in the endless chaos.

All of them were the strongest people in their respective Cosmos, but they had never dared to enter the endless chaos recklessly.

“You went into the endless chaos?” Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang sounded a little surprised as he asked this.

“I was just lucky to return alive.” Luo Yunyang did not have a good impression of Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang, so he naturally did not reply modestly.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang, who wasn’t angered by that, apologized. “Only the strong emerge from the endless chaos alive. That was rude of me. I apologize, Brother Samsara.”

These words instantly elevated Luo Yunyang’s status again.

“No wonder Heavenly Venerate Samsara wasn’t afraid of my bewitchment technique. I must be really blind if I didn’t see that you actually came out of the endless chaos alive,” the frail elder, who was a bewitchment technique expert, said.

“Alright, since this misunderstanding has been resolved, let’s get down to our actual business. The newly-formed Cosmos of the endless chaos is situated near all our Cosmoses.”

“Every time a new Cosmos forms, extremely rare treasures will definitely be appearing.”

“We have scouted this time and the precious treasure that will be appearing should be a Great Path Golden Lotus that contains nine levels of universe origin marks.”

“There are many uses for this item. It can improve one’s cultivation and easily simulate a realm. Of course, most importantly, it can allow us to break through our bottlenecks and form a first-level internal universe.”

The elder was a little excited as he said that.

Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan was also excited about it, and even Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang looked avaricious when he heard this information.

Clearly, he wanted the Great Path Golden Lotus very much.

“If Hong Meng Sacred Hall didn’t train their disciples, we would not have any chance of obtaining the Great Path Golden Lotus, as it would have been taken immediately by those supreme beings once the new Cosmos was formed.”

Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan drew a deep breath before adding, “Everyone must have felt Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang kicking up a fuss just now. However, it makes sense that he is careful.”

“It seems like we have strength in numbers, but the figures produced by Hong Meng Sacred Hall cannot be underestimated.”

“More importantly, those figures possess treasures that we are not aware of. Hence, one can say that they already have a large advantage over us in the newly-formed Cosmos.”

“All of us want to obtain the Great Path Golden Lotus. However, before we do that, it’s more important for us to kill the Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall!”

Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan’s words rattled everyone’s hearts, even though he did not execute any techniques.

“Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan, you’re well-respected among us. Just let us know if you need us to do anything!” someone shouted in response.

“Good. I’ll not stand on ceremony since everyone thinks so highly of me, Shenyan. I think we need to set a rule. We must not kill among ourselves before we slay the Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.”

Various people approved of the proposal of Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan. However, Luo Yunyang doubted whether this was going to work.

He had the Great Transportation Token and the Qiankun Geographical Map, so he had a greater advantage than Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan and the other elites, who knew nothing before entering the newly-formed Cosmos to explore.

Still, 100 fifth-level Heavenly Venerates were a force to be reckoned with. Luo Yunyang listened to the discussion between Great Heavenly Venerate Shenyan while refining his scheme.

After the meeting ended, Luo Yunyang and Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red opened their eyes at the same time and met each other’s gaze, thus acknowledging their alliance.

“Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang is quite annoying, but fret not, Brother Yuanchu. Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang and I will fight it out with him if he dares to make things difficult for you.” Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red consoled Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang chucked as he said, “Although my cultivation is rather low, Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang has no chance of stopping me.”

“I’ve helped you prevent a disaster. You should remember this!”

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red wasn’t pleased with Luo Yunyang, yet he still gave him a fake smile and replied, “Of course, I will not forget about it.”

“Brother Yuanchu, there are still two years left before the new Cosmos is complete. I’m going to make some preparations. You should do so as well.” Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red pointed to the golden token in Luo Yunyang’s hands and said, “Keep this well, Brother. The token will inform you if there are any updates.”

After seeing Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red off, Luo Yunyang returned to his quiet room with a solemn expression and began estimating the probability of his success.

His chances would remain high if his identity wasn’t exposed. However, things would go south if anyone suspected him.

“They are all old cunning foxes. If my original identity remains hidden for such a long time, it might raise some suspicion.” Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and a clone that exuded blood aura immediately appeared in the void.

This was Luo Yunyang’s Primeval Underworld Monarch clone. After pondering for a moment, Luo Yunyang decided to hand the Minor Feather Sword to his clone.

“Go!” Luo Yunyang felt a mysterious feeling invading his senses when he looked at his Primeval Underworld Monarch Clone. However, he still commanded it with determination despite feeling this way.

While wielding the Minor Feather Sword, the Primeval Underworld Monarch nodded his head, accepting Luo Yunyang’s command before ripping the void and disappearing into it.

Time flowed on as usual for the commoners as well as the lofty Heavenly Venerates. Luo Yunyang spent two years cultivating and attending meetups with Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red.

He gradually got familiar with the new Cosmos and the Great Path Golden Lotus after every meetup.

The most intuitive benefit of the Great Path Golden Lotus for Luo Yunyang was that it could enhance the first level of Luo Yunyang’s cultivation. In other words, it could add another layer of universe on top of Luo Yunyang’s first-level universe.

Moreover, it would be adding an extra level of One-Yuan Universe!

Hence, Luo Yunyang would be saving years of painful cultivation if he could get his hands on the Great Path Golden Lotus.

“Brother, the new Cosmos is nearly formed and the Zongzi from Hong Meng Sacred Hall has appeared!” Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red’s voice was heard from Luo Yunyang’s golden communication device.

“Let’s hurry up and gather at the outer region of the newly-formed Cosmos. It would be best if we stopped that Zongzi from entering it.”

Luo Yunyang, who had gained a very deep understanding of the surroundings of the newly-formed Cosmos, arrived at Yunguang Cosmos quickly with the assistance of the transportation portal that had been set up long ago.

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red and four other sixth-level Heavenly Venerates had already arrived and were waiting there for Luo Yunyang. Upon seeing Luo Yunyang, Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red lowered his voice and commanded, “Activate the transportation portal. We’re heading to the newly-formed Cosmos. This time, our priority is to kill that Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzi!”