Supreme Uprising Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Great Path Golden Lotus Obliteration Door

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There were eight Chaotic Godfiends. In the end, Luo Yunyang dealt with a Godfiend in the shape of a human and the head of a really large tiger.

It kept roaring angrily, even though it had been captured and restrained.

Luo Yunyang would not have paid any attention to these Godfiends initially. However, Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang and the other Heavenly Venerates had gone ahead and captured the Chaotic Godfiend, so he naturally couldn’t leave them alone either.

Heavenly Venerate Hongsha obtained two Chaotic Godfiends and was one of the Heavenly Venerates that received a slightly larger share of the loot. However, she wasn’t pleased with the other Heavenly Venerates that snatched her Chaotic Godfiends.

Although she didn’t dare fight for them directly, she still grumbled in dissatisfaction.

Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang and the other Heavenly Venerates definitely wouldn’t let go of the loot that they had just gained. Hence, all of them turned a deaf ear to Heavenly Venerate Hongsha’s complaints.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang and his party advanced a million miles into the void again. Although there weren’t any treasures like the Enveloping Sun Moon Flag along the way, some ordinary treasures still appeared, satisfying Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang and their group.

Even Heavenly Venerate Hongsha managed to gather eight Chaotic Godfiends.

Everything went very smoothly, and the situation was looking good for Luo Yunyang.

His clone kept appearing to face the various teams. Although it did not hurt another Great Heavenly Venerate like Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanhuang, it wasn’t caught either.

Therefore, no one doubted Luo Yunyang’s identity.

Luo Yunyang’s task would basically be completed as long as he entered the core of the newly-formed Cosmos. With the aid of the Qiankun Geographic Map, Luo Yunyang could snatch the Great Path Golden Lotus and leave as quickly as possible.

Everything was so surprisingly smooth that it actually made Luo Yunyang feel a lingering premonition. He found it a little strange that things were going way more smoothly than he had anticipated.

As Luo Yunyang was feeling uneasy, Heavenly Venerate Hongsha let out a whoop of joy. A little green gourd had appeared in her hand.

The small gourd was crystal clear, but unfortunately, there were no universe origin marks in it. However, the quality of the small gourd would make it a good treasure as long as it was carefully utilized.

“Congratulations, Heavenly Venerate Hongsha!” Although Heavenly Venerate Hongsha had a bad personality, someone still congratulated her when she obtained the treasure.

Heavenly Venerate Hongsha grinned as she said, “I was just lucky. Ha ha ha… It can appear anywhere, but it actually appeared right in front of me.”

These words made several other Heavenly Venerates frown. Although they didn’t speak, they still looked at Heavenly Venerate Hongsha sternly.

Heavenly Venerate Hongsha had said that she was lucky. Was she implying that the rest of them were unlucky?

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to ignore Heavenly Venerate Hongsha, he heard someone whisper, “Why are there so many benefits to the newly-formed Cosmos this time? It seems that most of the Chaotic Godfiends guarding those treasures have not yet appeared.”

The person who mused doubtfully was a middle-aged Heavenly Venerate with a simple, unsophisticated face.

Luo Yunyang frowned when he heard that statement. Although this was his first time entering a newly-formed Cosmos, everything had gone suspiciously smooth this time.

He wasn’t referring to his plan to hide his identity. The overall journey had been relatively easy, and they had even obtained many items.

Luo Yunyang felt somewhat uneasy based on these two aspects.

Could this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by Hong Meng Sacred Hall be very dangerous?

While Luo Yunyang was confused by this situation, a hundred light-years away from him, a figure was sitting on a perfectly dark chaotic stone as primordial chaotic essence surged around him.

Behind him, a faint portal was emanating ice-cold Qi.

This sort of Qi would make anyone feel terrified.

“Yuan Gu, what’s the status of the Obliteration Door?” A faint voice was heard around that figure.

A ripple began to form in the void as a result of the voice, but it broke before it could be completed.

The person known as Yuan Gu slowly opened his eyes. He had three eyes that flashed with a purple, green and red brilliance respectively.

“Is the Obliteration Door you mentioned going to work?” he replied coldly.

“I fought for half of the energy of the whole newly-formed Cosmos for this Obliteration Door.”

“You should know that once half of the energy is extracted, the Cosmos will be unstable and its life span will be only one-tenth of its normal life span.”

Yuan Gu bellowed in anguish.

He was a Godfiend that had been born before the new Cosmos had been formed and could be considered the son of the Cosmos. He already felt very uncomfortable about forcibly extracting the power within a newly-formed Cosmos by using secret techniques to set up this Obliteration Door that shouldn’t appear in the Cosmos in the first place.

However, he had to do it.

“There is absolutely no problem with the method I have provided you with!” the faint voice said, “Besides, this is all your own choice. If you don’t want to be a slave to the Human Tribe entering the new Cosmos, then you have to do it.”

“When the Obliteration Door is completed, you can use it to kill any humans who enter it.”

“As long as you have control over the Obliteration Door, even a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate won’t be able to do anything to you. Only then will you be truly free!”

Yuan Gu did not reply. Instead, he slowly closed his three eyes before his entire body turned to stone again.

“Yuan Gu, isn’t the law of the jungle always the same? I will give you a chance to join the Mysterious Underworld Race after you kill off all those humans that have entered the newly-formed Cosmos.”

The bewitching voice added, “You should know how strong the Mysterious Underworld Race is. Your status will soar as long as you become one of us.”

Yuan Gu did not say a word, but the voice continued tempting him before vanishing into the void.

Yuan Gu opened his eyes again after the Mysterious Underworld being left. He looked at the faint Obliteration Door and muttered maniacally, “You all forced my hand. I don’t want to be enslaved, and neither does this new Cosmos.”

However, just as he felt that he was the only one, the ripples that seemed to leave were actually still hiding in the void, watching Yuan Gu’s enraged monologue and feeling pleased.

Pleased that this scheme had succeeded.

An elite elder from the Mysterious Underworld Race was watching Yuan Gu through the ripples. He was lounging in a resplendent, magnificent palace as he mumbled with a smirk. “Fool…”

“He’s just too inexperienced and afraid of death,” a Mysterious Underworld woman with a coquettish face said faintly, “He’s just a pitiful being.”

“How can the Obliteration Door be completed that easily? Refining the Obliteration Door not only damages a Cosmos but also requires a lot of materials.”

“I gave those materials to him free of charge. Does he really think it was just to kill one Zongzi of the human race?”

The old man added proudly, “When the Obliteration Door is completed, my strength will improve even further and even the human Almighties won’t be able to do anything to me. By then, we will have the strength to set foot in those Great Cosmoses.”

The elder’s eyes flickered with a mysterious light when he spoke. “It would be great if we could refine an Obliteration Door with a Great Cosmos as its base.”

The voluptuous woman did not say a word, yet the look in her eyes implied that she was also looking forward to that.

As time went on, Luo Yunyang continued to follow Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang and the others deep into the Cosmos while teasing Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red and the rest with his clone.

As they journeyed even deeper, the treasures that appeared also increased. Luo Yunyang even picked up a sword that contained one universe origin mark. However, it seemed like there was something wrong with it.

Although the sword had been born from the cosmos, the birth of swords was not a common occurrence.

“The sword’s birth seems defective!” Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang sounded slightly worried.

In general, undernourished treasures should not appear in a newly-formed Cosmos that had abundant spirit essence.

However, they simply could not understand what was going on because of their current cultivation, and most people were still focused on the clone that was controlled by Luo Yunyang.

“Right ahead is the core region of the new Cosmos. We must be extra careful after we enter it. The Chaotic Godfiends within are much more powerful, and the Zongzi from Hong Meng Sacred Hall will also appear soon.”

Luo Yunyang braced himself when he heard Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang. When he stepped into the core region, he immediately separated another clone from the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to replace him while he silently disappeared within the core region.

Thanks to the Qiankun Geographical Map, he could sense the position of the Great Path Golden Lotus right after he entered the core region.

It could be said that the most dangerous threats along his journey during this exceptional opportunity challenge had been easily eliminated by Luo Yunyang’s identity as Heavenly Venerate Samsara.

However, when Luo Yunyang reached the place where the Great Path Golden Lotus was located, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

Although the Great Golden Path was still there, it did not shine brilliantly as it was supposed to. There was only a fist-sized lotus bud there!

What the heck was going on?