Supreme Uprising Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Obliterating All Life

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The Great Path Golden Lotus!

This was the Great Path Golden Lotus!

Luo Yunyang studied the fist-sized golden lotus bud, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

This swaying flower bud that existed in the primal chaos and flickered with chaotic spiritual energy was definitely the Great Path Golden Lotus.

This wasnt only because of the indication of the Qiankun Geographical Map, but because it emanated the faint aura of a cosmos.

However, why was this Great Path Golden Lotus in a form that wasnt fully developed, as though it hadnt gained enough nutrients? According to the rules of a newly-formed cosmos, the Great Path Golden Lotus should have fully developed by the time the cosmos was formed.

Luo Yunyang felt a little stirred-up when he thought about the many other treasures that could be encountered randomly but were way weaker in terms of power.

He had a premonition that there had been an accident while this new cosmos was formed. Although he wasnt very clear on what sort of accident this was, he could see that it was rather considerable.

Obtaining this unbloomed Great Path Golden Lotus and using the Greater Transportation Token to leave this new cosmos was the most dependable method.

However, in this large cosmos filled with opportunities, a huge unforeseen event represented massive opportunities.

Deep down, Luo Yunyang really desired these sorts of opportunities.

A Yuanhui might sound long, but Heavenly Venerates like Luo Yunyang could easily live through countless Yuanhuis.

Besides, anyone that couldnt become a Yuan Venerate Almighty wouldnt be able to stand on the peak. Without the asylum of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Long Family Patriarch would definitely not have been willing to let Luo Yunyang go.

Although Luo Yunyang had confidence in himself, he still had an urgent feeling that didnt allow him to be at ease mentally.

He thought to himself before coming to a resolution. By using the Greater Transportation Token, he basically wouldnt land in this place.

If things started looking bad, he could leave immediately.

After making up his mind, Luo Yunyang quickly expanded his internal universe and absorbed the Great Path Golden Lotus, as well as its surrounding void, into his internal One-Yuan Universe.

If the Great Path Golden Lotus had been in bloom, he would have just simply plucked the flower. However, now that he was faced with an unbloomed Great Path Golden Lotus, Luo Yunyang chose to absorb the whole plant into his internal universe.

When Luo Yunyang was done with everything, the chaotic realm that was splitting suddenly convulsed violently.

The mild chaotic Qi suddenly became extremely violent. Hurricanes, lightning, and huge waves formed on the newly-created ocean.

The gigantic new cosmos actually seemed to depict an apocalyptic scenario.

Before Luo Yunyang could react, a massive cauldron rose up a few hundred meters from him.

Roiling green streaks of gas shot into the sky all around this treasured cauldron. Seven universe origin marks also displayed a boundless power.

Although he had already obtained the Great Path Golden Lotus, Luo Yunyang felt his heart sway when he saw this treasured cauldron.

This was an ultimate treasure!

Furthermore, it was kind of hard to obtain an ultimate treasure. This sort of treasure was also rarely seen even within Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, as this newly-formed ultimate treasure rose into the air, it suddenly crumbled with a bang and surging green energy turned into a green galaxy that shot towards Luo Yuanchu.

The moment this treasured cauldron shattered on its own, countless other ultimate treasures shattered within the void. Although Luo Yunyang was mostly unable to name these treasures, he could see that these items were the foundations of this newly-formed cosmos based on the universe origin marks they contained.

Now, these foundations were all shattering!

Although this was the first time Luo Yunyang was seeing a cosmos being born, he understood that all this was happening because the foundations of the new cosmos had already been destroyed.

A cosmos had actually been ruined!

As Luo Yunyang was mulling this over, the clone he had left with Heavenly Venerate Hongsha and the others had already received the news.

"Everyone take note, everyone take note. Unknown changes are appearing in the new cosmos. Everyone hurry up and gather at Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Reds position."

Anyone who could become a Heavenly Venerate was basically a being that could dominate many realms. Their experiences were also extremely abundant.

The current situation gave them some sort of ominous foreboding. Even if nobody had informed them, they would still have gathered quickly.

"Go!" Heavenly Venerate Yuanshang said grimly, "I never imagined that a Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciple would actually use such methods. I guess we will have to pray about getting out unscathed."

Luo Yunyang felt unhappy that he was being blamed for this turn of events. However, now was the time to talk less and investigate more.

After six hours, Luo Yunyang and the others had already gathered along with a few other Heavenly Venerates. In the past, they would have engaged in idle chit-chat. However, no one present was in the mood for it now.

All of them sat in a lotus position, wondering what exactly had happened to this newly-formed cosmos.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Laughter filled with rancor was heard amidst the frantic chaos. This thunderous voice resounded throughout the area.

Many people felt their mental state sway a little when they heard this slightly maniacal laugh.

A massive shadow-like projection appeared amidst the vast chaotic Qi. This body seemed no different from a human body, yet the being had three eyes.

Even though it was only a shadow projection, each of those three eyes glowed with different colors.

This glow illuminated for miles, but wherever it shone everything went deadly silent instantly.

"All you avaricious demons are still not content despite occupying vast lands and you actually want to plunder our new cosmos. Today, all of you must die. Every single one of you must die!" The voice, which was filled with bitter resentment, thundered.

A Heavenly Venerates spiritual mark had already transcended the river of space and time. This meant that Heavenly Venerates basically wouldnt die as a result of time.

Because Heavenly Venerates had already extracted their spiritual marks to store a secret location, they could be revived even if they fell.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Heavenly Venerates couldnt die or be extinguished.

However, there was always life and death and rise and fall. The Heavenly Venerates present all knew that in this vast, boundless world were many methods capable of killing them.

Even a Yuan Venerate Almighty could also fall sometimes.

If it had not been for the threat of falling, these Heavenly Venerates wouldnt have headed into such a place to seek opportunities to break through and ascend. As soon as they heard the bellow of Yuan Gu, all of them scowled.

"Who are you?" a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate who eyed Yuan Gu asked.

This time, Yuan Gu didnt hide anything. He roared heartily, "I am Yuan Gu! You must all remember this. I, Yuan Gu, am the first form of life in this newly-formed cosmos. I am Yuan Gu!"

"Yuan Gu, judging by your situation, you probably havent been awakened in a long time. However, according to the rules of a new cosmos formation, you should only be born after the new cosmos is fully formed. Can you tell me how you were able to increase the speed of your birth?" The sixth-level Heavenly Venerate continued to probe.

"Are you that curious? Listen, there arent only foreign demons like you. In the boundless, vast areas, there are also entities who can help us too." At this point, Yuan Gus voice became a little raspy. "I have already answered your questions. Now, it is time that you all die!" As he said that, a jet-black portal appeared in front of Yuan Gu.

Within this portal was a swirling ink-like black energy. Although the color of this black energy was similar to the chaotic energy, one could sense the vast differences between the two with one look.

Although the chaotic energy appeared black, it contained boundless vitality. However, this energy contained death and annihilation.

Still, most peoples attention wasnt on the jet-black energy. Instead, their attention was on that huge desolate portal.

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red exclaimed, "This This is the Obliteration Door. How is this possible? How can there be an Obliteration Door in this newly-formed cosmos?"

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red, who seemed to have thought of something, shouted, "You extracted the source of the cosmos, causing this Obliteration Door, which should only appear as the cosmos is crumbling, to appear now. Do you know that the consequences of doing so are extremely serious?"

"Doing so means severing the life force of the entire cosmos. Even if you can control this cosmos, the lifespan of this cosmos wont even be one-tenth of what it should be."

Yuan Gu remained as calm as ever while he looked at Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red and said, "You forced me into this."

"Ha ha ha This cosmos lifespan might have decreased, but this beats falling into the hands of you people."

"Now, you can all come in. This Obliteration Door is Mother Nature." As Yuan Gu spoke mockingly, an extremely boundless absorbing force appeared on the Obliteration Door.

That absorbing force instantly enveloped the void Luo Yunyang and the others were situated in.

Heavenly Venerates could travel millions of miles with just a mere thought. However, against this power-absorbing force, they all wanted to retreat but found it extremely difficult to do so.

Actually, just stabilizing themselves was already extremely difficult.

The instant the winds rose, a third-level Heavenly Venerate that had accompanied a senior to gain experience in this new cosmos was immediately sucked in by that massive vortex and forced to enter the Obliteration Door.

When the third-level Heavenly Venerate was sucked into the Obliteration Door, everything about him was shattered into fragments.

The massive absorption force continued to roar as the shadow-like projection of Yuan Gu became even bigger!