Supreme Uprising Chapter 827

Chapter 827 All Things Get Obliterated

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In an inconspicuous courtyard of the outer hall of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, two middle-aged men were playing a game of chess.

One of them was wearing white long robes and seemed to give off a relaxed yet imposing vibe. The other was wearing purple robes and was calm and tranquil, yet somewhat overbearing.

Although they were on either side of the chessboard, anyone watching these two would think that they gave off an otherworldly vibe.

“Yuan Venerate Violet Sky, this time, you…” The eyes of the man in white glowed just as he was about to place down his chess piece.

There was a slight thundering echo in his voice as he said, “The gall!”

These words resonated throughout the whole outer hall of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Besides the guards of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the martialists who were fully concentrated on cultivation also heard this shout.

Suddenly, the entire sacred hall seemed to sway.

The domineering Yuan Venerate Violet Sky had originally wanted to say something about the middle-aged man in white. However, upon seeing this, he swallowed the words he had been about to say.

He had played chess with this white-robed man for many years, so it could be said that he was already well-versed in the white man’s temper. As one of the Seven Great Sacred Envoys of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, this white-robed middle-aged man rarely got angry.

One could even say that he had the best temperament amongst all the Sacred Envoys. He rarely threw a tantrum, even if some matters weren’t satisfactory!

“What happened?” Yuan Venerate Violet Sky asked the white-robed man after he calmed down.

“Something big. Something extremely bad.” The man in white composed himself and said, “There is a problem with the newly-formed cosmos.”

“Someone actually awakened the first Chaotic Godfiend in the new cosmos before me and provided it with the resources to refine the Obliteration Door. Right now, the entire new cosmos is in the midst of obliteration.”

Yuan Venerate Violet Sky’s expression didn’t change when he heard this. Instead, he replied calmly, “It is just a new cosmos. It’s not a big deal if it gets destroyed.”

“Although the Obliteration Door is a little thorny, it can still be restrained as long as you make a move. You really shouldn’t be this worked-up over it.”

The white-robed man said gravely, “The Great Path Golden Lotus in this new cosmos is the assignment of the disciple that ascended first and became a Heavenly Venerate this time.”

“That unfortunate fellow should probably be in the new cosmos now.”

Everything would be obliterated by the emergence of the Obliteration Door. There would be restrictions even if they were equipped with the Greater Transportation Token, so it would be difficult to teleport from within that new cosmos.

Yuan Venerate Violet Sky frowned and said, “Looks like the formation of this new cosmos is going to fail this time. However, you don’t have to worry too much. A Chaotic Godfiend wouldn’t cause many waves. As for that unlucky fella, he can only be considered unfortunate if he really falls within the Obliteration Door. Despite our level of cultivation, we are unable to enter the new cosmos while the Obliteration Door is forming without suffering significant damage.”

At this point, Yuan Venerate Violet Sky said gravely, “I know that you think that young man is really unlucky. However, you have to remember that the path to becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty is bumpy and filled with uncertainty.”

“If a person really isn’t destined to do this, they simply would have no possibility of becoming a Yuan Venerate. A Heavenly Venerate that can’t become a Yuan Venerate isn’t worth fretting over.”

The white-robed man nodded and said, “Seems like this matter can only end this way. If that young fella really dies, all I can do is avenge him.”

As the two of them were talking, the disciples currently cultivating in Hong Meng Sacred Hall had already heard the news announced by Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The color of this exceptional opportunity/mission had turned blood-red.

What did blood-red mean? Within Hong Meng Realm, blood-red represented death and a road to disaster!

“A road to disaster? Are we talking about this exceptional opportunity? How can that be?” Xuantian Zhaoxin exclaimed in alarm.

All along, Xuantian Zhaoxin had felt that he was extraordinary and this exceptional opportunity should have belonged to him.

However, upon seeing the blood-red color appear, what he felt deep down was mostly joy. A sort of joy he hadn’t even felt when he had become a Heavenly Venerate.

When it came to a blood-red mission, even a top-notch Heavenly Venerate might fail.

Li Jiyue, Yin Yang Zongzi, and the others were also bewildered when they saw the blood-red news. Besides feeling shocked, they also felt glad.

If they had been the first person to become a Heavenly Venerate, they might have died in the cosmos where this exceptional opportunity lay.

Right now, they also had all sorts of theories regarding the first person who had become a Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know that his Greater Transportation Token was no longer usable. Although he had always hidden in the primal chaos, he still felt the extremely powerful suction force formed by the black energy of the Obliteration Door engulfing his body.

This far-reaching suction was an offense that did not distinguish between friend or foe. Besides a few Heavenly Venerates with weaker cultivation bases, some Chaotic Godfiends were also sucked in first.

Although these Chaotic Godfiends weren’t weak, they were still the weakest entities in this new cosmos.

The Chaotic Godfiends were turned to dust, and Heavenly Venerates were sucked into the Obliteration Door before they also vanished without a trace.

Every member of Luo Yunyang’s team struggled with all their might. The majority of these people were fifth-level Heavenly Venerates, so they were naturally able to hold on for a longer time.

However, this was just a little bit longer than the lower-level Heavenly Venerates.

“Why is it like this? Why is it like this?” someone roared. It was a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, whose cries were sorrowful.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know this fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, but he had just seen the two third-level Heavenly Venerate disciples of this fifth-level Heavenly Venerate get sucked into the Obliteration Door.

Although this fifth-level Heavenly Venerate was holding on with all his might, his body was tottering and he was unable to free himself.

“Obliteration Door, all methods shall be obliterated without exception! Obliteration Door, all methods shall be obliterated without exception!” a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate howled maniacally before he was swallowed up by the strong suction force of the Obliteration Door.

The cultivation base of this fifth-level Heavenly Venerate was very powerful, but he ultimately couldn’t resist the crazy suction force and was sucked into the Obliteration Door.

Luo Yunyang had already made up his mind by the time he saw the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate get pulled into the Obliteration Door. Without any hesitation, he activated the Greater Transportation Token in his hand.

However, the Greater Transportation Token didn’t react at all.

The Great Transportation Token’s response made Luo Yunyang immediately sense that it had already lost its effectiveness. Right now, the only thing he could rely on was himself.

Thus, it was important that he didn’t panic at this crucial juncture. In a split second, Luo Yunyang quickly recalled his two clones, which weren’t too far away.

The two clones could no longer continue to hide. There was no longer any point. The most important thing he needed to do was leave through the overwhelming and powerful Obliteration Door.

Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator and rapidly made some adjustments.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 51, Speed: 34, Constitution: 41, Mind: 216, Bloodline: 0.35

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 13, Speed: 11, Spirit: 14, Constitution: 22

Instantly, Luo Yunyang raised his Power Attribute to 350 and used the attributes of his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to replace his other attributes.

Luo Yunyang was no longer inclined to bother with the surrounding circumstances. He was pondering over his own methods, wondering which method could allow him to leave at the fastest speed possible.

Luo Yunyang’s first thought was the little silver tower. Unfortunately, the silver tower’s space teleportation methods were similarly restricted as well.

The small silver tower wouldn’t do. The Great Transportation Token wouldn’t do!

Even though these two main methods were futile, Luo Yunyang became even calmer. With the support of his massive Power, he hid within the turbulent primal chaos and remained very stable.

He would wait. Luo Yunyang had discovered that the only thing he could do was wait.

15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, two hours…

Time elapsed. When Luo Yunyang felt that it was already three hours later, he suddenly felt the powerful suctioning force that couldn’t make him budge start to gradually weaken. In Luo Yunyang’s opinion, this was a decent chance.

However, in this case, Luo Yunyang had to be even more careful.

“Ha ha ha! Serves you right, foreign demons!” Yuan Ge’s snarling voice reverberated through the void once again.

As his voice echoed around, the suctioning force of the Obliteration Door that had sucked everything had started to slowly come to a halt. However, this was also when Luo Yunyang discovered that there wasn’t a single Heavenly Venerate in his surroundings.

Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red and the other high-level Great Heavenly Venerates and ordinary Heavenly Venerates had already vanished completely.

Although he hadn’t seen where they had gone, Luo Yunyang knew very well that this had definitely happened because of the Obliteration Door.

“Yuan Gu, you didn’t disappoint me indeed. The Obliteration Door has already swallowed all those foreign demons.” While a ripple appeared within the void, Yuan Gu appeared relaxed.

He had a slightly guarded look on his face as he said, “Thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to refine the Obliteration Door and exterminate these foreign demons.”

“Yuan Gu, the foreign demons have already been exterminated. Your wish has been fulfilled. The Obliteration Door has been formed, so I will take it away.”

The rippled had just finished speaking, when a silver palm moved towards the Obliteration Door and enveloped it.

“Screw you! The Obliteration Door is mine!”