Supreme Uprising Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Yuan Venerate White Crane

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Yuan Gu considered the Obliteration Door his lifeline. He would control the new Cosmos if he could control the Obliteration Door.

Therefore, he could not allow anyone to take it away.

"Stop! The Obliteration Door is mine. It was created by the entirety of this new Cosmos. It is mine and only mine!" Yuan Gu put out his arms as he bellowed, causing the Obliteration Door, which had calmed down previously, to reactivate the powerful suctioning force once again.

This suction did not affect the surroundings as it had before. This time, it was only directed at the silver palm and the ripple.

However, when the suctioning force was reactivated, someone within the void smiled. "Yuan Gu, I was the one that taught you how to build this Obliteration Door. Do you think I didnt leave any tricks behind?"

After faint laughter was heard, the vortex of the suctioning force changed direction.

All of a sudden, the crazy suctioning force was focused on Yuan Gu.

All three of Yuan Gus eyes were filled with a cold glint. However, he did not resist. Instead, he was directly swallowed by the vortex into the Obliteration Door.

This also caused the silver palm to stop in its tracks.

Obviously, the ripple that had conjured the silver palm hadnt expected things to go so smoothly.

This was too abnormally ordinary for him!

When the silver palm sensed something wrong, a strange figure appeared on its left side.

It was another Yuan Gu. When this figure appeared, the three eyes of Yuan Gu that each had a different expression suddenly shattered in the void.

"If youre wary of me, why cant I be wary of you too? Go to hell!" The power released by the shattering of the three eyes transformed into a chaotic hole in the void that immediately shrouded the silver hand and the ripple behind it.

The chaotic hole dazzled brilliantly as it swallowed the silver palm instantly. However, when the chaotic hole tried to devour the ripple, a purple luster suddenly appeared around the ripple.

"Yuan Gu, you are truly the first lifeform in this new Cosmos. Youll definitely be considered a prominent figure in this Cosmos if you survive."

"However, you seem to have forgotten that you were only able to defeat those outsiders because you listened too much to me. It would be almost impossible for you to extricate yourself from my control even if you were separated from your body."

"Go ahead. The Obliteration Door is not perfect yet. It still requires a real spirit to preside over it. It needs you."

A black vortex shot out of the Obliteration Door and shrouded the three shattered eyes of Yuan Gu instantly.

Countless divine patterns flickered under that black light, all of them looking like chains that wrapped around Yuan Gu, making it impossible for him to struggle.

However, the gray chaotic hole also began to engulf all these patterns.

Yuan Gu, who was already about to be dragged into the Obliteration Door, looked at everything calmly, as if he wasnt the one entering the Obliteration Door.

The ripple seemed to have sensed Yuan Gus expression as it said, "Yuan Gu, withdraw your chaotic hole and I will release you from the Obliteration Door. In the future, we can share this Obliteration Door, alright?"

Yuan Gu smirked when he heard that proposal.

"I cant do anything about your trick, but I can at least watch you disappear even if Im entering the Obliteration Door."

"I know that this is only a trace of your consciousness, but you will not be able to gather the Obliteration Door when you come here again," Yuan Gu said. He sounded pleased with himself, as if he was the winner after all.

The ripple continued to resist the grey chaotic hole. However, before the trace of consciousness was devoured, it said faintly, "Yuan Gu, you really surprised me a little."

"However, in the end, you do not know that the Obliteration Door isnt very important to me. My goal has been achieved already. Besides, the Obliteration Door"

A figure appeared in front of the ripple just as it was about to speak and suddenly dashed forward to grab Yuan Gu, who had been about to enter the Obliteration Door.

All of a sudden, the Obliteration Door, which was not being controlled by anyone, was taken by that person.

"Thanks!" The figure didnt look back before shooting off like an arrow and disappearing into the void.

A Greater Transportation Token!

Luo Yunyang didnt know whether that ripple had any tricks left in its bag, so he had directly used the Greater Transportation Token!

"A Greater Transportation Token! Its a Greater Transportation Token! He is not dead! How is it possible? The power of the Obliteration Door Even sixth-level Heavenly Venerates could not survive it. He How could he"

The ripple was shocked and angered by what had happened. He had carefully planned everything but someone had actually stolen the Obliteration Door right before his very eyes.

While he roared in rage, the gray chaotic hole formed by the broken eyes of Yuan Gu had completely engulfed its trace of consciousness. Meanwhile, the surging new Cosmos also gradually became calm.

However, all this had nothing to do with Luo Yunyang anymore.

After the Great Transportation Token was activated, Luo Yunyang felt an invisible force wrap around him instantly while countless stars breezed past him in an instant.

The stars were flashing past rapidly, and Luo Yunyang couldnt tell where he was despite his current cultivation base.

In the blink of an eye, all the stars had disappeared and Luo Yunyang realized that he had returned to the outer hall of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

There werent many people in the outer hall. Hence, no one saw Luo Yunyangs arrival. After pausing for a moment, Luo Yunyang headed back to his residence.

He took a few deep breaths when he reached his residence before using his mind to study the Obliteration Door.

The unadorned Obliteration Door was like a common object lying in a corner of Luo Yunyangs internal universe.

Luo Yunyang was very wary of the Obliteration Door. Disregarding any possible dangers, the fact that the Obliteration Door could devour hundreds of sixth-level Heavenly Venerates already made it something to be worried about.

However, Luo Yunyang was relieved when there was no response from the Obliteration Door after his consciousness lingered around it for a bit.

Even so, Luo Yunyang was still wary. While he used the most careful method possible, he had to observe the Obliteration Door for a full day.

Luo Yunyangs mind power was on the edge the entire day, as it was prepared to deal with the sudden attack of the Obliteration Door.

Fortunately, nothing dangerous happened.

Luo Yunyang breathed a sigh of relief only after he was done probing the Obliteration Door. He also appeared rather delighted.

Although this exceptional opportunity had been fraught with dangers, Luo Yunyang still felt that everything had been worth it.

The Obliteration Door contained a supreme universe origin mark!

According to the archives of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, a supreme universe origin mark should not appear in a space such as a Cosmos. In other words, a Cosmos was not able to birth a treasure that contained a supreme universe origin mark.

The Obliteration Door had been formed because Yuan Gu and that Mysterious Underworld Race elite had added a lot of other treasures that did not belong to a new Cosmos during its formation and forcefully erected the Obliteration Door.

The greatest function of the Obliteration Door was its devouring function, and there wasnt much of a restriction on who could use it.

The main usage of the Obliteration Door was to destroy, so there werent too many restrictions on its uses. However, the power used by the Obliteration Door was directly proportional to the energy put into it.

It would be impossible for the Obliteration Door to devour hundreds of fifth-level and sixth-level Heavenly Venerates once again just by relying on Luo Yunyangs current strength.

In addition to its devouring function, the Obliteration Door had another function. Anything or anyone that was devoured by the Obliteration Door would leave a mark in the Obliteration Door.

The user of the Obliteration Door could conjure that mark and make the person reappear.

Luo Yunyang noticed many marks in the Obliteration Door. Many Chaotic Godfiends, as well as Great Heavenly Venerate Scarlet Red, had taken part in the Dragon Slaying Meet. In the center of the Obliteration Door, Luo Yunyang discovered Yuan Gus mark.

With a thought, Yuan Gu appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

Although Yuan Gus body and appearance had looked exactly the same back in the new Cosmos, his eyes lacked any luster this time.

Luo Yunyang was aware of the reason.

After the appearance of Yuan Gu, he conjured the Obliteration Door once again and 10 other figures walked out of it.

Luo Yunyangs power was limited. Otherwise, he would have been able to conjure more people out of the Obliteration Door.

"Greetings, my lord!" All the 10 Godfiends led by Yuan Gu saluted Luo Yunyang almost at the same time.

Their greeting appeared rather stiff.

"Luo Yunyang, head immediately to the left of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Yuan Venerate White Crane wants to see you." As Luo Yunyang was exploring the usefulness of the Obliteration Door, an urgent voice was emitted from his communication device.

Yuan Venerate White Crane!

Although this was the first time Luo Yunyang heard that name, he knew that he could not refuse the call. After packing up his things, he arrived quickly outside a palace.

"Are you Luo Yunyang? Come with me!" a beautiful yet cold woman said faintly when she saw Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang entered the palace by following the woman. Before he could salute Yuan Venerate White Crane, who was sitting on the throne high above, Yuan Venerate White Crane spoke. "Your return exceeded my expectations."