Supreme Uprising Chapter 829

Chapter 829 A Yuan Venerates Compensation

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"Greetings, Yuan Venerate White Crane." Luo Yunyang was a little annoyed with what Yuan Venerate White Crane had said, yet he still paid the rightful respects first.

Sure enough, Yuan Venerate White Crane waved his sleeve and said, "Skip the formalities. Im praising you. Even a Yuan Venerate would stay away from an Obliteration Door that was activated in the Cosmos it was formed in. Your exceptional opportunity is considered complete," Yuan Venerate said.

"Im the one that caused all this, so I am prepared to compensate you. Although this compensation may not be comparable to the exceptional opportunity, it is definitely no small compensation for you."

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up!

He had been a little annoyed at Yuan Venerate White Crane initially, but he actually changed his opinion about Yuan Venerate White Crane now.

After all, he was a Yuan Venerate that was about to offer gifts to Luo Yunyang.

"Thank you, Yuan Venerate White Crane!" Luo Yunyang wasnt going to refuse. Since Yuan Venerate White Crane had taken the initiative to give him a present, why should he refuse?

Yuan Venerate White Crane, who appreciated Luo Yunyangs calm composure, added, "The first option is a rare treasure exchange that is the equivalent of a massive opportunity. I can give that to you."

Being able to exchange a treasure that could be obtained from an opportunity was a very good option. Besides, he could even choose the one he liked!

This meant that Luo Yunyang would not incur many losses. After all, he had not lost anything in the new Cosmos. Instead, he had received many things from it.

Although Luo Yunyang was moved, he did not immediately make a decision, as he wanted to see what else Yuan Venerate White Crane had to offer.

"Your second option is to enter my treasure vault and choose any item that pleases you," Yuan Venerate White Crane said proudly, "This will depend on your ability to judge."

"I am someone with a knack for collecting all kinds of strange things."

"Although everything that I fancy is basically a precious treasure, there are exceptions. Some things have a high value, while others have a lower value."

"Lets put it this way: In my treasure vault, there are far fewer things of higher value than things of lower value."

"If you select the wrong thing, you might get something worse than a treasure you could have exchanged. You only have two options. You can make your choice now."

Almost every item found through a massive opportunity was valuable. This would be the safest option to choose.

However, Luo Yunyang was slightly moved by the thought of entering a Yuan Venerates treasury and choosing freely whatever he liked.

He had confidence in his ability to spot things. Furthermore, he had already gained enough benefits from the exceptional opportunity.

An Obliteration Door could be considered much better than 10 Great Path Golden Lotuses.

After some hesitation, Luo Yunyang composed himself and replied, "I choose to enter your treasure vault."

Yuan Venerate White Crane appeared to be disappointed by Luo Yunyangs decision. However, his disappointed expression only lingered for a split moment. It was so quick that Luo Yunyang did not even notice it.

"Well, since this is your choice, I will let you enter my treasure vault. Remember, once you are in my treasure vault, you can only choose two items. You will only have one day to make your selections!"

Ordinary martialists considered entering an elite existences treasure vault and freely choosing two items a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, judging by Yuan Venerate White Cranes words, it seemed like Luo Yunyang was missing out on something huge.

The moment Yuan Venerate White Crane finished speaking, he waved his sleeve gently and Luo Yunyang felt his body being wrapped by an invisible force and getting removed from the hall where Yuan Venerate White Crane was.

"Ha ha ha White Crane, you are wrong this time." Unbridled laughter rang out from the hall.

Yuan Venerate Violet Sky appeared, beaming as if he was making fun of Yuan Venerate White Crane.

Yuan Venerates basically would not die. Hence, few things interested them except cultivating.

Most of the time, they liked to play pranks on each other. Of course, such pranks could only happen among Yuan Venerates who had a good relationship with one another.

Yuan Venerate White Crane shook his head but did not say anything else.

"A persons desire knows no boundaries!" Yuan Venerate Violet Sky said in a heavy voice, "This is a typical example. He will never know that you spent a great deal of effort to obtain the chance of this exchange opportunity even at the cost of owing a favor."

"The items inside that are obtainable through massive opportunities are the most suitable for him as a new Heavenly Venerate. Furthermore, hell still be outstanding among this group of Zongzis as long as he can get something from that massive opportunity."

"Although theres quite a number of things in your treasure vault that are comparable to the items found through a massive opportunity, there are many more mediocre items. He wont be able to choose anything comparable to the items found through the massive opportunity."

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled gently. "Although I knew the old mans estimations right from the start, I have to say that his predictions were correct."

"Whatever Luo Yunyang chooses will have nothing to do with me, right?"

Yuan Venerate Violet Sky nodded and said, "In fact, you dont owe him anything. He was just unlucky that something happened during the formation of the new Cosmos. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to get back alive."

As Yuan Venerate White Crane and Yuan Venerate Violet Sky were talking, a boy who was waiting on them walked out slowly.

He quickly walked to a closed forbidden area and wrote down a few words on a jade symbol before quickly sending it out.

When he was done, there was a faint look of fear and hesitation in his eyes.

Ultimately, he quickly calmed down again.

After he had done his deed, Xuantian Zhaoxing, who was in a secluded place, quickly picked up the jade symbol beside him. Xuantian Zhaoxing smiled as he looked at the contents of the jade symbol.

"Luo Yunyang, you really made the wrong decision this time."

Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall claimed to treat every Zongzi the same, Hong Meng Sacred Hall wasnt inflexible either. When he had realized that he was not the first person to become a Heavenly Venerate, Xuantian Zhaoxin had felt like this was a crisis.

Besides putting more effort into cultivating even more painstakingly, he had also used a keepsake he had brought from his sect.

Although the symbol couldnt provide him with much help during his cultivation, it was perfectly suited for transmitting messages.

Through the symbol, Xuantian Zhaoxing had discovered that the first person to become a Heavenly Venerate was Luo Yunyang and found out about the changes to Luo Yunyangs exceptional opportunity.

Recently, he had also learned that Yuan Venerate White Crane had fought for a massive opportunity treasure as compensation for Luo Yunyang. Xuantian Zhaoxing was very happy about what he had acquired during this huge opportunity.

He believed that once Luo Yunyang was given the same thing, the advantage he had just gained would probably be lost.

Fortunately, Luo Yunyang had chosen to enter Yuan Venerate White Cranes treasure vault!

The person he contacted was a confidant of Yuan Venerate White Crane who had even helped Yuan Venerate White Crane adorn his treasure vault. Although the man did not dare to tell him what was in the treasure vault, he told Xuantian Zhaoxing that there were virtually no treasures in the treasure vault that could surpass those found through a massive opportunity. Not even one in 10,000.

Not even one in 10,000 That statement was enough to illustrate the problem. Moreover, the top treasures were protected by special seals in Yuan Venerate White Cranes treasure vault. Even a Yuan Venerate Almighty couldnt find them without carefully searching through everything.

"What an ambitious person!" Xuantian Zhaoxing closed his eyes after mumbling to himself.

While Xuantian Zhaoxing closed his eyes, Li Jiuyue and Yinyang Zongzi also received this information. Li Jiuyue only took a look at the information before going back to her cultivation in seclusion.

Yin Yang Zongzi, on the other hand, looked slightly pleased.

Luo Yunyang was oblivious to the commotion stirred up by his decision, as he was still somewhat shocked while all this was happening.

The treasure vault! Luo Yunyang thought the treasure vault would be a large storage space when he heard about it. However, he felt that he had underestimated Yuan Venerate White Crane.

Luo Yunyang was standing on a vast mountain. On the opposite side of the mountain was a huge red calabash vine that not only wrapped around the mountain opposite him but also seemed like it was penetrating the sky.

On the calabash vine, a golden calabash that contained numerous divine patterns was surging with chaotic Qi as it was flashing with golden brilliance.

The golden calabash, which contained two universe origin marks, would cause a huge fight if it was discovered in the Divine Union Void.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt looking at the golden calabash, as it wouldnt be very useful to him.

Even the calabash vine was useless.

There were tens of thousands of peaks on this massive mountain, so Luo Yunyang discovered lots of objects that were comparable to the golden calabash.

There were ancient trees that wrapped along the rugged terrain like a black dragon, peaches that bloomed as bright as the sunlight, divine fruit surrounded by hundreds of dragons

Luo Yunyang had a thorough understanding of the treasure vault already. This wasnt a treasure vault, but a treasure mountain. Actually, it was a space full of treasures.

Take the mountain below him for example. The whole mountain was made up of Xuanwu Geng Metallic Crystal Stones. In the Divine Union Void, a piece of such a crystal stone would be enough to make Universe-Grade Saints fight to the death.

Some distance from the top of the mountain, Luo Yunyang saw a huge ocean formed by Kui Water Essence. However, he could not see the edge of the waters at all.

Mountains and oceans formed the space. There were also countless treasures, yet there wasnt anything there that Luo Yunyang needed.

What could he choose in just one day? This was the only question in Luo Yunyangs mind.