Supreme Uprising Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Kun Ocean Treasure

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A Heavenly Venerate’s consciousness could cover an entire void in an instant. Although the space that Luo Yunyang was in was very huge, he would still be able to sense every object that was within that space if he used his consciousness to scout them.

However, Yuan Venerate White Crane had already imposed a restriction in the area. Hence, despite Luo Yunyang’s consciousness, he could only cover a small radius of a few hundred meters.

According to Luo Yunyang’s senses, the items that he detected were barely usable.

It wouldn’t benefit Luo Yunyang if he just took something that was useless to him.

What should he do?

Luo Yunyang finally understood that it wasn’t easy to take advantage of Yuan Venerate White Crane.

He felt helpless, as he had already made this decision. There was no way out. Thus, he hesitated for a moment before choosing to go with the dumbest way and elevating his consciousness to the highest level possible before flying through this space.

He would just take anything that was useful to him. Whether he could obtain anything useful at all would be up to fate!

Luo Yunyang felt amazed after flying among the countless treasures while looking through the patches of divine grass roots. However, he soon became numb to that feeling.

After all, the pile-up of too many precious treasures would slowly make them seem like useless rubble in the end.

Luo Yunyang flew over most of the treasured mountains. After a long time, he felt like he was going crazy.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast that was always residing within his body even let out a loud roar.

The universe in Luo Yunyang’s body was the highest-grade One-Yuan Universe. Although a One-Yuan Universe wasn’t superior in terms of the area it contained, the power hidden within a One-Yuan Universe was far beyond that of an ordinary universe.

All the planets inside a One-Yuan Universe were a hundred times better quality-wise than any other ordinary planets.

However, even so, the roar of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast still shattered hundreds of planets in the void of the One-Yuan Universe.

This was the first time Luo Yunyang was seeing the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast react like this ever since it had become his clone.

This wasn’t because the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had demonstrated a consciousness of its own, but because the bloodline of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was having an instinctive reaction.

This reaction, which was hidden within the blood of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, elicited a response automatically.

Luo Yunyang also sensed the reaction of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast as he immediately sent his consciousness towards a sculpture.

Actually, this was a specimen.

Although there was no vitality, the specimen was kept in a life-like condition, and it physically looked like a Nine-Tailed Golden Python!

The Nine-Tailed Golden Python was an abnormal species. It already possessed a Galaxy-Grade cultivation upon birth and once it matured, it would attain the Universe Grade. When all nine tails grew out, the Nine-Tailed Golden Python would become a peak Universe-Grade.

When its nine tails merged into one, the Nine-Tailed Golden Python would reach the Heavenly Venerate level.

It was rumored that the Nine-Tailed Golden Python could increase the numbers of its tails again after becoming a Heavenly Venerate. Every tail gained implied that the Nine-Tailed Golden Python had leveled up.

Luo Yunyang had not known whether the rumor was true or not initially. However, now, he was able to confirm that the rumor was true.

While the Nine-Tailed Golden Python specimen had only three golden tails, the aura exuded by it belonged to a third-level Heavenly Venerate.

A third-level Heavenly Venerate Nine-Tailed Golden Python was not enough to attract Luo Yunyang’s attention, and it certainly would not make the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast react that violently.

What attracted Luo Yunyang’s attention was the left eye of the Nine-Tailed Golden Python, which did not look much different from its right eye.

However, after taking a closer look, Luo Yunyang noticed that the eye did not belong to the Nine-Tailed Golden Python but to a Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

This eye exuded an aura that was far more superior than the eyes of Luo Yunyang’s Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Although the Nine-Tailed Golden Python was dead, Luo Yunyang could still feel the essence that devoured anything that belonged to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang waved his sleeve directly at the Nine-Tailed Golden Python and stored it.

When Luo Yunyang made his choice, Yuan Venerate White Crane, who was with Yuan Venerate Violet Sky in a palace hall, appeared disappointed again.

Although the body of a Nine-Tailed Golden Python was quite valuable, it was way inferior compared to the treasures found through the massive opportunity Luo Yunyang had given up on.

Although he had believed that the Nine-Tailed Golden Python was somewhat extraordinary when he had obtained it, after careful examination, Yuan Venerate White Crane had determined that the body of the Nine-Tailed Golden Python was akin to a treasure with four levels of universe origin marks.

Although four levels of universe origin marks seemed pretty good, this was worthless in Yuan Venerate White Crane’s opinion.

The main reason Yuan Venerate White Crane had left that Nine-Tailed Golden Python specimen in his treasure vault was because it looked domineering and was a rather proud-looking display.

Although he felt that Luo Yunyang had made the wrong decision, he wouldn’t try to persuade Luo Yunyang otherwise. Even the frown on his face only lasted for a split second.

Although Yuan Venerate Violet Sky noticed the strange expression on Yuan Venerate White Crane’s face, he did not say anything, as he also didn’t take this matter very seriously.

Luo Yunyang didn’t use his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to examine the eye, as he was still in Yuan Venerate White Crane’s treasure vault.

Although he had made an agreement with Yuan Venerate White Crane, some good things only rightfully belonged to him. Luo Yunyang would never be unnecessarily flamboyant until he left the treasure vault.

The search continued. This time, Luo Yunyang went through an entire mountain without finding anything that caught his eye.

Of course, he would be lying if he said that nothing had caught his attention. He could only find something because he had yet to discover the mysteries behind the treasures that were available.

It would be impossible for him to find anything if a Yuan Venerate decided to apply restrictions and hide it from him.

Luo Yunyang’s attention shifted quickly to the large amount of Kui Water Essence that formed an ocean.

Although this place was extremely calm, Luo Yunyang felt that it was also a land of treasures, as it was next to that huge mountain of treasures.

After flying above the surface of the water, Luo Yunyang suddenly discovered that there were many creatures in the ocean of Kui Water Essence. Creatures with dragon heads and fish bodies, huge dragons with massive horns, and hundreds of giant apes that seemed like they had a peak Universe-Grade cultivation were playing in the Kui Water Essence.

The azure water apes also seemed to have discovered Luo Yunyang when he probed them with his consciousness. They looked at Luo Yunyang with their hateful eyes, looking fearful at the same time.

However, these water apes were also useless to Luo Yunyang.

The ocean was endless, so after flying for a very long time, a black line appeared before Luo Yunyang.

He had reached the end!

Luo Yunyang reached this conclusion when he saw the black line. However, he was disappointed about this. Although he had explored a lot of things along the way, all in all, the value of those things was similar to the value of the things he had found in the new Cosmos.

There had to be at least a hundred treasures that were not inferior to the Great Path Golden Lotus in a Yuan Venerate’s treasure vault. However, he hadn’t been able to find them.

This made Luo Yunyang feel rather disheartened.

As many thoughts were going through Luo Yunyang’s head, a voice suddenly said in his mind, “You have five more minutes left.”

The voice, which was very machine-like, should belong to the Primordial Spirit of Yuan Venerate White Crane’s treasure vault.

Nothing could be done in five minutes. Hence, Luo Yunyang calmed down slowly when he heard the sound.

In his opinion, this opportunity was a godsend, and being able to obtain the eye of the ancient Chaotic Four-Origin Beast on a Nine-Tailed Golden Python was already a great opportunity.

It would be too greedy of him to demand another treasure comparable to a Great Path Golden Lotus.

After adjusting his state of mind, Luo Yunyang became optimistic again. Although he knew that he could not take away anything good, he could not let this opportunity slip away in vain. Thus, he dipped his hands into the waters and grabbed whatever he could.

A stone box landed into Luo Yunyang’s hands. The box, which had not become smooth because of the Kui Water Essence, was only the size of a palm. There were no patterns on it, and it looked extremely ordinary.

Luo Yunyang tried to open the box as soon as he obtained it, but the box wouldn’t budge at all even after he used all his strength.

“Did I obtain something good?” Luo Yunyang became really excited when that idea entered his mind.

However, his excitement subsided after he tried all the methods he could think of to open the box but still failed.

When the five minutes ended, he still grabbed the unknown stone box and went out of the Yuan Venerate White Crane’s treasure vault.

Yuan Venerate White Crane did not see Luo Yunyang again, but he knew exactly what Luo Yunyang had taken.

He wasn’t reluctant to part with the Nine-Tailed Golden Python, but he felt a little unwilling to see the small stone box go.

This was because he had never managed to open the stone box either, so he had no idea what was hidden in it.

However, since he couldn’t open it, it would probably be a useless object in Luo Yunyang’s hands. Thus, Yuan Venerate White Crane gently shook his head and said, “Ain’t my fault that he’s so unlucky.”