Supreme Uprising Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Barging Through The Fifth Stage

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"Ha ha ha!"

Profound Calm Zongzi was laughing hysterically. The reason wasnt because he had ascended to the Hong Meng Earth Roll, but because another person had fallen from the Hong Meng Heaven Roll.

That evil guy!

Profound Calm Zongzi never wanted to meet that person again. Unfortunately, the road was narrow for enemies, so they would have to meet again.

As a Zongzi of the Three Era Supreme Sect, he already felt deep resentment for the way his opportunity in Hong Meng Sacred Hall had been extorted.

Although everything that was extorted had been prepared for him by his sect, he would never be able to wash away this humiliation.

"He deserves it, he deserves it! It seems like that unlucky exceptional opportunity fell in his hands, but he got nothing out of it." Although Profound Calm Zongzi did not know too many details, he guessed that Luo Yunyang must have been the first person to become a Heavenly Venerate after seeing the recent changes in the three lists of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

"Faster by a step, you remain ahead; slower by a step, youll forever stay behind. Although I can no longer be a Yuan Venerate, neither can you. I can return to the sect and cultivate if I cant become a Yuan Venerate, but youll have to face the onslaught of a Yuan Venerate Almighty."

Profound Calm Zongzi mumbled to himself before resuming his cultivation.

Profound Calm Zongzi wasnt the only one that received the news. Even the old Patriarch of the Long Family, who was many voids away, knew about the changes that had occurred to the three Hong Meng Rolls.

Although those rolls did not have much to do with a Yuan Venerate Almighty, almost everyone paid unprecedented attention to the three rolls.

After all, they had to use those three rolls to deduce the potential candidates that would become Yuan Venerate Almighties in this Yuanhui.

The Long Family Patriarch was delighted when he saw that Luo Yunyang had fallen from the Heaven Roll.

Luo Yunyang had humiliated him. If there was a person this Yuan Venerate Almighty wanted to kill, it would definitely be Luo Yunyang.

Because of Luo Yunyang, his youngest and most beloved son had been unable to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall and his path of becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty had been cut off.

Furthermore, many of his rivals talked about the stuff Luo Yunyang had done right in front of him, making him feel very disrespected.

"I must definitely kill Luo Yunyang! Pass my orders down. We must observe the Milky Ways Human Tribe even more carefully. That vile being mustnt escape," the Long Family Patriarch said, giving off dense killing intent.

Longteng and the others were very excited when they received the news. Actually, Longteng was elated.

Slower by a step, and youll always remain behind. Luo Yunyang, you destroyed my path to becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty, so Ill return the favor a hundredfold!

A silent figure sat quietly in the Rising Sky Feather Sect. He did not speak much. Instead, he only sighed.

Almost all the people who were observing the Hong Meng Heaven Roll were paying attention to the changes in Luo Yunyangs position. Some were delighted, some sighed, some were sad However, most of them watched indifferently, as if everything had nothing to do with them.

It was also at this moment that the news of Luo Yunyang challenging the 13 Origin Martial Stages was spread.

Yin Yang Zongzi was the first to hear this news while sipping on wine!

Naturally, the wine he drank was extraordinary. While enjoying his wine, he turned to the maid by his side and said, "A cornered beast will still fight!"

The maid beside Yin Yang Zongzi replied faintly, "If my lord says hes a cornered beast, then Im afraid his efforts will be futile."

"Ha ha!" Yin Yang Zongzi sneered coldly.

Xuantian Zhaoxing, who also received the news, didnt hear this through his communication device but through a subordinates report.

"Refrain from telling me any news about this person in the future." Xuantian Zhaoxing did not have any enmity with Luo Yunyang.

Therefore, his attitude was extremely cold as he spoke with determination.

Although the subordinate who had reported the news about Luo Yunyang wanted to say that Xuantian Zhaoxing had requested to hear this news in the first place, he ultimately chose to keep his mouth shut.

"Your Subordinate shall take his leave." Although the subordinate felt shamed by Xuantian Zhaoxing, he still spoke deferentially.

Xuantian Zhaoxing glanced at the leaving subordinate and scoffed, "So childish Even though you have great talent and cultivation, it will be very hard for you to catch up if you are a step too late."

"If you cant even make use of that exceptional opportunity, what makes you worthy of competing against me, Xuantian Zhaoxing, for the position of becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty? My opponent should be Li Jiuyue instead of you."

While muttering to himself, Xuantian Zhaoxing set his eyes on a fist-sized stone pond in his hand. Purple Thunder Water was churning nonstop in that pond.

Xuantian Zhaoxing saw tiny dragons swirling constantly within the thunder water.

Li Jiuyue, Yin Yang Zongzi, and the others also heard about Luo Yunyangs challenge. Most of them were rather indifferent when they heard the news.

So what if Luo Yunyang managed to break through the fifth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages?

The three Hong Meng Rolls had been updated and wouldnt change again just because Luo Yunyang passed the fifth stage.

Luo Yunyang would have to endure a period of time on the Earth Roll before he would get the chance to ascend to the Heaven Roll again. Of course, there was only a small chance that might happen.

Luo Yunyang didnt care what other people were thinking of him challenging the 13 Origin Martial Stages as he waited quietly after his application was submitted.

The 13 Origin Martial Stages were located in the Hong Meng Realm. Any Heavenly Venerates could send their applications to the Hong Meng Realm.

The Hong Meng Realm could come up with an exact simulation of a persons strength, hence ensuring that there would be no danger to challenging the 13 Origin Martial Stages.

"Luo Yunyang, please choose your weapon." A mechanical voice spoke when Luo Yunyang felt his consciousness enter the Hong Meng Realm.

This time, Luo Yunyangs choice was still the Minor Feather Sword.

"13 Origin Martial Stages challenge. Defeat an opponent to win. Failure to do so will result in a loss!" The machine-like voice was heard again after the Minor Feather Sword appeared in Luo Yunyangs hands.

"The first stage starts now."

When the announcement ended, Luo Yunyang noticed that his consciousness had actually appeared outside a huge mountain.

The huge mountain, which was 10,000 feet high, could no longer be described as majestic. Even though Luo Yunyang had become a Heavenly Venerate and could transform the sky and earth with a mere thought, he still felt like he was being suppressed while facing this humongous mountain.

This mountain was named Origin Martial Mountain!

A tall but faceless figure appeared beside Luo Yunyang when he glanced at the Origin Martial Mountain.

The figure had three heads and six arms. Although it wasnt from the Mysterious Underworld Race, it obviously wasnt human either. Luo Yunyang believed that the figure should be a first-level Heavenly Venerate.

"I am the guardian of the first stage. Challenger, defeat me and youll pass the first stage of the Origin Martial Mountain," the mechanical voice said.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the guardian and his attribute regulator immediately displayed the guardians attributes in his mind.

Power: 19 Speed: 16 Mind: 18 Constitution: 15

After seeing that these attributes had more than 50 points combined, Luo Yunyang finally understood why Heavenly Venerates that passed the Origin Martial stages felt sort of proud.

Based on the Power Attribute of the guardian, no one from the entire Divine Union Void would be able to pass the first stage.

"Please make your move!" After taking a deep breath, Luo Yunyang addressed the guardian of the first stage.

The guardian, who also wielded a Minor Feather Sword, brandished the sword and five different sword-lights appeared and shrouded Luo Yunyang.

Although five sword-lights werent considered very little, every sword-light contained a universe origin mark, so even a third-level Heavenly Venerate from an ordinary cosmos would have trouble dealing with them.

However, Luo Yunyang was in no hurry. He used the same sword technique and did not use his attribute regulator. Even so, he still defeated the guardian with a blow easily.

"Congratulations, challenger. You have attained the title of First-Stage Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate."

After that voice spoke, a golden star appeared behind Luo Yunyang. The golden Origin Martial Star wasnt really useful, as it was just a form of recognition.

Second stage, third stage, fourth stage

Luo Yunyang did not break a sweat during the first four stages, as he only executed the fifth sword of the Minor Feather Sword at the fourth stage.

However, when Luo Yunyang stepped into the fifth stage, he immediately understood why the fifth stage was a difficult barrier for martialists that had just become Heavenly Venerates.

This time, not one but three guardians appeared. They were all fifth-level Heavenly Venerates.

It was difficult for a first-level Heavenly Venerate to defeat a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, let alone three at the same time.

All three fifth-level Heavenly Venerates were not any weaker than Luo Yunyang in terms of any attribute besides their Mind Attribute.

He would definitely have passed this stage if there had only been one guardian.

However, a bloody battle would take place now that there were three of them, and some extreme means might even have to be employed.

As he thought about Wu Xuanhuang, Xuantian Zhaoxing, and the others, Luo Yunyang understood that they had been able to get through the fifth level by using some means that ordinary people didnt possess.

Without using his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang was able to defeat the three fifth-level Heavenly Venerates by using his own strength. However, while he was excited, he felt his entire body go weak. He was on the verge of collapsing after the victory.

"Challenger, congratulations on becoming a fifth-stage Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate. Do you want to continue with this challenge?"

The stages of the 13 Origin Martial Stages would get increasingly difficult, and the difficulty would increase tenfold after each stage. Luo Yunyang would have decided to give up if he didnt have his attribute regulator. However, now, he chose to proceed with determination.