Supreme Uprising Chapter 834

Chapter 834 An Earthshaking Feat

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"Congratulations, Luo Yunyang, on passing the fifth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages and becoming a fifth-stage Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate!"

The entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall was in a frenzy when the congratulatory message popped out.

Most people would have simply sneered if this had just been a normal message congratulating Luo Yunyang on passing the fifth stage.

However, it was different now.

Luo Yunyang had just lost his Heaven Roll spot to Wu Xuanhuang, who had successfully replaced Luo Yunyang by passing the fifth stage.

Luo Yunyang had immediately conquered the fifth stage after the changes to the Heaven Roll.

"What a pity!" Someone lamented when he saw the news of the changes to the Heaven Roll. However, there was a slight hint of joy in his tone about the other persons misfortune.

Some people were actually delighted.

These people were Yin Yang Zongzi and Profound Calm Zongzi

Xuantian Zhaoxings servant was worried when he heard the news, as Xuantian Zhaoxing always left the communication device with his servant whenever he went into seclusion.

The servant would notify Xuantian Zhaoxing if anything important happened. Of course, if the servant carelessly interrupted his masters training, then he would be in deep trouble.

"That person passed the fifth stage. I think I should inform master. However, master said that I do not need to report any future matters regarding this person. Ahh!" The servant was indecisive for a moment. However, he eventually chose not to report the matter to Xuantian Zhaoxing.

After all, he was just following his masters orders!

The chess game between Yuan Venerate White Crane and Yuan Venerate Violet Sky had not ended. Yuan Venerate White Crane, who was the first to hear the news, was baffled by this.

However, it wasnt anything too significant.

"Seems like Luo Yunyang has a deep foundation. Otherwise, he wouldnt have passed the fifth stage."

Yuan Venerate Violet Sky had also received the news, yet his expression was calm, as if that matter had nothing to do with him.

"This is already useless. Luo Yunyang cant prove himself through hard work. Everything is already set in stone!"

These words sounded pitiful, yet they contained a hint of mockery!

Yuan Venerate White Crane turned his attention back to his chess game and picked up a chess piece. "Although Im a little surprised by what he has done, it still isnt enough for me to change my decision."

"Dont you think so?"

"If he had accepted the exchange, the treasure he would have gotten in combination with his own resources would have allowed him to have limitless potential! However, he made the wrong choice!"

"Lets continue our game. We shouldnt be distracted by insignificant stuff like this. Hes just a kid that doesnt want to admit he has lost and is trying out ways to show off."

Given Yuan Venerate Violet Skys cultivation and status, it was appropriate on his part to address Luo Yunyang as a kid.

Some of the powers outside Hong Meng Sacred Hall that were concerned about Luo Yunyang also managed to obtain information through their own channels in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Although such channels were very important to those forces, they still chose to transmit the news.

The Long Family Patriarch laughed hysterically after receiving the news, while the Old Patriarch of the Rising Sky Feather Sect sighed.

"Fate is like that!" the Old Patriarch said with a helplessness that came from the bottom of his heart.

While all this was going on, Luo Yunyang had entered the sixth Origin Martial stage. This time, a faceless sixth-level Heavenly Venerate was the stage guardian.

Although there was only a single guardian, Luo Yunyang sensed that it was many times more threatening than the three guardians of the fifth level.

"You shouldnt have come here," the guardian said coldly.

Then, the Minor Feather Sword in the guardians hands emitted countless rays of sword-light that flew straight at Luo Yunyang.

Every sword-light contained a universe origin mark, and all the sword-lights were like flowers of the same stalk connected by a tight link.

Luo Yunyang was calm in the face of the attack. With a thought, the attribute regulator appeared in his mind.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 51, Speed: 34, Constitution: 41, Mind: 216, Bloodline: 0.35

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 265, Speed: 141, Mind: 214, Constitution: 241

Luo Yunyang instantly transferred all his attribute points to his Mind Attribute.

Mind: 626, Power: 265, Speed: 141, Constitution: 241!

After this adjustment, Luo Yunyangs state far surpassed his capabilities in the past.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was indeed a lifeform that surpassed the Human Race greatly. After all, ever since it had become a Heavenly Venerate, the benefits it had brought Luo Yunyang had been enormous.

After he completed this adjustment, he executed his move, which was the sixth sword of his Sky Feather 13 Swords!

530,000 sword-lights shot out of Luo Yunyangs sword before transforming into a perfect flower in the void and meeting the sword-light sent forth by the guardian.

The dazzling sword-light contained an infinite amount of universe origin marks as it looked like two menacing wheels of life and death colliding in the void violently.


The dazzling sword-light erupted forth brilliantly as usual but eventually dissipated in the void.

After this sword-light dissipated, the sword in Luo Yunyangs hand managed to sever the guardians body in half.

When the guardian perished, the sixth golden Origin Martial Star rose behind Luo Yunyang.

When the sixth Origin Martial Star reached the top of Luo Yunyangs head, the gigantic Origin Martial Sacred Mountain went mysteriously silent.

Then, a huge monument tablet suddenly rose up from the highest peak of the Origin Martial Mountain.

The monument tablet was many thousand meters tall and it exuded a mighty, grand aura when erected.

Although the monument tablet appeared in the Hong Meng Realm, some high-level existences were able to sense it.

"Someone broke the shackles of convention regarding the 13 Origin Martial Stages!" an elite exclaimed upon sensing it, "How can that be! Every Origin Martial Stage is as difficult as it can get. Who managed to do this in the 13 Origin Martial Stages?"

Many ordinary Heavenly Venerates believed that the 13 Origin Martial Stages were a mighty inorganic thing. However, some elites thought that the 13 Origin Martial Stages were a fearsome lifeform with a high level of intelligence.

It could analyze the different cultivations of the challengers and even judge the challengers based on their previous performance.

The 13 Origin Martial Stages wouldnt react to anyone ordinary. Only overachievers or challengers with impressive results could leave their mark in the 13 Origin Martial Stages.

Anyone that could leave their mark would become a prominent figure in the future!

Yuan Venerate White Crane, who had been playing chess with Yuan Venerate Violet Sky, was also attracted by the changes to the monument tablet. Although he was a Sacred Emissary of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, he had only seen the monument tablet twice in his time.

What was the reason the monument tablet had appeared again this time? Had that crazy ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, who was capable of dealing with Yuan Venerate Almighties yet unable to advance to a Yuan Venerate himself, come up with a terrifying technique? Or had the chap who had sealed himself for millions of years skyrocketed to the top?

Yuan Venerate White Crane was pondering any plausible cases, as he felt that those were the only people that could have caused the monument tablet to appear.

The possibility of Luo Yunyang passing the sixth Origin Martial Stage didnt even cross his mind.

Although Luo Yunyang was exceptional, the sixth Origin Martial Stage was an impossible task for a first-level Heavenly Venerate.

This didnt just apply to Luo Yunyang. Many geniuses groomed by Hong Meng Sacred Hall had fallen to the sixth Origin Martial Stage while they had been first-level Heavenly Venerates.

In fact, only a small number of geniuses could break through the sixth Origin Martial Stage after becoming a second-level Heavenly Venerate.

After all, the sixth stage was a hundred times stronger than the fifth.

The stages got increasingly harder as well. Hence, it would be nearly impossible to break through the sixth stage.

It was pointless to attempt it!

"Seems like the Human Race can get excited this time!" Yuan Venerate Violet Sky said happily. This would be a joyous event for the Human Race, no matter who left a mark on the monument tablet, as it would mean that a formidable elite from the Human Race was going to emerge.

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled gently, as he agreed with Yuan Venerate Violet Sky. However, they did not discuss that matter too much. Instead, they focused their attention on the monument tablet in the Hong Meng Realm.

They wanted to see who had broken the record and erected the monument tablet again.

They werent the only ones. Even other Yuan Venerate Almighties from various regions and people that were cultivating in Hong Meng outer hall also projected their consciousness into the Hong Meng Realm.

Yin Yang Zongzi and Profound Calm Zongzi both looked weirdly at the monument tablet that had been erected in the middle of the Hong Meng Realm.

Back in the day, they had often shattered records in their respective Great Cosmoses. However, now, they felt like they were just commoners as they surveyed the monument tablet.

"Who do you think was the formidable person to break the record of the 13 Origin Martial Stages?" Yin Yang Zongzi asked Profound Calm Zongzi.

Yin Yang Zongzis cultivation was outstanding, and his status was revered. Thus, Profound Calm Zongzi was fearful of him.

"Definitely not Luo Yunyang." Profound Calm Zongzi took a moment to muse before answering!

The two of them exchanged a glance and burst out laughing!