Supreme Uprising Chapter 84

Chapter 84



A fist struck hard into an ironwood board. A charred black fist mark appeared on the iron wood, which was three times as durable as steel.

When Luo Yunyang pulled his fist back, flames appeared on the fire-resistant ironwood.

As he watched the ironwood burn, Luo Yunyang came up with an idea. He brandished his fist again, but this time, the power he urged out originated from the glowing dot of cold Qi he had absorbed.

As his fist struck, frost encapsulated the piece of ironwood. However, the blazes on the ironwood were not extinguished. Instead, they started burning even more intensely.

Ice and fire co-existed as one!

Luo Yunyang decided to treat this energy as a source power, although he wasn’t sure whether he could call it a source power. As for the two glowing dots in his body, he decided to keep referring to them as source cores, just like he had before.

Power: 64

Speed: 10

Mind: 16

Constitution: 75 ( Golden Body: 18)

Based on the figures shown on the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang could tell that the cultivation of the Golden Sun-Devouring Dragon wasn’t going bad. The attribute points he had gained added up to a total of 14!

Even though he hadn’t used any source fluids, he had already acquired two types of source cores. If he used a source fluid, what sort of source core would he awaken within his body?

Luo Yunyang was really looking forward to finding out.

During those three days, he focused on cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint and absorbing large quantities of energy for his source cores by using the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move and the Golden Sun-Devouring Dragon Move.

His two source cores were also enhanced considerably.

According to Luo Yunyang’s speculations, each type of source core could be used for 13 strikes.

Although 13 strikes wasn’t much, based on the figures he saw on his attribute regulator, an ordinary third-grade martial master would be able to unleash only 10 by using the power of their source core.

All the members of the elite class were gathered on the military drilling ground. That day was a dignified occasion for all of them.

“Luo Yunyang, Cultivation Room No.1!” Although Chief Instructor Lu had a calm expression on his face, most people could detect an eager anticipation in his eyes.

Cultivation Room No.1 was the best cultivation room. No one could object to this arrangement.

There was practically no one that wanted to express even the slightest bit of disagreement. In their opinion, Cultivation Room No.1 would inevitably belong to Luo Yunyang.

Only Luo Yunyang qualified to use it.

Luo Yunyang nodded and followed a soldier to Cultivation Room No.1. Suddenly, Chief Instructor Lu’s voice rang out once again.

“Sun Miaomiao, Cultivation Room No.2!” The person who got assigned to Cultivation Room No.2 would get the second A-grade source fluid at Base 7.

It was no surprise that Sun Miaomiao was awarded the second A-grade source fluid. She had managed to obtain an A-grade source fluid during the competition at Xiping Lake after all.

Although Sun Miaomiao had expected this, when she heard her own name, she couldn’t help but get excited. She had to calm down and keep her emotions in check.

She was a girl who normally paid a lot of attention to the way she portrayed herself, so this sort of reaction was somewhat unexpected for her.

Many people looked enviously at her as Sun Miaomiao and a soldier quickly headed over to Cultivation Room No. 2.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense. Although most people had known deep down that the last A-grade source fluid would not be awarded to them, they had still harbored some anticipation in their hearts.

An A-grade source fluid was something that could determine one’s future.

They all had to create a firm foundation with a solid source core if they wanted to have any possibility of progressing. If they awakened a weak source core, then all their future prospects would be bleak.

Guan Wanli was very nervous. He needed to get the third A-grade source fluid, so he had asked his grandfather to pull some strings.

That source fluid had to belong to him!

His heart was beating furiously. This A-grade source fluid was just too important to him!

“Guan Wanli! Cultivation Room No.3!” Chief Instructor Lu had been staring at Guan Wanli’s face for half a minute before he announced this.

Guan Wanli felt a little uncomfortable under Chief Instructor Lu’s gaze.

He knew that Chief Instructor Lu did not trust him. He hadn’t used his own abilities to win that source fluid after all.

The person who had obtained it had been Luo Yunyang.

As he followed a soldier to Cultivation Room No.3, Guan Wanli’s resolve became stronger. He wanted to awaken a high-grade source core and show everyone how extraordinary he was. He wanted Chief Instructor Lu to see that he wasn’t weak.

He wanted to at least become second in rank after Luo Yunyang.

“Chen Yong, Yang Yirui, Xie Tian, Xie Di! Cultivation Room No.4!” Chief Instructor Lu’s voice was as emotionless as ever, yet Chen Yong, Yang Yirui and the others started cheering together.

An A-grade source fluid had been out of their reach all along, so their main objective had been to get a B-grade source fluid. Thus, when Chief Instructor Lu called out their names first, they were all beyond delighted.

The 20 B-grade source fluids had attracted a lot of people’s attention, including Bai Yuming’s. The arrogant Bai Yuming had been watching the 20 B-grade source fluids closely.

He had already given up any hope of getting an A-grade source fluid, but he believed that he would get a B-grade source fluid no matter what.

He was more talented than most people after all. If it hadn’t been for Luo Yunyang’s suppression, Bai Yuming thought that perhaps he might have been able to obtain an A-grade source fluid during the Eight Army Meet.

Bai Yuming was hoping that his name would be on the list, but when the 20th name was announced, it wasn’t his.

It was Zhao Buge’s!

Why not me? My cultivation base is much stronger than Zhao Buge’s! Bai Yuming kept reminding himself of this. Just grin through this. You will speak through your strength later. Bai Yuming was unable to control his emotions.

All he could hear was the rumbling sound in his ears. The huge stone crushing his heart started to disintegrate and turn into countless tiny fragments. These tiny fragments squeezed together to create an even greater pressure that forced him to shout at Chief Instructor Lu at the top of his lungs, “I refuse to accept this!”

Chief Instructor Lu glanced at Bai Yuming, but didn’t speak right away. Instead, he turned to look at the remaining elite class members.

“Do any of you object to my decision?”

In the past, when everyone had been uncooperative, the vast majority would have objected as soon as they heard this question. They all tended to believed that, if they couldn’t get something, no one else should have it either.

Humans always had this kind of selfish thoughts.

As Bai Yuming watched them expectantly though, almost everyone replied in unison, “I wholeheartedly accept Chief Instructor Lu’s arrangement!”

Bai Yuming saw disdain and mockery in their gazes. He suddenly felt as if he was the target of a multitude of arrows.

His heart was on fire, his entire body seemed to be ablaze, his mouth felt chapped, and a burning pain flooded his throat and eyes.

He couldn’t accept this, but he ultimately had no choice but to come to terms with it.