Supreme Uprising Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Giving These Youngsters A Chance

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One-Yuan Water. One drop was as heavy as a river!

As it flowed from the Nine Heaven Falls and broke through the spatial barrier, every drop of this One-Yuan Water could immediately kill a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse.

Although this One-Yuan Water would only flow and be collected at a set position, the flowing One-Yuan Water still made many Sacred Wyrm Tribe spectators feel terrified.

There had always been one rule in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe. Regardless of background or birth, as long as one was able to ascend the Nine Heaven Falls and arrive at the peak, that person would be able to enter the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool and cultivate.

In the past, some Sacred Wyrm Tribe people had felt that this rule was somewhat biased. However, as they watched the cascading Nine Heaven Falls now, they felt that their understanding of the Nine Heaven Falls had been too shallow.

As Aoyun Donghai spoke, practically all the elites participating in this challenge took to the air and rushed towards the cascading Nine Heaven Falls and the unceasing flow of One-Yuan Water.

“Chiming, you definitely have to do it!”

Following this cry, a roar of cheers resounded from platforms floating in the void as Sacred Wyrm Tribe people showed their support.

Although the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had accepted its identity as a subsidiary of the Human Tribe, its members had never viewed themselves as lower lifeforms compared to humans.

It was just that the power between the two races was too large. Thus, they had always silently endured these sentiments. Now, during this challenge that concerned the Eight-Treasure Dragon Pool, these sentiments all came bubbling forth.

“Qingchan, I will marry you as long as you are the first to ascend the Nine Heaven Fall!” a Sacred Wyrm beauty shouted.

“Come on, Brother Zhicong, you are the best!”

Chiming and other young elites of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, who were inspired, felt their blood rushing as they heard these shouts of encouragement.

To them, the entire Nine Heaven Falls was a stage where they could perform. They knew that it would be difficult to prevent Luo Yunyang from rushing up the Nine Heaven Falls, but they had to be the first to ascend if they wanted to surpass him.

They had already taken their wyrm form, so all of them practically rushed towards the cascading One-Yuan Water at the fastest speed possible.

Unfortunately, the cascading One-Yuan Water wasn’t something that could be conquered just by courage. Some Sacred Wyrm martialists that were too intent on winning moved too quickly when they entered.

Although the One-Yuan Water cover could be broken, moving at such speed also meant that it wasn’t stable.

A black wyrm was flushed out by a gush of One-Yuan Water from the Nine Heaven Falls the instant he entered because he was moving too fast.

Even though this wouldn’t be enough to cause death, the black wyrm was like a thrown stone spiraling uncontrollably until he crashed to the ground.

“Damn!” A black wyrm spectator who clearly belonged to the same tribe roared in anguish.

Many of the other Sacred Wyrm Tribe audience members didn’t seem sympathetic to the black wyrm’s mishap. Some of them even watched on with disdain.

This was probably due to the internal competition between the branches of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe. The failure of this black wyrm wasn’t a big deal. Instead, it pleased certain people.

However, the opponent was Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Zongzi, who was from the Human Tribe. These people hoped that their Sacred Wyrm elites would not fall short and they would defeat this absolute elite from Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

A bad opening would be disgraceful.

As the black wyrm was rescued, the other Sacred Wyrm powerhouses that had entered the Nine Heaven Fall, started picking up the pace.

The strong and weak were clearly set apart in just a moment. Nine wyrms were advancing together at the forefront.

Chiming wasn’t slow and he had used a number of mystic arts, yet his position in this intense competition was somewhere in the 20s.

He was very dejected when he saw the wyrm in the lead. This dauntless struggle was made by a once-in-a-generation elite.

It was only thanks to Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Zongzi Luo Yunyang that they were able to join the Nine Heaven Falls challenge this time.

“Mmm… Luo Yunyang isn’t in front. This means that I am ahead of him!” Chiming thought, his heart calming down.

This time, his objective wasn’t to compete for first place. Instead, it was to realize the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s advantage in the Nine Heaven Falls and crush Luo Yunyang’s resolve.

If those fellows didn’t participate, then beating Luo Yunyang would be up to Chiming. He would be the hero of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe and catch the attention of many tribe big shots…

Many people harbored the same thoughts as Luo Yunyang, as they too had realized there wasn’t any trace of Luo Yunyang ahead of them.

Why hadn’t that despicable human appeared yet?

Aboard the large dragon ship, Luo Yunyang saw all the wyrms going against the flow of the Nine Heaven Falls. There wasn’t any hint of worry on his face. Instead, he smiled slightly.

His smile was relaxed, as if he was watching an interesting performance.

“It has already started, Yunyang Zongzi. Why haven’t you entered the Nine Heaven Fall?” As Aoyun Donghai looked over at Luo Yunyang, there was a hint of displeasure in his voice. “If you think that the start was unfair, I can get them to return and restart.”

Aoyun Donghai was undeniably the person with the highest status amongst all the Sacred Wyrm spectators. His words made a bunch of indignant glances shoot towards him.

However, Aoyun Donghai’s status in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe was extraordinary. Although people would be unhappy with his decision, nobody would dare to disobey.

However, someone still groused. “It’s already said that the Human Race is proficient in tactics. Looks like this is also a type of tactic!”

Luo Yunyang heard sarcastic remarks like this but ignored them. He just smiled at Aoyun Donghai and said, “I think that we should still give these youngsters a chance.”

These arrogant words stunned Aoyun Donghai, who immediately thought, “Could Luo Yunyang have chosen not to compete because he realizes it would be very difficult for him to come out on top of the Nine Heaven Falls Challenge?”

Although this would result in losing half the Dragon Transformation Fluid, it was still a decent way of protecting his reputation.

However, would this sort of trick really work?

Many thoughts went through Aoyun Donghai’s mind, but he didn’t say anything else. His heart was filled with immense doubt, yet he knew that it was best not to say anything now.

“Halfway through! They are halfway through!” someone shouted when a scarlet-gold wyrm vigorously blasted through the cascading One-Yuan Water.

This wyrm had been very quick at first. However, now that he had rushed through the halfway mark of the Nine Heaven Fall, it seemed as though victory was in his grasp.

“It’s His Highness Huang Jiaojiu. I knew that His Highness Jiaojiu had unlimited potential. Ha ha ha!”

“Given His Highness’ speed, he will be able to break through the restrictions of the Nine Heaven Falls in another 15 minutes and take the route to the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool.”

“His Highness Huang Jiaojiu is wise and talented. He is the pride of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe in this challenge!”

Cries of praise and acclamation echoed out unceasingly. Many people were watching Prince Huang Jiaojiu with eyes filled with admiration.

However, besides watching their many tribesmen strenuously pushing up the Nine Heaven Fall, many more people were shooting furtive glances at the still unmoving Luo Yunyang.

There were puzzled looks on their faces, as well as looks of disdain and even anger…

The people shooting looks of disdain believed that Luo Yunyang was aware that he was inferior and was afraid to compete so he had chosen this method to back out.

Those furious people felt that Luo Yunyang’s actions were an insult to their intelligence.

Even Cen Tianlong, who wasn’t too far away from Luo Yunyang, also became a target of hostile glances. Although Cen Tianlong could sense this, he just turned a blind eye.

Indeed, he was turning a blind eye! What he was concerned about right now was what Luo Yunyang was thinking! Why was he still not entering the Nine Heaven Fall?

If Luo Yunyang wasn’t confident, he could have completely declined before this had even begun. Could Luo Yunyang have been full of confidence at the beginning yet chosen to cower upon seeing the Nine Heaven Fall?

In that case, using such a method to avoid participating would seem even more wretched than losing.

As Cen Tianlong was speculating, he suddenly heard a series of cheers once again. Following those cheers, he realized that the violet-gold dragon known as His Highness Prince Jiaojiu was only several hundred meters away from the top of the Nine Heaven Fall.

Although the pressure sustained got heavier closer to the top, the fact that he had already completed ninety percent of the ascent meant that he had a massive advantage over Luo Yunyang that would be difficult to beat.

How could Luo Yunyang turn the tables in the face of such superiority?

“What a thorough disappointment… I thought we would get to see a Human Zongzi perform, yet this just turned out to be an internal competition between the Sacred Wyrm Tribe!” A Sacred Wyrm martialist didn’t mince his words.

His words were clearly targeted at Luo Yunyang!

Although Cen Tianlong knew that if these words were allowed to go on, Hong Meng Sacred Hall might be affected slightly, he really didn’t know what to say right now.

“You shall not be disappointed!” Luo Yunyang’s voice suddenly rang out. As he said this, the originally still Luo Yunyang on top of the dragon ship took to the air and shot in the direction of the Nine Heaven Fall.

Cen Tianlong could only wonder exactly what Luo Yunyang was up to as he watched Luo Yunyang’s figure shoot through the air.