Supreme Uprising Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Like Lightning Like Thunder Like Wind

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Intense competition was going on under the Nine Heaven Falls.

This was an important event for the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, so tons of people from the tribe either gathered around the Nine Heaven Falls or used various means to watch the circumstances at the Nine Heaven Falls.

Amongst all the people watching, the one with the highest status was probably the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Patriarch.

The giant purple-horned wyrm lazed within his own palace. However, his eyes pierced the void, as he was actually watching everything that was going on far away.

Although his body wasn’t in this space, he actually felt like he was there.

This was a Yuan Venerate! An Almighty!

He had a bad feeling when he saw Luo Yunyang stand still and not make a move.

This was what people called knowing thyself and knowing thy enemy. He had done his homework on Luo Yunyang. Even though he had never had any encounters with this person in the past, he had already gotten information regarding Luo Yunyang through a good friend in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

This was a person who was unwilling to lose.

The Yuan Venerate Almighty had a vague inkling of what Luo Yunyang was about to do.

However, deep down, he was unwilling to accept his own view. As Chiming, Prince Huang Jiaojiu, and the others neared the Near Heaven Falls summit, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch’s worry slowly lessened.

Unfortunately, before he could even breathe, Luo Yunyang took to the air and shot off like a rocket towards that surging mass of One-Yuan Water.

He was really insane to actually be making his move right now!

This Yuan Venerate Patriarch was well-versed in the might of the Nine Heaven Falls. Naturally, if he were the one ascending the Nine Heaven Falls, he would do so in a flash.

However, most ordinary Heavenly Venerates wouldn’t even last 15 minutes. Those that could scale the Nine Heaven Falls were geniuses of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

Practically most of the people scaling the Nine Heaven Falls this time were top-notch individuals of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe that had a cultivation base beneath a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

They trudged upwards step by step. The strongest, who was Prince Huang Jiaojiu, was only several hundred meters away, which was a distance that could be covered in just twenty or so seconds.

Even if Luo Yunyang was extraordinary, would he be able to catch up?

Aoyun Donghai had also been paying attention to Luo Yunyang all this time. The instant Luo Yunyang took to the sky, Aoyun Donghai smirked slightly.

Luo Yunyang was really ignorant if he had charged out at this time. Did he really think that the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Nine Heaven Falls was just a toy?

Even Aoyun Donghai wouldn’t be able to rush up to the peak of Nine Heaven Falls in such a short space of time.

“Ha ha ha… I saw that human rushing up. What is he trying to achieve? Is he using this method to secure his failure?” A scathing comment was posted on the forums of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s virtual realm.

“Perhaps he likes to fail in this sort of manner!”

“Yes, I think that he wants to use this method to prove that if he wanted to rush, he wouldn’t be weaker than a Sacred Wyrm Tribe elite.”

“He he he… You are right. I believe that this is why too. He is a Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzi after all. We should have expected that he has this sort of ability.”

All sorts of disparaging and mocking remarks appeared. However, after about ten seconds, these snide comments vanished completely.

What was this? How had he already reached the halfway point of Nine Heaven Falls?

Luo Yunyang was currently at the midpoint of Nine Heaven Falls. It could be said that it had merely taken him a few seconds to overtake the majority of Sacred Wyrm Tribe elites that were still struggling in the Nine Heaven Falls.

Many Sacred Wyrm Tribe elites were frantically forcing their way against the cascading One-Yuan Water of the Nine Heaven Falls. Thus, they simply didn’t notice that the person they were all wary of had already bypassed them.

“Ahh! Luo Yunyang!” A purple wyrm who had formed a barrier outside his body was moving upwards against the flow.

Unfortunately, his mental state was shaken when he saw the figure of a human whiz past him. As he exclaimed in astonishment, the barrier he had been sustaining crumbled when he was distracted.

Surging One-Yuan Water thundered downwards and washed that purple wyrm out of Nine Heaven Falls.

The purple wyrm looked up and watched the seemingly divine Luo Yunyang rising up Nine Heaven Falls without much of an obstruction. He had only one thought in mind.

How was this possible?

Only those who had personally experienced Nine Heaven Falls would know how terrifying and powerful the One-Yuan Water that fell from the Nine Heavens really was.

Even the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s members couldn’t forcefully withstand it just by relying on their physical body, yet Luo Yunyang was actually weaving up the Nine Heaven Falls.

It seemed as if his body didn’t even feel the impact of the Nine Heaven Falls.

“Sir Donghai, what is going on?” a Sacred Wyrm Tribe Heavenly Venerate asked Aoyun Donghai, sounding baffled.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe could afford to lose this challenge. After all, even if they lost, their defeat could rouse the fighting spirit of their tribe’s young generation.

However, now that Luo Yunyang was entering the challenge this way, the young generation’s fighting spirit might be crushed instead of roused.

Aoyun Donghai actually believed that if Luo Yunyang was allowed to ascend to the top under the circumstances, they would need at least 10 Yuanhuis before they could allow their young generation to tangle with the Human Tribe again.

“He is too fast!” Aoyun Donghai lamented gloomily in the end.

Too fast! While rushing up the Nine Heaven Falls quickly, he was not feeling the pressure of the One-Yuan Water striking him.

That Heavenly Venerate came to an understanding after hearing Aoyun Donghai’s words. He sighed in disbelief while watching Luo Yunyang weaving through the Nine Heaven Falls. “Isn’t this speed a little too fast?”

Aoyun Donghai didn’t respond. He was now thinking about something.

Luo Yunyang’s speed was too quick. If Aoyun Donghai wanted to kill this person, he absolutely couldn’t allow this insane speed to be unleashed.

As all these thoughts went through his mind, he realized that Luo Yunyang was about 600 meters from the top of Nine Heaven Falls.

Chiming and the other young elites were currently 600 meters from the top and they were still charging upwards frantically. However, all of them were moving at a very slow pace, and cuts and scratches kept appearing on their bodies as they ascended.

“Endure! In three more minutes, we will reach the top!” Chiming bellowed, encouraging himself and his comrades.

Against the ferocious, cascading Nine Heaven Falls, their internal conflicts and competition no longer seemed to exist. Right now, their common objective was Nine Heaven Falls and beating Luo Yunyang.

However, Chiming fell silent after that roar. After all, he also saw Luo Yunyang zooming past them towards the top of the waterfall.

“How did you…” Chiming remembered that the last time he had seen Luo Yunyang had been two minutes ago. At the time, that man had still been standing still on the dragon ship. Thus, Chiming had reckoned that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be participating in this Nine Heaven Falls challenge.

Of course, he had felt unhappy that making Luo Yunyang an opponent had been a letdown.

Now, he knew exactly how large the gap between them was. While he was watching that figure rocketing upwards, he no longer cared about resisting the One-Yuan Water all around. Instead, he roared, “It is all up to you, Prince Jiaojiu!”

When this was said, Chiming was flushed down by the currently black One-Yuan Water. Although he wasn’t thrown out of the Nine Heaven Falls, he was still pushed downwards rather considerably.

Chiming wasn’t dismayed by this outcome, yet he didn’t advance anymore either. Instead, he watched Luo Yunyang moving leisurely upwards.

300 meters, 200 meters, 1,000 meters…

The gap between Luo Yunyang and Prince Huang Jiaojiu was shrinking. Aoyun Dahai and the others could clearly see that His Highness Huang Jiaojiu was panicking.

Actually, even if Prince Jiaojiu could maintain his composure, he wouldn’t be able to change the outcome.

Aoyun Doghai really felt an impulse to contact the Patriarch. He knew that the Patriarch was the only one that could control Nine Heaven Falls.

If the Patriarch did something, then Prince Huang Jiaojiu’s ascension to the top would become really easy. While doing so might be a little shameful, Luo Yunyang’s actions had already made them lose a great deal of face.

There was no other alternative besides this!

In fact, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch had been prepared to make a move. Just as he was about to set forth and take on the task, he suddenly discovered that a figure had entered his abode.

“Yuan Venerate White Crane, why have you come?” the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch asked with a hint of fury.

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled faintly. “I haven’t seen my old friend in so long, so I came over to pay him a visit!”

These words made the Patriarch feel like cursing out loud. Who is your old friend? Don’t think I do not know why you have come!

However, due to their difference in strength, he was helpless even though he knew what was up. Ultimately, he could only smile grimly and say bitterly, “Are you afraid that I will help my tribe’s people?”

“Only your type of people would have such an idea. The Nine Heaven Falls have always been fair!”

After saying that, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch formed a hand seal and a loud boom echoed from the rather stable Nine Heaven Falls.

The cascading waterfall immediately increased in size 10 times, and the color of the One-Yuan Water turned murky.

Every single drop of One-Yuan Water seemed like it would make one’s heart palpitate.

“Ha ha ha! The Sacred Wyrm Tribe always selects disciples according to strict standards!” The Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch threw his head back and roared with laughter. As this laughter rang out, countless Sacred Wyrm elites were flushed down the Nine Heaven Falls.

The formidable might of the Nine Heaven Falls had increased a hundredfold!