Supreme Uprising Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Stepping Into The Second Level Heavenly Venerate

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The 18-Path Creation Origin Source obtained from the creation disc could be considered really wonderful. Not only could it increase offensive might, but it also made Luo Yunyang’s comprehension of various cultivation techniques really easy.

Things that seemed really difficult to comprehend became clear all of a sudden.

Various sorts of benefits could result in massive gains that were related to Luo Yunyang’s comprehensive power. However, Luo Yunyang always had a vague feeling that he hadn’t gained any real way of making use of this Creation Origin Source.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall had never illustrated the uses of this Creation Origin Source before. As he unlocked the ninth gene seal, Luo Yunyang sensed that the two were mutually attracted.

However, incorporating the two of them wasn’t easy. The 18-Path Creation Origin Source was unpredictable, and the pagoda formed by the Black Yellow Supreme Blood was just as difficult to deal with.

Even against the Creation Origin Source, it didn’t seem to have any intention of giving way.

Besides requiring some treasures to incorporate these two, time was also necessary to get it to gel form.

However, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that the day this took form would be the day he would gain the foundations to become a Yuan Venerate Almighty.

Although harmonizing these two was important, Luo Yunyang felt that this incorporation would be like fishing the moon out of the water [1. A Chinese saying about trying to fish out the reflection of the moon. It implies that this is a fruitless attempt] so he wouldn’t know when he achieved it.

Thus, Luo Yunyang placed his focus on the Great Path Golden Lotus.

The Great Path Golden Lotus was already in full bloom. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang had long studied the uses of the Great Path Golden Lotus. It could be said that he was fully prepared, so he didn’t hesitate as he tapped the Great Path Golden Lotus.

In a moment, the blossoming Great Path Golden Lotus once again flew into Luo Yunyang’s One-Yuan Universe.

However, this time, unlike when it had been just a flower bud, the Great Path Golden Lotus glowed way more magnificently as it entered the One-Yuan Universe.

Every lotus petal on the Great Path Golden Lotus started to expand frantically. After blooming, the Great Path Golden Lotus, which had been only about the size of a bowl, was enlarged countless times.

The massive Great Path Golden Lotus was like a sponge rapidly absorbing every part of Luo Yunyang’s One-Yuan UNiverse.

Indeed, it was absorbing everything!

The primal chaotic Qi within the One-Yuan Universe, the various powers of laws in the One-Yuan Universe, and the arrangements of the One-Yuan Universe were quickly absorbed into the Great Path Golden Lotus.


When the Great Path Golden Lotus turned black as ink, a thunderous boom echoed in Luo Yunyang’s internal universe.

Then, the Great Path Golden Lotus, which had already absorbed sufficient energy, burst open. An earth-rending power expanded in all directions from the core of the Great Path Golden Lotus.

In the blink of an eye, a universe with the Great Path Golden Lotus at its core started to form. By using the One-Yuan Universe as a reference, the new internal universe started to take shape in an instant.

If the two universes shrank and one saw the big picture, they would seem like two balls of chaotic colored light. Although they didn’t merge, something that felt like the mystery of mysteries appeared in Luo Yunyang’s dantian.

As the second universe was completely formed, some areas of cultivation that couldn’t be cultivated seemed to get enlightened before appearing in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

However, he didn’t test out the changes caused by the formation of this second universe. Instead, he waited quietly for this second universe to completely take shape.

Outside the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool, the massive purple wyrm was watching Luo Yunyang. Although nothing had changed about Luo Yunyang, he had a feeling that Luo Yunyang’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

These improvements couldn’t be considered important for existences like him, who were in the Yuan Venerate realm. However, he could gauge Luo Yunyang’s potential based on this.

This was a potential that made him feel afraid.

The moment Luo Yunyang ascended and became a Yuan Venerate Almighty, his power would definitely become even greater than the power of most ordinary Yuan Venerate Almighties.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe also saw a massive potential to become a Yuan Venerate Almighty in Luo Yunyang’s body.

“Aoyun Donghai, invite Luo Yunyang for a trip to the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Yuan Tian Mystic Realm after he exits seclusion!”

Although Aoyun Donghai wasn’t a disciple of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch, he had served the Patriarch for many years and was well-versed in the temperament of the old Patriarch.

Although the Patriarch couldn’t be considered extremely miserly, he did possess innate avarice that was synonymous with the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

This didn’t just apply to foreign tribes. Even within the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, he would also think over and over again when it came to giving out non-essential rewards.

Now, he actually wanted to invite Luo Yunyang to the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Yuan Tian Mystic Realm out of his own accord.

The Yuan Tian Mystic Realm could be considered extremely important to the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe. Only Sacred Wyrms that ascended to the Heavenly Venerate could enter the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm to gain comprehension.

It was fabled that a remote ancestor of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had left behind a secret technique within the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm. Such a place could even be considered fundamental land for the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

“Patriarch, the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm…” Although he didn’t know why the Patriarch was suddenly so generous, Aoyun Donghai felt that he needed to express his opinion.

After all, deep in his heart, Aoyun Donghai wasn’t willing to let an outsider enter a fundamental land of his tribe.

“Alright, there is no need for you to say anything. Just do as I say!” The massive purple-horned wyrm then added, “You can tell Luo Yunyang that he can choose one of the mystic arts of our tribe and study it.”

“No limitations?” Aoyun Donghai’s heart trembled. This was a little too much.

He would rather choose a tribe beauty for Luo Yunyang as a form of goodwill than allow Luo Yunyang to enter the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm.

“Enough! Just do as I bid!” The massive purple wyrm’s voice sounded evidently impatient.

Yuan Venerate White Crane didn’t care about any of this. This wasn’t the first time in the history of Hong Meng Sacred Hall that a subsidiary tribe of the Human Race had tried to curry favor with these Zongzis. It wasn’t that surprising that the massive purple wyrm was trying to get on Luo Yunyang’s good side now.

Luo Yunyang had already been able to pass through the sixth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages when he had been a first-level Heavenly Venerate. Now, he had broken into the second level, and his physical body, which was most difficult to refine, had also reached Physical Body Sanctification.

It could be said that his power had experienced a massive leap, and perhaps he could even pass the seventh Origin Martial Stage.

The seventh Origin Martial Stage could be considered a checkpoint of the 13 Origin Martial Stages. In fact, becoming a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate was a difficult mountain to scale.

Sixth-level Heavenly Venerates were considered mighty in most cosmoses, but seventh-level Heavenly Venerates were existences that possessed great authority in the Great Cosmos.

Generally speaking, although seventh-level Heavenly Venerates might not necessarily be seventh-level Origin Martial Heavenly Venerates, a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate would basically be able to pass the sixth stage of 13 Origin Martial Stages.

If Luo Yunyang possessed the strength of a seventh-level Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate, he could once again break the historical records of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

A hundred days later, Luo Yunyang came out of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool. By now, the Dragon Transformation Fluid in the Dragon Transformation Pool had already become clear so it lacked any traces of impurity.

Although this water was way more effective compared to spring water elsewhere, it could no longer be changed. It had already completely lost the essence of the Dragon Transformation Fluid.

It hadn’t just been used to catalyze the Great Path Golden Lotus. The Dragon Transformation Fluid had also purified Luo Yunyang’s bloodline and helped him unlock the ninth gene seal.

Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator in his mind.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 121, Speed: 101, Constitution: 215, Mind: 305, Bloodline: 3.2

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 265, Speed: 141, Mind: 214, Constitution: 241

Although Luo Yunyang was very satisfied upon seeing the various attributes of his own body, he was still a little rueful. After all, despite the considerable rise of his body’s strength, there was still a gulf compared to the recently-ascended Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast… This life form was truly blessed by the sky and land.

“Yunyang Zongzi, congratulations on ascending to the second-level Heavenly Venerate.” Aoyun Donghai, who was now in human form, welcomed Luo Yunyang with a smile.

Behind him stood Cen Tianlong.

Although Cen Tianlong was an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate, he couldn’t help but feel a faint but instinctive fear when he saw Luo Yunyang. This fear was the sort of fear a martialist felt when they sensed hidden danger.

Luo Yunyang, who had just ascended to the second level, already made him feel fearful. If he was so strong now, how strong would Luo Yunyang be when he advanced to higher levels?

Immediately, Cen Tianlong’s attitude towards Luo Yunyang became even more respectful.

Although he was an eighth-level Hong Meng Sacred Hall and had also been a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall in the past, he knew very well that his time had long passed.

It was basically impossible for him to become a Yuan Venerate. Thus, all he could do was foster a good relationship with Luo Yunyang, who possessed great potential to become a Yuan Venerate.

“Yunyang Zongzi, our Patriarch wanted to congratulate you personally on your advancement, but an Almighty would have to use a clone. Therefore, he sent me to offer congratulations on his behalf.” Aoyun Donghai had originally silently criticized his Patriarch, but he totally forgot all about it after seeing Luo Yunyang’s transformed demeanor.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe should invest in Luo Yunyang. It was indeed worth it.

Aoyun Donghai’s words left Cen Tianlong shocked. The Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch was a Yuan Venerate Almighty. Although Aoyun Donghai’s message was just a customary polite greeting, hearing him say such stuff was already rare.

After all, this was basically a Yuan Venerate Almighty expressing goodwill.

Luo Yunyang was about to thank the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Patriarch for his care, when Aoyun Donghai said, “The Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Yuan Tian Mystic Realm might not be comparable to Hong Meng Sacred Hall, but our Patriarch has invited Brother Luo for a visit.”

Cen Tianlong, who had been struggling to keep his composure, nearly blurted out, “How can this be?”