Supreme Uprising Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Yuan Tian Mystic Realm

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Luo Yunyang wasnt too sure what the Yuan Tian Mystic realm was. However, he definitely wouldnt decline these free benefits.

Although some people believed that there was no such thing as a free lunch, Luo Yunyang still decided to enjoy these benefits the Sacred Wyrm Tribe was giving him before considering anything else.

Luo Yunyang couldnt know how far the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm was from the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool either. Meanwhile, Aoyun Donghai handed over a token when Luo Yunyang accepted and said, "Yunyang Zongzi, using this seal will allow you to enter Yuan Tian Mystic Realm."

"This jade seal allows you to spend a day in Yuan Tian Mystic Realm. The Patriarch has said that you can select one of the various mystic arts within Yuan Tian Mystic Realm."

Select a mystic art? In Cen Tianlongs opinion, this was even more generous than allowing Luo Yunyang to enter Yuan Tian Mystic Realm to gain enlightenment.

It was also at this time that Cen Tianlong sensed how much the Sacred Wyrm Tribe valued Luo Yunyang.

"Thank you, Sacred Wyrm Patriarch. Thank you, Heavenly Venerate Aoyun." Luo Yunyang said thanks and then took the jade seal and broke it.

This token jade seal, which seemed like a spatial teleportation array, immediately sent Luo Yunyang into another space.

The instant he arrived at this space, Luo Yunyang felt boundless power forming pressure on his body.

This feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

Just as he tried to use the power within his body to resist this pressure, he discovered that his internal universe, which revolved incessantly within his body, seemed to have been suppressed by something and was unable to work.

What was going on?

When Luo Yunyang tried to forcefully activate his internal universe, he heard a soft voice say, "The Yuan Tian Mystic Realm is the Sacred Wyrm Tribe primogenitors sea of consciousness. Entities below Yuan Venerate Almighties will find it difficult to use internal universes here."

An elegant, beautiful lady in a light purple dress floated over.

This lady, who was slender and just slightly shorter than Luo Yunyang, gave off an air of grace.

The lady also had a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base.

She giggled upon seeing Luo Yunyangs doubtful expression. "I am Qing Yuelan of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe. I was cultivating over here when I received Sir Aoyun Donghais instructions to assume the role of your guide."

Luo Yunyang had traveled extensively all these years and seen all sorts of godly beauties. Although Qing Yuelan wasnt the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, he had to admit that this female Heavenly Venerate possessed some sort of captivating grace.

He replied with a smile, "In that case, I will have to trouble you, Heavenly Venerate Qing Yuelan."

"You can just call me Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue." Qing Yuelan smiled demurely. "My friends like to call me that."

Qing Yuelan gazed into the surrounding void, which was full of primordial chaos, and said, "Yuan Tian Mystic Realm is a fundamental ground of our tribe. According to the rules of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, only Heavenly Venerates that make massive contributions to our tribe can enter Yuan Tian Mystic Realm."

"To my knowledge, Heavenly Venerate Yunyang is the ninth tribe outsider allowed into Yuan Tian Mystic Realm to gain enlightenment."

Qing Yuelans voice was as gentle and soothing as music. Although Luo Yunyang had no intention of getting involved with this lady, he couldnt help but involuntarily feel at ease upon hearing her soothing explanation.

"How should I be enlightened?" Luo Yunyang, who never lost focus of his objective for coming, asked Qing Yuelan after she was done with her introduction.

"Yuan Tian Mystic Realm is the progenitors sea of consciousness, so one can view the memories left behind by the progenitor just by sitting in a lotus position and quietly connecting to this consciousness."

At this point, Qing Yuelans voice became a bit more solemn. "However, some of the esteemed progenitors memories are too frightening. If you find it difficult to comprehend them, do not force it."

Qing Yuelan then said gravely, "Once, there was a Heavenly Venerate of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe with massive potential whose cultivation was damaged greatly and his consciousness crumbled because he tried to forcefully understand a mystic art that was beyond him."

"Therefore, you must definitely remember this, Heavenly Venerate Yunyang."

Luo Yunyang nodded. "Thank you, Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue. I got it."

"Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, our comprehending time is limited. I shall not bother you anymore. When you feel that you no longer need to comprehend anymore, you can use this jade token to inform me."

"Then, I will take you to select a mystic art that you like." As she said that, Qing Yuelan passed a jade communication token to Luo Yunyang.

"Alright, thank you, Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue." Luo Yunyang took the slightly warm token from her hands.

As he watched Qing Yuelan leave gracefully, Luo Yunyang immediately expelled any distracting thoughts he had, sat down in a lotus position, and slowly used the method Qing Yuelan had imparted to try and gain enlightenment from this mystic realm.

In just a short while, Luo Yunyang felt the mystic realm changing. A humongous ash-gray dragon appeared in his mind.

When he met the eyes of this humongous wyrm, Luo Yunyang felt his blood run cold. He actually felt every part of him freeze under the gaze of this humongous wyrm.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath before this feeling passed. However, he had merely relaxed a little when a spear-light filled with killing intent fell from the nine heavens.

Luo Yunyang didnt know how to describe this spear-light. He had only one thought the instant he saw itit would be very difficult to block it.

Luo Yunyang had already reached the Heavenly Venerate realm, so the things that could make him feel absolutely helpless were very few. However, he really felt puny when he saw the spear-light descending from the heavens.

Exactly what sort of existence could hurl a spear this powerful?

Before leaving the Da Alliance, Luo Yunyang had once comprehended a spear-casting technique from an ancient spear.

Back then, that spear technique had aided Luo Yunyang considerably, so Luo Yunyang rather liked and paid a lot of attention to spear techniques.

Although he hadnt used this sort of method in many years, he still remembered that spear-casting technique.

Now, his own spear-casting method far surpassed the owner of that ancient spear. However, he still couldnt help but feel that he was puny upon seeing this spear hurtling downwards.

As his thoughts froze, the humongous ash-gray sacred wyrm clawed heavily at the spear.

Although Luo Yunyang couldnt sense any abstruseness within this claw, it landed on the massive spear when it was unleashed.

Instantly, the hurtling spear shattered and cracks appeared in the humongous wyrms left claw.

Even drops of golden blood were flowing down the claw of that giant wyrm.

This claw would probably be an exceptional mystic art for a Sacred Wyrm Tribe martialist. However, Luo Yunyang didnt really pay much attention to this claw strike. His mind was entirely focused on the astonishing spear that hurtled through the nine heavens.

Unfortunately, he had only seen the spear hurtling through the air. He didnt know who its owner was or how this being had cast the spear.

While Luo Yunyang wanted to know what would happen next, the adversary the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor was facing changed all of a sudden.

A figure that looked like a member of the Human Race was exchanging blows with the Ancestor now. As Luo Yunyang glanced at that figure, the figure seemed to sense it and actually looked over in Luo Yunyangs direction.

That gaze transcended boundless space and time and landed solely on Luo Yunyang.

When Luo Yunyang met this gaze, he felt like a tiny ant in the face of the river of space and time.

The figure merely cast a faint glance at Luo Yunyang before turning to look at his opponent. However, the giant pestle in his hand never halted. It had continued to swing at the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor all this time.

These strikes seemed really ordinary. However, each time the pestle was swung, Luo Yunyang felt as though he could see countless pestles striking at the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor. There were countless pasts, endless futures, and only one present.

This time, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor didnt parry. His body was like a sack that was sent flying.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe crashed into countless stars and frantically escaped through the void. The human figure didnt give chase.

The figure turned its head once again, as though it was staring at the endless void or perhaps looking at Luo Yunyang. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang discovered that the massive pestle in this persons hand looked just like his Eternal Divine Pestle.

Who was this? How strong was he?

When this person left, yet another battle scene appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind. He saw the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor open his mouth and swallow vast skies and lands in an instant.

Scene after scene flashed through Luo Yunyangs mind. Each scene depicted a battle that the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor had participated in.

During these battle scenes, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor used over thirty different techniques. Every technique was extremely powerful.

As these battle scenes appeared, Luo Yunyang could actually choose one and try to comprehend it meticulously.

However, he wasnt too interested in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestors combat methods. Thus, he just watched as these battle scenes played out.

Although he didnt get a deep comprehension, Luo Yunyang still gained quite a bit by observing these battle scenes.

Thus, when he sensed that the battle scenes were about to end, yet another scene appeared before him.

Luo Yunyangs eyes filled with astonishment when he saw this scene.

After all, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor was battling a Chaotic Four-Origin Beast!

Actually, it was a mature Chaotic Four-Origin Beast!