Supreme Uprising Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Sky Splitting Repetition Waves

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The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had been considered something that could even tempt great beings back in the small silver tower’s training facility.

Luo Yunyang had previously obtained a Chaotic Four-Origin Beast eye from Yuan Venerate White Crane’s treasure vault. The eye had contained a drop of essence blood that had allowed Luo Yunyang’s Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone to ascend to the Heavenly Venerate realm.

The Heavenly Venerate Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone engendered two types of mystic abilities. However, the requirements for the mystic abilities that only the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could cultivate were too high. Thus, his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone simply didn’t cultivate these abilities at the moment.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyang had never seen a fully-matured Chaotic Four-Origin Beast in battle before.


A roar was emitted from the mouth of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor. After roaring, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor made the first attack.

As that huge body twisted strangely, the massive tail lashed towards Luo Yunyang as if it had a life of its own.

The lash wasn’t just fast. The power it contained also rapidly changed the nomological laws in the surrounding area.

The rapidly-changing nomological laws made countless spatial tears appear in the surrounding void. However, a powerful suction force that was supposed to arise from these tears did not appear. Instead, a strange expelling force appeared.

That moment seemed to reverse in time rapidly. The distance between the Sacred Wyrm Tribe and the fully-matured Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was strangely becoming shorter. Plus…

All sorts of nomological laws were changing with only one purpose: trying to restrain the massive Chaotic Four-Origin Beast that was very difficult to hold off.

Unlike the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor, who was already stretched to his limits, that Chaotic Four-Origin Beast seemed to be at ease. The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast actually seemed to glare at the Sacred Wyrm Tribe with mockery as the wyrm’s massive tail lashed out.

A purple-gold halo of light rose above the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s head. Although it was just one halo, when Luo Yunyang saw it, he had a strong foreboding that it actually contained over ten primal chaotic phaseless loops.

This massive tail that seemed like it contained enough power to destroy an entire cosmos was sent flying away when it collided with that purple-gold halo.

At the same time, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast brandished his left claw and swatted heavily at the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor.

This swipe looked simple, yet Luo Yunyang could see tens of thousands of massive claw strikes combined.

If Luo Yunyang’s Primordial Spirit had not been way stronger than most Heavenly Venerates, he would have just seen a giant claw swipe.

As Luo Yunyang tried to meticulously study the variations of that giant claw strike, a massive heart-rending pain struck Luo Yunyang’s mind.

This pain was extremely unbearable. It was as if hammers were continuously pounding at Luo Yunyang’s mind.


The image in Luo Yunyang’s mind vanished completely. At the moment, the circumstances around Luo Yunyang were no different than when he had first been sitting in a lotus position.

After taking a deep breath, Luo Yunyang made up his mind. Although there were records of the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike in the memories of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, the technique he saw was totally different from the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike in his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s memories.

If the inherited memories of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were a cultivation technique that required comprehension, then he would need to learn from this scene.

Although there were mostly memories of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor in the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm, what Luo Yunyang wanted the most was the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike.

As he sat in a lotus position, Luo Yunyang brought out the memories of the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike technique while letting the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast in his internal universe stop cultivating for the time being.

Having already familiarized himself with the essential points of the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike, Luo Yunyang once again sat in a lotus position and replayed the battle scene between the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although it was the same claw strike, this time, Luo Yunyang felt even more familiarized with it while spectating.

However, he didn’t continue watching. Instead, he focused on the motion of that claw strike.

Although the motion of this claw strike was very simple, in Luo Yunyang’s opinion, it was rather wonderful.

Once, twice, thrice…

Each time he viewed it, Luo Yunyang felt like his mind was crumbling. However, he felt that he gained something each time he watched it.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone situated in Luo Yunyang’s internal universe also practiced the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike continuously.

Luo Yunyang was able to view the scene while cultivating at the same time because his mind was strong enough. The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone started to improve at a tremendous pace. After watching the battle scene for the third time, he could already use a claw swipe with a hundred superimposed claw swipes.

A hundred layers didn’t just increase the might of the massive claw 10 times. Thanks to these hundred layers, everything in the surroundings seemed as if it was already under the control of Luo Yunyang’s claw.

Evading, even resisting, seemed fruitless against these superimposed claws.

However, the 100 superimposed layers were like a large pit. Thus, even though Luo Yunyang constantly raised his Mind Attribute, the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike became slower.

Not enough, still not enough!

Luo Yunyang’s eyes started to turn bloodshot, and he felt an ache.

The best choice now would be to rest. However, this opportunity to learn the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike made it difficult for Luo Yunyang to rest.


Within his internal universe, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast swiped its claw. The instant it did, the claw-shadows contained within that swipe were close to 200 layers. This was the biggest number of claw-shadows he had ever produced.

His offensive strength had more than doubled. Even stuff that Luo Yunyang had missed out or forgotten was also replenished.

If close to 200 claw-shadows were like this, then what would it be like if the claw-shadows he could produce were raised to 200?

As Luo Yunyang felt impatient to continue, his body shifted beneath a mountain littered with fissures.

“Yunyang Zongzi, your time is already up,” Qing Yuelan, who was floating lightly, said with a smile.

Luo Yunyang lamented with a hint of regret. “What a pity!”

“Actually, even the Patriarch cannot go on viewing without any limitations. After all, a small portion of the great Ancestor’s consciousness gets extinguished each time the memories are viewed.”

“Although this might seem not worth mentioning, if these bits are erased too many times, the memories will disappear and even Yuan Tian Mystic Realm will be damaged.”

Luo Yunyang could only smile back slightly. “Thank you for your guidance, Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue.”

As if realizing her words might have been too disappointing, Qing Yuelan added, “I was just lamenting slightly. Yunyang Zongzi, you can choose any one of the mystic arts left behind by the Sacred Wyrm Ancestor in Yuan Tian Realm. Of course, what is left here is just an introduction to these techniques. You will only be able to gain the original after you have made a choice.”

Luo Yunyang nodded. This wasn’t unexpected. If the full edition had been here for him to pick out, Luo Yunyang would definitely not have minded making a copy of all these mystic arts.

Although these mystic arts were probably really difficult to comprehend, in Luo Yunyang’s opinion, duplicating information about them wouldn’t be a problem.

“Wind Light Sky Evading Technique!” Luo Yunyang casually approached a notch and saw a holographic projection within it.

This was a body technique. Through this projection, Luo Yunyang saw a Primal Chaotic Eagle fighting with the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Ancestor. Although the Wind Light Sky Evading Technique was inferior to the Primal Chaotic Eagle’s body technique, it was still rather decent from a cultivation standpoint.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t need a body technique.

This body technique wasn’t even whole, so Luo Yunyang didn’t linger. Instead, he looked over at another notch.

“Engulfing Sky-Expelling Earth Technique!”

After spending a few moments viewing this technique with the flashy name, Luo Yunyang turned his attention to yet another technique. After all, this wouldn’t be of much use to him either.

As time passed, Luo Yunyang looked at over 1,000 types of mystic arts. Although all these mystic arts were so good that they were even on par with the 13 Sky Swords that Luo Yunyang cultivated, the majority of them had the same limitations.

Besides, regardless of whether they had limitations, they weren’t too useful to Luo Yunyang.

Just as Luo Yunyang decided to casually choose one, yet another scene appeared before him.

“Sky Splitting Repetition Waves!”

This name piqued Luo Yunyang’s interest. He stared at the image and saw that this set of cultivation techniques actually contained over a hundred diagrams.

Actually, the Sky Splitting Repetition Waves contained even more techniques, but there was too little space to display them all.

Furthermore, each of these 100 diagrams was practically a repetition.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up as he looked at the Sky Splitting Repetition Waves. Qing Yuelan, who was standing quietly and waiting for Luo Yunyang to select a mystic technique, glanced at Luo Yunyang strangely and said, “Yunyang Zongzi. I think it’s best if you do not select this set of techniques.”

“After all, even the person that designed it never cultivated it successfully. This was merely what he envisaged.”