Supreme Uprising Chapter 848

Chapter 848 I Have Returned

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Deep down in Chu Fans heart, she believed that Ancestral Master Heavenly Venerate Yunyang was a godly character. She too believed that the entire Donghua Ancient Sect would be saved as long as she could find Heavenly Venerate Yunyang.

However, as she listened to this old man sitting atop the head of a massive beast, Chu Fans hope seemed to be crumbling.

Why hadnt Heavenly Venerate Yunyang appeared?

Could this Ancestral Master really have tossed the Donghua Ancient Sect aside and no longer care about it?

As she was at a loss, a cold glint shimmered in the eyes of that ferocious old man.

As he was about to give his subordinates the go-ahead, a voice suddenly rang out. "Are you a disciple of the Donghua Ancient Sect?"

Chu Fan was roused by this voice. She looked towards the void in that direction and saw a green-clothed man floating in the void.

The moment she saw this man, Chu Fans emotions were stirred up. Instantly, she knew who this newcomer was.

When they worshipped the Ancestral Master every year in the Donghua Ancient Sect, all the disciples would look at a portrait of this Ancestral Master. Chu Fans master also looked at this portrait.

It was the Donghua Ancient Sects Ancestral Master! Heavenly Venerate Yunyang!

"Ancestral Master! You are the Ancestral Master! I I can see you!" Chu Fan broke into tears as she recalled the suffering her sect had been through all this time.

Chu Fan wasnt supposed to cry, as she was a Star-Grade martialist. However, even though she was a Star-Grade martialist, she was still a young lady.

A young lady who wasnt even in her twenties yet.

Luo Yunyang felt a little tender as he saw her tear-stained face. Although he had only treated the Donghua Ancient Sect as a stopover in his cultivation journey, he indeed had some fond memories of his time there.

"You You are Heavenly Venerate Yunyang?" The martialists pursuing Chu Fan were all stunned.

Although it seemed like the Donghua Ancient Sect was about to be obliterated by them, the person before them was Donghua Ancient Sects Heavenly Venerate Yunyang.

While they were in shock, they quickly took out their communication pendants to pass on the news.

However, their hearts were already in their mouths as they took out their communication pendants. If this Heavenly Venerate made a move on them at this moment, none of them would have the strength to resist.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Venerate didnt make a move. It seemed as if the Heavenly Venerate didnt even notice them take out their communication pendants.

While they were feeling worried, they heard Luo Yunyang ask softly, "What has happened to the Donghua Ancient Sect?"

"Ancestral Master, Donghua Paradise has been breached. Also, master master has been captured. They They say that master has already been sent to the Mysterious Sky Continents largest auction to be auctioned off!"

After saying that, Chu Fan soared into the air and shot towards Luo Yunyang. She clutched at Luo Yunyangs sleeves and said. "Ancestral Master, you must save master. She She has always"

"Who is your master?" Although Luo Yunyang had some guesses, he still couldnt help asking.

At the same time, a boundless killing intent started to spread out in all directions!

The martialists that had started to take out their communication devices felt as if a great power was crushing their bodies while this boundless killing intent spread. In an instant, they felt their bodies fragmenting into many people. Meanwhile, the communication pendants they were holding crumbled too.

"My master is Yin Feihuan. Its Yin Feihuan!"

A cold, maniacal glint appeared in Luo Yunyangs eyes. Although he had left the sect quietly, hearing that the female sect master he respected and admired was being sent to be auctioned off made a raging fire burn in his heart.

"Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, this has nothing to do with us. We We are just executing the bounty of the Black Heaven Earth Sect"

The old man who had spoken to Chu Fan was struggling to speak. Even though he didnt want to interact with Luo Yunyang, he knew that he would never get the chance to speak ever again if he didnt say anything now.

Fear. Massive fear gripped his heart.

Heavenly Venerate Yunyang wasnt dead yet. Although he knew that this Heavenly Venerate wouldnt be able to beat the Heavenly Venerates at the helm of the Black Heaven Earth Sect, Heavenly Venerate Yunyang could still kill him and his comrades as easily as snapping his fingers.

Luo Yunyang glared at the old man and said indifferently, "You say this has nothing to do with any of you?"

"Ancestor Master, senior brother and the others died at their hands. We mustnt let them off!" Although Chu Fan wasnt someone who liked killing, she looked maniacally exasperated.

Luo Yunyang patted Chu Fan lightly and calmed down her emotional state. "Alright, I wont let them go."

A look of massive fear crept onto the old mans face as he glowered maniacally. "Dont be too pleased, Heavenly Venerate Yunyang. This wont last long."

"Ha ha ha ha! Do you think that killing us will be very easy? Let me tell you something. You wont live long either. Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust and more than ten other Heavenly Venerates will set a net for you. They wont let you get away."

"Your Donghua Ancient Sect lover, Yin Feihuan, who is a fairy amongst the top ten beauties of this world, should probably have already been auctioned off. Ha ha ha!"

"You know what? If she becomes a plaything of some great individual, you wont be able to save her even if you come!"

Luo Yunyang glared at that old man and said icily, "I know that you are saying all this in hopes that I will spare you for the time being. I shall give you one chance!"

Chu Fan hated this old man to the bone. Her senior brother and many of the seniors that had protected her all this time had been slain at the hands of this old man.

"Ancestral Master, you cant spare him!" Chu Fan cried out maniacally in a heart-wrenching way.

Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and the beasts and martialists atop of them disintegrated completely. Only the old mans body recovered rapidly. In just an instant, it was fully intact.

However, there was now great fear in the old mans eyes. He could sense that he could no longer use half of his Celestial Domain-Grade powers.

"You said that Yin Feihuan is at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction. Lets go for a visit then." Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves as he spoke and Chu Fan saw her surroundings change instantly. She was now in a spaceship.

On the ship was yet another figure that struck fear in her.

"Brother Cen, it looks like we will have to stay for a few days in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos," Luo Yunyang told Cen Tianlong.

There was no intent to negotiate in his words. He just sounded resolute and tyrannical.

Cen Tianlong nodded. "As long as Brother Luo wishes, we will stop here in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos."

While the two of them were talking, the spaceship had already cut through the void and set out for the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Chu Fan looked at Luo Yunyang and Cen Tianlong timidly before drumming up her courage. "Ancestral Master, will we be able to save master?"

"Since I have returned, they shall all bow down!" Luo Yunyang told the nervous Chu Fan.

Inside a private room at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction, Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust was sitting in the most central throne of the room. There were thirty to forty Heavenly Venerates sitting in two rows beside him.

Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust had been a second-level Heavenly Venerate back when Luo Yunyang had left. However, he had already become a third-level Heavenly Venerate.

This also meant that he could be considered mid-tier amongst Heavenly Venerates. However, he had an overcast look on his face.

"Still no information about Luo Yunyangs whereabouts. Looks like he has really gone into hiding." Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust added in a frosty tone, "Remember, we have to increase the amount of manpower searching for Yunyang."

"As long as he is found, we will immediately attack and kill him!"

The majority of Heavenly Venerates around him were at the first or second level. Great Sky Heavenly Venerate was amongst this group. Right now, Great Sky Heavenly Venerate was at the second-level Heavenly Venerate. "Rest assured, Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust. Yunyang is just a slay dog," he guffawed.

"He he Even his sects sect master is going to be auctioned off as a slave. If he continues to be a coward, then this Heavenly Venerate will become the greatest laughing stock ever!"

The others echoed back with approving looks, "Yes, Great Sky Heavenly Venerate is right."

As this conversation was taking place, the communication pendant on the body of a servant lit up. The servant didnt dare look at it. However, when he saw the information on the pendant, he froze and spoke up. "Heavenly Venerate, Donghua Ancient Sects Heavenly Venerate Yunyang has appeared in the Huang Wu Star System. This information was transmitted by the hunters assigned by us to pursue the last Donghua Ancient Sect disciple."

Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust wasnt angry. He actually looked a little excited.

"Ha ha ha! He has finally appeared. I thought that he would hide forever somewhere. However, what could he achieve by appearing now?" Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust pointed at Yin Feihuan, who had been delivered there like an object. "She has already become an item to be auctioned off at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction."

"Luo Yunyang is merely a damaged Heavenly Venerate. Even a senior member of a large clan would have no way of saving her." Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust then added, "If he participates in the auction, how many Heavenly Venerate Stones could he have?"

"Could he compete against the elites of the great sects? Could he compete against the high-level Heavenly Venerates eyeing Yin Feihuan voraciously?"

"Wait, get someone to inform Yin Feihuan. Tell them the person she has been waiting for has appeared."

"However, he wont be able to save her so she should give up all hope!"