Supreme Uprising Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Rules You Want To Talk To Me About Rules?

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Yin Feihuan stood on the high platform, her heart calm as still water.

Although she didnt recognize anyone below this platform, she knew that many people in private rooms all around the platform were eyeing her voraciously.

She had never come to the Mysterious Sky Great Auction before, not because she didnt want to, but because the Donghua Ancient Sects strength simply wasnt enough to support her to buy anything at this auction.

Of course, she had also never thought that she would find herself on the center stage of this auction as an item to be sold off.

Immediately, she felt extremely downcast.

Yin Feihuan had been prepared to die when the Donghua Ancient Sect had been breached. However, in the face of Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust and the others, she had felt powerless and helpless.

She couldnt even determine her own fate.

Heavenly Venerates! Not even just one!

Now, her body was being restricted by countless seals. Her cultivation base was already sealed, and she couldnt even force out a tiny ounce of strength.

"Donghua Ancient Sect Master, 9th on the Beauty Rankings. You all know her!" The auction masters voice was laced with mockery, so it sounded particularly piercing in Yin Feihuans ear.

However, she wasnt that furious. Her fury had already been crushed when the Donghua Ancient Sect had been destroyed.

As she stood on the high platform, Yin Feihuans heart was filled with unwillingness and hurt

When she had first been captured, Yin Feihuan had still harbored hope and eagerly awaited the return of the person who would rescue her. By now, this hope had gradually dulled.

When she was brought into the auction hall, her hope had already completely vanished.

Yin Feihuan was well aware of the might of the Mysterious Sky Great Auction. She knew that since she had arrived here, all her privileges already belonged to the auction.

The Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall did so well in the entire Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos because it didnt just rely on money and power. Instead, it was supported by many great sects.

For example, the person at the helm of the auction hall was a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. Nothing was an issue for this ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

If she was auctioned off successfully, she would definitely be bought by some big shot or even a top individual that could be considered a god.

That person was good, but what could he even do?

"One million Heavenly Venerate Stones!" A voice reverberated through the void.

"Three million Heavenly Venerate Stones!" yet another person shouted loudly.

"Five million Heavenly Venerate Stones!"

Different voices called out in succession. Although these calls made Yin Feihuan feel really uncomfortable, she too felt like laughing at herself.

If she had known that she could fetch such a value, she would have just exchanged herself for Heavenly Venerate Stones back when the Donghua Ancient Sect had been in trouble.

Of course, Yin Feihuan was only musing to herself.

As she was drowned in her deluge of self-thought, a voice spoke by her ear. "Yin Feihuan, let me give you some good news. Heavenly Venerate Yunyang has appeared and saved your disciple. Say, do you think he can save you?"

This was a sound transmission technique, so Yin Feihuan didnt know where the voice came from. All sorts of emotions flooded her when she heard this news.

If he had appeared earlier

Yin Feihuan immediately suppressed this thought when it came up. Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust was leading tens of Heavenly Venerates to surround and attack the Donghua Ancient Sect, so he would have just caused the Donghua Ancient Sect to lose their last hope if he had been there.

Would he come to save me?

As many thoughts crowded Yin Feihuans mind, someone said, "Ten million Heavenly Venerate Stones. Could someone show some respect to Heavenly Venerate Dragon Roc?"

Ten million Heavenly Venerate Stones was the equivalent of a mountain of Heavenly Venerate Stones. Such an astronomical figure was enough to purchase a massive domain in the Mysterious Sky Great Continent.

Her value was actually ten million Heavenly Venerate Stones!

"Ha ha ha Wanting to get a top 10 beauty with just ten million Heavenly Venerate Stones is just too miserly."

"Stop disgracing yourselves if you are no longer able to raise the bid." A languid voice spoke. "Twenty million Heavenly Venerate Stones! I want Fairy Yin to appear at my Unfettered Sky Palace tonight."

When the words Unfettered Sky Palace were uttered, anyone who intended to continue fighting fell silent.

Yin Feihuan suddenly looked downcast. She had heard of the Unfettered Sky Palace before. Although Heavenly Venerate Unfettereds cultivation base wasnt too evident, he was backed up by the Flowing Wind Divine Land.

It was rumored that Heavenly Venerate Unfettered was the illegitimate child of the person from the Flowing Wind Divine Land. He always acted in a tyrannical manner, so few people dared to provoke him.

Heavenly Venerate Unfettered had some rules he abided by when dealing with things. Basically, he would leave people alone as long as they didnt bother him. Therefore, Heavenly Venerates from many sects would definitely avoid offending this fellow if they could.

Yin Feihuan was beyond gloomy. She knew that from this day onwards, she would no longer have the slightest chance of escaping her future prison in the Unfettered Sky Palace.

At least she had been able to hear the news about him!


A thunderous boom echoed around the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall. The huge hall, which was made of Black Divine Crystal, started to crumble following this thunderous sound.

Ash and dust rose!

"Enemy attack, enemy attack!" someone shouted loudly.

Countless gazes turned towards the direction of the large hole in the hall. Everyone wanted to see what sort of person had actually dared to cause trouble at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall. After all, a top-notch ninth-level Heavenly Venerate backed it.

Causing trouble at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall and blasting a hole in the walls of the hall was akin to giving that ninth-level Heavenly Venerate a slap on the face.

How could this ninth-level Heavenly Venerate take such a slap lying down?

Who was it? Who actually had such nerve?

Many people within the private rooms stood up quickly. They too wanted to know who this person was. However, they were apprehensive over whether they could afford to offend this newcomer, so nobody rushed out.

The Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall possessed great power. Suddenly, a furious voice echoed. "What gall! Who actually dared to cause trouble at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall?"

A majestic aura flooded out from a hidden area of the large hall and 12 figures rushed out.

The first person to rush out had scarlet hair and stood in the void like a blazing deity. Many Heavenly Venerates who saw this person inhaled sharply. "Its Heavenly Venerate Moving Fire. Wasnt he supposed to have already died from Heavenly Tribulation? To think that he is actually alive!"

"It really is Heavenly Venerate Moving Fire. To think that he is here! Hes a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate! He has actually become a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate"

"If a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate is overseeing things, the person causing trouble here is definitely in deep sh*t."

Whilst these discussions were going on, many people were eagerly waiting to find out who the attacker was. Even Yin Feihuan, who was already largely dead on the inside, couldnt help but look in the direction of the hole.

Three figures emerged from that crumbling hole. Standing at the front was a young girl who looked around 13 or 14. Although this girls cultivation base wasnt high, she was glowing with vigor and her aptitude was impressive.

However, even though a young girl like this was rare, there were many people like this in the various great sects. Clearly, her cultivation base wasnt sufficient to blast a hole in this large hall.

Behind this girl was a young man in green clothes. He appeared indifferent yet as he walked in, a wave of cold killing intent emanated in all directions.

Upon seeing this person, some people sensed that he was a second-level Heavenly Venerate. This was a second-level Heavenly Venerate!

Judging by his expression, many peoples first thought was that the person who had breached the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall was this second-level Heavenly Venerate.

Actually daring to cause trouble at the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall with a second-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base was simply suicide. Many people assumed that this was an ignorant person who wanted to die.

Heavenly Venerate Moving Fire glared icily at this young man as he walked in. Overseeing this round of auctions had just been ordinary business for him. However, he had never imagined that someone would really be looking for trouble.

Causing trouble while he was in charge was akin to slapping him in the face. Furthermore, these people had actually damaged the auction hall.

"Master!" The young girl rushed towards Yin Feihuan the moment she saw her.

There were no guards by Yin Feihuans side, as everyone had assumed that nobody would cause trouble in the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall.

This ruckus in the auction hall came as a huge surprise to many. Therefore, nobody stopped the little girl from rushing over to Yin Feihuan.

Chu Fan couldnt help bursting into tears as she reached her masters side and saw that familiar face.

"Chu Fan, you" Yin Feihuan had many things she wanted to say as she gazed at Chu Fan and Luo Yunyang. However, she couldnt express herself.

"Sir, do you know the rules of the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall? Breaking into the auction hall is a provocation of the highest order against the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall. This sort of provocation is a challenge to Great Heavenly Venerate Yong Ming!"

Heavenly Venerate Moving Fire glared at Luo Yunyang and said eerily, "You will have to compensate for this provocation with your life."

Luo Yunyang stared at Heavenly Venerate Moving Fire and said coldly, "Rules! Very well If you want to talk about rules, then let me tell you mine. The Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall brazenly tried to auction off the Donghua Ancient Sects sect master, which is akin to provoking the Donghua Ancient Sect. As for Great Heavenly Venerate Yong Ming, I havent settled matters with him over this!"

"Ha ha ha! Who are you to dare settle things with Great Heavenly Venerate Yong Ming? Seize them!" Heavenly Venerate Moving Fire sneered with disdain.