Supreme Uprising Chapter 852

Chapter 852 When Theres A Will Theres A Way

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The Black Heaven Earth Sect might not be the best sect in the Mysterious Sky Great Land. However, due to having a number of sixth-level Heavenly Venerates and even a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate at the helm, they were still famous amongst the top sects.

With the Mysterious Sky Great Land as a foundation, Heaven Earth Paradise was the stronghold of the Black Heaven Earth Sect, as well as their most important domain.

The size of the Black Heaven Paradise was huge. Besides a large land that stretched for hundreds of miles, it also consisted of 365 stars.

Not only could these stars gather star energy, but they were also a cultivating treasure that could absorb the essence of the surroundings and be a foundation of the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

The huge Heaven Earth Paradise had always given off a leisurely vibe. Everyone, from those high up the hierarchy to the most ordinary disciples, was carefree and leisurely there.

However, today, even the lowliest of servants could sense stifling dark clouds approaching.

Although nobody mentioned what had happened, the Black Heaven Earth Sect disciples could discern that something big was about to happen.

“That’s too much!” someone shouted inside the large main hall in Heaven Earth Paradise. “Although the Black Heaven Earth Sect has always been benevolent, it doesn’t mean that anyone can bully or humiliate us as they please.”

“If our sect acts soft and hands Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust over, then the Black Heaven Earth Sect will have no right to stay in the Mysterious Sky Great Land anymore!” said a rough-looking fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. He might have looked uncouth, but nobody dared to take his words lightly.

Currently, over ten Heavenly Venerate entities were sitting in the main hall. Out of those ten entities, six had reached the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

They were all silent as they stared coldly at the man speaking.

“Junior Brother Yuan Feng, who exactly are you saying is too much?” a sinister middle-aged man said icily.

“Luo Yunyang, of course! After exiting the Mysterious Sky Great Auction, he has brought along the beaten troops of the Donghua Ancient Sect and marched on over to the Black Heaven Earth Sect. What are they trying to do?” The rough-looking man seemed exasperated. “Now, everyone in the whole realm knows that they want to destroy our sect.”

“Therefore, the Black Heaven Earth Sect mustn’t act like a pushover regarding this matter, Patriarch!”

“Since Junior Brother Yuan Feng doesn’t wish to give in, how about you make Luo Yunyang back off? This would also be a great deal for the Black Heaven Earth Sect,” the sinister man said maliciously.

Although Yuan Feng looked uncouth, he wasn’t daft. He glared at that sinister man and said, “Senior Brother Leng Yun, we are discussing what we should do right now. Does your sarcasm offer any help?”

The man called Leng Yun replied icily. “Regardless of whether it does, shouldn’t Junior Brother know as much?”

“Even the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate backing the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos has already given in. Do you think that we have the power to resist Heavenly Venerate Yunyang?”

“He is a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. He has a protector even stronger than Great Heavenly Venerate Yong Ming.”

The great hall was silent. Even the old man sitting in the center appeared to be deep in thought.

Heavenly Venerate Yuan Feng wanted to say something, but a cold gaze was shot his way. Under this gaze, Heavenly Venerate Yuan Feng felt as though his heart was being pricked.

“He he… Luo Yunyang actually dared to kill Heavenly Venerate Unfettered. Why did he not kill Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust as well? Is it because he is soft-hearted?”

“Or is it because he was worried about Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust? Do you all think that this explanation is plausible?”

Actually, everyone present already had their own guesses as to why Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust had been able to escape. However, nobody expressed their opinion out loud.

Now that Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun had said what was on his mind, the entire hall fell deadly silent. Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust, who was standing in the corner, felt his heart trembling.

He’d had no choice but to escape after Heavenly Venerate Unfettered had died.

At the time, what he had been most worried about was being intercepted by Luo Yunyang and being left with no opportunity to run. He was still rejoicing that he had managed to escape smoothly back to Black Heaven Earth Sect.

However, after hearing Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun’s words, he felt massive fear.

Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun was right. If Luo Yunyang dealt with him, Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust knew that he simply wouldn’t have any chance of escaping.

He had returned to the Black Heaven Earth Sect, but Luo Yunyang was following behind closely. This meant that Luo Yunyang wasn’t targeting him, but the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

“Everyone, he let Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust free to take advantage of the situation and bring destruction to the Black Heaven Earth Sect. Only by being strong and cutting off loose ends can we protect the Black Heaven Earth Sect’s foundations.”

Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun’s words made Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust extremely fearful. He practically shouted at Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun, “That’s bullsh*t!”

Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust’s parents, who were both fifth-level Heavenly Venerate entities, stared furiously at Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun.

However, they didn’t utter a single word!

Naturally, they also understood the situation, but Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust was their child.

Thus, although they stayed silent, uncouth Heavenly Venerate Yuan Feng was their good friend and spokesman right now.

The old man sitting in the most central position mulled this over for a moment before speaking. “What does Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust think?”

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust was Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust’s father. He had already achieved One Thought One Realm and possessed great authority within the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

It could be said that very few people would dare make things difficult for them.

However, right now, he was feeling uncomfortable. Although the Black Heaven Earth Sect Patriarch hadn’t said much, his attitude already expressed his intentions.

“Sparkling Dust ran amok and committed grave mistakes that implicated the sect. He really deserves to die for his sins. However, the Black Heaven Earth Sect is also a top-notch sect of the Great Mysterious Sky Land and a branch of the Supreme Divine Land!”

“If we immediately killed our disciple because of Luo Yunyang, then we wouldn’t just be throwing the dignity of the Black Heaven Earth Sect away, but the Supreme Divine Land’s as well.”

At this point, Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust cupped his fists in the direction of the old man sitting in the center. “Therefore, please consider this matter carefully. I suggest offering an apology to Luo Yunyang and compensating the Donghua Ancient Sect for the damages.”

“As for Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust, we can lock him in the Icy Prison for 3,000 years. This would also be an appropriate punishment for him.”

“What if Luo Yunyang doesn’t agree?” A fifth-level Heavenly Venerate who was not on good terms with Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust rebutted with a sneer.

“There’s just a guardian from Hong Meng Sacred Hall behind Luo Yunyang. We can’t stop him, but I believe the Supreme Divine Land wouldn’t just watch as this branch of disciples gets wiped out,” Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust said with a faint smile, “If the Supreme Divine Land is provoked into making a move, the outcome will be undecided.”

When the Supreme Divine Land was mentioned twice in quick succession, everyone present didn’t look very happy.

Although the Black Heaven Earth Sect was a branch of the Supreme Divine Land, this didn’t mean that they were willing to be under the Supreme Divine Land’s control.

Many people felt uncomfortable when they heard Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust’s words. The main reason was because he was a Heavenly Venerate sent over by the Supreme Divine Land.

Even though it seemed like he didn’t have many rights, his existence had already impeded the might of the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate that helmed the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

“Since Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust has put it this way, we should make preparations.” The Black Heaven Earth Sect’s seventh-level Heavenly Venerate eyed Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun and said, “Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun shall be put in charge of this matter to seek peace with Luo Yunyang.”

“Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust will handle asking the Supreme Divine Land for help.”

The seventh-level Heavenly Venerate’s tone became frostier. “This is a critical juncture for the Black Heaven Earth Sect. We have to work together as one to pass this challenge.”

Although Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun had wanted to say something, he shut up after hearing the Black Heaven Earth Sect Patriarch speak.

He inhaled sharply and accepted this assignment.

Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust had been getting more and more afraid regarding this matter after returning to the Black Heaven Earth Sect. However, he no longer found it that scary after hearing the decision of his father and the entire sect.

Deep down, he even hoped that Luo Yunyang would reject the compensation and the Almighty from the Supreme Divine Land would arrive and destroy this fellow.

While Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust was thinking about all this, someone walked up to him and said coldly, “Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust, follow us to the Icy Prison!”

Heavenly Venerates possessed speed that ordinary people couldn’t compare with. In just a moment, Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun had already rushed to a mountain peak.

While standing atop the mountain, Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun surveyed the troops slowly advancing and felt a bit more depressed.

Their ranks included less than a thousand people. The majority of them were injured and had Galaxy-Grade cultivation bases. There were even some people who only had a Planet-Grade cultivation base.

Planet-Grades were merely a joke in the eyes of Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun. However, these troops were headed towards the Black Heaven Earth Sect in a grandiose fashion.

When had the Black Heaven Earth Sect ever been threatened by a force like this before? Unfortunately, this threat had forced a Heavenly Venerate of the Black Heaven Earth Sect to come and sue for peace.

“Is Heavenly Venerate Yunyang present? I am Leng Yun from the Black Heaven Earth Sect…”

Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun took a deep breath and spoke. However, before he was even done, someone bellowed, “Scram!”

This word filled Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun with unimaginable rage. However, he still quelled the anger burning in his heart.

He knew that making a move would definitely not be beneficial.

“Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, I come here sincerely. The Black Heaven Earth Sect is willing to compensate the Donghua Ancient Sect for its losses. We will also severely punish Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust!” Heavenly Venerate Leng Yun added.

“How can this matter be so simple? I shall now give you a chance to get lost. You won’t ever get to leave if you choose not to.” When Luo Yunyang’s figure appeared unhurriedly in the void, a look of unmasked killing intent was on his face.x