Supreme Uprising Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Stirred Up Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos

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Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust knelt respectfully beneath a loft in the Supreme Divine Land.

Although Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust was a rather big shot in the Black Heaven Earth Sect, in the Supreme Divine Land, he was merely a nobody.

He was so insignificant that he needed to wait to be graced by others.

“Senior Brother, Master has invited you in.” A pretty child walked over with a smile.

Although Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust was a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, he still couldn’t stop his body from trembling.

Being called in by the founder meant that the matter had taken a turn for the better. Thus, he smiled gratefully at that child before handing him an item.

This was something he was really used to experiencing, so much so that the child didn’t seem to even react.

However, when Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust retracted his hand, the child said softly, “Senior Brother, master isn’t in a good mood this time. Be careful what you say.”

“Furthermore, although the five large Divine Lands have always vied for supremacy ceaselessly, they aren’t willing to let other powers into the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos,” the child said in a breezy manner. However, when Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust heard this, he couldn’t help feeling like he was going crazy.

He always worried about the attitude of his own master. Thanks to the words of this child, he now knew that his master still supported him in regards to this matter. More importantly, this child’s words had opened a window for him.

A window he had never expected to see, yet one that could help his son get through this.

The loft didn’t look huge at first glance. However, after the door was pushed open, he saw that the inside contained a whole expanse of green mountains.

A handsome young man was sitting in a lotus position inside. His eyes were lightly shut, but he still had a sharp vibe about him.

“My greetings, Master!” Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust bowed respectfully when he saw this young man.

The young man’s gaze lingered on Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust. His gaze nearly made Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust crumble.

“I have made a mistake, so I am willing to accept your punishment!” Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust said at once.

“Indeed, you have. Your biggest mistake was educating your child poorly!” the young man said softly. “30 lashes of the Calamity Dragon Whip will make you remember this.”

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust trembled involuntarily when he heard him mention the Calamity Dragon Whip. Although he had mentally prepared himself, hearing these three words gave him the shivers.

“Thank you for your grace, Master.”

That young man then said, “I already know your motive for coming this time.”

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust became really nervous when he heard this. Although he had spoken confidently and his words held great weight in the Black Heaven Earth Sect, he knew deep down that just relying on the Black Heaven Earth Sect wouldn’t be enough to stop Luo Yunyang.

The Black Heaven Earth Sect wouldn’t be able to stop Luo Yunyang. Only the Supreme Divine Land and the Yuan Venerate Almighty that oversaw the Supreme Divine Land could preserve the life of his own son and make Luo Yunyang retreat.

“It is impossible for the Supreme Divine Land and Hong Meng Sacred Hall to clash.” The young man seemed slightly disappointed.

Clearly, he didn’t seem to be pleased with Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust’s ability to raise his children.

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust’s body shuddered. Luo Yunyang had already rejected any negotiations. If the Supreme Divine Land did not get involved, then he and his son Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust would have to pay a tremendous price due to the might of Luo Yunyang and the unknown eighth-level Heavenly Venerate.

“You don’t understand the might of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Even I just barely understand Hong Meng Sacred Hall.”

“However, our Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos is one of the 36 Great Cosmoses. Although the five large Divine Lands are overseen by five Yuan Venerate Almighties, when it comes to certain things, Hong Meng Sacred Hall will also be apprehensive, despite the desire of our Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.”

“I have already reported this matter to the founder. He says that Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Yuan Venerate Almighties will not get involved in this matter.”

“Do you understand?”

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust wasn’t a fool. Upon hearing this and recalling what he had heard from the child before entering, Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust felt more optimistic.

“I understand, Master. The Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos is a Great Cosmos dominated by the five Divine Lands. It is also the home of the martialists of our Great Cosmos. He wouldn’t let Hong Meng Sacred Hall run rampant and do as they wished over here.”

“All powerhouses of the five large divine lands should join forces and expel the people of Hong Meng Sacred Hall out of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.”

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust’s eyes lit up at this point. “I will definitely handle this properly.”

As Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust was about to leave, the young man said, “Remember, you can have a great reputation, but you absolutely mustn’t kill the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzi. Otherwise, there will be great trouble.”

Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust had always made people apprehensive by using his status. However, things had changed all of a sudden.

He had to be wary of Luo Yunyang’s identity. He could only expel Luo Yunyang, not kill him.

Although this would actually make anyone unhappy, Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust had no other choice when it came to this matter.

“I understand. We definitely will not harm Luo Yunyang.”

After Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust left, the young man got to his feet and surveyed his surroundings.

The distance between the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall and the Black Heaven Earth Sect was many millions of miles. Luo Yunyang and Cen Tianlong could easily cover that distance and arrive at the Black Heaven Earth Sect within a day.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t move according to his own pace, nor did he use any treasures that could travel through space quickly.

Instead, he flew and brought along Yin Feihuan and Chu Fan, not hiding his movements along the way.

30 days into their journey, more than a thousand Donghua Ancient Sect disciples had gathered. The majority of these disciples had low cultivation bases, but there was a number of outer sect disciples as well.

Their arrival didn’t improve the fighting strength of the Donghua Ancient Sect much. However, as more of them joined the ranks, this quickly became a gathering filled with the sentiment of revenge.

These troops were extremely silent. So much so that nobody talked for even a day.

Their goal was clear—they wanted to take revenge on the Heavenly Venerates that had destroyed the Donghua Ancient Sect.

Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust was their number one target.

On the road, the already-shattered Donghua Ancient Sect reconvened at an unbelievable pace.

This gathering might not seem much, but it was actually full of fighting spirit and dynamism.

During this journey, Luo Yunyang didn’t give many instructions to the disciples. All he did was lead them quickly toward the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

Halfway through the journey, Yin Feihuan reached Luo Yunyang’s side and gave him some news.

10,000 factions were rising in the Mysterious Sky as one!

“Thousands of sects belong in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. We are not some pushovers that Hong Meng Sacred Hall could kill and plunder as they please!”

Luo Yunyang was unbridled. Even though he was just a second-level Heavenly Venerate, he had humiliated Great Heavenly Venerate Yong Ming. Great Heavenly Venerate Yong Ming was worried about Hong Meng Sacred Hall, so he didn’t say anything even though he was furious.

“The Heavenly Venerates of our Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos shall unite to expel Luo Yunyang and thoroughly clean out the Donghua Ancient Sect from the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos!”

Luo Yunyang squinted when he saw this news. Although the content wasn’t very clear, Luo Yunyang believed that this was an excuse.

However, this excuse would cause a lot of people to gather.

“Yunyang, I heard that over 300 Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos Heavenly Venerates from all over have gathered outside the Black Heaven Earth Sect,” Yin Feihuan said mildly, “Some Heavenly Venerates who normally refrain from getting involved in such matters have also found themselves with no other option.”

Luo Yunyang nodded but didn’t say anything. Yin Feihuan paused for a moment and then said softly, “I believe that we have to think through before proceeding. If we just charge straight in, then…”

Yin Feihuan didn’t say what the consequences would be, but Luo Yunyang could easily imagine.

“Lady Yin is a wise woman,” Cen Tianlong said. “Yunyang, taking you wouldn’t be a bad thing either,” Cen Tianlong whispered after Yin Feihuan left.

Upon seeing the normally quiet Cen Tianlong coming over, Luo Yunyang asked, “Brother Cen do you have any advice?”

“The forces of the Mysterious Sky Cosmos have already united. Although their excuse is rather lousy, these people have already gathered up.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem for the two of us if it was just the Black Heaven Earth Sect. However, they have gathered so many Heavenly Venerates that the two of us can only flee in defeat.”

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Is there some other information?”

“Yuan Venerate Almighties wouldn’t bother with such petty grievances. Therefore, although Sir Yuan Venerate White Crane supports us, he definitely won’t be able to get involved.”

Luo Yunyang had already known about Yuan Venerate White Crane’s existence for some time. “So you are saying that this matter that made things complicated for the Donghua Ancient Sect is just a joke?”

Cen Tianlong looked at Luo Yunyang without saying anything.

Luo Yunyang didn’t wait for Cen Tianlong’s answer before he said, “These people have a good plan, but do they really think I would just walk away like this?”