Supreme Uprising Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Pillaging And Plundering

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The Black Heaven Earth Sect’s paradise possessed top-tier defensive array formations and was even considered comparable to a Divine Land. However, its membrane-like array formation was immediately shattered by the combined power of over 60 ninth-level Heavenly Venerates.

There were array formation masters amongst this large group of ninth-level Heavenly Venerates. However, they didn’t even have to think about slowly dismantling the array. Instead, they used the most tyrannical method available.

A huge hole appeared in the paradise where the Black Heaven Earth Sect was situated. Countless Black Heaven Earth Sect disciples watched the large number of ninth-level Heavenly Venerates sorrowfully.

A Heavenly Venerate who looked like a Black Heaven Earth Sect Elder restrained the disciples while speaking deferentially at the same time. “Sirs, the Black Heaven Earth Sect’s resources are all here. Please help yourselves.”

“However, please don’t slaughter us. After all, we are all part of the Human Race.”

The elder’s tone was both sorrowful and helpless.

The ninth-level Heavenly Venerates didn’t say anything. They just looked at Luo Yunyang. Although their cultivation was very high, right now, they were merely mercenaries. The final decision still depended on Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at the old man and said indifferently, “Slaughter all the Black Heaven Earth Sect disciples of Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust’s branch. The others can be spared!”

Many people’s faces went rigid when they heard this. Some people even went soft and fell on their butts.

It was deadly silent all around. Nobody made a sound or stepped forward. Everything seemed to have frozen.

Luo Yunyang stared at the silent crowd and said coldly, “Revenge and retribution form a cycle. In 10 minutes, if a single branch disciple of Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust is alive, all of you shall be buried with them. The time begins now.”

The moment this was said, everyone who had prepared to try and cover up or help their comrades hide panicked. There couldn’t be any errors. Otherwise, they would die instead.

Almost immediately, someone exclaimed loudly, “Senior Brothers from Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust’s branch, hurry on out! You have already implicated us greatly. Don’t tell me you really want us to step forward and testify? We aren’t willing to do such a thing, so please do not force us!”

His tone was rather harsh.

Some people stepped forward, while others shrank away. However, in the end, the martialists that had ties with Heavenly Venerate Sparkling Dust were forced out.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything as he eyed these trembling martialists. This matter would naturally be handled by the Donghua Ancient Sect behind him.

“Ha ha ha! This entire mountain was built using Snow Dragon Stone and is perfect for a summer palace,” a rather plain ninth-level Heavenly Venerate said as he made a grabbing motion toward a mountain in the center of this paradise.

This mountain was one of the ultimate treasures of the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

As the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate made a grab for it, this ultimate treasure was collected inside the old person’s internal universe.

The actions of this old man were just the beginning. Although other ninth-level Heavenly Venerates didn’t really value the Black Heaven Earth Sect’s treasures highly, taking all this stuff for free wasn’t beneath them.

Thus, in merely 15 minutes, a large part of the treasures of the Black Heaven Earth Sect was swept clean.

“There’s another cave a hundred miles ahead. Let’s go together!” A Heavenly Venerate used a mystic technique to survey the region in a one-hundred-mile radius around him before shouting.

Of course, his comrades included Luo Yunyang.

The magnificent team formed by over 60 ninth-level Heavenly Venerates seemed like an omnipresent force. In just a moment, they had already covered millions of miles and plundered uncountable amounts of treasures.

Heavenly Venerates normally had a very calm mental state. As a king amongst Heavenly Venerates, every ninth-level Heavenly Venerate could be considered extremely stable.

However, as cave after cave and mountain after mountain was visited, the majority of ninth-level Heavenly Venerates started to show some of their concealed excitement.

“Listen up, young ones! Although we don’t like killing, if you don’t open the gates, don’t blame us for anything that happens!” a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate bellowed overbearingly.

Not only had Luo Yunyang stuffed his storage bracelet full of treasures, but even his internal universe had accumulated countless resources.

In the face of this large group of ninth-level Heavenly Venerates, practically no sect could stand a chance. Due to Luo Yunyang’s intimidation, they opened the doors obediently and watched as their own sect’s treasures were plundered.

This was too much!

Some Heavenly Venerates roared in anguish. However, in the face of the stern stars of these ninth-level Heavenly Venerates, all they could do was squeeze out polite smiles.

In the Supreme Divine Land, Great Heavenly Venerate Chun Ping and the others stood in front of Heron Dust Heavenly Venerate while speaking loudly. They were furious and they had only one objective: getting a Yuan Venerate to aid them.

Although those ninth-level Heavenly Venerates couldn’t be killed, as long as a Yuan Venerate Almighty came out, the over sixty Heavenly Venerates would have to bear the consequences of failure and leave.

“The Venerable Master is not accepting visitors,” Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust’s young disciple said with a trace of helplessness in his voice. “How about you seek out other Almighties for help?”

“We have already sent people to the other Almighties, but it seems like all the Yuan Venerates are very busy. The Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos is currently in upheaval. If…” A seventh-level Heavenly Venerate complained.

The sect he controlled had just been totally ransacked. Even his favorite lake, which was filled with vast Primordium Chaotic Fluid, had been stolen.

It could be said that his sect had been completely pillaged until it was sparkling clean in just a short time.

Therefore, his heart was full of resentment. However, he came to his senses mid-speech. This wasn’t a place where he could utter nonsense.

Heavenly Venerate Heron Dust’s master snorted coldly and glared sternly at this seventh-level Heavenly Venerate but didn’t say anything in the end.

Under ordinary circumstances, even if this person didn’t complete his sentence but revealed a bit of his intent, he would be disrespecting the greatest order of the Yuan Venerate of the Supreme Divine Land, which was something that couldn’t be overlooked.

However, he didn’t wish to add oil to the fire right now. The Supreme Divine Land might be powerful, but it wasn’t so powerful that it could just ignore countless ordinary sects.

As Great Heavenly Venerate Chu Ping and the others were waiting to see the Supreme Divine Land Yuan Venerate, the Supreme Divine Land Yuan Venerate was playing chess with someone.

The person playing chess with him was Yuan Venerate White Crane!

The chess pace of those two wasn’t quick. Therefore, the chess match was barely halfway through half a day later.

Around those two were four Yuan Venerate Almighties who were quietly watching their game of chess. They had leisurely expressions on their faces, as though they were really spectating this chess match.

“Ha ha ha… Brother White Crane, I haven’t seen you for so long! Your chess skills have improved immensely!” the Yuan Venerate of the Supreme Divine Land said as he tossed a chess piece onto the board. “I concede wholeheartedly.”

Someone laughed once this was said. “You should have conceded a long time ago. Brother White Crane’s chess skills have always been the best amongst us.”

These words had a dual meaning. Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled slightly as he looked at those five.

How could he not know what those five were thinking? They had pulled him over here when he had followed Luo Yunyang by saying that young people should handle their own matters. Although he wasn’t very happy at the moment, Yuan Venerate White Crane didn’t make any moves against those five, not because he was afraid, but because there was no need to.

“Ha ha ha… My skills are just mediocre. I will give Brother Supreme a chance to redeem himself. Let’s have another round.” Yuan Venerate White Crane chuckled and picked up the chess pieces.

“Brother White Crane, our Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos is one of the 36 Great Cosmoses and a fundamental region of the Human Race. The Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s young fellow has plundered us severely. I fear that we won’t be able to provide the Human Race with appropriate warriors for the next 10,000 years.”

Another Yuan Venerate said in a low voice, “It was Supreme’s disciple that erred first regarding this matter. Punishment is justified when punishment is due. However, this sort of plundering of our Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos is a little too much.”

The Yuan Venerate’s tone was gentle, yet there was still a hint of a threat in his voice.

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled. “Whatever, I don’t handle recruiting warriors anyway.”

“Yuan Venerate White Crane, they have already utterly ravaged half of the paradise in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. If you don’t care, perhaps we can only crush these ninth-level Heavenly Venerates,” Yuan Venerate Supreme said.

“Be my guest!” Yuan Venerate White Crane chuckled. “However, if you crush them, don’t blame me for not reminding you guys that these ninth-level Heavenly Venerates also have people behind them.”

“They were sent over under instructions. If you destroy them, more of them might be arriving to go all-out on you guys.”

Yuan Venerate Supreme and the other four knew that there was truth to Yuan Venerate White Crane’s words. As they discussed it mentally, Yuan Venerate Supreme said, “We admit defeat. Ask Luo Yunyang to stop and we will act like this whole matter never happened.”

“The Donghua Ancient Sect can occupy a paradise, and we will guarantee that nobody will oppress them within the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.”

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled at Yuan Venerate Supreme. “I can’t make a decision on this matter. I think that perhaps you might have to chat with Luo Yunyang personally. After all, he has paid a hefty price to get so many ninth-level Heavenly Venerates here.”

“You can’t make a junior suffer a loss because of this, right?”

Suffer a loss? How could there be a loss when he had plundered so many paradises and abundant lands? The five great Yuan Venerates exchanged a glance. However, there was no other choice.