Supreme Uprising Chapter 859

Chapter 859 You Can Only Press Forward Courageously

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On a high platform, second-level Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong was saying something. Below the platform, thousands of disciples were listening attentively.

Some of them had outstanding perception and thus listened attentively. However, there were also others with rigid expressions on their faces, as if this was very unbearable.

Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong, who knew countless of these listening disciples, surveyed them with a hint of delight in his eyes.

Although most of these disciples didn’t have enough aptitude, at the very least, some of them could inherit his mantle and perhaps even ascend the path to becoming a Heavenly Venerate.

Just as Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong was feeling gratified, the spiritual consciousness he had left in the virtual realm notified him that he had a message.

Fear clouded Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong’s eyes when he saw the message. He inhaled sharply and stopped speaking.

“Listen, disciples. I shall be heading to an external battle ground in search of an opportunity. In the future, any sect matters will be in your hands.”

“Remember not to bully the weak or act without restraint. Those who disobey must be expelled from the sect.”

After saying all this, he waved his sleeves and a large proportion of disciples were immediately sent out of the little dimension he was in.

The ones left behind were his few closest disciples. These people were also the core disciples of the Ling Kong Sect that he wanted to create.

“Master, why are you suddenly going on a long journey?” the Heavenly Venerate’s closest disciple asked, looking baffled.

The Heavenly Venerate could only smile bitterly. “Even though I’m your master, I never thought of that either!”

“Master, you… you never thought of that? How can that be?” In the eyes of his disciples, Heavenly Venerate Lin Kong was extremely mighty. He was the number one person in the void they were in.

“Just as I said, I never thought of it. Would I lie to you all?” Perhaps it was because this was a potentially long journey, so Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong was a little less menacing and slightly gentler.

With a heavy voice, he said, “It is also time I let you all know some things.”

“I need to go on a long journey to a faraway place this time entirely because I have to enter the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. Opportunities that would make Heavenly Venerates go crazy exist in that place.”

Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong’s eldest disciple, who was a plain-looking old man, said, “Master, you are going to strive for this opportunity too?”

“You could put it that way!” Heavenly Venerate Ling King felt somewhat astringent as he said this.

He gazed at his disciples and shook his head. “I really wouldn’t go if I could avoid it. However, I have no choice! Only one out of ten people survive inside, which is already tough.”

“Furthermore, my cultivation wouldn’t be considered too high inside. Therefore, I fear that the chances of me returning are very minuscule.”

Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong had a very good relationship with all these disciples, especially the eldest one, who had followed Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong for many years. Upon hearing that his master would most likely not come back, he lost control of his emotions and actually shed some tears.

“Enough, I’m not dead yet!” Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong chided his eldest disciple sternly when he saw this. “Besides, perhaps I could obtain this massive opportunity and soar with a single step. If that happens, every single one of you will be able to become a Heavenly Venerate.”

A handsome Universe-Grade disciple said, “Master, does this mean that there is a chance that you will become a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate?”

“What can a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate amount to? I shall be a Yuan Venerate if I make it out. Then, all of you shall rise with me.”

Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong said all this with a smile, although deep down he was feeling a bit sad.

The disciples present looked a little different now. If their master made it out, there would be a possibility of him becoming a Yuan Venerate. This was also really…

“He he he… Are you thinking that your master is deceiving you?” The Heavenly Venerate chuckled. “You don’t know anything about this. However, you just have to remember that I can’t avoid it. It isn’t just me. Anyone at or below the third-level Heavenly Venerate has to go!”

“Therefore, you must guard the sect tightly, be of service to others, and make preparations. Regardless of whether I fall or if those other old fellows fall, the few of you must grasp any opportunities you are given and become Heavenly Venerates.”

Heavenly Venerate Ling Kong’s last words were firm and decisive.

In Longlin Great Cosmos, inside a monastery of the Long Family, dozens of third-level and weaker Heavenly Venerates were standing by quietly.

Although all these Heavenly Venerates could be big shots in their own right, at the moment, all of them were standing still without saying a word, like disciples receiving training.

Even though Long Teng was only a first-level Heavenly Venerate, he stood right at the front of these ranks. This wasn’t just because he was the son of the Long Family Patriarch, but rather because of his powerful cultivation base. Amongst the Long Family Heavenly Venerates, Long Zun was definitely at the top.

Unlike the gloomy looks others had on their faces, Long Teng’s eyes were flickering with impatience.

“Greetings, Patriarch!” As the figure of the Long Family Patriarch appeared in the sky, all Long Family Heavenly Venerates bowed respectfully.

The Long Family Patriarch waved his sleeves. “There’s no need for formalities. All of you should know why you were called over.”

“In the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, opportunities are limitless. Although every race knows that grave dangers exist in the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, each of them, including the Mysterious Underworld Race, send out their strongest teams each time the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground appears.”


“The opportunities there are too great. If a race gave up on the fight for those opportunities, that race’s strength would ultimately get weaker and weaker until it was wiped out by other races.”

The Long Family Patriarch’s voice carried a stern ring by this point. “According to past records, at most one-tenth of you people will be able to return from the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. I shall give you all a chance now. If anyone doesn’t wish to go and risk their life, I can extract the Heavenly Venerate power you possess and let you return to the Universe Grade.”

No one responded to the Long Family Patriarch’s words. Although many Long Family Heavenly Venerates had some conflicting thoughts regarding the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, they weren’t willing to drop from the Heavenly Venerate level to the Universe Grade.

After all, having their Heavenly Venerate power extracted meant that it would be impossible to become a Heavenly Venerate again. They weren’t willing to lose their Heavenly Venerate status, even if this meant that they would die.

“Alright, since no one has chosen to back out, you will all have to prepare well. Upon entering the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, the first thing you’ll have to do is search for comrades, especially Long Family clansmen…”

“I shall give you one last request. If Luo Yunyang is encountered, make sure he is left at the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.”

After explaining all this, the Long Family Patriarch waved his sleeves and all the Long Family Heavenly Venerates left, leaving only Long Teng behind.

“Long Teng, you are already lagging behind a step due to entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall. While the support of the Long Family’s resources doesn’t set you too far behind the second-level Heavenly Venerate Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Gibg Meng grooms its Zongzis even better as time progresses. Even the power of our family won’t help you catch up.”

“This… This is your last chance. If you can obtain a Yuan Venerate imprint, then you can still be a disciple of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.”

“This is a very rare opportunity. The Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall have a 30% chance of surviving, which would be good enough.”

The Long Family Patriarch gazed at Long Teng and exhorted, “Remember, you must find the Yuan Venerate Imprint.”

“Yes!” Long Teng’s eyes blazed with determination. He absolutely couldn’t let the Yuan Venerate Imprint slip away.

“This is a jade talisman. Use it when you enter the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. It contains unimaginable benefits.” The Long Family Patriarch produced a jade talisman with a swish of his sleeves before saying eerily, “Remember, anyone who carries a similar jade talisman is a friend!”

“They will help you and allow you to gain stuff you cannot imagine. However, you have to act according to the way they instruct you.”

This was the first time Long Teng had seen such a serious expression on his father’s face. Thus, he responded at once respectfully, “Yes, father.”

“Alright, go on!”

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, inside the stately main hall, Luo Yunyang and the other 32 Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples were standing still quietly.

A figure they couldn’t make out yet that seemed immensely powerful had appeared aside.

The moment this figure descended, even Yuan Venerate White Crane and the other Yuan Venerates standing at the sight said, “Greetings, Sir.”

“You Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples are lucky and unfortunate at the same time. Lucky, because some of you will surpass your predecessors. Unfortunate, because some of you won’t be able to see your cultivation journey to the end when you fall there.”

“The Primordial Sacred Battle Ground is extremely important to both our Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race.”

“I believe you are all familiar with the Human Race’s adages. Regardless of the time, all Heavenly Venerates that can enter the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground must enter it.”

“Because of the power of the gods descending on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, as well as the influence of boundless precious opportunities, if any Heavenly Venerates above the fifth level enter, they will immediately be destroyed.”

Therefore, only fifth-level and weaker Heavenly Venerates could enter.

At this point, the figure’s voice suddenly became resounding. “Our Human Race has entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground a total of five times. We obtained the Creation Disc during the first time and allowed our feeble Human Race to move in the direction of becoming strong.”

The Creation Disc obtained from the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground made the eyes of many people light up.

“The second time the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground was entered, we obtained Hong Meng Sacred Hall. It too possesses unimaginable spiritual power!”

“The third time, I obtained an unrivaled opportunity that resulted in my current accomplishments…”

“This is the seventh time the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground is opening up. Many of you will fall. However, for the sake of the Human Race, you have no other choice!”

“You can only press forward courageously!”