Supreme Uprising Chapter 860

Chapter 860 100000 Heavenly Venerates Cross Great Distances

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How many fifth-level and lower Heavenly Venerates did the Human Race have? Nobody could really give a definite answer.

Within a void, the number of fifth-level and weaker Heavenly Venerates wouldn’t exceed ten. On the other hand, in a Cosmos, there wouldn’t be more than a hundred. In a Great Cosmos, there wouldn’t be more than 3,000 fifth-level or weaker Heavenly Venerates.

Now, Luo Yunyang felt that he could answer this question.

He stood in the plaza of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, viewing a picture displayed before him. In this image, countless figures were charging frantically over at a black hole-like spatial crevice from various voids.

That black hole-like spatial crevice seemed to exist in the Endless Chaotic Void. However, the figures that were rushing in from various directions weren’t from the same cosmos.

It could be said that they all existed in different cosmoses.

They were all rushing from their own cosmos toward that crevice. Although the image of all these figures rushing towards the crevice was in the same picture, in fact, all these figures belonged to different voids.

Only when they entered the black hole-like spatial crevice did they all exist within the same space.

“100,000 Heavenly Venerates cross great distances, but only a few ever return!” A raspy voice spoke in Luo Yunyang’s ear.

The tone of this voice was bitter and astringent!

Luo Yunyang followed the trajectory of the voice and saw a serene Divine Elder gazing at him silently. The elder didn’t look away when Luo Yunyang’s gaze met his eyes. Instead, he gave Luo Yunyang a little nod.

“Move out!” Yuan Venerate White Crane hollered. As this was said, Luo Yunyang, Xuantian Zhaoxin, and the others took to the sky simultaneously.

32 people whizzed over towards the spatial crevice.

“In the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground are countless opportunities and fraught, immense dangers! Everyone take care of yourselves!” Yuan Venerate White Crane’s voice rang out as Luo Yunyang and the others were in mid-air.

The Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples shot towards that spatial crevice. Many of them didn’t think that the spatial crevice was too big when they viewed it from below. However, as they got closer to this spatial crevice, Luo Yunyang and the others discovered that the spatial crevice wasn’t just big.

As they approached the spatial crevice, they felt as if their bodies were being restricted by a formless force.

Luo Yunyang felt that at least half of his power was suppressed by this force. He controlled his own speed and slowly descended towards that black hole.

After this descent, he would reach the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

Dangers lurked everywhere here. In the past, a disciple of Hong Meng Sacred Hall had been bitten by a mosquito and died when his essence blood had been drained clean.

According to the guidance of Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s past experiences, the disciples should exercise caution regardless of what they encountered once they entered the black hole. It would be best not to move too quickly.

Upon entering the black hole-like spatial crack, Luo Yunyang and the others seemed to converge from countless different voids and cosmoses.

However, during the descent, they acted like light going through a prism and getting split apart.

In just the blink of an eye, the distance between the people crowding around Luo Yunyang had been extended by a great deal.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to use his mental abilities to probe his surroundings, he suddenly saw a middle-aged human Heavenly Venerate being enveloped by a black force about a hundred miles to the left of his own position.

Then, this Heavenly Venerate appeared to struggle as if he was dying. After a few seconds of thrashing, he stopped struggling.

This person was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate!

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t know how strong this fourth-level Heavenly Venerate was, he had a feeling that this fourth-level Heavenly Venerate probably wouldn’t be revived by the endless river of space and time after watching the way he had been swallowed up.

Even though he didn’t know why, the feeling Luo Yunyang had was incomparably distinct.

Careful… I have to be careful!

As Luo Yunyang had this thought, the three Hall Masters and the Divine Elder of Hong Meng Sacred Hall were sitting high up in a hidden domain of Hong Mong Ancient Hall. Beneath them, 100,000 candle flames burned.

Each candle flame represented a Heavenly Venerate that had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

By the time these Heavenly Venerates were notified that they had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, the auras on their bodies had already been collected by the three hall masters via a mystic technique and transformed into a bunch of lit candles.

The burning flames of these candles made the space they were in as bright as day.

However, in an instant, close to one-tenth of those candle flames were silently extinguished. This occurred gently, as though the extinguished candle flames simply hadn’t been lit at all.

“10,000 already!” the Divine Elder said in a pitying tone.

The three Hall Masters didn’t say anything. Their expressions were calm as still water, but they understood what the Divine Elder meant.

10,000 existences that had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground had already dropped dead there.

Heavenly Venerates didn’t die or get extinguished. However, this saying didn’t apply there. It was basically impossible for anyone that fell on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground to be revived.

As soon as the Divine Elder had finished his sentence, yet another wave of candle flames went out. In just a few seconds, at least half the candles had been extinguished.

The Divine Elder snorted in displeasure upon seeing that half of those candle flames remained.

The Hall Master seated in the center said, “Divine Elder, there is no need for you to feel any pain regarding their deaths.”

“The Divine Elder clearly knows the consequences if our gains fall behind those of the Mysterious Underworld Race this time.”

The Divine Elder said nothing as he continued to watch the candle flames.

While Luo Yunyang and the others entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, deep within a blood-red void, wrapped in a frenzied murderous aura, a large Mysterious Underworld Being with a full body of golden scales was preparing silently.

His body had an aura that would terrify others.

“If you encounter this person, kill him!” A voice reverberated in the void where that Mysterious Underworld man was situated in. The voice was accompanied by an image of Luo Yunyang.

The Mysterious Underworld man exhaled a puff of hot air but didn’t speak, even though clear disdain was evident in his eyes.


The Mysterious Underworld being that took to the sky was like a cannon shell shooting towards the void. All Mysterious Underworld powerhouses practically gave way to him wherever he went.

A Mysterious Underworld martialist that wasn’t able to move aside in time was about to speak, when a golden glow surged from the large Mysterious Underworld, forming a layer of formless light waves that fragmented this martialist into pieces.

Nobody felt any pity for the dead Heavenly Venerate martialist. In the Mysterious Underworld Race, where respect was given to the strongest, all other mysterious underworld powerhouses had reverent looks on their faces as they watched the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld being that was shooting straight ahead.

Across countless dimensional planes, figures of all shapes and sizes charged towards the black hole-like spatial crevice. Although the size of each race’s spatial crevice was different, the dangers within the spatial crevice were the same.

During his slow descent, Luo Yunyang finally stabilized his body. At the moment, he found himself in a grayish, misty space.

Luo Yunyang felt his mental abilities get repressed rather heavily. Even if he raised his Mind Attributes to the maximum, he believed that he would only be able to use his consciousness to scout a ten-mile radius around him.

In this seemingly endless void, a ten-mile radius was extremely minuscule. However, it was very difficult for Luo Yunyang to expand this range. Furthermore, projecting his consciousness and probing his surroundings consumed a rather big amount of mental strength, so Luo Yunyang wasn’t too willing to use it in excess.

Three minutes later, Luo Yunyang retracted his consciousness. He suddenly sensed a slender bug as thick as a thread slithering towards his neck.

Luo Yunyang treated this bug seriously. He knew that the slightest bit of carelessness in this place could easily result in his death.

Before waiting for this slender bug to move, Luo Yunyang had already taken out his Minor Feather Sword and sliced the bug.

Sword-light passed through before the bug was cut in two. However, the instant the bug was slain, Luo Yunyang felt a fine crack appearing on his Minor Feather Sword. Although this crack was minute, it still existed.

Luo Yunyang took the dead body of the bug in his hands. He felt that this ten-inch bug that had already been severed in two was a sort of killing weapon. Not only was it strong, but it was also incomparably incisive.

After putting away the carcass of the slender bug, Luo Yunyang started to make his way forward carefully. He had walked for more than twenty miles when he sensed that a small mountain lay below him.

Luo Yunyang flew towards that small mountain. As he prepared to descend, his consciousness finally completely surveyed the small mountain.

It was only at this moment that he realized that this small mountain wasn’t a mountain, but the body of an unnamed beast.

Although this massive beast had already died, a magnificent aura still arose from its body when Luo Yunyang’s consciousness got near it.

Luo Yunyang had a feeling that this massive beast wasn’t in any way inferior to a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate.

As Luo Yunyang got ready to collect and keep this body, an extremely quick blade-light tried to cut him.

This blade-light was really fast. So fast that most ordinary Heavenly Venerates wouldn’t have been able to react in time.

Although Luo Yunyang’s mental abilities didn’t sense this blade-light in time, the instant he discovered it, Luo Yunyang raised his Minor Feather Sword to meet this blade-light.


The moment the blade and the sword collided, Luo Yunyang finally got a close look at the person who had launched this sneak attack. It was a Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate clad in green armor!