Supreme Uprising Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Golden Bell Sacred Ruins

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Qing Yuelan was a prideful Heavenly Venerate. However, she wasn’t the slightest bit proud right now. This wasn’t because she was willing to change, but because the death of her comrades had forced her to change.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe had close to 1,000 fifth-level Heavenly Venerates and weaker martialists that had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. The Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s entire core strength had practically gathered there.

According to the Sacred Wyrm Patriarch, they had been entrusted with the hopes of the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

Qing Yuelan’s luck hadn’t been too bad when she had entered the strange Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, as she had been near a few of her tribesmen.

However, it hadn’t taken long for Qing Yuelan and the others to experience the dangers of the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

A comrade had been slain by an entity they hadn’t even sensed, and yet another comrade had discovered an opportunity and been killed by something upon rushing over.


When Qing Yuelan had realized she had only two comrades left, their group had encountered some Mysterious Underworld beings. The last comrade had been slaughtered after Qing Yuelan had split up with him and fled.

Qing Yuelan had found out that even though her cultivation was alright, she was still in a difficult situation while she was in this place.

After running into Luo Yunyang, she had inwardly made up her mind to stay by Luo Yunyang’s side. Only this way would she be able to survive and perhaps gain some opportunities. However, she sensed a coldness in Luo Yunyang’s gaze.

A sort of coldness that indicated he didn’t really want her to follow him.

Disappointed, she felt her heart turning cold. She was helpless in this place but, given the pressing circumstances, she could only cast her pride aside.

“Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, the reason I encountered those Mysterious Underworld Beings was because I came across a Sacred Mountain that was like a huge bell 10 days ago!”

Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue lowered her voice. “The Sacred Mountain is thousands of miles tall and as big as an entire continent. Some experts have already started to gather in the direction of the Sacred Mountain.”

“If my guess is correct, that Sacred Mountain should be the remains of a supreme entity. Exceptional opportunities must lie within it.”

Luo Yunyang glanced solemnly at Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue.

There was formless Qi all around this sacred battleground. As long as there were mountains or rivers around, there would basically also be treasures.

According to the information given by Hong Meng Sacred Hall before Luo Yunyang and the others had entered this place, a sacred mountain thousands of miles tall would absolutely contain unparalleled opportunities.

“Then let’s go check it out.” Luo Yunyang pondered for a moment before speaking.

Qing Yuelan’s eyes lit up and she immediately said, “Please come with me, Heavenly Venerate Yunyang.”

Although the surroundings were disorderly and chaotic, Qing Yuelan used some extraordinary methods to allow Luo Yunyang to advance quickly.

On the journey, they saw many shattered mountains and rivers. Clearly, the opportunities within these places had already been taken.


Luo Yunyang suddenly halted. A flash of fear flickered across Qing Yuelan’s face.

Although Qing Yuelan didn’t know what had happened, she could sense Luo Yunyang’s fury.

She quickly changed direction and walked over to Luo Yunyang. She then saw more than twenty headless human bodies piled up strangely in a heap atop a platform shrouded by primal chaos.

Anguished wails could be heard around these bodies.

Although the auras of these bodies seemed very unfamiliar, Qing Yuelan could determine that these people were from the Human Race.

“This… This is…”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the wailing bodies as he spoke grimly. “This was done by the Divine Incarcerate Race. It’s called Eternal Wailing.”

As he said that, Luo Yunyang made a waving motion with his hands and the bodies turned to dust within the void. However, as the bodies disappeared, a trace of spiritual intent appeared in the void. “You have wrecked our decoration. Human, the day you die, you will run into us.”

That ice-cold trace of consciousness dissipated immediately. As this trace of consciousness disappeared, the murderous look in Luo Yunyang’s eyes intensified multiple times.

“Let’s go!” Luo Yunyang told the pale-looking Qing Yunyang.

Qing Yuelan nodded her head. Although she was a Heavenly Venerate, she rarely encountered many life-and-death situations or murders in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s domain. Thus, the current circumstances made her feel extremely afraid.

“We are here! It’s that mountain!” After approximately half a day, a massive bell-shaped mountain appeared before Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang’s heart pounded even more rapidly when he saw this massive mountain. He could vaguely sense that this mountain definitely contained good stuff that exceeded his wildest fantasies.

As Luo Yunyang looked at that mountain, more than ten pairs of eyes had already locked onto him and Qing Yuelan.

These gazes belonged to the Mysterious Underworld Race as well as a few other tribes that followed them. Their gazes were filled with hostility and malevolent intent.

“Yet another reckless human. He he he… Doesn’t he know that His Highness the 7th Mysterious Demon is here?” a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse said haughtily.

Beside this Mysterious Underworld being stood a large Divine Incarcerate martialist with a body covered in large scales. This being chuckled. “That human has probably noticed that this is a treasured land and rushed over.”

“He would have fled long ago if he knew that the 7th Mysterious Demon was here.”

The other martialists from various tribes couldn’t help but shiver in fear when they heard the name of the 7th Mysterious Demon, even though their eyes were on Luo Yunyang.

Clearly, the 7th Mysterious Demon struck great fear in them.

Luo Yunyang didn’t discover the people speaking, not because his cultivation base was insufficient, but because these people were occupying a favorable position and had arrangements in place. Thus, Luo Yunyang couldn’t discover them.

“He is mine!” A Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate’s eyes glowed as Luo Yunyang and Yue Qinglan started to ascend the bell-shaped mountain. He soared up into the air and threw a punch that ripped through the void, striking heavily at Luo Yunyang.

Not only was this punch as quick as lightning, but it also enveloped a radius of space as it flew toward Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang sensed something the moment this punch was unleashed and reacted by throwing a punch to meet this one.

The two fists collided in the void. The malevolent-looking Mysterious Underworld powerhouse grinned as the two fists collided.

Based on what he had seen, Luo Yunyang’s cultivation was weaker than his own. Besides, the Mysterious Underworld Race naturally possessed more strength than the Human Race, so he felt that this fist could kill off this overestimating human right away.

However, he had never expected that the human’s fist would actually contain a shocking power of laws and suppress his own fist in terms of strength.


In an instant, that Mysterious Underworld Being’s body was shaken into pieces. The Mysterious Underworld powerhouse couldn’t even utter anything before his body was destroyed.

The few other martialists from different tribes that had followed this Mysterious Underworld powerhouse moved away and stared at Luo Yunyang fearfully.

In their eyes, Luo Yunyang was supposed to be a lamb they would slaughter. However, they suddenly discovered that he was a massive, ferocious beast.

“Who are you? The Golden Bell Sacred Mountain has two Divine Incarcerate Tribe Lords, as well as the Mysterious Underworld Race’s esteemed 7th Mysterious Demon. If you are wise, you will scram immediately. Otherwise, you will…”

A Divine Incarcerate martialist had merely started to speak when Luo Yunyang brandished his Minor Feather Sword. Instantly, the sixth Sky Feather Sword created a boundless net of sword-light in the air that enveloped the Divine Incarcerate martialists and everyone else.

The Sixth Sky Feather Sword didn’t just contain a One Thought One Realm intent. It also contained a mystic ability that only sixth-level Heavenly Venerates could control.

Now, Luo Yunyang had actually unleashed it.

The various Heavenly Venerates from different tribes, who couldn’t withstand this sword-light, were shattered.

Luo Yunyang didn’t care whether these people could be revived from the endless river of time and space. He sheathed the Minor Feather Sword and continued to press forward.

Qing Yuelan’s heart shuddered tremendously when she saw Luo Yunyang sheathe his sword. She had already been pondering how much she knew about Luo Yunyang after the encounter with the previous Mysterious Underworld beings.

However, as Luo Yunyang waved his sword, everyone who had been blocking the way was killed.

“Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, after hearing what those Mysterious Underworld martialists said, we now know that there are still high levels here. If we go on like this…”

Qing Yuelan already was afraid of the Mysterious Underworld Race now that she couldn’t hide. Thus, she couldn’t help but say all this to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at Qing Yuelan and said nonchalantly, “The strongest martialist around is only a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate!”

After saying that, Luo Yunyang started taking bigger steps and heading for the summit.

Qing Yuelan had a lot she wanted to say but couldn’t bring herself to do so. Luo Yunyang’s words made her feel like all this was really crazy. However, when she thought about the sword strike Luo Yunyang had just used, she felt that Luo Yunyang would be pretty much unstoppable and capable of sweeping everyone that stood before them.

As they continued to ascend, Luo Yunyang and Qing Yuelan didn’t encounter any more obstacles. When they reached the summit, the first thing that caught their eye was a black jade monument that was 300 meters tall.

“A human was able to make it up. Seems like you do possess some ability. Thus, this opportunity of the Golden Bell Sacred Ruins can be shared with you,” a mild-looking Mysterious Underworld man with six arms holding folding fans said with a faint smile.

He didn’t seem to care about the deaths of his subordinates below the mountain.

Luo Yunyang didn’t see much as he stared at that Mysterious Underworld Being. His Minor Feather Sword was unsheathed before a sword formed thousands of realms that slashed down towards the Mysterious Underworld man!