Supreme Uprising Chapter 863

Chapter 863 The Black Jade Sacred Monument

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The name ‘7th Mysterious Demon’ wasn’t just a title. The Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate powerhouses who held this title ranked seventh amongst the Mysterious Demons.

The Mysterious Underworld Race also greatly valued being able to groom Yuan Venerate Almighties. Just like Hong Meng Sacred Hall, they spent enormous amounts of resources on a small minority.

The 7th Mysterious Demon was a prideful fellow. The reason he said that Luo Yunyang had a share of this was because of the huge black jade monument.

Although all of them unleashed their attacks on this black jade monument, they realized that it still wasn’t enough to open up the sacred ruins. Thus, they wanted to add Luo Yunyang in.

However, they had never imagined that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t even say a thing and start killing the moment he saw them instead.

The six palms moved and formed hand seals simultaneously. Although these hand seals weren’t the same, as they converged, it felt as though everything was under his control.

Unfortunately, as soon as his ring of light formed, Luo Yunyang’s sword-light crashed into it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The streaks of sword-light were individual sword boundaries. Although they all crumbled as the sword-light crashed against the ring of light and formed hand seals, small cracks started to appear on the ring of light.

“Go!” the 7th Mysterious Demon bellowed before black light rings of varying thickness appeared behind him.

Strange glowing lights blossomed from that cracked ring of light and four godly light projections converged onto that ring of light.

They were like masters of the realm that controlled the fate of everything.

“Since you are courting death, I shall not let you stay alive!” the 7th Mysterious Demon bellowed furiously. Then, the ring of light in his hands came smashing down at Luo Yunyang.

The light ring flashed and covered everything.

Qing Yuelan, who stood behind Qing Yuelan, felt her heart tighten. In the face of this black glow, she didn’t even think of trying anything.

As she wondered whether Luo Yunyang could avoid the attack of the light ring, she saw the Minor Feather Sword in Luo Yunyang’s hands vibrate. Sword-lights gathered to form a 300-meter-long sword-gleam as the Minor Feather Sword cut.

This sword-gleam wouldn’t surprise anyone on its own.

However, as the sword-gleam flickered, extreme fear crept into the face of the 7th Mysterious Demon.

He suddenly cried out fearfully. “This… This is a Sword Sacred Image!”

The moment he uttered the two words ‘Sacred Image’, the sword-gleam had already swept through the four large demonic projections on the ring of light. Then, it kept moving and sliced the 7th Mysterious Demon into two.

“You… You might be able to beat me, but… but you aren’t a match for the 1st Mysterious Demon. He… He will beat you!”

The 7th Mysterious Demon’s voice was filled with unceasing rancor. Luo Yunyang actually felt that, even as he died, the 7th Mysterious Demon was extremely afraid of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

However, all this was no longer important.

“You are indeed a Human Tribe powerhouse considering that you were able to cut down the 7th Mysterious Demon. The Sky Bell Sacred Monument lies just ahead. As long as we combine our strengths, sir, we might be able to break the Sky Bell Sacred Monument!”

The man who spoke looked similar in appearance to a human, but he had a pair of golden wings on his back. His features were handsome, and he spoke rather loftily.

However, he didn’t dare exhibit any of his arrogance while talking to Luo Yunyang.

The reason he gave off a proud vibe was entirely because his body was like this.

Luo Yunyang looked at this smiling man. Without saying anything, he swung his sword.

That man wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Even Qing Yuelan, who was standing behind Luo Yunyang, found this startling.

She hadn’t found it unusual that Luo Yunyang would attack the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, why had Luo Yunyang attacked these people, who looked like they could cooperate with him?

The golden-winged man flew upwards. His body turned into thousands of mirror images that seemed to exist in different voids.

Although this man’s cultivation hadn’t reached the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, this movement technique of his could compare to One Thought One Realm.

Unfortunately, even though he had a decent cultivation, while facing Luo Yunyang’s sword-light, he was like a moth flying toward fire and getting slain.

“Why… Why did you attack me?” That man sounded a tad furious as he was cut up.

“No reason. You were just in the way!” Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly.

The man had an unresigned look in his eyes. He had never imagined that such a thing would happen even before he had used up his advantages. This was something he had never thought of. Thus, he couldn’t help but feel sullen.

“My… My Saint Tribe…”

The man’s body crashed to the ground before he could even finish speaking. The moment the man died, the powerhouses of the various races scattered in all directions.

They weren’t fools. When Luo Yunyang had killed the Mysterious Underworld powerhouse, they hadn’t thought much of it. However, when Luo Yunyang slew the Saint Tribe powerhouse, they could tell that things weren’t looking good.

Thus, they ran for their lives. However, they had merely escaped 500 meters away when they discovered that their bodies were already surrounded by the sword-light.

Minor Feather Sword, fifth sword. Every sword-light was a realm. This technique would have been insufficient to kill the 7th Mysterious Demon. However, there wasn’t too much of a problem when it came to dealing with ordinary geniuses.

In just an instant, the figures in the void were slaughtered by Luo Yunyang.

“Why… Why did you kill them? They didn’t pose any threat to you. They might have even been of help.” Qing Yuelan hesitated before finally addressing Luo Yunyang softly.

Luo Yunyang replied indifferently, “There was no use keeping them, so why not kill them instead?”

This reasoning left Qing Yuelan at a loss for words. Her gaze moved over to the large, tall black jade sacred monument.

She didn’t know what kind of material this black jade sacred monument was made of. There weren’t any patterns or inscriptions on it. However, a piece of information appeared in Qing Yuelan’s mind as she gazed at the stone monument.

“If you covet my treasure, break the sacred monument first! Each person gets three tries. Scram if you can’t do it!”

These words left Qing Yuelan a little speechless. Deep down, she knew that whoever could leave these words on this monument definitely wasn’t ordinary. Such an individual would be mighty and overlook everything from high up. Why would they leave such words behind?

“Do you want to try?” Luo Yunyang asked Qing Yuelan softly.

Qing Yuelan said with a laugh, “If even the 7th Mysterious Demon was unable to do so, I naturally won’t be able to do it either. You try it. If you can’t, then we can look for more people.”

Luo Yunyang shook his head. “The 7th Mysterious Demon made a wrong assumption. This sacred monument wouldn’t have been left here if it could be broken by relying on numbers.”

Upon hearing what Luo Yunyang said, Qing Yuelan suddenly understood why Luo Yunyang had attacked those elites from the other tribes.

They had been enemies right from the start. Plus, they wouldn’t be of any use to Luo Yunyang at this point, so it was only natural that Luo Yunyang would kill them.

Luo Yunyang’s gaze fell on the black jade sacred monument. After mulling this over for a moment, he soared upwards. He waved the long sword in his hands as a sword-light congealed in the void and shot heavily at the black jade sacred monument.

When sword-light and monument met, a three-inch crack appeared on the black jade sacred monument. However, as the black jade secret monument flickered, the three-inch-long crack vanished completely.

The sword mark was gone!

Luo Yunyang’s attack had failed!

Qing Yuelan felt pity for Luo Yunyang. The sword-strike he had just released had far exceeded her expectations. However, she had never imagined that such a powerful technique would fail to break the black jade sacred monument.

It seemed like Luo Yunyang had no way of obtaining the opportunity on the huge Treasure Bell Sacred Mountain.

As she was thinking whether or not she should go console Luo Yunyang, she saw Luo Yunyang take a step forward leisurely.


While Luo Yunyang took a step forward, a black glow rushed forth from his body. This black glow seeped, forming a giant halo of light behind him.

One halo was a first-level universe. Soon, two halos appeared behind him.

Three halos, third-level Heavenly Venerate!

Luo Yunyang must have still been a first-level Heavenly Venerate when Qing Yuelan had first seen him. However, he had already overtaken her and become a third-level Heavenly Venerate.

Furthermore, he had just broken through to the third-level Heavenly Venerate in one shot.

A Heavenly Venerate’s breakthrough would generally have many limitations. Thus, Qing Yuelan found Luo Yunyang’s breakthrough a little unbelievable.

Luo Yunyang didn’t take notice of Qing Yuelan. He had gained lots since he had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. All these gains and benefits, which were stored inside his two internal universes, had already given him the impetus for a breakthrough.

However, Luo Yunyang had been suppressing this breakthrough all this time.

Now, before the black jade sacred monument, Luo Yunyang released all his restraints and derived his third internal universe.

Three internal universes, third-level Heavenly Venerate!

After taking a deep breath, Luo Yunyang once again brandished the sword in his hand. This time, the technique he unleashed was the seventh sword of the Sky Feather 13 Swords.

However, compared to the previous strike, the might of this attack was double. The incisive sword-gleam formed seemed to even congeal into substance.

It should probably split it this time! Qing Yuelan thought to herself as she watched the sword-light.