Supreme Uprising Chapter 864

Chapter 864 The Traceless Bell Wave

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The first nine swords of the Sky Feather 13 Swords corresponded to the nine levels of Heavenly Venerate. Not only did Luo Yunyang’s cultivation get enhanced, but he could also use the seventh sword because he had more or less completely comprehended its abstruseness.

Now, Luo Yunyang, who had ascended to the third-level Heavenly Venerate, didn’t just see his power increase. When he unleashed the seventh sword, his form also became much more natural and the Sacred Image of the converged sword-light was even sharper.

Everything the sword moved past fell silent.

As this sword-light struck the black jade sacred monument, many one-inch-deep cracks started to appear on top of the monument.

These cracks lasted about five seconds. However, as the black jade sacred monument flashed again, the sword marks on the monument vanished without a trace.

This still wouldn’t do!

Luo Yunyang looked slightly astonished, and Qing Yuelan exclaimed in shock. Qing Yuelan could sense how great that sword was. Seeing the technique amount to nothing left her at a loss.

Luo Yunyang, on the other hand, was much calmer.

“I feel that this sword should probably be enough to break the black jade sacred monument. Why did it not break?” Qing Yuelan said, looking clearly unresigned.

Luo Yunyang laughed. He studied the black jade sacred monument, his interest in this large bell-shaped mountain growing.

He had already been aware that this massive bell-like sacred mountain wasn’t ordinary, but the sacred mountain was more than that.

As his sword technique was released, Luo Yunyang had a flash of understanding. He realized that the stuff left behind on this massive sacred mountain would open his eyes much more.

“Step back!” Luo Yunyang told Qing Yuelan.

Qing Yuelan had a look of disbelief on her face. She had thought that Luo Yunyang had already reached his limits with that previous sword-strike. However, Luo Yunyang was looking so serious that she realized she had underestimated him.

While lamenting to herself, Qing Yuelan saw a flash in Luo Yunyang’s eyes. Luo Yunyang currently made Qing Yuelan feel an unprecedented sense of terror.

Retreat, retreat, retreat!

Although she too was a Heavenly Venerate, the gulf between her and Luo Yunyang could no longer be described as a gulf.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t paying any attention to Qing Yuelan’s reaction. At the moment, he had gathered all the power in his body and converted the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s attributes into his own.

Sword-light gathered on the Minor Feather Sword. As it crazily converged to form a sacred image, orbs of luster that looked like precious stones started to form.

The Sky Feather Eighth Sword was the last and strongest sword that Luo Yunyang could unleash.

Sword-light swept down and landed on the black jade sacred monument. As if sensing the might of this sword strike, the monument was suddenly illuminated.

Vast black light clashed with Luo Yunyang’s sword in the void. The void warped and distorted and the black jade sacred monument started to look askew.

It was at that moment that a crack at least 15 meters wide started to appear before Luo Yunyang. When Luo Yunyang saw this crack that led to the unknown, he entered it without hesitation.

The crack started to close up the moment Luo Yunyang entered it. Qing Yuelan, who was standing in the distance, felt a sense of deep regret.

She felt like she had just had a brief brush with a rare, exceptional opportunity.

Although this opportunity didn’t belong to her, it would take her a long time to get rid of this regret.

The black jade sacred monument continued to stand tall. However, there was now an extra fine dot of light on it.

Qing Yuelan had a thought and a golden short sword appeared in her hand. As she waved her sword, boundless golden light gathered to form a slender pillar of light that slashed at the black jade monument.

There wasn’t any response from the black jade monument, which looked like an inanimate object. Qing Yuelan felt a little gloomy when she saw that there was no reaction.

As Qing Yuelan pondered this, the jade monument didn’t have any reaction whatsoever, even though the golden sword-light crashed into it. Then, the golden sword-light just dissipated.

The difference was just too great!

With this thought in mind, Qing Yuelan sighed and backed off quietly. She knew that this massive bell-like mountain wasn’t a place she could occupy, so she quickly made her way to the outskirts of this massive mountain.

Luo Yunyang was oblivious to Qing Yuelan’s reaction. He felt as though he was in a bronze world after entering that crack.

Bronze skies, bronze lands, bronze air, bronze…

The instant Luo Yunyang entered this bronze realm, a resounding voice rang out in his mind.

“You have passed the preliminary test by breaking the sacred monument formed by my flesh and blood. However, If you wish to inherit this World Shaking Sky Bell, I shall see whether you can withstand the nine waves of the Traceless Bell Wave!”

Traceless Bell Wave?

Luo Yunyang immediately perked up. Although he didn’t know what this Traceless Bell Wave was, he roughly guessed that it was probably something crazy considering how difficult it had been to break the black jade sacred monument.

As Luo Yunyang awaited that Traceless Bell Wave alertly, his mental state suddenly hurt. It felt as if it had been struck by a massive mountain that made him feel like collapsing.

Although this power didn’t cause Luo Yunyang’s consciousness to shatter, it nearly made Luo Yunyang crash to the ground.

Was this the Traceless Bell Wave?

There was no sound or form, not even a trace of it, yet it passed his physical body’s defense and immediately struck his mental state. Luo Yunyang reckoned that the power just displayed by the Traceless Bell Wave could definitely kill most Heavenly Venerates below the third level.

The might of the Traceless Bell Wave could kill most Heavenly Venerates in a snap. This was both terrifying, yet something Luo Yunyang yearned for.

Without pausing, Luo Yunyang converted all his attributes to Mind Attribute by using his attribute regulator. This time, when facing the formless and soundless Traceless Bell Wave, Luo Yunyang would be able to steel his mind.

After the adjustments to his Mind Attribute were made, the second Traceless Bell Wave once again resonated in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

This time, Luo Yunyang was prepared. He had raised his Mind Attribute, so he didn’t feel too much pain as this Bell Wave, which was twice as strong as the first one, struck.

However, that powerful vibration force still made his spiritual consciousness sway.

Third wave, fourth wave, fifth wave…

When Luo Yunyang experienced the sixth wave, he felt as though his mind was on the verge of crumbling.

If his mind collapsed, his consciousness would basically be extinguished. Based on Luo Yunyang’s reckoning of his own mind, he felt that his consciousness would definitely crumble at the seventh Traceless Bell Wave.

What sort of inheritance was this? What Luo Yunyang wanted most right now was to rush out of this bronze world.

However, in this vast bronze world, his consciousness could only probe at a distance of 30 meters. The path he had used to enter had also vanished long ago.

The soundless, formless bell wave once again bombarded Luo Yunyang’s mental state. This time, Luo Yunyang was simply unable to respond. Thus, his mental state started to crumble.

Fortunately, he had studied the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture, which had an important use now. As his consciousness was collapsing, Luo Yunyang rapidly conjured the power of the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture and restored his shattering mental state.

However, his newly-restored mental state was clearly decrepit. Luo Yunyang glanced at the bronze world and felt despair.

Although the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture had let him recover this time, Luo Yunyang really wasn’t certain that he would survive the next time.

In this bronze world, he discovered that he didn’t have any other ideas. As he felt downcast and prepared himself for a final struggle, a small pagoda appeared in his mind.

The pagoda was very small, yet Luo Yunyang’s mental state was completely protected by it.

Yet another bell wave bombarded Luo Yunyang’s mind the instant the small pagoda appeared. This time, although the bell wave entered Luo Yunyang’s mind, Luo Yunyang felt that it was actually weaker than the seventh-level wave.

It might even be weaker than the sixth.

The eighth bell wave was definitely stronger than the seventh, but Luo Yunyang had found it weaker entirely due to the small pagoda that had appeared in his mind.

Luo Yunyang quickly urged the Black Yellow Supreme Blood within his body. As layer after layer of golden light converged, a little three-meter-tall pagoda shielded Luo Yunyang’s body.

The ninth-level Bell Wave wasn’t soundless or formless. Not only did it ring out, but it also produced layer after layer of ripples that flowed into Luo Yunyang’s mind.

The small golden pagoda shielding Luo Yunyang’s body didn’t seem to react, but the tiny colorless pagoda in Luo Yunyang’s mind crumbled as it came into contact with those ripples.

Luo Yunyang’s consciousness was battered by the jolting force of the bell wave until it was black and blue.

Fortunately, as Luo Yunyang’s mind almost completely crumbled, the power of the Traceless Bell Wave finally started to diminish gradually. Luo Yunyang was feeling relieved about escaping a calamity, when he discovered the countless bronze lights all around him that had started to gather frantically.

These bronze lights gathered and formed a large bronze bell that fell towards his body.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang saw two inscribed words on the massive bell. Although he hadn’t seen these two words before, he definitely recognized them.

One of them was ‘birth’, and the other was ‘extinguish’!