Supreme Uprising Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Burying A Great Realm

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When he saw the two words Birth and Extinguish, Luo Yunyang felt as if his entire self had frozen within the void.

At the moment, the sky, earth and everything else seemed to have gone static. Only the large bell with the two words Birth and Extinguish slowly descended towards Luo Yunyang.

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang finally struggled free from this suspenseful immobility. He surveyed his surroundings and discovered that he was now situated amongst shattered rubble.

Subconsciously, lots of information flooded his mind as Luo Yunyang tried to make his brain work.

This was the previous era!

Or perhaps it was the era before that!

Or perhaps he should call it… First Yuan Era!

This giant bell had been left behind by a big shot of the First Yuan Era—Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky! Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky, who had called this World Shaking Sky Bell a precious treasure, had snatched it from what he had termed the initial beginning of the first primal chaos.

Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky’s memories did not clearly explain how he had managed to obtain it, but the word ‘snatch’ was enough to illustrate that this was a problem.

Besides creating the methods of using the World Shaking Sky Bell, Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky had also left behind a set of cultivation techniques he had called Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique. According to Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky, this was a cultivation technique he had created to correspond to the World Shaking Sky Bell.

Luo Yunyang felt warm and fuzzy when he thought about Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky’s evaluation, which was that the World Shaking Sky Bell was the most powerful ultimate treasure of that era.

Hadn’t he entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground to look for this sort of exceptional opportunities? While he couldn’t say that he had experienced an arduous ordeal, he had encountered lots of complications in order to reap the current benefits.

World Shaking Sky Bell, appear! Luo Yunyang thought to himself as he asked the World Shaking Sky Bell that had already entered his body to come out.

He had to take a good look at exactly what the World Shaking Sky Bell was like. However, the instant the World Shaking Sky Bell appeared, Luo Yunyang felt his heart drop.

Over a hundred fragments of varying sizes appeared in front of him. Although a chaotic energy seemed to emanate from every single one of these fragments, it was clear that it was difficult for them to form the World Shaking Sky Bell.

The World Shaking Sky Bell was actually damaged!

Severely disappointed, Luo Yunyang quickly checked the other information left behind by Yuan Venerate Shaking Sky. In no time, he understood why the World Shaking Sky Bell had shattered.

It had ended up this way after forcefully dealing with a sneak attack by the Realm Annihilation Yuan Disk.

“Young successor, you have obtained my World Shaking Sky Bell. I might be dead, but I am not willing to see the World Shaking Sky Bell become a useless piece of trash.”

“Its Yuan Spirit hasn’t been extinguished. It is merely hidden amongst these fragments. As long as you can gather these fragments and form the shape of the World Shaking Sky Bell, it is still possible to condense the World Shaking Sky Bell’s Yuan Spirit once again.”

“If you want to condense the World Shaking Sky Bell, then you will have to master the 10th level of the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique that I have left behind. This is the only way to combine these fragments with ease.”

After looking through all the information left behind by Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky once, Luo Yunyang felt both inspired and disappointed.

He was inspired because, based on what Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky had said, the World Shaking Sky Bell had probably been in the same grade as the Creation Disk back then.

Unfortunately, Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Creation Disk didn’t seem to have suffered any damages, whereas the World Shaking Sky Bell had already been turned into over a hundred fragments.

After putting his thoughts in order, Luo Yunyang prepared to give the cultivation technique left behind by Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky a try. Even though the World Shaking Sky Bell was in pieces, it still had unimaginable potential. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang felt that the technique left behind by Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky seemed to exceed the three divine scriptures of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

Just as he was about to cultivate, Luo Yunyang suddenly discovered that there was a small ball of light in his mind. This ball of light clearly hadn’t come from him. As he thought about any techniques that could seize control or other methods, Luo Yunyang instinctively became warier.

He used his mind power to envelop that light orb. He was about to attack it when he realized that this light orb was actually a memory.

Or perhaps, one could say that it was just a few sentences!

“I don’t know whether I should tell you this. It all depends on whether you will be able to discover it. Brat, when it comes to doing things, I have never cared about what is right and wrong. I just did whatever I wished. I participated in this great battle, not because I was muddled in the head, but because someone was too f*cking crazy.”

“He wanted to bury the Great Realm we were in. If he were to really bury that entire Great Realm, only death would await me, even if the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell was protecting my body.”

“Therefore, in order to survive, I had no choice but to go all out. Unfortunately, I still failed in the end.”

“Before I fell apart, I saw countless lands and places get destroyed. I saw countless living things get obliterated. I saw…”

“If you discovered the World Shaking Sky Bell I left behind, it means that fellow’s plan to destroy thousands of realms didn’t come to fruition. It also means that you still can give your all to stop it, brat. Hey, even if you do your utmost, you… you won’t beat him.”

Someone had tried to bury an entire Great Realm?

Luo Yunyang recalled some of the extracts written by Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky, as well as what it meant to bury a Great Realm. Immediately, he understood quite a bit.

Who could bury a Great Realm? Was it someone from the Mysterious Underworld Race?

Although the Mysterious Underworld Race was powerful, the excerpts in Hong Meng Sacred Hall seemed to say that the Mysterious Underworld Race was on par with the Human Race.

Exactly who could have buried Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky’s Great Realm back then? Was this plan to bury thousands of Great Realms that Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky mentioned still being executed? Did that crazy person still exist?

These thoughts buzzed continuously in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

Ultimately, Luo Yunyang sighed. Although he couldn’t properly analyze the information he had, he couldn’t help but feel that this entity that wanted to bury countless Great Realms was definitely still alive.

Someone wanted to bury realm after realm. Exactly how powerful was such an entity? Would Luo Yunyang be able to retaliate against such a being?

Luo Yunyang pushed these thoughts aside. His temperament had already become strong through so many years of cultivation, so he knew that having all these wild thoughts wouldn’t be of any use.

After pondering this, Luo Yunyang started to study the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique and very quickly understood its first level.

Although Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky had existed many millennia before him, Luo Yunyang was able to see some familiar traces of the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique.

Of course, this familiarity stemmed from the structure of the cultivation technique.

Loosely speaking, the cultivation techniques that Luo Yunyang practiced were related to the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique a little.

They weren’t derived from the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique, but they contained some similarities with the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique.

However, even the Three Era Supreme Sect’s Three Divine Scriptures were still rather different.

Soon, Luo Yunyang already had his own ideas. He waved his sleeves and over a hundred strange treasures appeared beside his body.

These strange treasures were all objects Luo Yunyang had pillaged from the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. He had originally intended to exchange these for Hong Meng Points, but he chose to use them to cultivate the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique instead.

He would congeal a Sky Bell in each universe. Luo Yunyang had this strange thought. Furthermore, he could supply power to his internal universes and make great progress.

The more he studied the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique, the more Luo Yunyang felt that this cultivation technique was wondrous. However, a feeling of deep fear arose when he comprehended the technique to a certain point.

Even Yuan Venerate Shaking Sky, who had created the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique, had been buried. As a successor, what could he even do?

This thought wasn’t of any use, so Luo Yunyang quickly tossed it aside. However, this thought was like a demon in his head. Even though it didn’t affect Luo Yunyang’s cultivation, he still wasn’t able to get rid of it, no matter how hard he tried.

In a desolate land, two figures came from different directions. As the fog around the two figures started to clear, both of them were now able to see the appearance of the other person.

“Mysterious Demon!” The human that spoke looked alarmed. However, he quickly calmed down.

The Mysterious Demon didn’t find it surprising that this person was a human. He smiled as he said, “Long Teng, I am the person you are looking for. You can call me 2nd Mysterious Demon!”

2nd Mysterious Demon?

Long Teng shuddered when he heard this name. He already understood how the powerhouses of the Mysterious Underworld Race were classified. Right now, he felt only fear and awe for the 2nd Mysterious Demon.

“This is a Primordial Sky Tablet. You can use it to open a Primordial Shrine.” As the 2nd Mysterious Demon spoke, he handed a stone tablet to Long Teng.

A flash of ecstasy appeared in Long Teng’s eyes. Although he didn’t know who had constructed that primordial shrine, he knew that as long as the primordial shrine was opened, it wouldn’t just provide a great opportunity. It would also be a stable place to retreat to in this domain, which was fraught with dangers.

More importantly, thanks to the control array formations of the primordial shrine, the shrine could become a huge communication network.

This communication network could allow the people added into the primordial shrine to communicate freely on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

One could say that such an item was extremely precious!

“You are giving it to me? This…”

“Don’t worry, the 1st Mysterious Demon has obtained three Ancient Sky Tablets. Now that you have this Ancient Sky Tablet, you can become one of the few people within the Human Race with the most control and authority. When that happens, I will inform you about the next step.” The 2nd Mysterious Demon’s voice had a sinister ring to it.

Long Teng understood what the 2nd Mysterious Demon meant. He hesitated for a split second before steeling his resolve. “Yes, Sir!”