Supreme Uprising Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Meru Mountain Ancient Shrine

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Luo Yunyang finally awakened from his seclusion after an indefinite amount of time. Although he was sitting quietly on the ground, there was a seemingly dignified air around him.

As a thought went through Luo Yunyang’s mind, a simple thick bronze bell appeared around his body. Although this bronze bell was a condensation of power from within Luo Yunyang’s body, it looked substantial.

The sun, moon, stars and constellations were all vaguely discernible on this bronze bell.

Even though Luo Yunyang was still a third-level Heavenly Venerate, he felt as though his cultivation had experienced a massive jump.

With that in mind, Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator and meticulously studied the displayed numbers.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 183, Speed: 121, Constitution: 245, Mind: 365, Bloodline: 3.2

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 265, Speed: 141, Mind: 214, Constitution: 241

Luo Yunyang’s various attributes had only risen by 10 Yuan each when he had advanced to a third-level Heavenly Venerate. As his internal universe started changing when he began cultivating the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique, Luo Yunyang’s various attributes improved greatly.

After yet another session of cultivation that lasted for an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang headed out of the mountain he was in. Without Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky’s power left to support it, the body of this mountain didn’t provide any resistance for Luo Yunyang.

In just a moment, Luo Yunyang had already gotten out of the mountain.

As he walked out of the large golden bell-shaped mountain, the black jade sacred monument at the peak of this mountain shattered into millions of fragments. Then, the sacred mountain collapsed and shattered too.

The huge mountain that had stood in this void for many eons had totally disappeared as if it had never existed. Luo Yunyang couldn’t help but feel a little rueful.

As soon as this happened, a figure flew over from a distance. Luo Yunyang prepared to make a move when the figure arrived, but then he saw who it was.

“Qing Yuelan!”

Qing Yuelan inhaled deeply as she met Luo Yunyang’s increasingly pressuring gaze. “Qing Yuelan pays her respects to Yunyang Zongzi.”

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for formalities, Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue. How long was I inside for?”

Qing Yuelan pondered for a moment. “If we count based on the time outside, Zongzi spent about a year inside.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t think that forming three Chaotic Yuan Sky Bells within his three internal universes took a long time. After all, at his sort of level, ten years for a session of seclusive cultivation was rather ordinary.

“Were there any changes outside?” Luo Yunyang didn’t really expect that Qing Yuelan would give him much of an answer. After all, Qing Yuelan probably hadn’t left this place considering how quickly she had arrived.

Qing Yuelan took a deep breath and said, “Zongzi, I met a fellow Heavenly Venerate acquaintance some time ago. He says that a Meru Mountain appeared about 300,000 miles from where we are.”

“Are you certain it is a Meru Mountain?” Luo Yunyang didn’t wait for Qing Yuelan to finish speaking.

“It is a Meru Mountain!” Qing Yuelan didn’t know why Luo Yunyang would have doubts, yet she answered deferentially.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up. He recalled the encouragement he had received in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. A Meru Mountain had to be ascended as soon as it appeared.

Great opportunities lay within it.

Even though Yuan Venerate White Crane hadn’t explained clearly what sort of great opportunities there would be inside, Luo Yunyang believed that Yuan Venerate White Crane and the others definitely wouldn’t lie to him and the other disciples.

He might have already obtained the treasure of Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky, but nobody ever felt that they could get too many opportunities.

“Come, let’s go take a look!” Luo Yunyang immediately took to the sky and layers of golden bell-shaped projections wrapped up around him.

Qing Yuelan felt her mind vibrating violently when these bell-like projections appeared. It was so bad that she even started to find it difficult to maintain her human form.

That bronze bell made her feel terrified. It seemed as if this massive bell contained a predator that could kill her.

Luo Yunyang also noticed Qing Yuelan’s strange behavior. With a thought, the massive bronze bell enveloped Qing Yuelan as well. Suddenly, the tremendous vibration disappeared completely.

“Let’s go!” As Luo Yunyang said that, the bronze bell acted like a comet that shot off into the distance. The bronze bell had a total of three layers derived from the power of Luo Yunyang’s three internal universes. During the journey, anything that came into contact with the giant bronze bell was smashed into smithereens.

Even a humongous fish of unknown origin that possessed a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation couldn’t evade the bronze bell in time and was completely shattered.

“Hmm?”After Luo Yunyang and Qing Yuelan crossed many spaces shrouded in gray mist, a vast land appeared before their eyes.

This land was actually clear and bright.

Nine spheres of what seemed to be light were suspended high in the void, illuminating most of this land.

Beneath these light spheres were huge shrines that reached great heights, making it seem as though this entire illuminated space was supported by these shrines.

“What are these spheres of light?” Luo Yunyang guessed that Qing Yuelan probably wouldn’t know what they were either, but there was nobody else to discuss this with.

Qing Yuelan shook her head. “I have no idea either.”

As the two of them mulled this over, two figures rushed over from a round sphere. When they got close, Luo Yunyang realized that they were third-level Heavenly Venerates of the Human Race.

“You two are from the Human Race…” the large, tall Heavenly Venerate who had a slightly menacing appearance exclaimed when he saw Luo Yunyang and Qing Yuelan.

However, he looked astonished when he saw Luo Yunyang’s face. His astonishment quickly turned into alarm and delight.

Luo Yunyang didn’t recognize this Heavenly Venerate, yet he had a bad feeling when he noticed his reaction.

This Heavenly Venerate had an ordinary cultivation, so he wouldn’t pose any threat to him. Thus, his reaction was definitely…

The other Heavenly Venerate, who was standing aside, suddenly exclaimed loudly, “It is Luo Yunyang Zongzi! Ha ha ha! Luo Yunyang Zongzi has come!”

This person sounded happy. However, in fact, his motive was probably to notify others.

Luo Yunyang didn’t immediately try anything. He didn’t think much of these two Heavenly Venerates anyway. Now that he had obtained the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique and his cultivation base had improved, he naturally wouldn’t fear these two Heavenly Venerates.

He wanted to see exactly what they were up to.

In just a moment, more than a hundred Heavenly Venerates rushed over. All these Heavenly Venerates were wearing some sort of robes with an embroidered green dragon. At the forefront of this group of Heavenly Venerates was Profound Calm Zongzi.

Profound Calm Zongzi’s robes also featured an embroidered green dragon. However, this dragon was clearly more exquisite and of superior quality. Profound Calm Zongzi looked like he was in a slightly tough spot when he saw Luo Yunyang.

However, he braced himself and cupped his fists at Luo Yunyang. “Brother Luo, I never imagined that we would meet here once again.”

Luo Yunyang smiled when he saw Profound Calm Zongzi’s actions. “Seems like someone has organized the Human Race’s Heavenly Venerates. I think it would be good for me to meet the person who did all this.”

“Luo Yunyang, you despicable person, sneaking an attack on shrine master Long Teng is a terrible crime. Why don’t you hurry up and surrender before begging shrine master Long Teng for forgiveness?” A middle-aged fifth-level Heavenly Venerate berated Luo Yunyang.

His tone was slightly haughty, and he sounded as though he wanted to skewer Luo Yunyang on a stake.

Of course, these actions weren’t meant for Luo Yunyang. He was putting on an act for shrine master Long Teng, who controlled everything and had yet to come out.

A sneak attack on shrine master Long Teng?

Luo Yunyang frowned for a moment. The leader here was actually Long Teng. Although the Long Family seemed to have gone into a passive state after Luo Yunyang had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyang knew very well that the enmity between him and the Long Family wasn’t over.

“Profound Calm Zongzi, aren’t you a disgrace for letting Long Teng become shrine master?” Luo Yunyang ignored the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate and chuckled.

Profound Calm Zongzi said in a lowered voice, “Shrine master Long Teng doesn’t just have a high cultivation. He is also blessed with good fortune. Without him, how could our Human Race have had such a shrine outside this Meru Mountain?”

“It isn’t just me. Other Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall unanimously recognized shrine master Long Teng as the alliance leader of our Human Race.”

At this point, Profound Calm Zongzi said, “Brother Yunyang, you are one of the Human Race powerhouses who entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground this time. I believe that you and shrine master Long Teng must have misunderstood.”

“Our Human Race is currently vying with other races. Under the circumstances, I think that you and shrine master Long Teng should turn your hostility into friendship.”

As Profound Calm Zongzi was talking, the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate snapped coldly. “Profound Calm, although you are a leader amongst us, your polite actions towards this major offender are intolerable.”

“Luo Yunyang, surrender immediately and seek forgiveness from shrine master Long Teng. Otherwise, you can’t blame us for being merciless.”

Profound Calm Zongzi’s expression turned unsightly at once. He wanted to say something but ultimately chose to keep his mouth shut.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate and replied casually, “You have said so much, kind sir, yet I do not know your name.”