Supreme Uprising Chapter 867

Chapter 867 The Worst Sinner

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Inside the large, tall shrine, Long Teng stood beneath one of the spheres that were illuminating the place for miles and miles.

The sides of his lips were curled up into a grin. He felt extremely pleased upon watching Luo Yunyang being surrounded! If Long Teng was asked who he hated the most, Luo Yunyang would naturally be his answer. If it had not been for Luo Yunyang, he would have entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall as many others gazed enviously at him and received what he had dreamed of for so many years.

However, Luo Yunyang had shattered all his dreams of entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Why and how Luo Yunyang had shattered his dreams and become his mortal enemy was no longer important to Long Teng.

It could even be said that Long Teng had already voluntarily chosen to forget about the factors that had led to this.

Now, not only had he obtained a huge opportunity on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, but he actually controlled this Primordial Shrine. Therefore, the Long Family Heavenly Venerates, as well as other Heavenly Venerates that had received benefits, had made him the leader.

Even Xuantian Zhaoxin also had to be obedient on the surface.

Long Teng wasn’t an overly prideful person. If there was a need to do things in a certain way, he definitely wouldn’t go easy.

Doing all this in the name of the Human Race had already helped him gain a virtuous image.

As a large proportion of Human Race Heavenly Venerates and Heavenly Venerates from other tribes gathered under him, Long Teng started to really enjoy the present circumstances.

However, the more influence he gained, the more Long Teng started to feel uneasy. The 2nd Mysterious Demon had given a Primordial Sky Tablet to him, but this…

As he thought about the Mysterious Underworld Race all around this Meru Mountain, as well as the Primordial Shrines nine other races had set up, Long Teng felt his heart tightening.

He knew that the Mysterious Underworld Race definitely wouldn’t just hand the most important opportunity over to him for no reason. They definitely had their own plan, and it was one Long Teng didn’t understand yet knew it was so vile that it made him fearful.

Deep down, Long Teng had always been against this plan. He hoped to become the hero of the Human Race, not a puppet of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, the 2nd Mysterious Demon had given him a tablet. The jade talisman his father had given him had also shown Long Teng clearly that he couldn’t escape their clutches.

Since he couldn’t escape, why not slowly enjoy this process?

After all, he wouldn’t be amongst those that would die and he would also reap the benefits that this primordial shrine brought about.

“Shrine master, Yin Yang Zongzi seeks an audience!” a sweet-looking female Heavenly Venerate announced respectfully.

Long Teng grinned. Yin Yang Zongzi had always been arrogant and conceited. He never gave a damn about Long Teng. However, he was still coming to beg for an audience?

“Let Yin Yang Zongzi in.”

Yin Yang Zongzi entered the primordial shrine. He felt extremely unpleasant as he glanced at Long Teng, who was sitting in a lotus position near the top of the ancient shrine. However, as he thought about the classification of Li Jiuyue and the others, he still cupped his fists and saluted. “Greetings, shrine master.”

“Ha ha ha… There’s no need for formalities, Brother Yin Yang.” Long Teng’s sleeves swayed as he chuckled. “My position as shrine master is just temporary.”

“After we leave the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, I will just be a part of the Longlin Great Chaos. Perhaps I will even need to be in your care, Yin Yang Zongzi!”

Long Teng seemed to give off a heroic, righteous vibe, yet Yin Yang Zongzi couldn’t help but feel that this was strange.

If it had not been for the importance of this primordial shrine and the many Human Race Heavenly Venerates that had pledged allegiance to Long Teng because of the primordial Shrine; if this primordial shrine had not given the Human Race a foundation, Yin Yang Zongzi definitely wouldn’t have given a damn about the domineering, bossy Long Teng.

“Long Teng Zongzi, Luo Yunyang is the top-ranking Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. His arrival has brought about a tremendous fighting force for our Human Race.”

Although Yin Yang Zongzi was unhappy deep down, he still spoke his mind. “Although the two of you have some past grievances, the Human Race’s most critical juncture approaches, so I would like to plead shrine master to be magnanimous.”

“Let bygones be bygones. Even if there are future grievances, they can wait till we have left the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.”

Long Teng’s eyes narrowed before he said indifferently, “Zongzi, I too wish to join forces with Luo Yunyang.”

“However, before I got this Primordial Sky Tablet, Luo Yunyang didn’t just ambush me. He was also in cahoots with a Mysterious Underworld Race expert.”

“If a life preservation treasure had not been bestowed upon me by my father, I fear that I wouldn’t even have had the chance to stand here!”

Yin Yang Zongzi wasn’t surprised by what Long Teng said, as he had said the same thing when he had been gathering Human Heavenly Venerates and providing them with shelter.

In the words of Long Teng, Luo Yunyang was already a traitor of the Human Race. Although the majority of Heavenly Venerates understood what was going on, they had chosen to play dumb.

While Yin Yang Zongzi was racking his head, Long Teng added, “Since you have personally come to plead for him, I shall treat this Zongzi with respect. I can give him a chance.”

“As long as he is willing to explain the accusations against him, I can ask ten Heavenly Venerates of high moral standing and virtue to investigate him. If it is discovered that he has no links to the Mysterious Underworld Race, I will offer him an apology and let him go.”

He would investigate Luo Yunyang?

There was a flicker of apprehension in his eyes as Yin Yang Zongzi thought about Luo Yunyang’s pride. His gut feeling told him that Luo Yunyang definitely wouldn’t lower his head or accept Long Teng’s request.

At the moment, the sphere of light above the shrine displayed an image. It was an image of Luo Yunyang being surrounded by the large group of Heavenly Venerates. A fifth-level Heavenly Venerate who served as Long Teng’s trusted aid growled furiously. “Your daddy is Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan. Why would a sinner dare to attack me?”

“A sinner?” The Minor Feather Sword appeared in Luo Yunyang’s hands before Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan had finished speaking.

Sky Feather Seventh Sword!

A sword sacred image gathered on Luo Yunyang’s sword-light. Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan couldn’t even say anything in time, as that sword-light immediately cut his body in two.

The nomological law suppression of the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground and the annihilation power of Luo Yunyang’s Minor Feather Sword both made it extremely difficult for Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan to revive himself.

This meant that this extremely arrogant Heavenly Venerate, who had thought that everything was under his control, had been slain by Luo Yunyang with one slash.

The people gathered around Luo Yunyang were flabbergasted by the scene that had just unfolded. Many of them had thought that they would be fulfilling shrine master Long Teng’s orders in the name of justice and representing the Human Race on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

No matter how stubborn or unyielding Luo Yunyang was, and no matter how capable he was, he would still have to lower his head against their combined might…

However, while they’d assumed everything was under control, Luo Yunyang had used this method to teach them a very good lesson.

For a moment, nobody spoke.

However, inside the shrine, Long Teng looked pleased. Although he had relied on the Primordial Sky Tablet and Primordial Shrine to become leader amongst all these people, people like Xuantian Zhaoxin and the others were still a small issue.

Thus, he had planned to deal with Luo Yunyang slowly. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually attack his trusted aide in such a manner.

Long Teng didn’t think it was a pity that Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan had died. He actually felt that Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan had died too simply. It would have been much better if he had died somewhat heroically.

“He he… Brother Yin Yang, do you see that this is Luo Yunyang’s intrinsic nature? This person is a maverick that’s out of control. Even if he has no links to the Mysterious Underworld Race, we still can’t allow him to act so wantonly here.”

Long Teng formed some hand seals before he ordered, “Seize Luo Yunyang!”

These instructions immediately reverberated within the space enclosed by the spheres of light above. As his voice rang out all over, more people rushed over from all directions.

They all looked at Luo Yunyang and the severed body of Heavenly Venerate Lu Xuan. Some people were silent, but many others looked like they were struggling to stop themselves from twitching.

“Luo Yunyang, you traitor of the Human Race… Not only did you ambush shrine master Long Teng, but you also just killed one of our own. Get on your knees now!” A fifth-level Heavenly Venerate stepped forward and proclaimed loudly.

After this Heavenly Venerate had spoken, over a hundred other Heavenly Venerates chimed in. “Luo Yunyang, hurry up and turn yourself in!”

In the blink of an eye, at least 3,000-4,000 Human Tribe Heavenly Venerates had rushed over. All of them gathered around Luo Yunyang and surrounded him. Although they didn’t make any moves, it was evident that every single one of them was prepared to act at any moment.

Xuantian Zhaoxin and some other people from Hong Meng Sacred Hall stood far away. Although they didn’t act, they were watching with deep frowns on their faces.

Qing Yuelan, who stood by Luo Yunyang’s side, felt her heart trembling tremendously. The overwhelming number of Heavenly Venerates made her feel extremely terrified.

On the contrary, Luo Yunyang was cool as a cucumber. He glanced at the Heavenly Venerates that had flocked over and said icily, “This matter is between Long Teng and me. If you all leave, I will act like this never happened. Blades and swords have no eyes, so don’t blame me if you stay and die.”

As Luo Yunyang said this, a voice rang out. “Brother Yunyang, you are a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. The Human Race should take precedence over everything else.”

The person who stepped forth after this voice spoke up was on the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Man Roll. He then added, “You were wrong to ambush shrine master Long Teng. Wantonly killing Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Lu Xuan has done nothing but increase the number of your crimes.”

“If you surrender and await capture, we can still plead on your behalf with shrine master Long Teng. However, if you continue to resist, you will become an enemy of the Human Race!”

“Do you really want to become the worst sinner of the Human Race?”