Supreme Uprising Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Killing Dragon

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“You are calling me a sinner?” Luo Yunyang glared at the young Heavenly Venerate, who was already at the fourth level.

“That goes without saying!” the young Heavenly Venerate said arrogantly. He had gained considerable benefits in the Primordial Shrine and being appreciated by Long Teng had given him a lot of self-confidence.

In his opinion, although Luo Yunyang had displayed very great strength, he wouldn’t be able to create any big waves in the face of thousands of Heavenly Venerates.

That was why he exhibited this devotion to a righteous cause.

Luo Yunyang grinned. Just as he was about to say something, a voice spoke in his ear. “Leave immediately.”

Although this sound had been distorted using a certain method, Luo Yunyang was able to hear the source of this voice.

Li Jiuyue!

Luo Yunyang hadn’t had too many dealings with the only lady on the Hong Meng Heaven Roll. However, he had never imagined that she would actually warn him at such a time.

“Scoot off to the side.” Luo Yunyang cast a sweeping gaze at the young man. “Don’t make me kill you!”

Although the young man was also a top genius, Luo Yunyang’s admirable rating and performance in Hong Meng Sacred Hall had left a deep mark in his heart that was hard to erase.

Upon hearing Luo Yunyang’s threatening tone, the young Heavenly Venerate trembled uncontrollably and took a slow step back.

“Trash!” Luo Yunyang said contemptuously before glaring at the other Heavenly Venerates all around and saying indifferently, “This is a grudge between me and Long Teng. Anyone who’s not involved can scram!”

All the Heavenly Venerates were livid when they heard this. Some muttered to themselves, while others sneered.

“Luo Yunyang is pigheaded. He won’t repent unless he dies. Everyone, attack together and seize this vile being!” the young Heavenly Venerate that Luo Yunyang had humiliated, who knew that this couldn’t drag on, instructed the others.

The moment he barked out this order, the over 100 Heavenly Venerates in uniforms unleashed attacks at Luo Yunyang simultaneously.

Simultaneous attacks by over 100 Heavenly Venerates were aimed at the same target. One could imagine how overwhelming this was.

Sword-lights, blade-shadows, and other methods that contained immense power moved like a massive tsunami that crashed towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang moved his arm and pushed Qing Yuelan away from him. Then, he immediately utilized the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique!

According to Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky’s teachings, the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique had originally been known for its defensive nature. Even cultivating the first-level Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique would allow the user to withstand a barrage of 10 times its power.

Although many attacks were launched, their cultivation didn’t exceed the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate. Therefore, Luo Yunyang prepared to try it out and see if the Chaotic Yuan Bell Technique was really like Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky had described it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The various attacks crashed down on Luo Yunyang’s position. Due to the various nomological laws and intertwining powers, nobody could clearly see Luo Yunyang’s state.

“Luo Yunyang must have dodged!” Yin Yang Zongzi said in astonishment as he watched the various techniques envelop Luo Yunyang.

Yin Yang Zongzi believed that Luo Yunyang hadn’t gained much ever since the primordial shrine had opened.

However, he was the first first-level Heavenly Venerate to break through the sixth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages, so these attacks from all directions shouldn’t pose much of a problem for Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang should have avoided these attacks rather easily.

However, he had seen what had just happened very clearly. Luo Yunyang simply hadn’t dodged. Or rather, Luo Yunyang had already been drowned by the attacks of the over 100 Heavenly Venerates.

The young Heavenly Venerate grinned.

He too had been a prideful genius in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, yet being stifled by Luo Yunyang’s outstanding feats had made him feel really sullen.

Now, everything was different. Some people couldn’t read the situation and thought that the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground was still part of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The power of all the different attacks rapidly dissipated. As all the different colored lights and smoke cleared away, they saw a rather relaxed figure right in the center of the place where those attacks had struck.

“How is that possible?” The young Heavenly Venerate was shocked. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Over 100 others had unleashed attacks alongside him, so he could imagine the power contained in these attacks.

Although he couldn’t say for certain that this power would kill him, it would at the very least leave him on the verge of death.

However, Luo Yunyang, who hadn’t even made any effort to dodge, stood there as if it was nothing.

Even though thousands of Heavenly Venerates stood around, the area was deadly silent.

Long Teng actually seemed amazed. He had felt some regret when the 100 Heavenly Venerates who were his trusted aids had attacked simultaneously.

After all, his hatred for Luo Yunyang was already engraved deep in his bones. Would the hatred in his heart be resolved if Luo Yunyang was killed in such a manner?

He had been wondering whether Luo Yunyang was seriously injured or whether he should rescue him. However, he had never imagined that there wouldn’t be a single scratch on Luo Yunyang’s body.

Even Luo Yunyang’s clothes didn’t seem to have suffered any damage.

“Did you enjoy that?” Luo Yunyang eyed the Heavenly Venerates that had attacked him. In an instant, the Minor Feather Sword appeared in his hand.

The long sword flashed and streaks of sword-light instantly transformed into individual boundaries that shrouded those Heavenly Venerates.

Sky Feather 13 Swords, 5th Sword. Although the power of this move was inferior to the 7th Sword, it could instantly transform into boundless sword-light.

As Luo Yunyang cultivated the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell, one could say that his cultivation had progressed to the next level. Therefore, the Heavenly Venerate powerhouses that were shrouded in sword-light struggled frantically but were still obliterated.

Only the young Heavenly Venerate on the Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Man Roll managed to make it out of the sword-light boundary. However, even he had lost an arm in his bid to escape the sword-light.

The one-armed man’s eyes were filled with contempt as he glared furiously at Luo Yunyang. “You… You sinner. What are you trying to do?”

“You have killed over 100 Heavenly Venerates. You… You have caused the strength of our Human Race to decline greatly. You…”

Luo Yunyang glared coldly at the growling young man. He didn’t do anything right away. Instead, he used the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique to give his voice a soul-shaking resonance.

“I killed them because they wanted to kill me. Isn’t that right? Luo Yunyang’s voice became extremely resounding in an instant.

“Don’t talk about the Human Race and all that jazz. Didn’t you people attack me to raise your worth and claim merit in front of Long Teng? You even determined that I was a sinner right away. Wasn’t this because I was Long Teng’s enemy?”

Luo Yunyang pointed at the young man. “Touch your heart and ask your conscience. Is what I said true?”

The young Heavenly Venerate’s mind was trembling as he opened his mouth to explain. However, before he could speak, an extremely unbearable sensation filled his mind.

This sensation nearly made him crumble.

The Heavenly Venerates that had gathered around Luo Yunyang had already started to back off. They were not retreating because what Luo Yunyang had said was true, but because Luo Yunyang’s display was just too overwhelming.

Anyone that could become a Heavenly Venerate, especially someone who was on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, knew what it meant to draw on the advantages and avoid the disadvantages.

Therefore, they had banded together to withstand other races and reap the benefits of the primordial shrine under Long Teng’s leadership.

They didn’t listen to Long Teng’s instructions because they were loyal to Long Teng, but because Long Teng possessed a primordial shrine that could ensure their safety.

However, the opponent Long Teng currently wanted to kill actually terrified them. Naturally, many people would choose to back away under the circumstances.

“Brother Yunyang, let this matter rest. You should leave this place!” Suddenly, Xuantian Zhaoxin appeared in the void.

Unlike before he had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, Xuantian Zhaoxin seemed more reserved now. His cultivation had also broken through to the third-level Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang had a vague feeling that the current Xuantian Zhaoxin could break through to the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate at any moment.

His cultivation base wasn’t the most important factor. Luo Yunyang could sense based on Xuantian Zhaoxin’s body that he had obtained certain unknown inherited knowledge.

“No!” Luo Yunyang met Xuantian Zhaoxin’s gaze and said indifferently, “I want to kill Long Teng. Anyone who tries to stop me will die!”

Although Luo Yunyang had spoken calmly, many people who heard him felt a chill in the depths of their hearts.

Xuantian Zhaoxin was stunned. He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually say he wanted to kill Long Teng.

“Long Teng is the shrine master of a Primordial Shrine. Killing him would be detrimental to the Human Race’s plan…” Xuantian Zhaoxin was only half-way through when Luo Yunyang soared up into the sky and shot off in the direction of the primordial shrine.

Inside the primordial shrine, Long Teng sneered as he watched this unfold.

He glanced at Yin Yang Zongzi and said, “Luo Yunyang is lawless and undisciplined. You should know how important I am. You said that you would ensure my safety when you entered this shrine. Shouldn’t you stop Luo Yunyang now that he said he wants to kill me?”

Yin Yang Zongzi glanced at Long Teng and replied, “Let’s not talk about who is right and wrong for now. We absolutely have to stop Luo Yunyang.”