Supreme Uprising Chapter 870

Chapter 870 The Last Sacred Battle Ground

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Long Teng was actually dead!

Long Teng, who had obtained the primordial shrine, had even gone so far as to have a duel with Xuantian Zhaoxin when recruiting all those Human Race Heavenly Venerates.

Even though he hadn’t defeated Xuantian Zhaoxin, he had still endured three blows by Xuantian Zhaoxin with the aid of the primordial shrine.

These three blows hadn’t hurt Long Teng at all.

However, Long Teng, who possessed the primordial shrine, actually died after Luo Yunyang struck his bell once. This scene stunned many of the people present.

Xuantian Zhaoxin, Li Jiuyue, Yin Yang Zongzi, and the others had solemn expressions on their faces. They had used their own spiritual consciousness to check for any aura coming from Long Teng.

Although they had very quickly sensed Long Teng’s aura when they had tried earlier, Long Teng’s aura had completely vanished by now.

“Long Teng is really dead. His mirror image within the virtual space has already collapsed!” someone exclaimed in alarm.

Long Teng had died, but the primordial shrine still remained!

Many people seemed excited when they saw that the giant sphere of light high up continued to shine.

Indeed, they were excited, as they all knew clearly how valuable the primordial shrine was.

As long as they could obtain this shrine, they would immediately assume Long Teng’s position and soar to great heights.

However, nobody dared act rashly regarding this enticing proposition, neither did anyone rush to that massive primordial shrine.

A Heavenly Venerate from Xuantian Zhaoxin’s sect transmitted a message to Xuantian Zhaoxin. There were few words in the message, but the main meaning was that Xuantian Zhaoxin should bear with it.

Although Xuantian Zhaoxin wasn’t too pleased with the transmitted message, he nodded his head. After all, the method Luo Yunyang had just used to kill Long Teng was so powerful that it struck fear in most people.

Although Xuantian Zhaoxin was extremely tempted by the primordial shrine, he needed to consider if he had the strength to do this.

Luo Yunyang looked calm on the surface, yet his insides were actually surging. The process of killing Long Teng had looked extremely casual. Only Luo Yunyang knew how dangerous it had been.

That astonishing strike had consumed too much of Luo Yunyang’s mind power. If Luo Yunyang’s attribute regulator had not allowed his Mind Attribute to be bolstered, Luo Yunyang would simply have found it too difficult to unleash such a fearsome attack.

The process of killing Long Teng could be understood best by Luo Yunyang. His spiritual consciousness had completely crushed Long Teng’s mental state via the bell waves.

In the process, Long Teng’s mind had been like an unguarded city that was immediately crushed by Luo Yunyang’s bell waves.

The instant he crashed to the ground, Long Teng wanted to scream and shout. Unfortunately, his shattered consciousness no longer had the ability to do so.

“Brother Luo, after you, please!” The person who finally broke this silence was Yin Yang Zongzi, who glanced at the massive primordial shrine before speaking to Luo Yunyang in a respectful tone.

The moment Yin Yang Zongzi said this, everyone around voluntarily opened a path for Luo Yunyang.

This path, which led to the primordial shrine, was also the path to controlling the greatest authority on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head at Yin Yang Zongzi and the others before walking ahead. In his opinion, this was what he ought to do. There was no way he could decline.

The Long Family Heavenly Venerates that served Long Teng within the primordial shrine had already started to flee in all directions. Although they were really reluctant to part with the primordial shrine, they knew very well that they had no other option but to flee.

What awaited them if they didn’t choose to flee was death.

The Primordial Shrine stood tall as ever, but Long Teng’s body had already crashed into the fine jade ground of the shrine. The instant Luo Yunyang stepped into the Primordial Shrine, he sensed the power of the massive sphere of light that illuminated everything in the area.

As he glanced at the sphere of light, Luo Yunyang already knew what he had to do.

With a thought, his consciousness rushed towards that sphere of light. As long as his consciousness merged into the sphere, this shrine and that sphere of light would be under his control.

Long Teng was already dead. The sphere of light that controlled the primordial shrine had already become an object without a master. Therefore, this integration went very smoothly.

In Longlin Cosmos, in the palace where the Long Family Patriarch was situated, dozens of candles blazed in the void. Every candle represented the life of a Long Family Heavenly Venerate that had gone into the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. Now, half of them had already been extinguished.

However, the Long Family Patriarch didn’t think losing half of the Heavenly Venerate clansmen was a pity.

To him, the deaths of these people could be disregarded. Even if all of Long Teng’s subordinates that had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground died, everything would still be fine as long as nothing happened to Long Teng. There would be nothing wrong with the plan.

“I couldn’t tell that your son had such great potential!” A stiff voice echoed in the palace while the Long Family Patriarch was alone.

This voice had come from the Long Family Patriarch’s internal universe. The Long Family Patriarch couldn’t help but frown when he heard this.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with the owner of that voice. It could even be said that he knew this person very well.

However, at the moment, he felt rather displeased. After all, this person had disregarded his request and spoken suddenly.

“Relax, nobody will discover it. After all, isn’t Longlin Great Cosmos your domain?” the owner of that voice, who seemed to have sensed the Long Family Patriarch’s displeasure, said with a chuckle.

The Long Family Patriarch glowered but still said with a smile, “It is better to be more careful. After all, the cultivation of those three is something we cannot compete against. I’m not going to bear the responsibility if our many years of planning go to waste because of this moment of carelessness.”

“He he he… I will assume responsibility!” A figure congealed in mid-air as the voice rang out.

It was the figure of a Mysterious Underworld Being. This being seemed old and gave off an extremely sinister vibe.

“That son isn’t too bad. He will probably be groomed by Hong Meng Sacred Hall after he gets out.”

“He he he… Hong Meng Sacred Hall will be like a defenseless fort as long as we…”

As this Mysterious Underworld figure was cackling, he noticed a candle flame going out.

A single candle flame being extinguished wasn’t a big deal to the Long Family Patriarch. However, when he saw which candle had gone out, his face turned black.

Long Teng! The candle that had been extinguished represented Long Teng’s life. Long Teng had basically been entrusted with most of his hopes. If something had happened to Long Teng, then…

“Yet another death. Which unlucky fellow died this time?” The old Mysterious Underworld Being teased.

Although the Long Family was an ally, he really didn’t care about the deaths of humans. However, upon seeing the Long Family Patriarch’s dark face, he could guess what had happened. “It couldn’t have been your son, could it? How could it be? Based on his life candle, he must have gained several opportunities. Even if there was an accident, he shouldn’t have fallen.”

The Long Family Patriarch said icily, “It’s him! It’s really him!”

As a Yuan Venerate Almighty, the Long Family Patriarch had already recovered his composure. Thus, he said through gritted teeth, “I swear that I will make whoever killed my son pay for it with his blood.”

He then glared at the Mysterious Underworld powerhouse and said, “This includes the Mysterious Underworld Race.”

Inside another primordial shrine, a few young Mysterious Underworld powerhouses were sitting on black jade thrones. Some people where cultivating, some people were deep in thought, and others were having muted discussions.

In the middle was a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse with shimmering light purple scales. His body was a head taller than any ordinary Mysterious Underworld beings, and he had a magnificent aura that emanated all around him.

“Long Teng is dead!” the purple-scaled Mysterious Underworld being proclaimed suddenly as he opened his eyes.

The person seated to the left of the purple-scaled Mysterious Underworld Being was the 2nd Mysterious Demon who had met with Long Teng and given him the Primordial Sky Tablet. Upon hearing that Long Teng was dead, he asked in astonishment, “How can it be? How can Long Teng be dead?”

“He occupied the primordial shrine. Most of the Human Race has already pledged its allegiance to him. Even if his identity was discovered, he wouldn’t lose his life that easily given the protection of the primordial shrine.”

“2nd Mysterious Demon, are you doubting the 1st Mysterious Demon?” the Mysterious Underworld being to the right of the purple-scaled Mysterious Underworld Being said provocatively.

The 2nd Mysterious Demon’s face stiffened up and his eyes flashed with killing intent as he heard this. However, on the surface, he still said rather respectfully, “How could I dare doubt the 1st Mysterious Demon? However, the circumstances of Long Teng’s death seem rather odd.”

“Alright, enough talking. If he’s dead, he’s dead,” the purple-scaled Mysterious Underworld Being said icily, “It’s just one person. What’s the big deal? Do we have to rely on that so-called stratagem?”

Although he spoke calmly, his words contained tremendous confidence.

The Mysterious Underworld Being on the right was the first to speak. “With the 1st Mysterious Demon here, we simply have nothing to fear. We will completely sweep aside all the other races.”

“Furthermore, five out of the nine great races have already allied with the Mysterious Underworld Race!”

“The last creation of the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground shall return to the Mysterious Underworld Race!”