Supreme Uprising Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Three Races Meet Sky Crystal Race

Chapter 871: Three Races Meet, Sky Crystal Race
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As he stood under the primordial shrine, Luo Yunyang felt his mind power spreading. Any place that basked under the hallowed light of the glowing sphere was within reach of his mind…

Luo Yunyang had already understood quite a bit about the primordial shrine. It could be said that this primordial shrine was a combat fort.

It could control the space in a 100-mile radius around the shrine and allow every person enveloped in the hallowed glow to communicate freely with others.

Also, the person in control of the primordial shrine could add the power of the primordial shrine to one or two people if he wished.

Furthermore, the primordial shrine could act like a fort and protect the shrine master.

In summary, the primordial shrine had many uses and benefits. Unfortunately, the soul of Long Teng, who had previously controlled the primordial shrine, had been immediately shattered by Luo Yunyang’s Traceless Bell Wave.

Otherwise, killing Long Teng wouldn’t have been an easy task. The more he grasped the workings of the primordial shrine, the more Luo Yunyang understood why all those Heavenly Venerates had chosen Long Teng back then.

Thanks to the control of the shrine, Long Teng had been of great help to them. Even though Luo Yunyang was the top existence amongst all these Heavenly Venerates in terms of cultivation, he was still far from being comparable to Long Teng, who held the primordial shrine.

“Li Jiuyue seeks an audience.” A faint, strangely-bewitching voice was transmitted from somewhere far away.

Luo Yunyang still had a rather favorable impression of Li Jiuyue. Therefore, he smiled upon hearing her voice. “Come in. There’s no need for all these formalities.”

Li Jiuyue was like a bright, cold moon as she walked in quickly.

Luo Yunyang smiled and asked, “What advice does Fairy Li have for me?”

“Li Jiuyue wouldn’t dare advise you!” Li Jiuyue glanced at Luo Yunyang and said seriously, “I really wish to have a proper match with you now.”

“Long Teng’s death made me yearn to experience your attack. Although the possibility of defending myself against such a technique is extremely low, I still have an urge to try it.”

Luo Yunyang smiled at Li Jiuyue. He could sense the fighting spirit beneath Li Jiuyue’s cold, beautiful appearance.

“You didn’t come here just to tell me this, right?”

“Naturally!” Li Jiuyue remained as unfazed as still water. “Those fellows thought that it would be easier for me to speak to you because I am a woman. They hope that you can understand the reason they chose Long Teng and not you at the time.”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. He naturally understood why this had happened. Upon entering the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, which was fraught with grave danger, most people would naturally choose the safest option to gain the most benefits.

“I know and I understand why they did so. However, I will make sure they remember this and they will individually repay this debt in the future.”

Li Jiuyue had a slightly peculiar expression on her face when she heard this. She had thought that if she said all this, Luo Yunyang, who was a man, would say something magnanimous or heroic.

However, he actually wanted the others to remember this.

After some hesitation, Li Jiuyue said, “Then I will just pass on your words to them and tell them to be more careful after leaving this place.”

Then, Li Jiuyue added, “I came this time to tell you about the Three Race Alliance.”

Three Race Alliance? Luo Yunyang didn’t know anything about this. However, he knew that anything Li Jiuyue mentioned in such a serious tone definitely wouldn’t be so simple.

“The three races of this alliance are the Sky Crystal Race, the Human Race, and the Meta-Spirit Race,” Li Jiuyue explained as she saw the doubt in Luo Yunyang’s eyes, “The Mysterious Underworld Race is the mortal enemy of our three races.”

“Therefore, the three races have always gotten along.”

Luo Yunyang had only entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall for a short time. Furthermore, he had spent most of his time after entering it on cultivation.

Therefore, he didn’t know a lot about the situation between the Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race.

“The Sky Crystal Race uses the fission method to produce the next generation,” Li Jiuyue said suddenly, “This method ensures that the next generation is always stronger than the previous generation.”

“Therefore, even on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, the Sky Crystal Race is the strongest. Although we still have to vie for our own interests during this alliance meeting, we also can’t be too ruthless when it comes to some small matters so that we don’t cause any disharmony between us and the Sky Crystal Race.”

Upon seeing that Li Jiuyue was done, Luo Yunyang smiled. “Is there anything else?”

“There is still an hour left before this alliance meeting. We will meet with the Sky Crystal Race and the Meta-Spirit Race in a virtual space created through the primordial shrines.”

“You have to prepare yourself, as you are the master of the Human Race’s primordial shrine.” Li Jiuyue lowered her voice at this point. “After all, whether we will return after this will rely entirely on you.”

After sending off Li Jiuyue, Luo Yunyang studied the information that Li Jiuyue had handed him regarding the Sky Crystal Race and the Meta-Spirit Race.

Most of the information was about the Sky Crystal Race. According to the information, the Sky Crystal Race was a life form formed of Universal Yuan Essence, and their bodies were basically immortal.

The most important thing to know was that every generation of Sky Crystal Beings would separate their most essential parts to form a stronger young generation.

This made Sky Crystal Race powerhouses even more powerful.

Fortunately, the number of Sky Crystal Beings was small. However, every member of their race was an elite. This time, the number of Sky Crystal Beings that entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground was around 1,000.

Compared to the 90% losses of the Human Race Heavenly Venerates, the Sky Crystal Race had merely lost less than 100 people.

They were strong and they had a proud, arrogant demeanor!

A cold glint flashed across Luo Yunyang’s eyes as he looked at the outline of the policy for dealing with the Sky Crystal Race.

Flattery! This was the appropriate response at the top of the list. Although using flattery didn’t seem reliable, Luo Yunyang knew that this wouldn’t be wrong given the many years the alliance of the Human Race and the Sky Crystal Race had existed.

An hour passed in no time. The moment Luo Yunyang finished viewing the information regarding the two races, he sensed two white lights shooting over towards the primordial shrine he was at.

As these two white beams shot over, two messages were sent to indicate their identities.

The light of the Crystal Race’s primordial shrine was clearly several times brighter than the hallowed light of the Meta-Spirit Race.

When Luo Yunyang chose to accept, three different white lights crossed and he found himself in a large hall.

As Luo Yunyang appeared, Xuantian Zhaoxin, Li Jiuyue, and the others, who were already prepared, appeared in the large hall as well.

In the center of the large hall were three black jade platforms arranged in a triangle. Two figures were already sitting in a lotus position on two of these platforms.

One of them was a 30-meter-tall, young man entirely made of a smooth, sparkling crystal who had his eyes shut.

His head was held high, and it was obvious how prideful he was based on the way his head was positioned. On the other black platform was a lady. This lady seemed as though she was made of spiritual essence, so anyone would find it difficult to look straight at her.

Behind these two stood powerhouses from the Sky Crystal Race and the Meta-Spirit Race.

According to the information provided by Li Jiuyue, these two had to be the Sky Crystal Race’s Heavenly Venerate Navagraha and the Meta-Spirit Race’s Heavenly Venerate Elegant Spirit.

Many gazes focused on Luo Yunyang when he appeared on the black jade platform.

“Change him!” The first person to speak was Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, who didn’t open his eyes. His words weren’t directed at Luo Yunyang.

How could Luo Yunyang not know what ‘change him’ meant? He had yet to say anything, when a young Sky Crystal Heavenly Venerate standing beside Heavenly Venerate Navagraha said, “Our Lord likes discussing matters with Sir Long Teng!”

“I am now the master of the Human Race’s primordial shrine.” Luo Yunyang glanced at that Sky Crystal Martialist and said calmly, “If your lord has to meet Long Teng, then please visit hell to look for him.”

When he said this, Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s eyes shot open and he nodded his head slowly.

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Spirit, on the other hand, smiled gently and said, “In that case, let us discuss our following actions.”

“After all, the Mysterious Underworld Race has already formed an alliance made up of five races. We are rather lacking in comparison to that.”

Luo Yunyang hadn’t yet spoken when Heavenly Venerate Navagraha stood up and said, “There really isn’t anything to discuss regarding this matter.”

“When we all move together, I will challenge the 1st Mysterious Demon to a fight. After I defeat him, the rest won’t be an issue, no matter how many of them there are.”

The Sky Crystal Race’s Heavenly Venerate Navagraha would be challenging the 1st Mysterious Demon!

This astonished Luo Yunyang, who experienced the arrogance of the Sky Crystal Race. Judging by the looks the Sky Crystal beings were giving Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, Luo Yunyang could sense how much these people respected Heavenly Venerate Navagraha.

Any anger Luo Yunyang had in his head was quelled considerably. Although Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s words weren’t pleasant to hear, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t reject his plan to deal with the enemies’ strongest powerhouse.

“We will respect Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s wishes and do what he says.” Luo Yunyang shot a glance at Heavenly Venerate Elegant Spirit.

“Since no one has any objections, this time, the Sky Crystal Race will gain 70% of the benefits. The remainder will be split amongst you,” Heavenly Venerate Navagraha said in an unquestionable tone.