Supreme Uprising Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Origin Heavenly Body The Strongest Fight

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This was the final Sacred Battle Ground. Who knew what sort of treasures would appear!

Any treasures that appeared on the final Sacred Battle Ground would make people go crazy. For example, the Human Race’s Creation Disk or the Primordial Sacred Mirror the Mysterious Underworld Race had obtained would cause their power to swell.

Thus, the conditions proposed by the Sky Crystal Race caused a momentary flash of unhappiness to appear on Heavenly Venerate Elegant Spirit’s face.

If the Sky Crystal Race wanted 70%, then the Meta-Spirit Race and the Human Race would have to split the remaining 30%.

Although 30% sounded rather considerable, it would still be split between two races, so the paltry sum each of them would receive would be a far cry from the Sky Crystal Race’s share.

This was a condition that was very difficult to accept.

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise of the Meta-Spirit Race smiled faintly. “Although the Meta-Spirit Race admits that it can’t best the Sky Crystal Race, we also should get what we ought to receive. We require 30% of the gains.”

The Meta-Spirit Race wanted 30%, and the Sky Crystal Race wanted 70%. It seemed like the Human Race wouldn’t get anything. Although Luo Yunyang didn’t understand much regarding these two races, he also couldn’t back down that easily. Thus, he chuckled and said, “I want 50%!”

50% was half. The reason Luo Yunyang chose 50% was that he felt he should give his allies some leeway.

However, when he proposed getting 50%, Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s smile turned into a smirk. “Are you certain the Human Race must have 50%? In that case, during this round, everyone shall look out for themselves.”

He then eyed Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise. “I have no objections to the Meta-Spirit Race’s wish to get 30%. However, you will have to rely on yourselves to get this 30%.”

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise was about to say something, but Heavenly Venerate Navagraha cut her off. “We shall see the results when the Meru Mountain opens!”

As he said that, his silhouette vanished from the black platform.

While he left, the gathered lights also started to weaken rather quickly. A few Sky Crystal beings that followed Heavenly Venerate Navagraha had mocking looks on their faces.

They shot snide looks at Luo Yunyang and Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise. “You people do not know exactly what kind of benefits you have rejected.”

“He he… Such avarice! You are trying to swallow more than you can chew.”

Upon saying that, those Sky Crystal Race silhouettes vanished into the void.

The Meta-Spirit Race’s Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise eyed Luo Yunyang and said warmly, “I heard that Heavenly Venerate Navagraha obtained a great opportunity. Seems like these rumors aren’t false.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything. This was the first time he had encountered Heavenly Venerate Navagraha and Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise, so he naturally didn’t know anything about them.

“The Meta-Spirit Race will take 25%, and the Human Race will take 5%. How about that?” Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise glanced at Luo Yunyang and said softly, “I can go speak about this with Heavenly Venerate Navagraha.”

“The Human Race will get 5%?” Luo Yunyang looked at Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise and said nonchalantly, “Miss, I think that you should stop dreaming.”

Luo Yunyang then eyed Xuantian Zhaoxin and the other people standing by his side and realized that they all seemed to look as though they had been humiliated.

“In that case, I shall bid you farewell,” Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise said bluntly when Luo Yunyang declined her offer. Although Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise was a lady, her resolute decision-making wasn’t inferior to a man’s nature.

Following this meeting, Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise and the Meta-Spirit Race martialists she had brought along quickly vanished within the white light.

“Is the Human Race in that weak a position amongst the Three Race Alliance?” Luo Yunyang asked after Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise had left.

Li Jiuyue pondered his question for a moment before saying, “The Human Race is actually on equal standing with the Sky Crystal Race and the Meta-Spirit Race.”

“However, we are in this position because we have a lot of people, whereas the other two tribes are more powerful solely in terms of combat ability.”

“Therefore, we can only lose out when it comes to the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.”

Although the Human Race had the most Heavenly Venerates on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, it was no match for the Meta-Spirit Race solely in terms of power. They were also a far cry from the Sky Crystal Race, which was constantly evolving.

This was why the Sky Crystal Race could propose conditions that left a bad taste in the Human Race’s mouth.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head after hearing Li Jiuyue’s explanation. At the same time, he realized he had never really understood even half of the Human Race’s situation because he had always been cultivating in an ordinary void of the Divine Union. He had never entered the top levels of a Great Cosmos.

Although this information wouldn’t be of much use to his cultivation, it could allow him to make accurate decisions in regards to many things.

“I think we won’t lose out this time,” Luo Yunyang said firmly.

Li Jiuyue and the others could tell what Luo Yunyang meant. However, they looked slightly downcast when they recalled the cultivation base of Heavenly Venerate Navagraha.

A day later, Luo Yunyang, who was sitting in the primordial shrine, felt a passageway starting to form within the sphere of light above the shrine.

As long as one followed this path, the path would lead to the last Sacred Battle Ground, which was called Meru Mountain.

God knew how many top powerhouses had died on the Meru Mountain. Naturally, the objects they had carried had been dropped on the Meru Mountain.

Thus, one could imagine how powerful the treasures on the Meru Mountain could be.

Just getting a single treasure could allow a race to reach greater heights. Getting one treasure could allow a weak force to become strong.

Thus, even though the three seniors in control of the Human Race knew that not many of the Heavenly Venerates entering the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground would return alive, they still dispatched all available Heavenly Venerates that could enter the place.

After all, the benefits inside were immense, so even falling a step behind would result in lagging further and further behind.

Xuantian Zhaoxin and the others quickly gathered in the center of the primordial shrine. Besides excitement, there was also worry and apprehension in their eyes.

“When we enter the Meru Mountain, everyone must search for opportunities and, more importantly, a teleportation talisman!”

Xuantian Zhaoxin paused for a moment before saying gravely, “As long as an opportunity, no matter how big or small, is obtained, we must use the teleportation talisman to leave the Meru Sacred Mountain as quickly as possible.”

There was no response to Xuantian Zhaoxin’s arrangements. However, it was clear that everyone had already memorized his words.

“Go!” As Luo Yunyang formed a hand seal, the passageway linking the primordial shrines transported Luo Yunyang and the others to the foot of a black, humongous mountain.

When Luo Yunyang and his group arrived, seven or eight other teams also appeared at the foot of the mountain. The first group that Luo Yunyang saw was led by the tall, large Heavenly Venerate Navagraha.

Although Heavenly Venerate Navagraha saw Luo Yunyang, he only nodded his head slightly before setting his sights on a large Mysterious Underworld being flashing with a purple light around him.

“1st Mysterious Demon, would you dare have a match with me?” Heavenly Venerate Navagraha shouted. His thunderous voice, which made people feel uneasy and fearful, resonated throughout the void.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was currently guarded by over 1,000 subordinates. These subordinates were Mysterious Underworld beings as well as members of tribes that were subservient to the Mysterious Underworld Race.

“You are challenging me?” The 1st Mysterious Demon eyed the path, which looked like a golden sky bridge that led straight to the Meru Sacred Mountain, and said coldly, “You’re seriously courting death.”

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha didn’t seem the slightest bit angry. He was even smiling faintly as he glanced at his opponent. “I heard that your bloodline is the strongest Mysterious Underworld Bloodline in the past 10,000 years. However, you shall fall here today.”

The exchange between these two immediately attracted a lot of attention. Many Heavenly Venerates from several different tribes and races had entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground to face various dangers, fighting and killing, yet more than half had already fallen.

Because of the primordial shrines, many people who had a decent cultivation simply couldn’t make it to the core domain because they didn’t have the support of a primordial shrine. Thus, they couldn’t even reach the Meru Sacred Mountain to look for unrivaled opportunities.

The 1st Mysterious Demon and Heavenly Venerate Navagraha were from different races, but they both represented their individual race’s foremost fighting capability.

It could even be said that these two already represented the strongest combat ability in this place.

Many people felt that this sort of top-notch battle should only take place at the end. However, it was already unfolding before the Meru Sacred Mountain was even open.

“Really?” The 1st Mysterious Demon’s tone was calm, which made Heavenly Venerate Navagraha feel uneasy.

He huffed and layers of white light started to gather around him. In just an instant, Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s body seemed to become much larger as layers of seemingly incorporeal veined patterns overflowed.

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha looked like a god of war at the moment.

“Origin Unbreakable Heavenly Body!” Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise said hesitantly when she saw the aura coming from Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s body. “How is that possible? Wasn’t the imparted Origin Unbreakable Heavenly Body broken? How could he do that?”

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise’s head was spinning with thoughts. Right now, whatever decision she made would be really important.

She immediately used a voice transmission technique to speak to Heavenly Venerate Navagraha. “The Meta-Spirit Race accepts your conditions.”

While she said this, the 1st Mysterious Demon started to stare at Heavenly Venerate Navagraha as if he was a powerful hunter preparing to obliterate his prey.

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, on the other hand, had a haughty look on his face as he stared at the 1st Mysterious Demon and the power around him rapidly gathered.

Majestic, stifling pressure emanated from the two of them.